New York Times Attacks Ron Paul

NY Times attacks Ron Paul

New York

The recent attacks on Ron Paul for being a “racist” and an anti-Semite have been so vicious that I have begun to reconsider my opposition toward his candidacy.

Strangely enough, Ron Paul seems to be within striking distance of winning in Iowa and New Hampshire. This is having a salutary effect upon the liberal establishment which is tearing its hair out with self righteous accusations that Paul is a rightwing extremist who is supported by eeevvvilll “white supremacists”:

“Mr. Paul’s calls for the end of the Federal Reserve system, a cessation of aid to Israel and all other nations and an overall diminishment of government power have natural appeal among far-right, niche political groups. Aides say that much of the support is unsolicited and that it is unfair to overlook the larger number of mainstream voters now backing him.

But a look at the trajectory of Mr. Paul’s career shows that he and his closest political allies either wittingly or unwittingly courted disaffected white voters with extreme views as they sought to forge a movement from the nether region of American politics, where the far right and the far left sometimes converge.

In May, Mr. Paul reiterated in an interview with Chris Matthews of MSNBC that he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawing segregation. He said that he supported its intent, but that parts of it violated his longstanding belief that government should not dictate how property owners behave.”

I’m not sure I can oppose someone who would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Ron Paul also opposes foreign wars, opposes the Federal Reserve, and supports cutting off aid to Israel. It is his weak position on immigration that is so disappointing. Yet there is plausible argument to be made that gutting the welfare state would deter legal and illegal immigration while cutting off African-Americans at the same time.

By the time the 2012 campaign swings through Alabama, I suspect that Bachmann and several of the other candidates will have dropped out of the race. If I am forced to choose between Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich, I will likely end up voting for Paul again.

Note: Kievsky weighs in on the New York Times article.

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  1. Here is where the Libertarian’s lose me:

    Only actions that infringe on the rights of others can properly be termed crimes. We favor the repeal of all laws creating “crimes” without victims, such as the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes.

    Small government I am all for.

    But making drugs legal will not turn out as their Edenic philosophy pictures.

    We didn’t get to be a “gigantic nanny welfare state” by ignoring the ills of others, and it would not stop just because there is a Libertarian in office, he is a Liberal at heart as his other philosophies show.

    If we could successfully implement Libertarian philosophy all across government, we would see an idealic transformation. No longer would my tobacco-user health insurance premiums supplement homosexual health insurance premiums thus hastening their dieing off. Drug addicts would OD and die off. Negroes would work or die. Long term it paints a beautiful picture, short term it is going to be war – all the previously entitled who turn criminal versus those who live a simple moral life.

  2. He definitely has all the right enemies. Half-Sigma has been posting a string of hilarious blog posts about Pauls secret “jew hating.”

  3. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican presidential primary.

    Later, I soured on him because he moved to the left on immigration, failed to make immigration a cornerstone of his 2008 campaign, continued to burden himself with unnecessary silly positions (supports DADT repeal and praised Wikileaks), and finally because he repudiated his pro-White voters.

  4. The Hebes are going mental. Absolutely mental. I’ve been absolutely having a blast, surveying their deranged reactions!

    New Commandments:

    1) That which makes Die Judenraus go mental is a brilliant indicator of that which is Great and Good for Humanity.

    I’ll get back to y’all, on the other ones…..

  5. I have similar feelings to those of Hunter. I am in Virginia, so when it gets to me, it is Romney v Paul, and we know that already as a matter of law. I too have to reconsider Paul based on the hysterical opposition and the claims he is a racist who does something on his racism. This seems to be the feeling of those attacking him. That is very good. He might abolish the Civil Rights Division of DOJ or not fund it. He would oppose welfare or lifetime unemployment benefits which we have evolved into.

    Romney is a C- from NumbersUSA and Ron Paul is an F. Paul is the only actual F among the Republicans. Obama is an F-. Thus a general election between the two will leave no voice for any type of immigration restriction at the presidential level. This might be bad or it might erupt from some other quarter.

