Southern Extremists Wrecking Republican Party

White Southern extremists who hate democracy are taking down BRA


BRA’s dwarf Robert Reich has a new article in the Chicago Tribune (a Radical newspaper in the 1860s) which takes a swipe at White Southerners.

The article highlights the internal demographic transformation of the Republican Party which Occidental Dissent and Michael Lind alone have been drawing attention to in the blogosphere for over a year now.

Behind this shifting cast of characters who are competing for the Republican nomination is a much deeper transformation:

“The underlying conflict lies deep in the nature and structure of the Republican Party. And its roots are very old.

As political analyst Michael Lind has noted, today’s Tea Party is less an ideological movement than the latest incarnation of an angry white minority — predominantly Southern, mainly rural, largely male — that has repeatedly attacked American democracy in order to get its way.

It’s no coincidence that the states responsible for putting the most Tea Party representatives in the House are all former members of the Confederacy. Others are from border states with significant Southern populations and Southern ties.”

It all goes back to the Dixiecrat Revolt of 1948 and the demise of the Solid South. In the Jim Crow era, the Democratic Party was the home of virtually all White Southerners, but from the Truman administration to LBJ the White South was alienated by the national Democratic Party’s embrace of “civil rights” and forced integration.

“Through most of these years, though, the GOP managed to contain these no-compromise radicals. Most of the Southerners were still Democrats. The conservative mantle of the GOP remained in the West and Midwest — in the libertarian legacies of Ohio Sen. Robert A. Taft and Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, neither of whom was a barn-burner — while the epicenter of the party remained in New York and the East.

But after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as the South began its long shift toward the Republican Party, and New York and the East became ever more solidly Democratic, it was only a matter of time. The GOP’s dominant coalition of big business, Wall Street, and Midwest and Western libertarians was losing its grip.”

This is a crucial point.

Ever since 1965, White Southerners had been divided under BRA and there was a vibrant two-party system in Dixie which allowed the Democratic Party to scrape together just enough of the White vote to cobble together a national governing majority. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were able to win states like Georgia and West Virginia.

In the Jim Crow era, Whites were united as the Solid South in the Democratic Party, and exercised enormous leverage over the national party. After the South became disillusioned with LBJ, the North and West were still the dominant sections in the Republican Party, and the shift to the GOP led to the ascension of suburban moderates while rural Whites remained Democratic voters.

It has taken almost fifty years, but the shift away from the Democratic Party that began with the Dixiecrat Revolt of 1948 is almost complete, and the Solid South is reemerging as the dominant force in the Republican Party. This is what is driving the “craziness” in the Republican primaries. The Republican Party is being internally transformed into the old Democratic Party.

“America has had a long history of white Southern radicals who will stop at nothing to get their way — seceding from the Union in 1861, refusing to obey Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s, shutting the government in 1995, and risking the full faith and credit of the United States in 2010.” . .

It’s also dangerous for America. We need two political parties solidly grounded in the realities of governing. Our democracy can’t work any other way.

The debt ceiling crisis was a neo-Confederate disunionist conspiracy by White Southern radicals to destroy American democracy.

Robert Reich is obviously being swayed by Michael Lind who has been making these arguments for years now:

“It is only natural that the former Confederacy should supply many of the spokesmen and much of the rhetoric for the anti-system politics of the right, as John Judis pointed out last January in a brilliant cover story (payment required) for the New Republic. The secession of the South was, after all, the ultimate in anti-system politics in America. From George Wallace in 1968 to Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry today, Southern demagogues have flourished in eras when Americans believe that, in Wallace’s words, there isn’t “a dime’s worth of difference” between the two parties, or at least between the two party establishments.’

The Confederacy was the ultimate institutional expression of the rejection of the system. The Southern secessionists (especially those in South Carolina) were keenly aware that partisan politics is the enemy of the South and the agent of our destruction. The breakdown of this system (first with the Whig Party in 1852, next with the Democratic Party in 1860) was instrumental in precipitating secession and the creation of the Confederate government.

Then as now, the more chaos and instability within the two-party system, the more it is discredited and loses legitimacy in the eyes of the public, the better for separatists who yearn for the creation of an alternative national government to Washington.

