Landlord Fights “Whites Only” Pool Sign Ruling

Ohio landlord discovers that property rights are non-existent in BRA


I’ve been following this story for several days now.

Jamie Hein, a White landlord from Cincinnati, Ohio, had the audacity to hang a Jim Crow era segregation sign outside the gated entrance to the pool in the duplex that she owned.

A Black Undertow child who uses chemicals in her hair (see the Soul Glo commercial below) had been using the pool and making the water dirty and cloudy and uninviting to other residents. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission has determined that Hein is guilty of violating the Ohio Civil Rights Act.

The Commission has released a statement which says its investigation concluded that posting the sign, “restricts the social interaction between Caucasians and African-Americans and reinforces discriminatory actions aimed at oppressing people of color.”

These “people of color” are “oppressed” whenever White property owners fail in their duty under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to cater to the Black Undertow. In BRA, property rights are meaningless because the federal government has usurped the right to micromanage every White business in America that engages in “interstate commerce.”

The term “civil rights” is often invoked but rarely defined: it means “forced integration,” giving blacks a set of “rights” under federal and state law that imposes a corresponding set of duties upon Whites, or restricting the freedom and property rights of Whites in the name of social policies designed to uplift “African-Americans.”

Stripped of their freedom and property rights, Whites end up abandoning suburb after suburb, shopping mall after shopping mall, city after city, county after county to the Black Undertow. Those who stand up for their constitutional rights like Jamie Hein in the North or James Ollie McClung in the South are prosecuted in show trials by “civil rights” tribunals.

Is America a “free country”? Judge for yourself.

If you are White, you are free to work for a living to pay taxes which are redistributed by the federal government to African-Americans. You are free to hire who you please so long as you hire enough African-Americans to protect yourself from “disparate impact” lawsuits. You are free to run your business so long as you are stripped of your ability to prevent African-Americans from overrunning and destroying it.

How long can this system endure? It will endure until Whites lose their capacity to financially prop up the system. Then it will collapse in an orgy of violence.

Note: In 1868, the State of Ohio passed a resolution describing the 14th Amendment as “contrary to the best interests of the white race” and a danger to “our free institutions.” Ohio rejected its earlier ratification of the 14th Amendment.

In 1875, Adelbert Ames’s carpetbagger government in Mississippi was overthrown because President Grant refused to dispatch federal troops to oversee Mississippi elections out of fear that the Republicans would lose Ohio to the Democrats. Rutherford B. Hayes, the Republican Governor of Ohio, negotiated the Compromise of 1877 which resulted in the withdrawal of federal troops from the South.

In an effort to be more inclusive, we will be spending more of our time discussing the White Freedom Movement in the Northern states in 2012. Surely, the present and the future is as relevant to our situation as the distant past.

And besides, the resolution of the race question in the South will turn heavily on Northern public opinion, so we are going to make an effort to attack the dominance of “anti-racism” there.

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  1. The anti-Whites will not allow an all White neighborhood.
    The anti-Whites will not allow an all White school.
    The anti-Whites will not allow an all White business.
    The anti-Whites will not allow an all White place of worship.
    The anti-Whites will not allow an all White town or city.
    The anti-Whites will not allow an all White anything.
    The anti-Whites ABOVE ALL will not allow an all White country.

    The anti-White end game is GENOCIDE of the White race. In addition to forced integration UNLIMITED non White immigration is a critical part of the plan.

    We are encouraged to “assimilate” (a.k.a. intermarry) with non Whites while our numbers continue to decline and their numbers continue to rise. In a few more generations NO MORE White People.

    They say they are anti-racist but they are really anti-White.

    Anti-racist is just a code for anti-White.

  2. The battle must begin with the Churches. That one Baptist fellowship caved because of societal pressure (not because their stance was unbiblical) alone. I don’t even think the fallacy of the FedGov ‘granting’ 501(c)3 status (which is a folly- churches were granted tax exemption BEFORE LBJ umbrella’ed them all under the 1965 law) was a factor in that case.

    In this case, is it not a duplex? Does that not mean that only the private property owner, and the person who rents from her have the sole right to use the pool? Clearly, unless the renter is a Negro, the niglet had no ‘right’ to use a private pool anyway, and this sign (as the duplex owner noted) is a ‘historical artifact’ – much like my penchant for wanting to find Negro salt and pepper shakers, and those negro jockey horse ties for the front yard is, in the area of Virginia I visited last year, are.

    This is utter BS.
    Ohioans should secede from the Jewish-dominated Northern part of the state, and form their own Southern province. The EDIFICE of BRA MUST be destroyed.

    Deo Volente.

  3. In what is laughably called a free country, you cannot have a white pool, or any white institution that caters to the white public. I think it would be wise for WNs to start calling themselves the White Freedom Movement.

    We need to stress the fact that freedom and self government have been taken away from whites. We are not treated as equals either. The last thing that exists in this society is tolerance.

