Confederate Citizenship

How dare you claim to be a distinct European ethnic group!


Brooks D. Simpson, a professional Ulysses S. Grant apologist and Kevin Levin doppelganger, is predictably horrified that White Southerners don’t want to be Yankees.

We stand accused of rejecting the 14th Amendment and inclining more toward the traditional European jus sanguinis definition of citizenship. There are still people in the American South who do not want to be part of the 21st century “Melting Pot.”

Brooks snorts:

“Yup, these folks. The ones who claim that southerners “are a people. Our ancestors came from Europe but we long ago ceased to be Europeans.“ In short, no blacks allowed. Sound familiar?

It should. These are folks who openly proclaim that …

“Southern nationalists … want to conserve a specific people and culture…. We can point to a specific population that is easily defined in terms of ethnicity and culture and say that the betterment of this nation of people is what we support.”

and …

“We are nearly the only group left in society who still defend the classical and common sense notion that inequality and human differences are natural and positive and that society should embrace these differences in a tradition of ordered liberty rather than socially-manipulated equality.”

Interesting that for all this talk about black Confederates supporting the CSA that these southern nationalists explicitly exclude African Americans from their definition of “southerner.”  Wonder what went wrong?

So at least now you know who supports the “flaggers” and that the head of the “flaggers” enjoys having their support.”

Jus soli citizenship is observed by less than 20 percent of the world’s countries. No country in the entire world is more welcoming to foreigners and takes a more liberal view of citizenship than the United States. That is why American citizenship is increasingly perceived as a worthless burden upon natives.

Some have probably noticed by now that we habitually use the term “African-Americans” on this website. I use that term to stress the fact that Negroes are “Americans,” 14th Amendment citizens of the United States, and that by abolishing slavery and seizing Negroes as contraband from Southern slaveowners, the United States has assumed eternal responsibility for their welfare.

So, Negroes can be “African-Americans,” but we would prefer to withdraw our claim to be “Americans,” and organize ourselves into a separate and autonomous White ethnostate called the “Republic of Dixie,” which would be constructed around a Serbian or Hungarian definition of citizenship.

White Southerners were already diverging in this direction in the 1850s. African-Americans were excluded from citizenship in every Confederate state. Southern ethnicity came to be defined negatively in opposition to the Yankee.

Paul Quigley writes:

“The Confederacy’s central government never formally codified a system of national citizenship. As was the case in the United States until the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1868, the terms of citizenship for those born in the states that formed the Confederacy were left to the individual state governments. However, as in the antebellum United States, the Confederate government moved toward defining national citizenship by establishing a line between citizens and non-citizens on an incremental, piecemeal basis. This line was complicated by the presence of slaves, who were denied citizenship status, and who were subject to the authority of Confederate citizenship, as with U.S. citizenship, African-Americans functioned as internal “others” against which the white citizenry was defined.”

The Supreme Court had ruled in the Dred Scott decision in 1857 that the Negro wasn’t an American. Confederate commissioners lobbied the Border States to secede from the Union on the basis that the Republican Party supported miscegenation and racial equality. Alexander Stephens also made it perfectly clear that the Confederacy was the first government in the history of the world to be based on the principle of racial inequality:

“The constitution, it is true, secured every essential guarantee to the institution while it should last, and hence no argument can be justly urged against the constitutional guarantees thus secured, because of the common sentiment of the day. Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the government built upon it fell when the “storm came and the wind blew.”

Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”

I believe that settles the matter: Negroes are “African-Americans,” the responsibility of the United States which armed them to destroy the Confederacy, a White Man’s Country, where they were never regarded as citizens. Upon the dissolution of the United States, “African-Americans” will remain the responsibility of Washington, which can resettle them somewhere else in its vast dominions.

Interview: My interview with SNN about Elizabeth Varon’s book Disunion is now available for download.

Note: Alexander Stephens and John C. Calhoun were right. African-Americans are failing to succeed in free society for biological reasons.