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  1. Blacks are very good athletes and entertainers. Jews on the other hand haven’t contributed much to sports or world civilization (nothing much that’s good anyway). If you take away the awards, honors and postings that Jews have bestowed on each other over the decades, you’ll quickly realize that as a people they’re nothing to write home about. It’s mostly just Jews giving each other awards while taking credit for gentile innovations.

  2. ‘Jews on the other hand haven’t contributed much to sports or world civilization’

    Do Galileo, Freud, Nostradamus, Rand, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Sagan, The Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ ring a bell?

    Further, the Western notions of rule by law, individualism and religion are founded largely on concepts arising out of Judaism.

  3. The Jerusalem Post claims that Bernard Henri Levy is one of the most influential Jews in the world, in a world with a great many influential Jews. At the moment, in the aftermath of the latest Paris attacks, Levy is using his influence to urge Europe to open its doors to “refugees” from Syria and elsewhere. According to Levy, refugees should be welcomed if they embrace the values of “open society” and “freedom”:

    “if [refugees] embrace the values of citizenship, the values of open society, the values of freedom, we are open to them and they are our brothers.”

    Oh, and by the way, Levy wants total war on ISIS to protect…Israel from any attacks.

    Tikkun Olam, Warspite?

    • Lew, you are an idiot.

      The Jewish community is not like that of the WeeNies who require “leaders” to tell what to do or think. Levy is an effete intellectual’s effete intellectual. He has zero influence in America, and not much more in Israel. While widely admired for his intellect, he is a philosopher whose feet seldom touch the ground.

      Your shallow thinking cannot distinguish between influential in the rather arcane, thin-aired world of intellectual thought, and influential in real life policy. Levy has sway in the first, not the second.

      You really need to read past the first paragraph of your neo-Nazi rag sheets.

    • I’m not sure how many ‘Bama people would concur, but it sounds like a major contribution to me! Anything associated with Bo Jackson must be pretty good.

  4. Freud is a good example of a fraud. His ideas (in various forms) and his reputation were heavily amplified by other Jews (ex: the Frankfurt School). In actuality, Freud stole his interesting ideas about the unconscious and the id from Schopenhauer’s writings on the will.


    In all these enhancements of the intellect, the will plays the part of the rider urging his horse with the spur beyond the natural measure of its strength.

    For what the bridle and bit are to an unmanageable horse, the intellect is to the will in man; it must be led by this bridle by means of instruction, exhortation, training and so on; for in itself the will is as wild and impetuous an impulse


    Thus it its relation to the id [the ego] is like a man on horseback, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse; with this difference, that the rider tries to do so with his own strength while the ego uses borrowed forces…Often a rider, if he is not to be parted from his horse, is obliged to guide it where it wants to go; so in the same way the ego is in the habit of transforming the id’s will into action as it were its own

    Einstein basically stands in relation to Reimann as Freud does to Schopenhauer; Einstein would not have gotten anywhere if Riemann hadn’t first done the heavy lifting that paved the way for Einstein’s work. Einstein isn’t so much a complete fraud as he is a man whose contributions to science have been greatly exaggerated often (not exclusively of course) by Jews.

    Jews, again, love giving each other awards and accolades in and then citing to those outcomes as something other than a kind of cultural and intellectual nepotism, tilted toward taking credit for gentile innovation.

    This is pretty basic stuff, or should be, to anyone unplugged from the matrix…

    • Lew, I can’t help but think the only people I’ve heard make such pathetic arguments about Freud are Scientologists. As for Einstein, you’re obviously a physicist of some renown, or at least a physicist, to make such a bold suggestion. At least a grad degree in physics?

      Or maybe you’re just some bitter individual of little accomplishment but much jealousy, afraid that giving credit to others will diminish the few people you’ve managed to impress.

      Regarding the giving to each other of awards, it’s amazing how those Hebrew dominate the Nobel Prize Committee.

      Finally, on Jewish athletes, I could name quite a few from boxing to (professiona) wrestling. For all you know Ric Flair might be Jewish. And how about Paul Orndorff, or Andre the Giant?

  5. ‘Freud is a good example of a fraud.’

    Lew, I respect your right to think it, though, in spite of that, the largely gentile medical field has dubbed him, ‘The Father of Modern Psychology’

    That said, I thought your response interesting and well-articulated – particularly the Schopenhauer.