    A vote for Paul might be interpreted as not caring about immigration. However, given that the Left is saying a vote for Paul is a vote for racism, that might be canceled out and a vote for Paul would be seen as a vote against immigration even though Paul is an F on immigration. This is because to the Left immigration restriction is racism and voting for Paul is racism therefore a vote for Paul is a vote against immigration.

    Voting against the establishment is emotionally satisfying. However, there is also the possibility that they are simply painting a picture of Paul as a racist to gull the Rednecks while they really know Paul is harmless to their program of White race replacement.

  6. Paul supporters have at least a standard deviation of IQ higher. GOP needs to tread lightly and while they can smear Paul, smearing his supporters is suicide. Its quite possible that Obama is the face of BRA till 2016, how fun.

  7. He has some good ideas,but so does Gingrich, and I wouldn’t vote for him either.

    There are simply no good solid conservatives who will stop immigration and repeal most of the black repatriations (welfare). If they did seriously try to repeal most of the entitlement programs that would solve many of our immigration troubles, but would likely bring us to warfare with the darker side of America.

  8. ““Mr. Paul’s calls for the end of the Federal Reserve system, a cessation of aid to Israel …”
    These two items alone, unfortunately would cause some very powerful people to pay some unknown “contractors” to put him into the (literal) crosshairs. There are some knowledgable individuals out there who believe that support for these same issues (as well as being against nuclear arms for Israel ) are what prompted the same “powers that be” to off Kennedy back in 1963. So even if he were to be elected, he would not be around long enough to make a difference.

  9. George – then Paul needs to say so. Name that Jew – and the potential for assassination at the hands, there-of. I’m sure Paul is well aware of their murderous psychosis, though.

  10. It looks like the Zionists are staging a false flag to steal the Iowa election from Ron Paul.


    Iowa GOP moving vote-count to ‘undisclosed location’

    Threats to disrupt the Iowa Republican caucuses next week have prompted state GOP officials to move the vote tabulation to an “undisclosed location,” POLITICO has learned.

    The state party has not yet told the campaigns exactly where the returns will be added up, only that it will be off-site from the Iowa GOP’s Des Moines headquarters.

    One of the reader comments on politico:

    Yep, it’s the same old story; “Problem, Reaction, Solution”. There’s no real threat to the Caucuses, it’s cover story while the Iowa GOP steals votes from Ron Paul & gives them to their puppet Romney. They’ve done this crap before to other candidates. Voters need to ask themselves, “Why are both parties, the Republican & the Democrat insiders, scared of Ron Paul?”

  11. He’s my choice right down the line. Think his proposals through to their logical ends and you will conclude that his goals parallel the goals of most of the people who comment on OD.

    No politician can say exactly what’s on his mind and get elected. Do you think Obama, his sheboon and their sprogs would be stinking up the White house right now if he had told the country what he really wanted to do? Not likely.

    Do you think Mr. Paul could get elected if he said, “Yeah, I wrote all of that shit about niggers in those newsletters. So what.”

    Do you really believe that a White man from Texas thinks it’s a good idea to let so many Mexican illegals flood into this country that the whole place turns into a third world shit hole? I spend half of each year in Texas and I haven’t personally met any White men there who think like that.

    I voted for Rand in 2010, and I’ll vote for his old man in 2012 if he manages to pick up enough default votes to win the nomination. Who else is there?

  12. Why bother voting? I spend each election day doing the same thing: purchasing more ammunition, going to the range and mapping out in which foreign country I intend to retire. I don’t give my consent to this God awful mess and voting implies consent.

  13. Do you think Mr. Paul could get elected if he said, “Yeah, I wrote all of that shit about niggers in those newsletters. So what.”

    Line of the day.

  14. Douglas says:

    “If they did seriously try to repeal most of the entitlement programs that would solve many of our immigration troubles, but would likely bring us to warfare with the darker side of America.”

    Douglas, on average, 2500 White people are raped, robbed, assaulted or murdered by niggers every day. We are already involved in a war, but we’re not shooting back. I’m all for pouring some gas on the race fire so we can re-establish the proper pecking order and make everybody stand on their merits.

