Freedom Failed: Monument Avenue

What should replace the Confederate statues on Monument Avenue?


Kevin Levin has written an article at The Atlantic about whether or not the Confederate statues on Monument Avenue in Richmond deserve to be torn down.

The discussion has already generated some fascinating comments from The Atlantic readers such as this one:

“Robert E. Lee should have been tried and hung. Same for Jefferson Davis and the rest of the traitorious rat’s nest. Their statues and monuments deserve to be defecated and urinated upon before they are hauled down and broken into unrecognizable bits.”

What should replace the Confederate monuments? Here are a few suggestions:

(1) We could build a monument to the welfare queen considering the fact that 38 percent of non-elderly Medicaid users and 61.5 percent of TANF welfare users in Virginia are African-Americans.

(2) We could build a monument to the EBT card user considering the fact that African-Americans were over 50 percent of EBT card users in Virginia in 2009. That was before EBT usage doubled under Obama.

(3) We could build a monument to glorify the Black Undertow which terrorized the Richmond Art Walk earlier this summer. See video below.

(4) We could build a monument to the African-American thugs who openly terrorize Whites in Richmond. See video below.

(5) We could build a monument to the Black Undertow criminals who account for 62 percent of inmates in Virginia prisons and who account for 43.6 percent of rape, 81.2 percent of robbery, 53.7 percent of homicide, 50 percent of aggravated assault, 43 percent of burglary, 36 percent of vandalism, 52.4 percent of bribery, 47 percent of drug narcotic arrests, 49 percent of motor vehicle theft, 70 percent of purse snatching, 46 percent of shoplifting, and 48 percent of vagrancy in the Old Dominion.

(6) The J.E.B. Stuart monument could be replaced with monument dedicated to five-time Grammy Award winner “Missy Elliot” of “Da Supa Fly.”

(10) Barbara Johns was the Civil Rights Martyr who campaigned for the integration of Moton High School in Prince Edward County, Virginia in 1951. From 1959 to 1964, Prince Edward County closed its public schools in protest of the Brown decision. The NAACP lawsuit Davis v. County School Board of Prince Edward County was ultimately one of the five cases that were consolidated in Brown.

In the year 2011, we find that Prince Edward High School failed to make “Adequate Yearly Progress” because of the presence of the Black Undertow in the now integrated high school: 

– 96 percent of Whites passed English, but only 82 percent of African-Americans passed English.

– 96 percent of Whites passed Mathematics, but only 82 percent of African-Americans passed Mathematics.

– 100 percent of Whites passed Writing, but 85 percent of African-Americans passed Writing.

– 83 percent of Whites passed History, but 58 percent of African-Americans passed History.

– 96 percent of Whites passed Science, but 77 percent of African-Americans passed Science.

In the now integrated Prince Edward County High School, 82 percent of Whites graduated, but only 59 percent of African-Americans graduated. The African-Americans lag behind Whites in every subject where the two races were tested. Oddly enough, 93 percent of Whites passed Virginia and United States History compared to 61 percent of African-Americans in Prince Edward County where Civil Rights Martyr Barbara Johns heroically made her stand for integration.

The Stonewall Jackson monument could be replaced by a Barbara Johns monument which would immortalize the discredited sociology and the trillions of dollars that have been squandered on integrated public schools in pursuit of the anti-racist El Dorado of racial equality since the Brown decision.

Alternatively, we can gaze upon the Confederate monuments in Richmond and discern that another country and another civilization once existed in Virginia, one that was vastly superior to BRA. We can look upon these monuments and experience what it must have felt like to live among the ruins of Roman Empire in the Dark Ages.

If those monuments stand there long enough, their presence could inspire a Renaissance. Hence, the need by the political class and the cultural nomenklatura to tear them down lest “violent rightwing extremists” (the MSM term for American natives) get notions.