    I don’t know how, but, I knew you would attack Freud, and omit the two most important things in the history of the West … Jesus Christ and the Auburn Tiger march song!

  6. A bit of inspiration, Warspite – to acknowledge that Rick Flair is probably a crypto-Jew.

    Most likely he started out as Ari Flariwicz…

    • Thank you for your generosity on the Ric Flair reference. I know he’s had his share of personal travails, even tragedy, but he’s always been my favorite.

      It’s also a little known fact that either the Warlord or Barbarian, can’t remember which, was a Sephardic Jew. Yep, Yemeni Jewish family, his father was “grandfathered” into Israel with two wives!

  7. ‘There were great things about a Southern culture now almost gone, but there were also negative and even damn evil aspects of that culture.’

    Yes, of course. This statement can apply to every culture, each in it’s own way.

    Be that as it may – we have a right to our own culture, irrespective whether people approve of our virtues or bugaboos.

  8. ‘I don’t regret for a moment that the flag flying over N.C., et. al., forced an end to the Jim Crow era’

    Well, yes – I would not expect any non-southerner to have any other view.

    I, too, as a little boy was no fan of Jim Crow, but, when I see what it’s dismantling has done to negro & white society alike, I have had to reassess.

    But, yes : negro entertainers, of every stripe, have been greatly benefitted, as have all of us who enjoy them.

  9. Warspite
    ‘Lew, I can’t help but think the only people I’ve heard make such pathetic arguments about Freud are Scientologists.’

    You are ill informed or a liar. Smart money is on the latter.

    One needs only to Google the perverted, drug addicted quack to learn for themselves. His critics are legion.

    Carl Jung has far more admirers.

    Einstein, another overhyped plagiarist credited with advancements made by others.

    • I’m sorry. Are you Sam the dumb one, or Sam the total moron? Judging from your comment, the latter.

      You have no clue about Einstein’s actual contributions, but are prepared to call him a plagiarist? You praise Jung at the expense of Freud, as if that makes you sound intelligent. I can assure you if you knew about Jung’s ideas you would want him burned as a witch.

      I always wondered what became of kids who graduated in the bottom half of Warren Vo-Tech. Thanks Sam!

  10. Galileo simply parroted Copernicus (Sigh -what else is new?)

    Freud was a White HATING, subversive FREAK, who knew the damage he was doing.

    Nostradup-ass – total classi Hebe Bullshite-er. He produced nothing but PR.

    Einstain was a lying THIEF, and total fraud.

    Oppenheimer – the Patron Saint of hideous, grotesque, anozed death by incineration. Jews LOVE Holocausting Humans!

    Sagan???? Eerrr…..a whole lot of nothing.

    The Apostle Paul – thanks for nothing, Zhid.

    Jesus Christ was not a blood Jew.

    • I see a male agent is on duty tonight Denise. Plus you’re using some of the old material by one of your colleagues. Yep, I noticed. Maybe time for some new blood at the Bureau?

  11. ‘Jesus Christ was not a blood Jew.’

    Funny, Miss Denise, that’s exactly what I thought : that Jeshua had a Jewish name, was born to Jewish parents, was raised up in the synagogue, and preacht Judaism, and yet : he was not Jewish.

    It’s a mystery! – just as is the nuclear age that was built on the work of scientists, some very key ones Jewish, but, then again, like Jesus, maybe they were not blood Jews…

    • I can see your point on NC history, Junius. There is no reason to lose the best aspects and qualities of a culture nearly gone. Much deserves perpetuation if only to rebut those who insist all was bad. And also so defense of Southern culture is not left to people ill-equipped to fulfill the role.

    • I would hit the re-set button on the Christ thing Denise. The Bureau needs to invest some time in giving you guys a class in NT Theology, because the theological statements that come via the Project Denise character are lamebrained. And I mean dumb amongst the dumb.

  12. Warspite, I wouldn’t reach for the idiot insult yet. I’m not the one who couldn’t do better than professional wrestling in fishing around for insults.

    I think I can do a bit a better. Perhaps — you tell me? — you are aware that the poet George Bernard Shaw once admonished Jews to “stop being Jews and start being human”? If Gilad Atzmon can do it, why can’t the rest of you? I think you could, if you wanted to. It sure doesn’t seem like you want to.

