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Obama heads to Hillary Country to face his greatest weakness


Here’s a roundup of the interesting stuff on the web this morning:

(1) Medicaid spending on the Black Undertow is breaking the fiscal backs of the states. In Louisiana, we saw that 67.5 percent of the Obama stimulus on BRA’s Recovery was spent on four things: Medicaid, TANF welfare, EBT cards, and Head Start.

The “stimulus” money is running out now. This year it has forced the states to spend 29 percent more on Medicaid. More than half the states are expecting budget shortfalls in their Medicaid programs as enrollment increases and stimulus funds fade out. The last dose of stimulus crack from Congress came in June.

“We’re on an unsustainable path,” said Mike Schrimpf, communications director for the Republican Governors Association. “Every year Medicaid takes up a greater share of most state budgets. … Every dollar spent on Medicaid necessarily comes out of somewhere else, so it’s taking away from every other item in the budget.”

Every dollar that comes out of your wallet that is spent on Medicaid for the Black Undertow is squandered. It comes out of public education for your children and police protection from black criminals.

(2) As Democrats prepare to explicitly abandon the White working class, Obama is headed to Pennsylvania to gain traction with the White working class voters who are repudiating him.

The game plan is to lie to Pennsylvania voters in places like Pittsburgh and Scranton to keep losses among the White working class in the Rust Belt at manageable levels (a 2008 level, not a 2010 level) to the win the 2012 election.

A recent CNN poll found that nearly half of White working class Democrats don’t want Obama as their standard bearer in 2012. Surely, the Republicans will respond to this opportunity by redoubling their outreach to African-Americans who according to the latest Pew Survey are planning to vote 97 to 3 for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

The Edsall story about Democrats explicitly abandoning the White working class has gone viral over Twitter and Facebook.

(3) Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics debunks the wishful thinking among progressives that changing demographics will save Obama in 2012.

– Obama has a 33 percent approval rating with White voters. This means he is losing both the White working class and upscale college educated Whites by large margins.

– In order to win reelection, Obama has to raise his approval rating among White voters by one percentage point every month from now to the 2012 election, or the Republicans have to nominate someone so unacceptable that White voters will hold their nose and vote for Obama.

– The Hispanic share of the electorate has stagnated at 8 percent over the last four election cycles.

– Because of the declining economy, Hispanic immigration has declined from previous levels. It may have even reversed as Hispanics in America are returning to Mexico to wait out the Obama depression.

– The increase in the non-White share of the vote was driven by African-Americans, not Hispanics. From 2004 to 2008, the black vote rose from 9 to 11 percent of the electorate to a record high of 13 percent.

– African-Americans and Hispanics are demoralized and Obama’s approval rating has dropped considerably with both groups. He is actually underwater with Hispanics.

– White voters are furious with Obama. The polls show that he is losing every White subdemographic. He has suffered the biggest decline in his approval rating among White Millennials.

What is the endgame here?

The bottom line is that Obama’s support among White voters has cratered everywhere. In the North and West, he is losing White working class voters in droves. In the South, the Democrats have suffered catastrophic losses among White voters.

The Whites who are sticking with Obama are demoralized DWL progressives in The Left Coast, Upper Midwest, and the Northeast; the Jews, of course; White homosexuals; single mothers and college educated women who are feminists; and public sector employees and the lumpenproletariat who are dependent upon the government and have no other realistic options.

This creates a huge opportunity for Republicans to exploit in Lower North states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa where White working class voters exist in greater numbers than elsewhere. The Buffalo to Fargo corridor is where Democrats suffered huge losses among White voters in the 2010 midterm elections.

If Obama is defeated in the 2012 election, the defeat will be inflicted upon him by disillusioned White voters on Northern soil.

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  1. “In my opinion it is petty to squabble between “Yankees” and “Southrons” and such. Even if we had never had negro slavery in our past, I believe we would still be importing them today, along with all of the other white nations that are filling their borders with “immigrants” and “refugees”.”

    Edwood, don’t you realize the utter inconsistency of your own statements?

    First off, your sentence: “Even if we had never had negro slavery in our past, I believe we would still be importing them today” belies the statistics that Mr. Wallace has noted that the SOUTH was already ceasing her slave trade, upon the invention of the (cotton gin?) means to make slave pickers obsolete.

