Victor Davis Hanson’s Vandalized Valley

Victor Davis Hanson reports from barbarian America


Victor Davis Hanson reports from the frontlines of barbarism in Mexifornia. This is the dystopian world where the American ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy have been taken to their logical conclusion:

“In a small town two miles away, the thefts now sound like something out of Edward Gibbon’s bleaker chapters — or maybe George Miller’s Road Warrior, or the Hughes brothers’ more recent The Book of Eli. Hundreds of bronze commemorative plaques were ripped off my town’s public buildings (and with them all record of our ancestors’ public-spiritedness). I guess that is our version of Trotskyization.

The Catholic church was just looted (again) of its bronze and silver icons. Manhole covers are missing (some of the town’s own maintenance staff were arrested for this theft, no less!). The Little League clubhouse was ransacked of its equipment.

In short, all the stuff of civilization — municipal buildings, education, religion, transportation, recreation — seems under assault in the last year by the contemporary forces of barbarism. After several thefts of mail, I ordered a fortified, armored mailbox. I was ecstatic when I saw the fabricator’s Internet ad: On the video, someone with an AK-47 emptied a clip into it; the mail inside was untouched. I gleefully said to myself: “That’s the one for me.” And it has been so far.”

The copper thieves actually sounds like Wayne Karp and the salvage economy is James Howard Kunstler’s novel World Made By Hand. For those who missed that 2008 book about the “not so distant future,” I am referring to this passage:

“In a world that had become a salvage operation, the general supply evolved into Union Grove’s leading industry. When every last useful thing in town had been stripped from the Kmart and the United Auto, the CVS drugstore, and other trading establishments of the bygone national chain store economy, daily life became a perpetual flea market centered on the old town dump which had been capped over in the 1990s. The general was at first a public cooperative, under the illusion that the ongoing catastrophes would ebb and normality would return. But the flu and the bombing of Washington put an end to that illusion, and the generally eventually came under the management of Wayne Karp and his gang of former motorheads.”

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  1. Victor Davis Hanson is suffering due to effects of the radical neo-conservative egalitarianism he has preached for decades? YES! There is Justice in this World!

    May other liberal Baby Boomers suffer the same fate, and may some of them reverse themselves before it is too late and become White Nationalists! Earning unto themselves a form of racial neo-Grace.

  2. @ Father John

    Let me assure you that I am a White Protestant of American ancestry.

    As a Protestant I don’t need you, or any other priest for my Salvation.

  3. Dixie Girl: 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia. Hey Earlmundo, ever hear of General P.G.T Beauregard or Admiral Raphael Semmes, captain of the raider C.S.S. Alabama? No, I guess not.

  4. @KrollAssociatesDid911

    I can’t help it your Roman Catholic politicians are allied with the Jews in Congress, and the statehouses & in city governments. Or that your Cardinals & Bishops are aiding and comforting the Mexican & other Latino invaders.

    You know it’s the damn truth. The only reason the Jews have gotten as far as they have is because they are allied with your Roman Catholic politicians.

    You Catholics are doing the heavy lifting for the Jews—even on the homosexual issues like DADT.

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