    We need to get rid of all of the laws that compel us to bend over frontwards to please minorities.

    When I had my engineering company I was sued twice by Black applicants who couldn’t pass the tests we used to sort out the weak ones. I won both lawsuits, but it cost me around $70K each time. Here’s the irony: I would have hired either guy if they had been up to the job. They weren’t, so I had to piss away a year’s salary to prove that I didn’t violate their nigger rights.

    Buy the guns and ammo, read the how-to books about booby traps and improvised weapons, vote for Paul, then let whatever’s going to happen go ahead and happen. Enough is enough.

  15. @ Denise:

    George – then Paul needs to say so. Name that Jew – and the potential for assassination at the hands, there-of. I’m sure Paul is well aware of their murderous psychosis, though.”
    – Denise, would they not then respond with “Ron Paul is a classic paranoid personality and unfit for office”? He would immediate be relegated to obscurity, a number of “qualified psychiatric authorities” would be brought in to condemn him and of course the Warren Commission reports would be regurgitated for the umpteenth time with calm reassurances to the sheeple that everyone knows that “Oswald did it” – alone and all by himself. End of Ron Paul campaign.

  16. @ Denise;

    Hell, even more than that, from the Jews point of view that would be the most convenient thing that Paul could do for them. Coming out to say that they were behind the Kennedy assasination would lend credence (the way they would spin it) to their current claim that he is an “anti-semite” and smooth the way to discredit him. Catch 22.

  17. @jack

    I’m with you as far as the ammo and range time goes, but I don’t know where in the world you’re going to find an even reasonably functional country that isn’t afflicted by the same Judeo pathogens as ours is..

  18. George – Paul doesn’t need to come out and SAY “The Hebes offed Kennedy” that boldly. He can SAY that US monetary supply and policy is controlled by private Jewish families, who have NO legal rights to control the money supply, and to whom Americans pay INSANE and illegal interest to, and he can completely talk about the subversion of American government and foriegn policy by AIPAC/Israeli firsters. This is all absolutely verifiable – and more and more obvious by the minute. He can talk about how very dangeorus these “interests” can be, in protecting their illegitimate power. It’s not like he cannot present reams of evidence.

    He can get around to the Kennedy assassination after he’s in office.

    It’s about controlling the conversation. Ya see George – what you are saying is true, as far as Organized Jewry’s par-for-the course modus operandi. The thing is – the “racism” charge isn’t working. Things change, George. The wheels are falling off the BRA. So there’s a LOT of room to address Root-sky Causation. Hebery is already laying the groundwork for their own exposure. Their hysteria over Paul, and the Tebow thing – people are starting to “see” .

  19. Let me just say that certain strands of Libertarianism are utile to work with in the short term to help bring the finance plutocracy down. In the short term.

  20. @ Denise;

    Be that is it may , his platform as it stands now A) will keep him from getting elected or, if he does (and I for one do not think he can since the elections are rigged-the real reason for the change to electron rather than paper votes) B) he will serve a VERY short term as explained in my first comment above. No changes to this government are possible via the old “democratic” route. You can’t “vote the bastards out” because only bastards are allowed in in the first place. Do you not see that the elite Jews and Jewish bankers control every aspect of government as well as the economy? It is all a dog-and-pony show for the masses.

  21. You’re all missing the essential point about Ron Paul. Never mind his “position” about this or that HardRight or WN issue. Irrelevant. ZOG will not permit him to get the Republicrat nomination or get anywhere near the Presidency. What he is: a most useful Spoiler. By going 3rd Party he will send the shitface Republican Party the way of the Whigs, and throw the election to the Kenyan via the EC with less than 45% of the actual vote. Combine this existential political crisis with economic cataclysm – almost certain to be Black Swanned by the Jews’ Iran War – and we are looking at Civil War II by early 2013. Invest in lead.