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  1. It’s always Leftists that want to urinate and defecate on things – their lofty platitudes and dreams of a Marxist utopia must be very precious to them. The Left becomes more angry every day as The Race Card burns…

  2. It is the winners that destroy what was, write history, build monuments, name streets, use EBT and SNAP cards, welfare, affirmative action, rape, murder, and fill prisons in this country.

  3. The Left is a purely nihilistic and destructive force. It can destroy in the pursuit of utopian fantasies, but it unable to create. Just look at the Black Undertow which prowls Richmond.

  4. Notice how the Leftist zealously cries “racist” but never yells “liar”. The Truth remains shiny and new while {Marxist} lies crumble and sag like the once beautiful homes destroyed in the wake of the Black Undertow.

  5. I often stayed in Richmond in the early 2000s. I have family members who live in the Richmond suburbs. While there is an influx of SWPL whites, most of the city is black.

    I respect the Confederacy and think they were right. The good guys definitely lost that war.

    However, the removal of monuments does make sense. Would these men want their statues and plaques to be surrounded by BRA? Blacks either hate or are indifferent to the Confederacy. Since they – and white liberals, many of them Yankee transplants – now are the overwhelming majority of Richmond, why keep the relics of a defeated (thought vastly superior) race?

    It’s like when conservative talk radio hosts yodel and howl at Mexicans in California waving the Mexican flag and booing the U.S. national anthem during soccer games between the U.S. and Mexico. What do they expect? Why would Mexicans all of a sudden support a foreign people just because they slipped into our nation? The problem is not the Mexicans. It is the brain dead whites who let them in and pander to them.

  6. Another great post! As usual.

    I have learned a lot of “politically incorrect” history on your site.

    There are some great candidates for new monuments that commemorate BRA on this new blog called “Black Racism and Race Hatred of non Blacks” which has the link to your site posted on its webpage.

    Lots of sterling candidates of black hatred and violence against whites at this site for the replacement statues.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  7. Let’s remember the Harvey family of Richmond who were slaughtered by feral Blacks on January 1, 2006. The police & prosecuters claimed it was a random crime. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.

  8. Fortunately, they will never remove them. By now, these monuments are considered historic, having been erected by the last living generation of Confederate officers. I know that in Kentucky, every Confederate monument is on their historic register. They arent going anywhere. These is just teeth grinding from the left.

  9. I was in Richmond for a couple weeks back in the summer of 2008, doing some work on the Sheraton hotel on Midlothian. As I remember, that area was mostly white, but a lot of the hotel employees were niggers from the islands and were here illegally. Virginia is a nice state, though. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Northerner of Mediterranean and Eastern European stock, but I admit to sometimes being envious of Johnny Rebs for their Southern states. The personal manner and the pace if life is quite different from the way we are up here. Makes me jealous, ain’t afraid to admit. But, you gotta play the cards you’re dealt, right?

  10. I’m sure there ain’t no charm like blueblood southern charm, but there also ain’t no sleaze like southern sleaze. Richmond has the seediest white underclass I’ve ever encountered.

  11. my guess is, most of the White anger geared toward Gen Lee and other Southern heroes is based on the damnyankee lie of why the South wanted to leave. I wonder how many damyankees would feel the same way if they knew we wanted to bolt over taxes, and economic oppression of the South.

  12. Basically thruout the left’s cults the leaders use the fear of white men to keep the true believers in line. It’s kind of their version of anti-semetism.

  13. Maybe Bill Sickles of Adamic Knights of KKK and his Konvict Killer Korps is best answer for this problem. The Konvict Killer Korps would ride trains and buses and go were large crowds were massed and would go coon hunting. Any Lone Wolfs out there? Meet fire with fire! In Chicago they had a rule—no more than three in a crowd. If they were in groups of more than 3 they would be arrested! USA is Babylon par-excellent! The Kingdom of God will only come when it falls!