    I mean, what do you expect to us gentiles to make of Jews who go out of their way to claim the Nobel prize winners but refuse to “own” the Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollards, Bernie Madoffs, Baruch Goldsteins and the architects of bolshevism? Yes, I know. Those folks weren’t acting as self-identified Jews [except the mass murderer Goldstein who was]; they were just individuals, spies, criminals, communist ideologues, whatever, etc. who “happened to be Jewish.” I’ve heard it all before, a 1000x.

    The fact is, sadly, I honestly do not know what rank-and-file Jews like you expect informed gentiles to make of the Jewish elite. Bernard-Henri Levy wouldn’t matter so much if he was an anomaly. He isn’t. Just about every Jew of any significance at any level wants open borders for Europe (white gentile genocide) and Israel for Jews.

    The Jewish elite is quite good at getting a message across and acting on it. What am I supposed to tell my kids?

    • What professional wrestling insult? As my noble friend and Jim Crockett Productions’ fan from North Carolina, Junius, would agree, you sound very much like a Yankee, Lew. A WWWF fan? Yes, I think so.

      As a Southerner, I don’t joke all that much about Pro Wrestling, and never about Slick Ric.

      And finally, Lew, keep these words in mind. To be the man, you have to beat the man. So keep trying up there in Jersey or Pa., or NY.

  13. Warspite
    ‘I can assure you if you knew about Jung’s ideas you would want him burned as a witch.’

    You think so, huh?

    Killing people solely for not believing as I do is not my thing.

    I guarantee you that I know a helluva lot more about Jung and his ideas than you do and have had many experiences similar to those Jung describes in “The Red Book.”

    Experience trumps belief.

    The uninitiated experts as yourself do not and cannot understand.

    Spewers of endless streams of words, arguments and clever retorts.

    You speak of belief systems, dogmas, creeds, traditions and catechisms, and have faith in story tellers who have not pierced the veil, so to speak.

    Some Gnostic sects, of which there were many- KNEW.

    They were not unique to this world. Many other groups and individuals have traveled that path. Different names, that’s all.

    Doctors of theology could not allow anyone to be loosed from their chains.

    So, they had to be killed, totally wiped out by heresy hunting wolves who delighted in shearing and slaughtering sheep for untold centuries.

    • Gee, who could have guessed a WeeNie’s knowledge of Jung would have turned up a reference to The Red Book?

      We have the good bye brunch today. Even though it’s just two hours my time is kind of screwed up. I’m trying to keep the same hours as EST, even though it sometimes means getting up at 2:00AM.

      Guess who the speaker is at brunch? And I’ll make sure to bring up your references to Levy. That will be good for a laugh.

  14. P.S., Sam. Someone who doesn’t ascribe the Shoah to a Hebrew Hoax doesn’t belong here. Better watch out.
    You ought to look for someplace to stretch your knowledge of Esoterica. The WeeNie movement can only give you the equivalent of whatever comes out of North America’s finest prisons.

    You name “the Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollards, Bernie Madoffs, Baruch Goldsteins and the architects of bolshevism”. How exactly does Baruch Goldtein belong on that list? Very intellectually lowbrow of you. Why not toss in Chaim Weizman and Herzl? And what does “own” mean? Have you ever looked at the people and groups Madoff, a sociopath, ruined and destroyed? I’ve already stated how I feel about Pollard. I wish the Feds had released the Venona intercepts 50-60 years ago re the Rosenbergs. Though, does it trouble you that Ethel Rosenberg was almost certainly innocent?

    The Bolshevik thing is an old canard & lunacy. Individuals born Jewish were over-represented in the early Communist movement. Over-represented was still a minority. And to the best of my knowledge Lenin was not Jewish. Was Stalin one of those Georgian Jews? Perhaps a Karaite?

    Are you aware there have actually been studies on the number of “Jews” who were members of the Communists in Tsarist Russia and 1918? I mean academic studies, not WeeNie tracts. I seem to recall something like although only about 5% of Tsarist Russia was Jewish, as much as 10% of the upper echelon of the Bolsheviks were “Jews”. Hmmm. Doesn’t that mean 90% were not Jews?

    As you would say, facts trump fantasy. Especially if the latter is tin foil hat lunacy. Next stop reptilian shape shifters, Sam?