  4. African-Americans did not become citizens of Ohio until the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Previously, Ohio had been a very racially conscious state. Free blacks had to post a bond to enter Ohio and could be deported for bad behavior.

    Ohio’s downfall can be laid at the doorstep of the Western Reserve where the Yankee settled and began to exercise a negative influence upon the state. Much of the rest of Ohio was settled by Germans and the Scots- Irish.

    Ohio is a swing state to this day because it is a demographic microcosm of America.

  5. If you look at Iowa, you can see the good conservative part of the state is Western Iowa which sends Steve King to Congress. The bad liberal part of Iowa is Eastern Iowa which sends three Democrats to Congress.

  6. I think it would be wise for WNs to start calling themselves the White Freedom Movement….’

    Most Americans have no real frame of reference for “Nationalism.” It has more meaning to Europeans and “ethnic hyphenated” (post WWI, Euro immigrants, turn of the century non-wasps). They had come from the “communism-versus-capitalism” (what marx would call a ‘false dichotomy’) parsing out of things.

    This false dichotomy makes no sense to many genuine real americans, both in south and ‘flyover’ country. They thought they fought WWII against Totalitarianism and Big Government. The “left” v “right” t.v. kind of politics just looks silly to them, and many do not vote (statistically).

    You are voting for “oppressed” (and their hardware of pundits, media, social theory meisters, etc, etc.) or for Warfare (and their hardware of agencies, social theory of protections rackets, interventionisms, corporatist tie ins, etc, etc.

    The largely rural, innovations-oriented, non-corporatist, creative type (farmings, artisans, pioneering–with the values of being able to be “well-rounded” exposed, a jack of all trades (able to do everything on the farm or for the community), who have actually lived in “real” communities based in like-minded people (similar religion, trajectory to country, same side of wars, etc. etc)— doesn’t understand.

    Freedom was not freedom from “the left,” or freedom from “the right” (how a lot of 1900 immigrants parsed it out). It was freedom of thought, anti-tax, true ownership of property.

    Something like 1/3 of u.s. property is “owned” by various governments (whether city, state, local, whatever). The crisis of BIGNESS.

    This is how many see it. “Nationalism” just sounds silly.

    many Americans see what HW calls BRA as ‘the nation.’ So they are fighting for their “nationalism”. The term is useless in their context, in a sense.

  7. sorry if unclear— but the “right” (Militarist-Corporatist-fascist in the true sense) nor the “left” (Oppressions, victims, class struggle, etc.) ARE anything to do with most core Americans ideas of “the constitutional” way, which doesn’t fit these paradigms.

    No Southerner CAN EVEN UNDERSTAND, imo, (can you?) how on earth The Northeast thinks, (including the hyphenated, very white “ethnics.”)

    If you make huge and devastating war on an area of what you say is “your” country, do you really expect (when treating them just as those occupied overseas) for them to see themselves as “citizens” with you? To be like you? To be in the same “country” as you—quite?

    Most groups who make war on others SIMPLY ASSUME you won’t be super friends later, lol.

    The Yankee may be unique in seemingly (or pretending or what?) not to “get” that war actually hurts people. (They never want what the winners are pandering. um..that’s why there was a war).

  8. ‘I think it would be wise for WNs to start calling themselves the White Freedom Movement.’

    Not a bad idea.

    Dr. David Duke has in the past referred to himself as a ‘White Civil Rights’ advocate and penned books placing the source of the ills of society on ‘Jewish Supremacists’

    He has simply inverted what the Far Left is doing… Fight fire with fire!

  9. Read Truth From Other Articles for solution to this problem. Also read The White Resistance Manuel. The Justioce Department stinks and a dire future awaits them and all who hate the White Race. Those that Hate White Race will be cursed, Those That Bless White Race will be Blessed. HUNTER: THIS WAS EXCELLENT ARTICLE ABOUT INSANITY OF GOVERNMENT! Good Work!

  10. Here’s the latest from Civil War Memory:

    While I would love to see the Monument Avenue statues removed, here’s my ultimate statue fantasy: an enormous, militaristic monument depicting USCT regiments marching into Richmond in April 1865. Supplemented, perhaps, with an intimate, human-scale depiction of Lincoln’s arrival in Richmond, surrounded by grateful newly-emancipated American citizens.

  11. Hunter, was that written by that twerp Kevin Levin? His ‘history’ site is a total fraud and his recent article in Civil War Times about Silas Chandler was ridiculous. His point was essentially this: no proof exists that Silas Chandler was a dedicated patriot to the Confederate cause and he might have stuck around the greycoats simply because it was a better, or less risky, temporary situation than escaping to the bluecoats. Meanwhile, every single black who crossed to the Union must have been an ardent supported of the US Constitution as understood by Lincoln because they left their masters. Pathetic reasoning.

    The comments in the Atlantic Monthly’s special on the War were even more repellent. I honestly think that right now at this very minute, those people would bring out the guillotine to exterminate the White South and then have a blood orgy with negroes if they could get away with it. It was that lurid and disgusting.

