Official: Romney Wins Iowa Caucus

Mitt Romney wins the Iowa Caucus by 14 votes


Update: Mitt Romney has won the Iowa Caucus by 8 votes. This is the closest race in the history of the Iowa Caucus. What a squeaker!

Rick Santorum, the second place finisher in Iowa, is a neocon who is threatening to start a war with Iran:

“Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said he would use air strikes against Iran unless the country dismantled its nuclear program or allowed inspectors to verify that the work isn’t aimed at making a weapon.

“I would be saying to the Iranis, you either open up those facilities, you begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors, or we will degrade those facilities through air strikes,” Santorum said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program today. “Iran will not get a nuclear weapon under my watch.” . . .

Santorum expressed similar views about Iran in a Dec. 15 Republican presidential debate in Sioux City, Iowa, saying “we need to make sure that they do not have a nuclear weapon.”

“We should be planning a strike against their facilities and say, if you do not open up those facilities and not close them down, we will close them down for you,” he said.

“You can’t get out and say this is what I’m for and then do nothing,” Santorum said. “You become a paper tiger and people don’t respect our country.”

The Gingrich concession tantrum about Ron Paul’s dangerous foreign policy is now linked below.

Note: In the eyes of Andrea Mitchell and the Mainstream Media, “the rap on Iowa is that it doesn’t represent the rest of the country: it is “too White, too evangelical, too rural” to hold the first caucuses in America.

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  1. Andrea Mitchell (what’s her orginal name? Andrea Mishovitz?) thinks Iowa is too White, too rural to represent the nation as a whole – as everything should be dicated by urban (jewish) liberals from New York, Cambridge MA, Hollywood.

    Perhaps our own Hunter Wallace should wade in and say that the Iowa caucuses shouldn’t count because Iowa voters are too……


    To Northern.


    Some of these Iowa gals might be a tad too…



    Just kidding folks. Let’s all try to be nicer to the various groups of remaining White people in North America, on planet earth.

  2. I see two things on TV today.

    The US military in the Strait of Hormuz deliberately provoking Iran. On Iowa caucus day.

    The only candidate in Iowa wearing a suit is Ron Paul.

    God I can’t wait til the day comes when I can get the hell out of this “country”.

  3. Hi Hunter — you’re welcome!

    I’ll keep posting stuff in the Forums, which not very many people visit but more should, and you can keep promoting them to the main pages, where they will be seen and discussed.

    Feel free to offer the occassional hat tip.


  4. Here’s a Philadelphia Inquirer article about her that was posted at Free Republic a while back.

    Yes, she is Jewish. She is married to Alan Greenspan, and her first husband was black and had MS, and died shortly after she left him. These are all interesting facts from the lady who thinks Iowa is “too white”. Wonder if she thinks NYC is “too Jewish”.

  5. The OD forum is updated 5 times a week at least three of the best links from around the web. It is always there if readers want to take advantage of it to start their own discussions.

  6. That’s her Barbara Spectre moment. Its in the open now. The Barbara Spectre video and this statement from jewess Mitchell should always be shown together. People should realize she really meant (and YKW thinks) is that the US is (still) too white and that white gentile voters in Iowa (and the US) have no legitimate voice. Don’t they remember “beat whitey night” at the Iowa state fair, and the deathly silence from the “post racial” president? The vanguard has to recycle these memes every so often until pro-white immigration reform is on the table.

  7. Rick Santorum is a virus. The fool knows damn well that he has NO chance against King Nigger in a general election match-up. His presence in this primary is nothing more than self-indulgence, and is being fed by a liberal-jewish media that is scared of Romney. Don’t mistake me — Romney is every bit a puppet, and the United States is terminal at this point anyway, but the Andrea Mitchell’s and Chuck Todd’s and Chris Matthew’s of the world are terrified of seeing their warped idealogy, which is symbolized by Obama, get legitimately defeated by a unified white vote. Terrified of seeing it driven home like a straight right to the jaw, that they are wrong. Whatever you may think of him, Romney is the one most capable of bringing that about.