The great physical, philosophical, and moral truth that the Negro is not the equal of the White man can be seen almost 150 years later in “Freedom Failed: Birmingham’s Edge 12 Movie Theater Closes Early on Christmas Because 400 Black People Riot” and “Freedom Failed: National Guard Must Fight Black Crime In New Orleans” and “Freedom Failed: The Dictator of Benton Harbor” and “Freedom Failed: The Confessions of a Carpetbagger” and “Freedom Failed: Thunder Rolls into ABRA Detroit.”

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  1. But Southerners didnt believe in a ‘white ethno-state’ either. They werent (and should never) going to embrace most Germans, faggy Scandinavians, Italians, or Eastern Europeans as ‘Southerners’ because a Southerner was alot more than just ‘white’. He is of almost entirely British descent, not some Euro-mongrel the duller WNs seem to like.

    That statement by Vice President Stephens I would take with a grain of salt. He wasnt making an official statement of the opinion of the Confederate Goverment. He was stating his own opinion – and by this time he was, and remained, a political gadfly. That is not to say I disagree with him, but I cant imagine much of the northern regime wouldnt be able to say the same thing about their own union as well.

  2. That was never an issue.

    It was never an issue because the South had a slave based agrarian economy. We didn’t need large numbers of European immigrants to work in manufacturing industries. There were Germans in Texas and North Carolina and Irish Catholics in Louisiana and South Carolina. There were descendants of Huguenots scattered around the South and Cajuns in Louisiana.

    The Scandinavians settled in the Upper Midwest. The Germans settled in the Midwest. The Italians came later and settled in the Northeast.

  3. My Comment, Awaiting Moderation, on Massa Simpson’s site:

    You are a genuine racist, Mr. Simpson. You are aghast at the idea that White Southerners have dared to presume that they are a Distinct People. Why? Would you be so horrified, and censorious at any OTHER ethny, defining their very Selves?

    And you are extremely arrogant in your supposition that the Black Flaggers – the “African Americans” (self definition)- DON’T already comprehend the group supporting the proud raising of the Confederate Flag. WOW!!!!! Them po’ ole Darkies need Wise Massa Simpson, to tells dem what’s dey need to know! Sho nuff! Massa Simpson is a good Massa, always lookin’ out fo’ his Darkies, ‘gainst dem Ebbil White Debbils!

  4. I’d like to ask Mr. Know-It-All Simpson just what is so good about having negro “citizens?” What exactly do they contribute to our culture that they should be so welcomed? What’s the up side?

    In short, there ain’t one. That’s why self-righteous Yankees must continue their screeds against Southern Nationalism. A free and independent South would give the lie to their absurd notions.

    Southerners are a distinct people and a distinct nation. Being conquered and subjugated by the Yankees does not make us any less so. Mr. Simpson obviously isn’t one of us. And that’s a good thing…

    Deo Vindice

  5. I firmly believe that a return to states rights is on the way and it will eventually lead to a huge trade of Southern Coloreds for Northern Whites. Most Coloreds won’t want to live around Southern Whites after the federal gravy train derails, and a lot of Northern Whites won’t want to live around the hungry Colored hordes who will flock north for the free stuff.

    The challenge at that point will be devising a means of sorting out the Yankee-brained assholes from the Northern good old boys who were unfortunate enough to be born behind enemy lines.

    I know it’s way too early to discuss this matter, but the issue is important enough that we should all be giving it some thought.

    We don’t need anybody promoting the Yankee doctrine south of the new border.

    I was born in Detroit to Southern parents, so I know more about Yankees than Bubba knew about shrimp. I observed at close range the beginning of the end of Detroit. I watched the Equality Mob in Minneapolis actively recruit the finest cannibals that Detroit and Chicago had to offer so they could prove that they weren’t like those horrid racists who ran South Africa at the time.

    When it got too dark in Minneapolis, I moved my family to Champlin, MN, which appeared to be a Dixie outpost in those days. White liberals started bailing out of the inner ring suburbs ahead of the black tide and way too many of them landed in our “oh so quaint” little community. They were quick to point out that they didn’t mind Blacks, they just moved for pro-active reasons. Yeah, me too. Pro-active. Of course.

