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  1. That kid has nothing, “anti-racism” is anti-white and nothing more, he and his ilk are complete jokes.

  2. I’m quite sure that George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson were within the slaveholding system. It makes me wonder how the South was persuaded to join the Union. It sounds to me like the Yankees reneged on their part of the agreement and the South bolted as a consequence.

  3. We need more information.

    There are tons of transplants in the South these days. Florida and Virginia are overrun by transplants. There is nothing remotely Southern about this guy in culture. I thought he was a homosexual until he claimed he had a wife.

  4. It turns out that Harris was born in Birmingham, but was raised in Southern California. That makes sense. This guy has “Southern California” written all over his visage. He sounds like he is from California too.

  5. I have to say I agree with John. I couldn’t care less at this point what caused the war. The blacks and what our present society allows,them to get away with is destroying this country. That should be our central focus as whites, not revisiting this part of history. Currently, we can’t even get so-called conservatives to freely admit blacks are terrorizing large segments of society. As a matter of fact, we would be cast out of a conservative convention even if we acknowledge our visitation of a site such as this. We have long ago repaid the slavery price through the hundreds of government programs primarily geared towards the blacks.

  6. Ooh, Hunter, you caught a live one.

    “These guys sort of leave the “Heritage not Hate” groups behind – a loooong way behind. ”

    I’ve been reading OD for a few years now, I know what “these guys” are all about. If the California Metrosexual with the purple sunglasses think this is about heritage, or hate, he’s got it all wrong.

    It’s about secession.

  7. “I wouldn’t worry about it, he’s in Southern California, he’ll be speaking Spanish soon enough.”

    No, he’ll move back to Alabama when he inherits his grandma’s house, say it was because the conservatives ruined the SoCal economy and start his bullshit again wherever he is.

  8. “…This is just a typical Yankee Republican. He is justifying the War of Northern Aggression as some moral crusade, just like George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama do about Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. There’s a direct line from the demonization of the South to the demonization of our war opponents today….”

    It’s so awful, how they always talk with their hands.

    While growing up, we were taught never to do that. It’s aggressive, and there’s really no reason to have other fear you might hit or spit on them. Also, it’s no real substitute for possessing language skills. Words are what we’re supposed to use to speak, and so why can’t yankees work on their vocabularies?

    Imo, it’s upside-down. They want to take other people’s stuff, b/c they can’t create things, or work, or something—- and so all they do is justify war. The wars are sort of like uncivilized tribal raids. They go get stuff (oil or whatever). Categorically, it’s no different from any other form of people who live by village raids.

    It all shows a true lack of imagination, vision, negotiating skills, and so on.

    Do females really find men s/a this appealing? Maybe at age sixteen or something. The bossy tone could be mistaken for competance if a girl was still a teenager.

    Florida has tons of -people like him.

  9. To him it’s an insult to be labelled a Southerner but a compliment to be labelled a Yankee.

    If you travel across the world today, especially in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, you will find that “Yankee” is the pejorative word used to describe Americans.

    In France, America only became a “Yankee country” after the War Between the States. To be a Yankee means to be a moralizing hypocrite, a feminized materialist, a liberal ideologue, a radical individualist who lives a nomadic lifestyle, a “business-man” like George Babbitt, an intolerant aggressive expansionist, someone who is incapable of respecting foreigners, a soulless and rootless individual who doesn’t have a real culture, someone with a perverse fascination with the sexuality of foreigners, etc.

    The Yankee stereotype is the same all across the world: Dixie, Britain, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Japan, etc.

  10. Here’s an excerpt from Hating America: A History:

    “European liberals and reformers – like John Bright, Richard Cobden, and John Stuart Mill in England, and even the more leftist Karl Marx – supported the Union precisely because they saw it as a role model. But most of the ruling classes and intellectuals in Britain and France denounced the United States during the Civil War as a country so dreadful that it should not be allowed to survive. The French newspaper, Le Pays, called the U.S. government, “one of the most barbarous, most nefarious, and most inept which has ever been seen.” While the South was a European-style, homogeneous, integrated society, the North was no more than a collection “of turbulent immigrants.”