  22. Hey Compassionate Fascist – you stole my play on compassionate conservatism! i’ve been rocking that on facebook for years now. I seriously do not see why there is all this analysis over Ron Paul – register Republican and vote for the man. You act like the election can be “spoiled” and there is any shred of difference between Obama and Newt, Romney, or the rest of the Zionist ass-licking politicians. I seriously question that Paul got an F for numbers USA, and would like to understand their reasoning. Just because he is not for a wall or fortress state, since he has that anti-Police State philosophy behind him, doesn’t mean he wants Mexicans pouring across the border anymore than he wants Iran to get a nuke. Paul is the only guy i’ve heard say we need to end “birthright citizenship” and strip ALL of the benefits and incentives/magnets they get by arriving here. Overall Paul’s position on Foreign Policy and the FED makes him the #1 anti-ZOG candidate to ever get close to a national stage – and he is WINNING! it would be incredibly foolish for any white nationalists not to support him, even if its only as a means to an end in getting people to wake up!

  23. George – I know it’s a kosher dog and pony show – but it’s not ..working….anymore….

    It’s falling apart, in a millions different ways. The Hebes are getting screechier, and sloppier (and that’s KEY) by the second.

    It’s all up for grabs. Really – it is.

  24. Ron Paul would be made king tomorrow if he came out and said “yea I wrote all that stuff about niggers”. My guess is he’s a good man, sinecure in his beliefs and intelligent. However he is completely clueless about the world and doesn’t understand the rest of the world is not like him, which makes him and libertarians dangerous.

    Paul, and most libertarians are another version of the DWL. Libertarians generally don’t understand the reality of race. If this was an all White nation, and only property owning White men were allowed to vote, I’d most likely be a libertarian. Since niggers, spics etc get to vote and live in the USA… not such a good idea.

    If elected, Paul won’t get his way on everything, but you can be damn sure he’d get his way on the more liberal stuff, like opening up the flood gates to the invaders.

  25. Is Ron Paul our best friend on the national stage? The number one issue is making everyone aware of how Jews control the economy, the media and politics. Is the U.S. military an immense golem that serves Zionist interests? Jews are the natural parasites of the White European peoples. The Jews marginalize, attack or destroy anyone who tells the truth about MSM. Do Jews Control the Media — The LA Times Says Yes! Unless you are Jewish, you are nobody in Hollywood
    If we could get every American citizen to watch the two preceding videos then would we gain enormously?

  26. ‘I’m not sure I can oppose someone who would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.’

    Think of how few contemporary politicians actually have this as part of their platform!

    Myself I am excited to get to vote for someone who actually fully rejects BRA!!!

    (I voted for Paul in the 2004 primaries as well)

  27. If ONLY he would come out and say “Yes, I wrote all that stuff about blacks. So what?” Just what votes would he lose? All the blacks, Hispanics, Jews and DWL’s that would have cast their ballots for him?

    Everyone KNOWS about black dysfunction (even blacks, I dare say) but everyone is afraid to say so publicly. Why? The dreaded charge of “racist” and what that can do to your reputation and livelihood.

    I think we could be very close to breaking the back of BRA and every other anti-White law and policy we have been suffering under for decades. What is lacking is a high profile public figure with the guts to call out the anti-racists and expose them as anti-Whites.

    Ron Paul would fit the bill.

  28. The gist of most of these comments is this: “WHy Bother to vote for xxxx/I can’t vote for xxxx – BECAUSE HE’S NOT GOD!

    You folks are looking to a political candidate as if he were the next incarnation of Jesus Christ- omnipotent, omniscient, and able to take care of all your wishes like Robin Williams’ genie, in Disney’s Alladin!

    Rep. Dr. Ron Paul is a MAN. And a very gentle, humble man at that. Remember, it was that sort of MORAL INDIVIDUAL that used to get the votes. It is the JUDAIZED world view now given forth on the Jewsmedia, the JewTube, the Jewpapers, and Joogle, that is causing people to look at a president as if HE were God- because the jews don’t BELIEVE in God!

    One man cannot change the world, but he can set in motion the few things that will eventually cause the World to change. If only for that, I think that no other candidate is as ‘newsworthy’ as Paul. Romney and Gingrich are narcisisstic assholes, who think the spotlight turned on them is because they are intrinsically INTERESTING, as opposed to a false flashlight being shown in one place, to avoid a SEARCHLIGHT being shown in the Jews’ corner (Fed Reserve, Banks, Media, etc.), which is Exactly what Ron Paul will do, even if he only gets ONE thing done- the AUDIT OF THE FED.