    Secondly, it is not the SOUTH that would want to have what you call “I believe we would still be importing them today, along with all of the other white nations that are filling their borders with “immigrants” and “refugees” – it is the SAME YANKEE SUPREMACISTS, coupled with the Shylock factor, that are only demanding this for a) cheap sub-human labor, while maintaining the guise of beneficent white man, and b) the dispossession of WHITES in ALL the world.

    That is a quintessential “Yankee Supremacist”POV, frankly.
    And has NOTHING of the South in it.

    Your damning yourself and your own views, with your own pen, as it were……

  2. Kurt Vonnegut pointed out in “Jail Bird” that guys who couldn’t afford shoes before they went off to the war came home and bought cars. He acknowledged that it was all a grand Ponzi Scheme, but, I say, who gives a shit. WWll spending paved the way for all of the riches that came later, including all of those badassed cars from the 50?s and 60?s, so how was it such a bad thing.

    The world’s industrial capacity was devastated by WWII. The post-war boom in America was a one-off, and would’ve happened without any government spending or Ponzi schemes.

  3. Spics are not equivalent to niggers and unlike your niggers the spics have been returning home in recent years because they can’t find work.

    True. They’re worse, since they’re racially closer to Whites and thus more likely prospects for miscegenation.

  4. Our best case scenario really is Obama getting four more years. If they throw Gingrich or Romney at us, whites will relax. At all costs, we do not want whites to relax.

    Best case scenario is a split republican vote leading to an Obama victory.

    Yes. I have one primary issue: close the borders and eliminate incentives for immigrants (“legal” or “illegal”). I think a Republican president would have a better shot at screwing the pooch on this than Obama does. Probably more motivation, too. On the other hand, my second issue is judicial appointments and on that an R has to be better than Obama.

    It was said ~ 10 years ago that the rural, small town areas of Pennsylvania were exactly like Alabama – White folks in pickup trucks, guns a perfectly good, redneck White nation. Hunter should go on a hunting trip to rural Pennsylvania.

    My mom’s kin are from Pennsylvania. I spent every summer there growing up. Never met any hillbillies before that. It was hilarious, the first time they came down to visit us (when we couldn’t make it up one summer), and got their first taste of negros in public spaces. It was like watching people visit Mars and encounter little green men for the first time. Rude, tacky, shucking, jiving, dancing, shouting little green men, lol. You could almost see the illusions wither and die.

    It’s the average White working class instinct in full bloom, regardless.

    I never had the urge to breed with a homely, foul-mouthed White woman until Emma came along.

    62% of White Americans have an average IQ of 92.5, which is only 2.5 points higher than the average IQ of Mestizo Mexicans. The other 38% have an average IQ of 113, which is identical to the average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews.

    Bullshit. Can’t we at least dispel the Jew-worship among WNs? The bulk of the Ashkenazi population lives in America and Israel. The mean IQ of “AMERICAN” Ashkenazis is around 110-112. The mean IQ of ISRAELI Ashkenazis is around 104, IIRC. The worldwide mean IQ of Ashkenazis is far closer to 108 (my rough guesstimate based on a napkin calculation, using figures I don’t have handy) than 113.

    Episcopalians outscore Ashkenazis. Can we stop fellating Ashkenazis? Want to praise them? Praise them for their truly exceptional quality – ethnocentrism (which preceded and led to their vaunted brains, after all).

    I was born in Texas of Damn Yankee parents and here is my $.002 worth to say on the subject. That puts me in a position to see both sides. Non-White Labor is, was and always will be The White Man’s Kryptonite. Southerners must recognize that fact and admit that Negros were never any solution, however temporary, to their ag-labor problems and that it was a mistake of tragic proportions to use Negro labor, much less slave Negro labor.

    While that is (very) true, it’s more true that the tragedy of Northern Aggression and Yankee Judean-inspired emancipation was infinitely more tragic. Then there’s the war of Northern Aggression part deux, in which Yankee Judeans enforced integration, the White man’s compromise solution to the prior Yankee Judea-inflicted tragedy.