  15. Warspite – despite all your obvious erudition : you do not seem to grasp
    what has been, and is, incessantly articulated here :

    That Jews are hiding in every nook; that all their achievements are fraudulent (except for their bullying of helpless non-Jews); that all bad events in history were arranged by the inferior members of the tribe; and that, while non-Jews are infinitely superior to Jews, they have always been subjugated by them.

    Will you please work on this, tonight, for homework?

    • Junius, although some of the issues you raise are covered by Trade Secrets dating back as far as about 1300 B.C., I’m going to bring the questions up at brunch. It’s the last get together for this year’s meeting of the International Zionist Global Control Board and everyone tends to be in a good mood.

      You can see we brought the price of gold down as a smack-down of certain Asian leaders. The Malaysian president let loose some bs about Jews- and he has SO much experience with Jews, so some of the folks here knew where to hit him. In cultures where buying and holding gold is a huge part of “savings”, a big drop in price is a killer. We won’t keep it down too long since our Indian friends are also hurt. Just long enough to show Malaysia not to ever mess with International Jewry.

      Little things like the above even maintain certain whiners (like that b**ch Streisand!) in a merry disposition. Many mimosas will be served this morning.

      I personally served on the population subcommittee. It’s important to make people think Jews only represent less than 2% of the US, and 1/10th of that number worldwide. It’s part of the awe & intimidation factor. Look at the WeeNies who post here. They run into us EVERYWHERE, in every state, every city, every government, every line of business. Only foolish Gentiles would believe as little as 1.6% of America’s population are Hebrews! LOL! But since they believe it, we work hard to keep it this way.

      And Sam & other WeeNies, guess who the farewell speaker is this year? Hint: prior to becoming president his only overseas trip was to… Israel, of course. (No Sam, it’s not Jimmy Carter!).

    • Don, I did better than that for you. I showed them some of your postings over the years and convinced them as a Righteous Gentile you deserve the Temple of Solomon, super secret signet ring. 18k gold & can be used in all Jewish Magic ceremonies. Including, but not limited to calling up the dead for occasional conversations. It also works as a whistle.

      Not easy to wrangle out of the Sanhedrin, but a few of them partook of too many mimosas.

  16. Warburg became a U.S. citizen, and played a major behind-the-scenes role in drafting legislation. In one stranger-than-fiction episode, he and two other bankers were invited by an influential U.S. senator to Jekyll Island, off the Georgia coast, for a secret drafting session. Though his status as a foreigner, and a Jew, made him suspect in the eyes of many of his peers, Warburg’s brilliance gradually won him acceptance. He was nominated by President Woodrow Wilson to be a governor on the Federal Reserve Board, and was a power in the system in its first years.

    • Lew, you really need to do more research on the Schiff family’s devotion to Judaism.

      Warburg was extremely important regarding the Fed Reserve because of his knowledge of central banking in Europe. But you vastly overstate the role of Jews at the meetings in Ga. you reference. The Jews had representation but were a minority interest. The bus was being driven by Gentiles, as it should have been in America. The muscle that was able to get the Fed Reserve accomplished was a US Senator of strictly the Christian faith. His name slips my mind, though I think he might have been from Rhode Island.

      Like most WeeNies, anytime someone Jewish is present you expand his or her role exponentially. And when they are not present WeeNeers are willing to literally create Jews. If someone had grandparents or parents who converted to Christianity, doesn’t matter. Even if the individual is a devout Methodist, doesn’t matter. None of it matters because WN believe there is a genetic element to being Jewish. Or, I should say “Eugenic” element. How can you expect to be taken seriously when your posse is a bunch of folks ready to start measuring the size of heads and various physical features? Most (not all) of the people on this blog either admire Hitler or are ambivalent about the Fuhrer.

      Further, if a surname vaguely “sounds” Jewish, that is often good enough for your crowd to proclaim him or her “a Jew”. And if you cannot even find that, I see WeeNeers use the Big Lie. Like when your monitor “Denise”, doing their job, tosses out that Charlie Sheen is Jewish! It’s stupid, but the heads just nod.