    As soon as our new pro-active neighbors had the numbers to pull it off, they took over the city counsel and set about turning our town into an exact replica of the rule-choked Yankee burbs that the niggers had chased them out of. Pretty soon there were rules about how many cars you could keep in your driveway and how many pets you could have.

    I moved way to hell out in Ramsey, which was, at the time, a lot like the old almost-towns on back roads in present day Kentucky. The Yankees followed me, and pretty soon I was getting visits from Community Compliance Officers.

    I escaped to Dixie in the early 90’s and I only go back when somebody dies.

    You may think we’ll all have it made when we rid ourselves of the dark species, but our troubles will just be beginning if we trade them for True Blue Yankees.

    Yankees are the disease. Niggers and illegal aliens are merely symptoms.

    Give that sorting procedure some thought so we’ll know what to do when the time comes.

  6. Northern whites are NOT taking in Southern niggers after the USA keels. You’d better get that much straight. Try and throw your dogshit over the fence and we WILL gave another Civil War. And we Northern whites won’t be “goin’ home ta Dixie” either; where we can be second-class citizens for being Slavic, or Italian, or Catholic.

  7. Playing Roots – I already have an “In”. A Carte Blance to reside in Saced Dixie. (Hopefully, i’ll be there in the next few months, before RaHoWa actually breaks loose). I think I’ll do OK; my compatriot Haight Blonde thinks she’s gone to Heaven, without actuallly having died – and the Locals think she’s swell. An enchanting a novelty. A Yankee that calls a Nigger a Nigger.

    Put me in charge of Yankee Inclusion. NO ONE will be more discriminating, and protective, of which Yankee Gets In, than I. BELIEVE ME.

    P.S – I had a very busy night last night. Had to run some errands. A local not only has the Confederate flag, in his place – but the Bonny Blue!!!! He was thrilled that i knew about the Bonny Blue!!!!

    Thank you Hunter. I tipped him off, to you.

  8. American citizenship is worthless. Any person who is born on any patch of dirt which is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, or who takes an oath after living here for a few years, can claim American citizenship. It’s given out like free condoms.

  9. Chris – Haughty Blonde an I ARE Anglo Celts. We fit RIGHT in. When I recently visited Dixie – I felt like I WAS home. I now feel like I am “behind enemy lines’. I don’t trust any of the Patriotards here. Excepting a handful.

  10. @Chris
    Some of us Southerners are Italian, Irish, culturally Catholic, or others too numerous to mention (especially around the Gulf Coast, and specifically, Louisiana) and we are not second class citizens anywhere in Dixie. Of course, being Southerners, we are second class citizens in the Yankee Empire.

    Southern culture is quite notably insular (what strong culture isn’t?), but graciousness and hospitality are also among the greatest of Southern virtues. Yankee stereotypes are plain bullshit. There is only one real issue. The negroes simply need to be put back in their proper place.

    @Playing Roots Backwards
    Living in the Yankee colony of South Florida, I feel your pain. You are very right about sorting out the good Northern folk from the true blue Yankees.

    In the South, there remain obstacles–Scalawags such as the American super patriot idiots, “school taught” self-loathing idiots (mostly the young), and the Yankee transplants who pine so much for Ohio, New York, or wherever. Deluded Unionists were one of the biggest problems during the last run at Southern Independence. Add cultural Marxist education and media to that and we have more to overcome. Difficult, but not impossible.

    Maybe we could work out an exchange program of sorts.

    I believe that Denise has found the right criterion. If you can call a spade a spade…if you can’t, well…

    Deo Vindice

  11. Chris: The Northern states will take in all of the poor down-trodden niggers they can get. Whatever remains of the Kennedy clan and their Sheeny Bastid butt buddies will make sure of that, and they won’t ask your permission to do so any more that they asked my permission before they lured all of the niggers to Detroit with all of that government cheese.