  12. I am amazed that someone actually had the gumption to do this. Hopefully others will grow a backbone and follow suit.

  13. The black race is persona non gratis anywhere that they are a minority. In this, they are a great deal like the Joo. Maybe that is the reason that the Joo has taken the urban ape as his pet, because they are so alike in the fact that they are universally reviled!

    This system cannot survive. Its supporters are dying off, and Whites are now understanding that “Civil Rights” are not theirs to share! Anytime you have a situation that the payers get nothing, and the freeloaders get everything you have an unsustainable system.

    People will not pay for services they don’t receive, and the Invasion by the Mexicants shows that FEDGOV is full of Nothing but Traitors! These people don’t seem to realize that there are Alternative Ways of dealing with Traitors than Elections!

  14. you are correct Dixiegirl, damnyankees are a foreign people. Occasionally I’ll run into one and we will share a common interests, like hunting. Once the conversation strays from that topic, they’re back to being alien.

    what WN’s don’t get is….., most White men want more liberty. WN’s mostly offer more government, more restrictions etc. That and they damn near worship hitler, who as far as I can tell, didn’t accomplish a damn thing expect getting White men killed.

  15. Stonelifter: Have you read the NEWS PLATFORM of The National Emancipation of White Seed on Truth From OTHER ARTICLES. Aryan Nations came after NEWS and their Platform was copied from NEWS and modified and changed a little. NEWS does not worship Hitler, but YAHWEH First and his Laws. I dont see restrictions for Whites in these documents. These are the beginging shots for our freedom as Robert E. Miles said. There will be more and more shots fired as time moves forward. To get freedom you must be willing to sacrifice and do all in your power for your race. Of course, be cunning and dont get caught. The more you fight, the more will the enemy come after you. Understanding the Struggle by Louis Beam and The Movement is Dead by David Tate are excellent articles. Richard Kelly Hoskins and his Vigilantes of Christendom is a master work. Buddy Tucker is not in a closet but plainly declares a solution. I have read alot of your comments and they are good Stonelifter. I do not mean in anyway to show you disrespect, just a few other points to think about. The American Revolution was won by shooting from behind bushes, ditches and trees. The Swamp Fox of South Carolina was a excellent gorilla fighter and we can learn alot from him. Hope Hunter does a write up about THE SWAMP FOX.

  16. People here and everywhere need to learn that we can’t have anything “public” when there are lots of destructive non Whites, especially under class Blacks around.

    Public swimming pools
    Public transportation
    Public schools
    Public parks

    All these “public” places and institutions go down to the worst, low standards. Not that I can stand idiot, know it all Libertarians, but in such situations, it is best to make things “private” with rules for basic sanitation. The better non Whites/Blacks will seek out private places with common sense rules against negative behavior.

  17. You can’t not rent to NAPAs (North American Pavement Apes):

    Orland Park landlord sued for not renting to blacks
    Nov 24, 2009 at 2:13 AM PST
    — Sorry original article not available …… got to erace history.

    But you must control crime on your property.

    Orland Park requires landlords to attend Crime Free Housing seminars
    March 5, 2010 at 9:07 p.m.


    Discrimination will cost Orland landlord
    By John K. Ryan January 19, 2011 7:22PM
    Updated: August 4, 2011 4:20PM
    The owner of an Orland Park home agreed to pay $35,000 in damages and penalties to settle a lawsuit alleging he wouldn’t rent the house to blacks.

    Here’s the kicker:

    The settlement also prohibits Flanagan from personally managing or renting any properties for its five-year term.

    Meaning his property is going to be handed over to the shittiest vermin that could possibly infest it for the next 5 years (with him responsible for repairs of course).

    Welcome to america

    I think I am going to stop capitalizing america, just like i do for black or african-american.
    We are a shit hole country anymore being leeched out the ass.
    We have a POS half-nigger-faggot OCCUPYING the formerly known as the White House.

  18. These cases are similar to White people trying to be open Pagans/Heathens during the Middle Ages – when the Catholic Christian religion was the official way.

    There is no reason to get bench out of shape at the news that a White property owner is persecuted for hanging out a sign saying “Whites only” — that’s to be expected. The property owner who did this was obviously asking for trouble, looking for publicity.

    There are so many ways to finesse these racial/crime/culture issues. The property owner should have just made the pool a private pool and required all kinds of physical screening, behavior rules. The property owner could have just played loud classic music to drive the lower class Blacks away. Lower class Blacks can’t stand classical music.

    I live in an area that is integrated, surrounded by 100% lower class Black neighborhoods. Our neighborhood is supposedly “liberal”, but everyone including middle class Blacks works to keep the Black criminals, Black trouble makers, Black lower class culture down/out. I’m part of a private pool that is right next to a troublesome Black restaurant, Black bar – but the pool has few if any racial problems.

    Whites reading OD need to get off the Net more and learn how to handle life in this year 2011-2012; we’re not going to be able to turn back the clock and restore the Southern Confederacy or Jim Crow.

    Let’s make nostalgia a thing of the past.

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