      I’m satisfied you don’t “own” the Miller guy. Even if the ideas around here encouraged him, he had free will. Baruch Goldstein is a bigger issue that deserves continued discussion. But not here. I mean, come on, you cannot expect most of the WeeNies to be able to have an intelligent discussion on the responsibility of at least a small part of the Jewish Community in Israel for his actions. 95%+ of the people here think the Holocaust was a hoax. Do you think people whose nature is so riddled with irrational hatred are capable of debating such an issue? This crowd still thinks Dreyfus was guilty.

  17. FWIW, I agree central banking in and of itself is not a problem. The issue, as always, is who runs things. In the US lately, the Fed has been run by Greenspan, Bernanke and now Janet Yellen and Stanley Fischer instead of people without divided loyalties.

    Senator Aldrich was an active freemason. So, more precisely it was Jews and freemasons put together the Fed. But yeah, conspiracy theories. I can’t even.

    • Divided loyalties? To who or what? Their political parties?

      Aldrich was a Freemason and you think that’s relevant? It’s a social club. A fraternity for adults. Weren’t you ever in a fraternity?

      A Freemason + Jews conspiracy? You forgot the Illuminati.

      All that Jewish power didn’t seem to help the Jews in Russia a whole lot when it came to pogroms. You think a Jewish man watching his wife & daughters gang raped while his 11 year old son is bludgeoned to death was all part of a scheme to keep the world off balance? Or was it a phony gov’t operation like with all those little kids fools like me think were murdered at Sandy Hook?

      Don’t you think there is something fundamentally wrong with the brain (and morality) of persons who are willing to tell the parents of kids murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary that they’re lying? Or tell someone who survived the Holocaust while losing their parents & siblings that they’re making it up?

      I wonder what Jung would make of people able to conduct themselves in such a manner?

  18. Warspite, I think you have a point up to a point about the cruder side of WNsm. I won’t defend them on many issues. But when you turn around and deny all forms of jewish culpability in white genocide, it doesn’t make you any better just a more literate and sophisticated truth denier.

    People correctly perceive Jews as having a hand in outcomes like this.

    Have you even read Kevin MacDonald?

  19. ‘Warspite, I think you have a point up to a point about the cruder side of WNsm. I won’t defend them on many issues. But when you turn around and deny all forms of jewish culpability in white genocide…’

    Lew, speaking for myself: there is no reason why Jewish culture ought not be subject to the same criticism and reproach with which it has plied to others.

    That said – everybody falls short of the glory, and every culture has plenty of sin and wickedness on it’s hands – though, the style and substance of it vary.

    Sin, as any preacher will say, is sin.

    That said, the notion that every man with Jewish blood goes around hating and plotting against and thieving from those who aren’t, is neither correct nor right.

    As to Warspite, it may just be that his dander gets up, when facing the endless harangues against people with our blood, at this site.

  20. ‘Julius, why are you burning so much straw this morning? Heat go out or something?’

    Lew, my wife went with our kid to visit her sissy in Florida, and I’ve just had a little bit more time to reflect.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    • Didn’t someone once say: “Uh oh, G-Man. They’re on to you!”

      A lot of people are starting to ignore the Denise Character. Better put another female name in the hopper with slightly different rhetoric.

  21. From Lew to Warspite

    ‘…are you aware that the poet George Bernard Shaw once admonished Jews to “stop being Jews and start being human”?

    Y’all, I gettin’ me plum tuckered out with this topick.

    I am going to focus on other aspects of Mr. Griffin’s site. Yet, before I do so, I will leave with a quote, somewhat in regards to Lew’s citation of Shaw, which I have read, but, remember not by whom…

    ‘Jews are like other human beings – only more so.’

    • It’s hard to take arguments by a group that denies the existence of the Holocaust very seriously on an intellectual level. And they toss in denial of the Armenian Genocide as a bonus.

    • Hmmm. Even with a crowd desperate for attention from any woman w/o a mustache, you will have to come up with something better. It has to be traditional w/o being too plain. And nothing trendy or ethnic.

  22. ‘It’s hard to take arguments by a group that denies the existence of the Holocaust very seriously on an intellectual level’

    Yes, I’ve had to deal with this at home. Even my step-daughter, who was, sadly, away from us for too long, has become one of these people who make history anything they wish.

    She was utterly shockt when I told her about the people I know who were either in the camps, or, lost their whole families in mass shootings by Einsatzruppen in the Baltick states.