    Better start packing. Your home town is going to look just like Carnival in Rio every night.

    Yeah, I know you don’t want to move. It’s not fair. It never is. It wasn’t fair when 40 million White Flighters had to move to keep their families safe and their schools effective after the Yankee politicians that your neighbors voted into office paved inroads into our neighborhoods for the Cannibal Hordes. You probably didn’t notice any of that was going on because you were too busy watching niggers run a ball up and down a field, so that’s not your fault.

    Don’t worry, Chris. You are welcome to be my neighbor. I won’t treat you like a second class citizen as long as you aren’t a Negrophile, a rap music fan, a wife beater or a dog kicker. Folks that think that stuff is okay might find life in the South a bit tricky when the Federales are no longer watching.

  12. @Roots

    And just how are the Kennedy’s or any other “Yankees” going to have any say about anything, if there isn’t a functioning, central government? We’re talking about a likely post-federal USA, aren’t we? Under such circumstances, the elite DWL’s will be doing whatever they can to simply get away with a few assets intact. They won’t be deciding shit for anyone.

    And no, asshole, unlike you I don’t watch niggerball and never have.

    We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? Will the niggers in the North migrate back down south after Uncle Sam stops feeding them and they experience a Michigan winter with no EBT card and millions of armed, vengeful whites at their heels? Will the niggers down South leave the pseudo-African climate which they’ve been accustomed, and where they numerically outnumber whites, to come live in the cold north where we don’t even have work for them on cotton plantations? We’ll have to wait and see, huh?

    But don’t worry, “Roots”. You can always be my neighbor, as long as you go to midnight mass on Christmas eve, keep your walk shoveled, do your own housework, and swear a lot.

  13. Chris: States Rights is in our future. Southern states won’t continue the nigger-pampering programs that they’ve been forced to participate in by D.C.

    The reason those programs existed at all is because Yankee politicians created them and they will continue them in many parts of the North after the Federal government gets its teeth pulled and its credit cards taken away. Count on that. Those guys you Yankees send to your state capitals were tongue-ing coon butt long before they managed to infect the federal government with their Negrophile fantasies about equality. They may have to bump your tax rate to 90% to feed all of the new niggers that will be heading your way, but that’s no skin off the collective Southern ass.

    You Yankees are going to be ass deep in niggers and snow, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about either one.

    As for me, I’ll continue to spend half of my time in Metcalfe County Kentucky and the other half in Hood County Texas. We don’t have many niggers or much snow in either place and we probably never will.

  14. Chris: By the way, you are still welcome to be my neighbor and it’s none of my business when you go to mass or what you do about your sidewalks and housework and I don’t care if you swear or not.

  15. @Roots

    You still didn’t answer any of my questions. How is the “Yankee Federal Government” going to save all the poor Southern niggers and spirit them up north to Yankeeland, if the Federal Government doesn’t exist anymore, as Hunter and yourself alluded to? How is the South going to have states rights in a post-federal USA, but not the North? How are Southern states going to defy federal programs, when you can’t even pass an immigration law without it being nullified by the AG? In order to have your Dixie Republic, you need the federal government to either cease existing or become so weak that it cannot enforce itself within it’s own borders, in either scenario, the very system you despise wouldn’t have the power to conveniently unburden you of the nigger problem the you created in the first place.

    Your logic is starting to remind me of Covington and his NAR fantasy about gaining independence from a USA that is too weak to stop such, but of course still functional enough to feed and house every nigger from here to the Congo on American soil, and still pose a menace to lend righteousness his fantasy country’s existence. It’s all horseshit. When the federal government disintegrates, it will be a free for all, and when the smoke clears, the largest groups of whites with the best firepower will be calling the shots.

    Also, technically, Kentucky is north of the Mason Dixon line, so…

  16. It is safe to assume that blacks will converge on areas that are willing to provide them with welfare and other government services like healthcare and housing. Especially urban areas with established black populations.