    Imagine how different (much better) things would be today if the South had opted to tap free White European peasant labor to work in their fields.

    Now imagine how much better things would be if the South had won the war. If the South had repelled the Second War of Yankee Aggression and maintained Segregation.

    Whether you like it or not, Hunter, the Civil War saved the South from turning into another Haiti.

    Yes, the War of Yankee Aggression “saved” us. Then the Second War of Yankee Aggression saved us again! How does the city on a hill manage to find the time and resources to save us, over and over?

    The Civil War prevented Southern Whites from sharing the miserable fate of the White Rhodesians of Zimbabwe and White Afrikaners in South Africa face today, because it created a safety valve for the South that enabled the migration of your surplus Negro labor to the industrialized North once agricultural technology inevitably made cotton-picking Negro labor useless.

    Yankee Judea is probably the primary culprit in the miserable fate of the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa.

    Why were munitions factories, etc., NOT built in the South. Strategically, it made more sense to have more than one location in case one area was bombed. We were at war with Germany and Japan, weren’t we?

    Do you smoke crack? Is that why you think that’s an intelligent, pointed question?

    Could it be that Northern WASP politicians wanted to use Negro Labor to ethnically cleanse the North of White Catholic neighborhoods? They certainly used Fair Housing bills to basically block-bust what used to be some charming, picturesque White ethnic neighborhoods built around the Catholic churches up there. Google Detroit and there is a magnificent Polish Catholic church and school that is being reclaimed by feral elements in the wild, not to mention all the decaying homes thanks to YOUR Negro labor being encouraged to move in.

    Oh, I see. When Yankee Judea takes a dump in our yard, it’s salvation. When they take a dump in Mick/Wop Catholic yards up north, it’s a bad thing.

    I realize that Southerners have valid grievances against the North, but Northerners have some valid grievances of their own against the South. ALL of our problems could have been avoided in the first place if Negro labor had never been used in the first place. It was never manageable; it was always a potential problem for Whites. Until Southern revisionists like you, Hunter, face and accept the facts for what they are, then White Yankees and White Confederates can find no common ground.

    Then maybe Yankee Judeans (literally; Yankees and Jews ran the shipping trade) should have thought twice about bringing them all here, no?

    Again, your points about slave/cheap labor are entirely true, but you’re just glossing over how Yankee Judea decapitated us to “cure” our headache.

    I couldn’t disagree with your views more if I tried… well yes, I could, but then I’d be a Southernor.

    You’re welcome to think of yourself as one, too. 🙂

  5. in which Yankee Judeans enforced integration, the White man’s compromise solution to the prior Yankee Judea-inflicted tragedy.

    Whoops, construction error there. Segregation was the White man’s compromise solution, which Yankee-Judea destroyed.

  6. [I]t was a mistake of tragic proportions to use Negro labor, much less slave Negro labor.

    I do have to disagree with that comparison, though. Far better slave negro labor than free negro labor.

  7. Fr John,

    Respectfully, (and I do mean that…I found my way to your blog through SWB and read it almost daily) I do not think you take my meaning. The browning and destruction of America seems to me to have been fortold before America even took root, and the churning chaos ensuing therof is speeding us toward an inevitible and predicted end. Squabbling about whose fault it is….just seems pointless to me.

  8. Doesn’t a return of Northern whites to the largely Southern based Republican Party mean that America can be a united Nation? It contradicts the idea of several American nations.

  9. Federale,

    I’m sure you have caught wind of the “End Racial Profiling Act of 2011,” a piece of legislation designed to block state based immigration laws, which is being pushed by Harry Reid (D-NV) and Ben Cardin (D-MD).


    Washington, DC — U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Homeland Security Subcommittee, Thursday introduced the End Racial Profiling Act of 2011

    (S. 1670), a bill to prohibit the use of racial profiling by law enforcement. U.S. Rep. John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee plans to introduce companion legislation in the House of Representatives. Senator Cardin’s bill is cosponsored by Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Dick Durbin (D-IL),Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), John Kerry (D-MA), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Carl Levin (D-MI), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). The End Racial Profiling Act has been endorsed by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and more than 50 civil and legal rights organizations.

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