  14. Screw Tim Tebowel and his nigger ball. All ball games are JEW-Deo and suck! Oh said this one sick White Whigger— oh they got talent—oh look at them—I dont care if they are pink if they can hit homers and make touchdowns! To hell with all Super bowl crap and all the other sick degenerate ball games! The White Race is facing extinction and idiots flock to see blue gum niggers play nigger ball! Piss on Super Bowls!

  15. You guys are doing genius work!!! I don’t literally do NOT have time to log on there today – but would one of you please inform that looney tunes, demanding that every slaove owner, and Confederate soldier (he seems to have an issue with time-lines) be whipped, hanged, executed, etc – that there were LOADS of Black slave OWNERS – and that there still are all over Afreaka.

    Well done gentlemen!

  16. Some of us have invaded The Atlantic. RobRoySimmons is over there.

    Thanks for the heads up. I left a comment chastising disingenuous White liberals.

    ‘Basically thruout the left’s cults the leaders use the fear of white men to keep the true believers in line. It’s kind of their version of anti-semetism.’

    In his tome ‘Slouching Toward Gommorah’ Judge Robert Bork describes hatred of White Males exactly as that! It is their version of anti-semitism where White CEOs replace the Jewish banker as the main bad guy. White Republican members of the chamber of commerce replace radical Jewish activists. White NASCAR fans replace the Jewish rag peddler on the lower-end of the socio-economic scale.

  17. I’m far from Richmond, so I have no feel for the place. (But I lived in and enjoyed old apartheid southern Africa and booming Rhodesia, now crushed via Kissinger’s orders!)

    From a theoretical stand, the South was totally RIGHT. States that joined the US could also leave it. Period. (There was no Constituional agreement they could not leave.) The same is true today! Reasons are growing to do so. (For a start, the original LIMITED federal powers have spread like cancer to crush all else!) It appears to me the North just inflicted burdensome tarrifs on the S more than the N, so there was an immediate legitimate need of southerners to depart this democracist tyranny. And Abe seemed inclined to move to abolish black slavery (sooner or later), and we (whites of Bible) actually have God Law allowing us to own alien folks as slaves. (Lev 25 toward end).
    Even abolitionists understood that freed slaves ought to be sent back to Africa, or chaos would occur… and it sure did, still crippling USA! Money wasted on war ought to have been used to buy slaves and repatriate them, giving old masters funds to get new technologies to modernize farms over a period, say 50 years, 1860-1910, as folks got used to this new living style and old slaves faded away.

    So, if old leaders of the South were on this track, they they ought to be remembered.

    PS: I got to this site websearching an obscur group “Adamic Knights” (of KKK?) that may have existed in 1970s (?) in your area. What do you know on this?

    A deep exacting study of Bible shows Adam was a white man, and Adam was exactly a real “son of God” (Luke 3:23-38 ending of real lineage list) and it is exactly these ones whom Christ called (called them “brothers.”) JC did NOT pray/intercede for all types of humans in the world, just a specific group, John 17:9 – contrary to vague erroneous teaching of modern (secularized) commercial churching. So I’m seeking Adamic groups and hunting what they stand (or stood) for: maybe some got the plan right somewhere and some time.

    By the way, it is easy to show the Earth is very old, life existed here over a billion years, and vrious types of “humans” existed here over 50,000 years ago, but then came ADAM (the actual word badly translated “man” in Gen 1:26-28) who was given dominion over all the earlier made living creatures moving over the ground/earth – so this obviously includes pre-Adamic humans, of the sort I saw in southern Africa, in ancient remains, and walking the streets. People have different origins and natures. I think the Confederates grasped this… even if they were clueless to geology and ages. So, we really ought to honor them for some righteousness in a dark age. But soon the LIGHT Himself returns and he will be like a Super-Confederate General to set all things right again… after all he will resore the FIRST DOMINION! (End time prophecy obscure but knowable on Micah 4:1-8-10.)