  17. Here in the South, the blacks are leaving the rural, predominantly black counties you see in the Census map. Places like Macon County are emptying out. The 7th District in West Alabama lost thousands of residents.

  18. @Hunter

    But the thing is, THERE WON’T BE A GOVERNMENT to provide them with those tax-subsidized freebees, will there? So why move up north, into the cold, DWL’s long fled to Canada or wherever, and the remaining whites not wanting your black hide there and willing and able to use deadly force to get the point across? That’s what I’m asking. Why, when the alternative for niggers in post-USA would be to remain in, and further converge upon the historically familiar South, where the climate is nigger-friendly, and they are demographic majority in many areas?

  19. Chris,

    As someone who lives in the Black Belt, I can assure you that blacks are incapable of supporting themselves. They are not farmers or rural landowners. Even if blacks owned land, which they don’t, having to support themselves would be like a scene out of Idiocracy where President Camacho uses gatorade on the crops.

    No, they are going to go wherever there are cities with functioning welfare states and government employment. They are going to seek out the dumbass bleeding heat White liberals.

    If the federal government goes bankrupt or becomes insolvent and can no longer support the welfare state or compel the states to participate in the welfare state, there will still be areas where that type of system will survive at the state or local level.

  20. The blacks are not moving to areas where they are the majority. They are leaving those counties. When the welfare state goes down, there will be a mass exodus from the Black Belt.

  21. Chris: Let me take a wild guess. You didn’t score very well on reading comprehension at school, did you?

    Here’s the bottom line. The people who run your state love niggers. They don’t care how you feel about it. They fed niggers on their own dime, or, more correctly, YOUR dime, before the feds got into the game in a big way. They will continue to feed niggers after the feds get out of it.

    Here in Kentucky, when Rand Paul was running for the U.S. Senate, his standing in the polls rose AFTER he stated that he thought the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a bad idea. In Hood County Texas and Metcalfe County Kentucky more people voted AGAINST Obama in 2008 than voted FOR Bush in 2004.

    Check the Demographics for your state and county at to see how your area stacks up.

    Plain and simply put: Niggers prefer to be around nigger lovers and they can tell who’s who by the way people vote.

    Here’ a little map for you to look at:

    I have one good piece of news for you. Niggers used to eat each other in Africa and New Guinea and probably a bunch of other places, so it stands to reason that they might be tasty. You might want to keep that in mind for when the hard times come to Yankeeland.

  22. Roots,
    the easy answer to deal with damnyankees moving South, is to deny them voting rights for three generations. I’d also bar them from being able to donate money to any political cause. I wouldn’t do that to only damnyankees, but anyone who wants to immigrate. Otherwise, they’d be free to own property, guns etc.

    Denise, I don’t normally care for women or damnyakees ( yea I know, not much difference between the two) but you are a different breed. I hope you move down here real soon and it goes well with you.

    Folks who think there will not be some kind of central government are fooling themselves. There will be some semblance of it, it will have the power and you better be willing and ready to deal with it.

    Deo Vindice in deed

  23. Stonelifter,

    Thank you. You have given me one of the best, and most wholly appreciated compliments that has ever been bestowed upon me, in my entire life. I will go to sleep tonight, with a smile in my heart.

  24. PRB:

    “I have one good piece of news for you. Niggers used to eat each other in Africa and New Guinea and probably a bunch of other places, so it stands to reason that they might be tasty. You might want to keep that in mind for when the hard times come to Yankeeland.”

    OMG – I really did LOL. Yee HA!

  25. The fact that all American owned slave ships were registered in the north and owned by Yankees seems to have slipped Simpson’s as well as Levin’s mind. They were still landing illegal slave cargoes as late as the mid 1850s. Yankees will never admit that they ever owned slaves and profited handsomely from the slave trade. When slavery was no longer profitable or stylish (many upper crust New York and Boston families owned slaves) they simply sold them south.

