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  1. Hate fact.

    Absolutely nothing at all could ever be drawn from those statistics, other than whites forcing poor, innocent black yoots to commit most of the crime. A shame that we are so powerful, and yet so evil. More capitulation to the diversity cultists is in order.

  2. there are zero negros on my farm and there has been exactly zero murders, rapes, assaults or burglaries…….Unless you count the death of deer, chickens, pigs, cows, turkey or fish as murder.

  3. According to The School of The Prophets—-Jackson County will be cleansed by fire in the comming future by God. Independence, Missouri will be the New Jerusalem of Mormons.

  4. The population of São Paulo is composed of 64.4% white, 28.3% mulatto, 5.8% black and 1.4% of Asian or Indian. However, the rate of imprisonment per racial group in Sao Paulo, is 76.8 per 100 000 population for whites and 140 per 100 000 for the browns, rising to about 421 per 100,000 for blacks in absolute terms. the probability of a black being in prison is therefore 5.4 times greater than that of one white and three times that of a grizzly. And in relative terms, what would we have?
    Population of São Paulo (state): 41.262.199 (2010)
    1 – White in jail: 76.8 x 412.62 = 31,689 white inmates
    1.1-Percentage of white inmates in relation to whites:
    41,262,199 x 0.644 = 26,572,856 hb hb white / 1 = 31,689 inmates inmate p/838 hb white white
    2 – brown in jail: 140 x 412.62 = 57,766 inmates brown
    2.1-Percent of inmates in relation to brown brown population.
    41,262,199 x 0.283 = 11,677,202 hb hb pardos/57.766 detainees detainee brown p = 1 / 202 hb brown.
    3 – Blacks in jail: 412.62 x 421 = 173,713 black inmates.
    3.1-Percentage of black inmates in relation to the black population.
    41,262,199 x 0.058 = 2,393,207 hb hb negros/173.713 detainees detainee black p = 1 / 14 black hb.
    In terms of crime we would have:
    White / brown = 838/202 = 4.14 (4.14 times the browns commit more crimes than whites)
    Brown / Black = 202/14 = 14.4 (Blacks commit more crimes than 14.42 times the browns)
    White / black = 838/14 = 59.85 (59.85 times Blacks commit more crimes than whites)
    A similar phenomenon occurs in other countries with large black populations and strong as the U.S., where rates, considering only the men, is 3.785 per 100,000 for blacks, 1.773 for Hispanics and 407 for white.

  5. It has been in behaves of the cockcausion man who has in Large his soul to give thanks and continue to carry my people from the depts of this herea problem. But it is the bigblackcockcausion that has brought joy and happiness to the lustful white women. We have failed our wives our children and sold out our souls for lusts of man. For we all should dream a dream to make better our selves and our cockcausion brothers live. For we are all one inthe beliefs of our creator. Worship God, love God, repent thru Christ the only begotten Son, by faith in Christ all is possible, Hallelujah. For behold, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that who soever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

  6. To all you posting stats for the state of Missouri. This article is discussing the city of St. Louis. Not the whole state. And to the guy that posted Stats from Brazil. Those are Hispanic Whites not European whites. Plus Brazil’s crime rates are irrelevant to America. Good Day!

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