Official: Romney Wins Iowa Caucus

Mitt Romney wins the Iowa Caucus by 14 votes


Update: Mitt Romney has won the Iowa Caucus by 8 votes. This is the closest race in the history of the Iowa Caucus. What a squeaker!

Rick Santorum, the second place finisher in Iowa, is a neocon who is threatening to start a war with Iran:

“Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said he would use air strikes against Iran unless the country dismantled its nuclear program or allowed inspectors to verify that the work isn’t aimed at making a weapon.

“I would be saying to the Iranis, you either open up those facilities, you begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors, or we will degrade those facilities through air strikes,” Santorum said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program today. “Iran will not get a nuclear weapon under my watch.” . . .

Santorum expressed similar views about Iran in a Dec. 15 Republican presidential debate in Sioux City, Iowa, saying “we need to make sure that they do not have a nuclear weapon.”

“We should be planning a strike against their facilities and say, if you do not open up those facilities and not close them down, we will close them down for you,” he said.

“You can’t get out and say this is what I’m for and then do nothing,” Santorum said. “You become a paper tiger and people don’t respect our country.”

The Gingrich concession tantrum about Ron Paul’s dangerous foreign policy is now linked below.

Note: In the eyes of Andrea Mitchell and the Mainstream Media, “the rap on Iowa is that it doesn’t represent the rest of the country: it is “too White, too evangelical, too rural” to hold the first caucuses in America.

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  1. @ “what will santorum do to restore family…”

    It astonishes me that American males actually respond to these guys, or that a human woman would ever date them.

    Maybe male response is from years of their indoctrination into what became of “sports,” after it was uprooted from the ethnic home-town team structure. Just listen to how candidates/msm use the sport metaphor to tie the gladiator-arena-ampitheatre romanized big-ticket deal, complete with its subtext of the criminal players with their lotto salaries, blonde bimbos, and rags-to-riches cinderfella stories, to the political parties/candidates.

    It’s a disgrace people cannot just see through that!

    Idk if my favorite Santorum will appear here from yt. If not, search “shitting theofascist christian terrorist rick santorum.”

  2. Santorum’s a bagman for the Cheap Mestizo Labor crowd. You fellas want to see the Orcs flood in from Latin America – vote for Little Ricky. The Mrs.’ loves the Orcs – they have lots of children, too. She has 7 children.

  3. Idk, Denise— Romney’s actually FROM Mexico, lol, his whole family.

    Also— lol, on him wanting the whole U.S. military formally transformed into a Mercenary Deal, where foreigners get “citizenship” (in exactly what, many are wondering), in exchange for “fighting” (for whom?)

    And about the endless MSM sports metaphors, like they are all spawn of Dennis Miller:

    It seems the best framework to view this from is the Europeans “they” brought in to kill the Americans during the Civil War, and then to work in the factories during “The Industrial Revolution.”

    Like Dennis Miller and the Hannity’s, they are all STEEPED in that propaganda, circa 1900. Time is money, gotta hurry, “Beat Out The Competition,” “America is built on Competition,” who is “rising, who is falling,” the msm “Keeping Score,” whose in “first place, second place,” lol, etc, etc., “my daddy an immigrant, so “melt pot” be good.” (Can someone tell them this is not their Daddy’s “immigration,” lol)

    They have ABSOLUTELY NO MENTAL REFERENCE, (just listen, lol) to representative governance or the constitutional republic (which they never ever lived under, lol).

    Who gone be in de White has? Who gone beat ’em out? Who gone git dis comp-tition won fur citzen ship?

    These people imported since 1900, who never lived in a constitutional republic— just vacillate wildly between SPORTS metaphor (beating, scoring, winning, competition, etc.) and occasional Military reference— lol (campaign, the fight, challenger).

    It’s all coming out of the Propaganda they gave these people in 1900.

    Neither Romney nor Santorum has longevity in America–Romneys from Mexico, Santorum’s father from Italy. No access to The American Oral Tradition.

    Paul was the only person with any access to the American Oral Tradition.

    Troskyites might be right— the people put forward really do “see” in terms of the propaganda they were fed by the Industrial North.

  4. Um… it’s been a whole century or something since the “america built on competition,” and “beating out my own neighbor,” and “time is money,” and “horatio alger rags to riches meritocracy,” and etc.—

    Why can’t these people hear themselves or THINK– that seems the real question.

  5. HW do you think using the word “dispossesion” instead of the word “genocide” puts you in better graces with the DWL crowd or makes you more “respectable?” Just curious, I sincerely want your honest opinion.

  6. We should all elect Ron Paul. He will solve all our problems by having us shove our heads up our collective asses.

  7. I was disappointed that Paul didn’t win. He’s the only one of the bunch who I believe is a decent, moral man and who wants to drastically shrink the Federal Government and roll back the US Empire. That said, once the distraction of the race is over and the GOP nominates some Big Government, pro-Establishment hack it will doubtlessly re-focus my attention on 100% full time promotion of Southern nationalism.

  8. DixieGirl – Little Ricky’s as bad as Mutt. I’ve gotta check out the MeHEEcan connection.; there was some very dark meat, standing behind Mutt, as he was making his speech last night.

  9. “Iran is the greatest existential threat to Israel” – Rick Santorum

    When exactly did Israel worship become the main platform of the Republican Party?

  10. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 4, 2012 at 7:05 pm
    Ron Paul won as many delegates as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Iowa was effectively a tie.

    Hee hee hee. Hmmm….Pul was so upbeat last night. really cheerful. Hee hee hee.

    On to NH! Woo HOO.

    FYI – Rick Perry is a stark raving lunatic. I think he’s gotta be on some serious skeery meds. Gingrich is the one that’s really frightening. He’s worse than McCain. I’m glad he got his fat old flabby gluteus maximus handed to him on a platter. He was on TV this AM – CNN – babbling about the British Redcoats getting trounced by a rabble of Militiamen. CNN cut him off. Are they all on drugs?

    This is the staff roster of the Cold Spring Harbor insitute. This is the place tht poor old befuddled Dr James Waston built up. This is the place that gave him the boot, after his mild and rueful remakrs on differences in African intelligence vs Europeans.

    Look at the names of Management. Look at the names of Who Does What. Look at who researches what.


    I didn’t even call her a Jude. I just pointed out that she’s not White.

    He only does this to aggravate me. He lets others allude to Jews. But not me.

  12. Hunter Wallace: You need to write a good article on the NORTHEAST LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT of 2012. The article could be similar to all the articles on the Black Nobility in Europe. You could list the top 10 families and show the Estates, Properties, Companies, wealth, influence political and explain how they control America and how they do it and the sick world views and beliefs that they push. Some of the families would be the Rockerfellers, Duponts, Kennedys and so on. Think about how these Elite Families live. They live in the Northeast States. Their vacation places is like SINGER ISLAND in Palm Beach, Florida. You see Rolls Royce Cars all over the place. Also they hang out in Aspen, Colorado and Palm Springs, California. You should see these bastards Estates were they live in for example New York State. I hope you write it and expose these bastards for what they are. All of the sickness we see and the stupid laws that have turned America to a cesspool is the direct result of them. I could say alot more harder words about this scum, but I hope you will do a write up on this bastards……

  13. a friend of mine dumped a bunch of links on me about santorum; apparently I had him confused with some guy from CO, who’s name I cant spell either.

    to hell with voting this election cycle.

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