    We were and are a people distinct from the Yankee hordes. I remember reading that more than fifty percent of all Southerners can claim Confederate ancestry and many of those can claim a Patriot ancestor as well. The south was populated by the best of Irish, Scotch Irish, and British blood and brought with them an intense love of the land and independence. Yankee blood has been polluted by successive waves of eastern European immigrants. The truth is that Southerners have a stronger claim to the spirit 1776 than they do.

    Someone ought to ask them why it is that they come south and never want to go back home. Southerners when they move north can’t wait to get back home again.

  26. So you hope to erect the White Man’s Country of Dixie over the absolutely blackest area of the United States? It is paradoxical, certainly, that the mass presence of African-Americans necessary to forge the Southern identity could also be the greatest stumbling block toward establishing a new Dixie. You want to erect a New Dixie where African-America now squats over the prone remnants of Old Dixie. The place with the most whites favorable to the idea of New Dixie is also the place with the most blacks opposed to New Dixie, and so the place that will require the most extensive ethnic cleansing. That’s gonna be tough.

    Also, doesn’t this vision have the same essential weakness as that of the Neo-Nazis? It seems to me that even those who do not shy from explicit racial consciousness and/or Southern nationalism, and who feel no shame at the South’s past, even the majority of them will be turned off by explicit calls to White Supremacy and the evocation of the Ku Klux Klan as an organization to idolize and/or emulate.

    What I’m saying is, I’ve read in your condemnations of Neo-Nazi fantasism the criticism (paraphrasing here) that such a thing could only attract the small minority of people who are not repulsed by gas chambers and emaciated corpses stacked like cordwood. How could evocations of the most vigorous white supremacism/supremacists of the most thoroughly white supremacist age and place in the US attract more than the minority of people not repulsed by burnt corpses twisting in the wind and backs whipped to bloody ruin? The problem exists quite apart from whether or not such visions are accurate or not.

    In short, isn’t “A Place Of Our Own” a better and easier sell – even to traditionalist southerner nationalists – than “The Klan Was Right”?

  27. The blacks are not moving to areas where they are the majority. They are leaving those counties. When the welfare state goes down, there will be a mass exodus from the Black Belt.

    I see – so the establishment of the R.O.D. is dependent upon a(n admittedly not hard-t0-swallow) Great Collapse scenario. But then comes the added problem of establishing an independent and orderly Republic in an area swarming with millions and millions of unfed African-Americans unrestrained by any laws.

  28. Idk, HW– about the idea that europe has ANYTHING to do with being “a people,” even historically.

    Seen from another angle: the univsalism of catholicism was a necessary ground on which communism COULD take ground.

    While it’s true ethnicity survived (for awhile) in Europe, the fact is that the Roman Church insisted on Idea-Based Ideology (that’s what it IS). IT leveled ethnicities. Anyone who did not agree with an IDEA was slaughtered. This is why places s/a France are under the subjugation of the Roman church, hungary, wherever.

    This conquest in the name of an IDEA, then made it possible for another conquest, by another IDEA.

    It’s what allowed the whole debate to move from the ground of “A People.”

    “A People” cannot be slaughtered for being “heretics.” (whether “heretics” in the PC Religion of “racists” or “heretics” who had an IDEA different from the Roman empire’s church.”)

    One of the more interesting things said to me when I took “adult catechism” class was by an Irish man who told me that theeee church was great ‘because IT ALLOWED a person to keep their ethnic ties.”

    He said more than he knew. Latently in what he said, it was clear he experienced his religion as a form of Subjugation (he spoke of what it “allowed” him to do or not do, and how much of his real background it allowed him to “keep.”)

    What was done to those cultures=== (like in Ireland as here)— is no different from white empire-christianity missionaries in some brown or black area today. That is what was done to them.

    Is “being ALLOWED” TO HAVE some cheesy Northeast “ethnic parade” really “keeping one’s culture???” (LOL)>

    Like, in NyC, where every day they have some “parade” — the St. Paddy’s Day parade, or the German parade, or the Puerto Rican day parade, or the African heritage parade, or the Italian “cook” —so Italians become noodles, lol .