    Until then we must (Rev 18) get out of this end time chaos system “babylon” and form separate communities (keeping original Bible Law, even Adamic Dominion orders). I think the old Confederates will have an easier time adjusting to the new regime Jesus will impose on all Earth, than today’s defective pastors and Politically Correct fools! So they will indeed arise and ride up and join his army. Modernist fools will get crushed by soldiers they cannot kill! (Yes, we are to terminate God’s enemies, Luke 19:27)

    PS: I’m far from you, in another part of the world intellectually as well as physically, but even here I’ve seen a few rare folks brazenly sport an old Confederate war flag! Well, they are not exactly “old South,” but know they are opposed to the New World Order of defective democratic whims and “humanism.” So the South is rising… all over the world now… ha ha! (I had seen this in other places, like Australia, too.)

  18. I came across this 14-month old article, web searching for “Adamic Dominion” links, not discussion of Confederate hero statues in Richmond. (I’m not of the US South.)

    But the ones rebuking Kevin Levin are correct! From a distance the US appears to be a failing/failed empire. Why? Its ruling race is being replaced by a lesser conglomeration of peoples, all competing in chaos, brainwashed by anti-white/anti-Christ demons like Noel Ignatiev (at Harvard) telling whites to destroy themselves. Can you even grasp the illogical and toxic chutzpah of that bastard?! The original people only are capable of the original greatness. They must refocus on the Adamic dominion (ie white folks got rule over all other “living” moving over the earth – Genesis 1:26-28). OR you will be oppressed, raped, killed, as in S Africa. (Look up Afrikaner genocide occurring now.)

    In the past 14-months much has occurred in destruction of the Adamites in USA. You again put an alien in the formerly White House, and he is gunning against you, while now intensively seeking to disarm you! How? Using several recent mass shootings as his “Pearl Harbor” to push his agenda (as FDR did with the first Pearl Harbor he knew was coming, but let happen, so he could push Americans into war against Germany! See Robert Sinnott’s book “Day of Deceit” on that.) I believe some of these recent gun events were results of mind-controlled folks (see monarch mind control for a possible method) set to commit mayhem as a PR tool to disarm whites – just when they should be getting armed and trained to remove an anti-white/anti-Christ alien leader and the mass of anti-white immigrants he now seeks to “legalize” and make your “equal” so the white, Christian (Adamic) nation will be destroyed forever (Ignatiev’s goal!)

    You face the same choice white folks did in S Africa around 1990: either begin overt war against your enemies and occupiers (for which you must have more powerful weapons than a toxic federal regime, even nuclear tools, not just guns), and rise to the top again, guarding your own families and economic domination, or surrender and be brutally slowly digested over decades by envious and hateful alien minds. History (and all of evolution*) is about struggle of groups, and the most basic group is the race. It is also a biblical struggle (but you’ll never hear this in the “humanist” secular-state licensed “churches.”)

    * Oh, some “church” folks gasp at evolution. Look: it is a fact shown by science that God made many life forms of more complex design over vast time. They competed to survive. (Darwin largely got it right, but he missed God as the Designer.) Only at the very end of “days” ( a word “yome” that can mean a long time event in a series, as Jacob lived a yome of 147 years, translated an “age” in Gen 47:28) – and after making pre-Adamic human groups – did he make Adam (and gave him dominion over all the rest). Cain left Eden and made a city of these others (whom he also married) shown in Gen 4:16-17. Pre-Adamites exist; their role is defined to be secondary to Adamites.

    But enemies of God agitated since antiquity to overthrow our Dominion. For example Lev Davidovich Bronstein (aka Leon Trotsky) coined the word “racism” first to snub white Slavic folks who did not follow his Marxist revolution in Russia; later (in exile from Stalin, in Mexico) he used the term to launch red revolution into USA! (Search that “racism” first occurs in print in his 1930 “History of the Russian Revolution.”) So repudiate use of the Trotskyite hate word “racism” to silence Adamites.

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