    She still wrestles with it all – though, even her fiancee, who is the best most moral young man you might ever meet – and an ardent National Socialist, does not deny the genocidal reality of the Nazi regime – nor does he condone it!

  23. My stepdaughter, (she means much more to me than those words imply) being anti-semitick might not have believed me, but, for the fact that she knows that I am a straight-shooter – that, as well, I am a big fan of the German people, and that I have never discounted their sufferings (firebombing, mass exodus and genocide in East Prussia etc), and further, that I had substantive friendships with real life veterans of the Hitler Youth and the Wehrmacht, not to mention Dutch, Danes, Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Galicians, Brits, Poles, and Frenchmen who lived through that era, and whose stories confirm the basick flow of history books.

  24. As to understanding ‘Holocaust’ denial, I have given it some thought, and this is what I think :

    #1. More than a few people have awakened to the overbearing influence of Jewish culture on this culture, and, determined to diminish that, yet feeling impotent, they have attempted to strike back – almost as if they are saying :

    ‘We will inflict pain upon you by denying the validity of y’all’s suffering.

    #2. Each era tries to free itself from the previous, and one way is to ponder new theories, rewrite the old books.
    Conspiracy-thinking, with the advent of the internet, is at it’s apogee.

    You know, there are actually people in my life who think that absolutely nothing, commonly known is true – that the Titanick was purposefully sunk, that NASA faket the moon landing, and that the government is purposefully spraying deadly chemicals in our air – to control our minds.

    Really, there are so many of these ‘theories’, but, I think you get the point.

    #3. The oldest form of anti-semiticism is to deny that Christ was Jewish and that he was raised in a Jewish milieu.
    Hell, I remember, in the 60s, being a boy and listening to local am gospel programs that never ever acknowledged the Christian debt to Judaism – that, in fact, they scorned every aspect of Judaism.

    It’s been a relief to see how my fellow Southern Evangelical Christians have reversed direction on that, in my lifetime.

    #4. Many conscientuious and thinking people are genuinely pisst at the government/media complex’s attempts to ‘steer’ our thinking, and, have become rightly suspicious.

    #5. It’s a part of forming your own psychick identity to decide what ‘facts’ will be a part of your world, and, I think, it is something that any thinking young person will go through.

    #6. This is god’s punishment for a collective Jewish turning away from him.
    Actually, though it is not well known, this is the ultra-orthodox position – that the holocaust was The Lord’s way of punishing his children, while, at the same time, fulfilling prophecy.

    Being a supersticious bible thumper, I won’t rule that out – because I do feel that God will take a hand – like, for example, bringing down such a vicious winter, one month earlier than usual, on the German army, in 1941, as it march on Moscow.

    I have always seen God’s hand in that, long before I was a fundamentalist.

    These, I suspect, play a salient part in the psyche of Holocaust deniers – and, there may well be more aspects that I miss entirely.

  25. By the way, Lew – I have taken a cursory look at Professor McDonald’s work, and really thought that his ‘3 distinguishing features of a Jewish psyche’ had a lot of merit to it.

    • Ah, Kevin McDonald. Every neo-Nazi’s favorite morally corrupted intellectual.

      Enough fun & games, Junius. You’ve earned yourself a ticket to the Project Denise column. You guys! My own fault really. I didn’t even think about textual analysis until the weirdo “moral” neo-Nazi thing. But you def got two clean strikes on me.

      Don’t you people have better things to do with taxpayers’ money?

    • They said, “Hey, G-Man. Give it a rest!”

      New name, new rhetoric, new shtick. Hurry. No one’s even paying attention.

  26. Warspite
    ‘Ah, Kevin McDonald. Every neo-Nazi’s favorite morally corrupted intellectual.’

    For this comment alone, Warcreep should be ovened!

    Jew Joe and Mosin were not nearly as obnoxious as this bagel biter and you sentenced both of them to life in the Tard Corral with no parole.

  27. That’s right, Reich, we hate your guts and this time we are going to win. Mr. Trump – ironically, a New Yorker, but a solid one – has blown the veil of bullshit away. This is our country and you and your kind do not belong here. Get the hell out of our country or we will throw you out, if you are lucky.

  28. Whites do not need non-Whites (and ((( ))) are non-Whites) telling us what to think and what to do and how to act and what to believe. Screw them. Only listen to awakened Whites and to hell with the rest.

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