    THIS IS NOT A CULTURE. (It’s what people are told a “culture” is via propaganda.)

    The “culture” of a people is exactly THAT— a living organism. That’s why it’s called culture.

    It’s what happens when a GROUP of like people get together (are “allowed” to be together)— it is the ways that come out of that— all literature, music, ways of interacting, infrastructures, the “way of life” in its totality.

    The Irish PARADE is a sure sign that IrishNESS has been eradicated, (in the real sense of “culture.”).

    This is what’s so sad when whites say “we don’t even get a parade.”

    They should want a real culture. Real cultures need land. The land needs borders.

    It is incompatible with all universalizes, and empire religions.

  29. Yep, my family go backs to Colonial times. I have fore fathers who fought injuns, King George, loyalist damnyankees, and were night riders during the civil rights bullshit. not to mention all the other national call to arms. And for what? To be shit on by DWL’s and damnyankees! to hell with them all.

    course I do have more recent immigrant in my blood line as well, but they too are Scots and Protestant Irish ( Scots-Irish)

  30. You idiots, the Yankees coming down and “invading” the South right now is what is making the Southern states some of the most successful in the country at the moment. The amount of ignorance I am reading is staggering. The amount of newly developed industry in Middle Tennessee alone is reason enough for me to believe you all don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. What do you want? For us all to start farming again and bring back plantations? Yeah, the only people that would help is the Chinese. You better look out for those eye-talians…their pizza and olive oil…scary stuff. Morons.

  31. (1) The South was a “White Man’s Country for three hundred years and nowhere more so than in the Black Belt which had the densest concentration of “African-Americans.”

    (2) The presence of so many “African-Americans” will actually be the greatest spur toward the restoration of state sovereignty and white supremacy.

    (3) Not really. Whites own virtually all the land in the Black Belt counties. “African-Americans” have been pushed back to a few small Black Undertow cities which survive only because of the massive levels of wealth redistribution that takes place under BRA.

    And besides, “African-Americans” are leaving these areas because the Black Undertow cannot support civilization. They are already thinning out of the region. There are more blacks in Birmingham and Mobile than the Black Belt.

    (4) The Census map masks the fact that blacks are concentrated in a handful of counties. If you look at the purple splotch across Central Alabama, it masks the fact that only a handful of blacks live in the rural counties, and there they are concentrated in a handful of cities on welfare.

    (5) I can see a “Republic of Dixie” emerging as a practical attempt by White Southerners to get out from being enslaved to the exploding national debt and from being enslaved to the other sinking parts of the United States like California.

    (6) White racial attitudes are rapidly hardening again. The White majority has already given up the belief that “racism” is holding back “African-Americans.” More White Americans believe that anti-White bias is a greater problem than anti-black bias now.

    We saw a preview of what is ahead with “African-Americans” in Chicago, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Britain this summer. Most Whites are completely unaware of how dependent blacks are upon the welfare state, wealth redistribution, and government jobs for subsistence.

    As the welfare state goes down, Whites will be exposed to the true nature of “African-Americans,” as they briefly were in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina temporarily disrupted the city.

    (7) I have never proposed mass extermination as a solution to the Black Undertow on this website.

    (8) During the Jim Crow era, the American South exported half of all blacks to other parts of the United States. Then as now, it will suffice to stop subsidizing their existence here.

    (9) “A Place Of Our Own” is a pitch to an abstraction or a fantasy that exists purely in the minds of White Nationalists and which has no geographic corollary. Ordinary people will fight for their homes and places they care about. Less so for the WN vision of a racial utopia in the clouds.

    The WNs can’t even tell you the name of their proposed “White ethnostate” or identify where it is supposed to be or tell you the ethnicity that it is supposed to be based upon. Aside from those objections, something that is unfamiliar to its target audience, which means no has any practical reason to care about it. The WN utopia is a proposition nation.