  11. The purple sun glasses reminds me of a teenage girl I know who was recently expelled from high school (a child going through a spiritual and cultural crisis in the setting of a public school) because she kept dying her hair various colors (red, purple, black, blonde) to draw attention to herself.

  12. As the present social and economic system collapses, ordinary people will start to develop an interest in adversary cultures and rival systems of government. The popularity of this website is evidence that this process is already happening.

    What is the alternative to the United States? For Southerners, the natural alternative is a revival of our indigenous culture. The revolution has to be presented as a return to something established and familiar to be perceived as legitimate here.

    We want to revive our lost sense of White racial consciousness. That is a return to our own traditions, not a radical break from them. The present system which was imposed upon us by force was the radical break with tradition.

    It was an usurpation. Something which can be legitimately overthrown.

  13. If it looks like we are attacking Yankees instead of Jews, it is because we are talking about the nineteenth century. The Jews become part of our story after the 1890s as a consequence of the Union victory.

  14. Women hated the Union victory more than the men. They were the primary beneficiaries of the old system. See Gone With The Wind. Do women feel liberated by having no domestics and working for a living?

  15. <i."We want to revive our lost sense of White racial consciousness. That is a return to our own traditions, not a radical break from them."

    Hahahahahaha! Maybe you should start plowing behind a mule. Dixiegirl can make you a lunch of cornbread and red beans. LOL!!!!

  16. Southern women wrote various refutations of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    Imagine Hollywood and moving pictures existed in the 1840s. Could you imagine the reaction of Southern women to a movie like “The Help” about the maids and the like? Forget that, imagine the reaction to that movie in the 1960s?

    Rich Jewish women in Los Angeles have Mexican maids, not Black maids, and they literally attack White Southerners for having Black help.

    Really, just consider it. Just like how South Africa is “Apartheid Racist OMG HITLER” while Apartheid Israel – and virtually every Jew in the Democrat and Republican parties – completely supports Jewish apartheid in Israel. But it’s “racism” when Whites want to live in our own neighborhoods, without Africans.

    This is delusion. Turn off the god damn TV.

  17. dixiegirl rants:

    “They want to take other people’s stuff, b/c they can’t create things, or work, or something”

    Yeah, stuff like airplanes, automobiles, MRI scanning machines, and the internet. What kind of a moron are you?

  18. Dixiegirl, I was also put off by the gestures, but it’s not exactly like talking with his hands. That involves expressive gestures. What he was doing was the typical negro trick of jabbing his finger at the camera. It has no relationship to what he’s saying. The verbal equivalent would be “Yo!”. Just a typical wigger aping his role models.

  19. “Women hated the Union victory more than the men. They were the primary beneficiaries of the old system. See Gone With The Wind. Do women feel liberated by having no domestics and working for a living?”

    Just a minor disagreement here. “Gone With The Wind”, while based on M. Mitchell’s book, was a Hollywood production. It shouldn’t be referenced for historical data.

    Women of the real South weren’t idle princesses who never lifted a hand. The women did plenty of real work, from running the household to managing business affairs. The idea that they were above labor was just another northern propaganda piece, to institute jealousy among northerners in furtherance of conquest. And it worked. Things like that were the motivation for men from New Hampshire and Minnesota to feel insulted by Sumter. And thus the agitation for war has worked since in America.

    I spotted this crap, almost verbatim from Greeley, in “March of the White Titans”, a Brisitsh-South African production (by Keith, I think it was). It ain’t true and HW shouldn’t include it as a glory of the South.

  20. I have been to Compton many times but have never had my ass kicked.

    I believe that, but I don’t think he went there to get his ass kicked, but I think he did go there he go there for his ass…. , either that or to smoke crack.

    Either way he is moral degenerate that will be prey for the men he went to visit in Compton when the shit hits the fan.

  21. KrollAssociatesdid9/11: I know a guy who was the limo driver for the old Lady Sachs of Goldman Sachs. What you say about them is true. Not only is old lady Sachs richest woman in LA, but also America. My friend told me her kids were all drug freaks and got mad at him for giving money to blacks or bums from her limo. She told him, dont do that in bad way, give money only to Israel.

  22. “The Jews become part of our story after the 1890s as a consequence of the Union victory.”

    Why don’t you honor Jewish Confederate Soldiers?

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