    He’s my man. And I WILL vote for the Obamanation if he (Paul) is not nominated, just to ensure that this country’s demise will forever be pointed at the hand of a hubris-laden nigger.

  29. Fr John,
    I enjoy your posts, and often agree with you, but you are wrong. Now is not the time for genteel men, now is the time for hard men, with clear thinking, will power, drive and a vision to save White folk.

  30. Stonelifter,

    Agree with your criteria. A few thoughts come to mind, however.

    RP has been marching, doggedly and usually alone, against the horde for many decades. He has shown superior stamina and gumption, and is physically trim and fit. His intellect is keen, incisive, and facile. He is erudite in a broad range of subjects beyond his medical training, and his verbal skills, especially with the written word, are unsurpassed by any of his political peers. He shows forbearance, self-control, tact, and grace under pressure. His personal integrity and philosophical consistency are rock-steady; he always says what he believes to be true and just, no matter who his audience is.

    In other words, he meets your criteria. He is tough, he thinks clearly, he speaks and writes articulately, and he shows a strong will and lasting drive.

    Whether or not he is overly and explicitly WN, I am at this phase of the game unconcerned. I do not see his immigration views as necessarily negative. I have never heard him voice outright support for illegal immigration. His opposition to the border wall arose, I assumed, from his libertarian suspicion that its unstated purpose had more to do with keeping us, along with our money, inside than it did with keeping the immigrants outside. Furthermore, he supports the 2A right of farmers and ranchers along the border to use armed force in defense of their private property and families, and to assemble voluntarily in groups to do so. He has also said publicly that it is natural and patriotic to begin an open dialogue about secession.

    No platform perfectly addresses all issues, but for now the RP candidacy is the Aryan man’s best political ally.

  31. my issue is not Ron Paul the man, I’ve never intentionally sullied his reputation, it’s how things will go down as Ron Paul POTUS that I have problems with. Nor do I think there is a perfect candidate or party platform ( other then full on Southern Secession which will also have problems). Paul won’t have the pull in congress to end welfare, the fed, foreign aide and the other things I support. He will gut the military, the border and everything else the leftist and liberal republicans will vote for. Basically I see Ron Paul the President as the liberals wet dreams come true

  32. This is all so disappointing on a scale writ large. If Paul is the best that we can hope for (the word “hope” here being tinged with a sense of desperation) than we are just simply left with no chance of approaching anything near satisfaction. Paul’s positions that happen to be right on a few things is just not good enough. He is a libertarian idealogue who is disingenuous enough to pander to Sodomites and every lousy minority in this poisoned stew called BRA. What the h… ever happened to conservatism. Its DEAD corpse began its demise in the early 60s and clearly is gone from the political-social landscape. Paul is one sorry fill-in for the mentally sane and morally adroit. I say morally because this ultimately is the very core of all that troubles us in the year 2012. America (your angst regarding everything “Yankee” notwithstanding) became an astonishingly blessed nation in every way as a result of its being a thoroughly, entirely Christian nation (1789–99.8%). Our thinking, our moral center of gravity, our whole cultural ethos was a Christian and biblical one. Our raison detre as a people were thus informed. This world-view WAS conservatism 50 years ago. Why should anyone here be the least sanguine concerning any of these pandering sell-outs and moral frauds. You’re right Hunter about considering sticking it in the eye of the MSM and all the lefty scum that somehow find in Paul all that is rightist-demonic by supporting this soulless idealogue. But how sad is it that that’s what we’re left to? As to the video of that disgusting “interview,” if Paul had any real fire in him he might have finally said to that diarrhea-mouthed broad something like this–“Can I give you some advice in concluding this interview? After someone patiently and repeatedly answers your disrespectful and utterly biased questions, that you learn before he has to simply walk away from all the futilituy to finally shut your stupid yap.”

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