    (10) Millions of roaming and predatory African-Americans preying on Whites after The Day The EBT Card Stops Working is exactly the sort of combustible scenario that would undermine the legitimacy of the federal government (which would have to choose between worshiping blacks or protecting whites) and spur separate local and state action among Whites who would be forced to defend themselves.

  32. Miller Time,


    It is true that the Japanese, the Germans, and the South Koreans are heavily investing in the South and building manufacturing plants here. It enables them to assemble foreign automobiles in the United States which compete with their Yankee counterparts in the Northern states.

  33. Hunter Wallace,

    Interesting, because the largest business in Dayton, Ohio just left that dying city to move to Georgia.

  34. There are foreign automobile plants stretching across Dixie from Mississippi to South Carolina. There is a Toyota plant in Mississippi, a Hyundai plant in Montgomery, a new KIA plant in West Point, Georgia, a Mercedes plant in Birmingham.

  35. Miller Time: Have you ever talked to any of those Northerners who have relocated to central Tennessee? I talk to them all the time. They moved to the South for the same reason the foreign auto plants moved there: They have absolutely no use for rule-mongers who run the nigged-out Blue North.

    Have you studied the demographics of central TN? I have. When you get outside Nashville the Blacks are few and the voters are Red.

    Those Northerners have indicated through their actions that they agree with the words that you find so ignorant in the comments on this blog.

    It’s the same in Forsyth County Georgia. It hasn’t stayed predominantly White by accident. Those transplanted Northerners agree with the locals about the niggers next door in Fulton County.

    Were you aware that it was largely former Northerners who spearheaded the attempt last year to separate the northern, mostly White half of Fulton County from the nigger-infested southern half by a referendum that would have turned the northern half back into Milton County? Yeah. it’s true. It didn’t work, but the fight’s not over.

    It is unfortunate that some of those transplants will not appreciate their new home. You can bet that right at this very moment there are assholes all over the South who are working feverishly to turn their new home into an exact replica of the regulation-choked, nigger-infested shit holes that they came from.

    That is the difference between Yankees and Northerners.

    You sound like a Yankee.

  36. Paul Bernard – you need to think outside of YankeeJoo OCD Think. I am an Anlgo Celt. I don’t need no steenkin’ “establishment of an orderly Republic”. I’m not worried about swarming hordes of feral Negroes.

    There will, God bless us, a period of “social upheaval”. ZOG will have it’s claws full. I just want the Myrmidions of ZOG out of the way, and my Brethren and Sistren will be able to deal with swarming feral hordes. You haven’t spent much time around actual Nigras, have you? They are natural slaves. I am a smallish woman – and a Celt – and I have already dominated great big Nigra men with just my eyes. Just the right ocular expression. They are animals. they know when a Whitey means BUSINESS. Millions are now acclimated to the grovelling and pandering of Do Gooer Whites. Millions of Nigras will snap to it, right sharp, when they encounter REAL Whites, in charge, freed of Federalsky bayonets.

    Some may regard, in sweating terror, hordes of swarming Dark Hordes. Others regard swarming Dark hordes as a marvelous opportunity for practicing eye/hand co-ordination skills.

  37. In my statement about polluted Yankee blood I was referring to eastern Europeans who came into this country via Ellis island. Many of theses academics today measure their lineage back to that point and no further. Thats where they get the idea that we are a nation of immigrants and they want us to look no further. David R. Goldfield in his book ‘ Still Fighting The Civil War’ derided Southerners for their attachment to heritage. As for myself one of my ancestors was a Frenchman and a founder of Mobile, Alabama who was married to a woman who was thought to be part Choctaw.

    I think it would be unrealistic to expect that everyone who desires a free government based on the principles of the Confederacy could be one hundred percent of the founding stock, at least not in this stage of the game. I think being Southern is a state of mind because you feel an attachment to our region, its history and its heroes. What concerns me is the real possibility of losing the right to proclaim that history and heritage and pass it on to my children.

    Remember that Orwell quote:

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

    That is exactly what people like Simpson, Levin and others are trying to do.

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