  8. Maybe someone should ask if Andrea Mitchell is too Jewish to be giving opinions on national television about the undesirability of a white-majority state.
    Mitchell herself is a product of the openness of white Christian America that allowed her non-Christian ancestors to come to this country. And how does she repay the debt? By declaring that white Christian America is illegitimate and insisting that it go out of existence.
    I repeat what I’ve said before: if America had known when it began admitting mass Jewish immigration in the 1880s that the children and grandchildren of those immigrants would declare that because America had admitted European Jewish immigrants, it had a moral obligation to admit unlimited, non-European immigration to the end of time, would America have allowed in those Jewish immigrants?

    Of course not.

    And if America had known that the children and grandchildren of those Jewish immigrants would declare that white majority Christian America is illegitimate and that the only way for America to become morally legitimate would be for it to transform itself into a nonwhite country through mass nonwhite immigration, would America have allowed in those Jewish immigrants?

    Of course not.

    As I’ve also argued, if mainstream, respected white gentiles began saying things like this, it would push back the anti-majority Jews and they would realize that they can’t run America according to their anti-majority ethnic agenda. This would not be anti-Semitism. It would be the majority (like a parent who has given up his authority over his children and now realizing what a mistake he has made) asserting once again its authority as the majority and saying to a minority, “You’re out of line. Stop it.”

    But it doesn’t remotely occur to any members of the majority to speak this way. Why? Is it because they are whipped by PC and fear of Jewish disapproval? No. It is because, whether they realize it or not, they themselves share the same liberal, anti-white premises as the Jews and everyone else in our society. America subscribes to suicidal liberalism, and that is why it is going down and deserves to go down, unless it radically changes course.

    Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 03, 2012 07:59 PM

  9. Mr.s Santroum has 7 children! Did oyu kow aobut the 7 children? She has 7 children – and they love Iowa! She and Rick and the 7 children all visited IA, recently, and they all loved it! Every-one was so noice and sweet, and kind, and they loved the 7 children!

    They would have brought 8 children but one of the children died, in utero or something, so the 8th children did not get to go to Iowa. But Rick and the Mrs DID spend hours in the hospital with the Dead Baby – which would have made 8 children – and they did bring the dead baby HOME, to the 7 children, so the dead baby could meet the 7 children, and say Hello and Bye Bye, and the 7 children could meet the Dead Baby and say Hello and Bye Bye! So at least the Dead Baby got to go SOMEWHERE – but not Iowa. Only 7 children went to Iowa.

    Ewwwweee. Creepier than the damned zombies on the Walkng Dead. They are only actors.

    I SWEAR not EVERY-ONE in PA is as creepy as the Santorums.

  10. Eh- she’s a butt-ugly shiksa yid whore.
    End of story.

    Paul had a 4% lead only two days ago. DEMAND A MANUAL RECOUNT if he doesn’t win. Why should ANYONE trust ISRAELI automatic ‘vote skewing’ machines.

    Paul or NOBODY.

  11. Gingrich was on TV, serously pissed that those god-damned ugly White MORONS in IA did not vote for him – and – I swear – his Kicked in the ASS speech centered around Iranian turrer-ists who will go into an Iwoan convenience store, and blow every-one up, because the Iranians may get a nuclear bomb ,and that’s…really…serious.

    He can’t BELIEVE that those Gad Damned SLOBS in Iowa do not GET how SERIOUS and Iranian nuclear bomb will be.

    It’s REALLY serious – and he can’t BELIEVE these morons don’t GET IT. And that Ron Paul is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallllllllllllllllllllly daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangerous.

    Damned right you sick little fat bitch.

  12. Jeffrey Heavin says:
    January 4, 2012 at 12:15 am
    The Jews hate Ron Paul-that’s good enough for me! RON PAUL 2012!

    Yup!!!!! Exactly. The Desirability of anything is in the Universe is measured in direct inverse proportion to anything the the Kikenvermin despise, and hiss and spit about. You really need no other measure, yardstick, means testing, etc.

  13. Hunter – Ricky is calling for nuking Iran. Of COURSE The Israeli voting machines are gonna tally up for him.

  14. Ya have to play it all the way through. It’s not too far in. I don’t know who the crazy bitch Linda is – but she calls Gingrich a Reaganite Conservative, when she introduces him.

  15. Little Ricky didn’t say anything about bombing Iran in Iowa – that jobs thing gee whiz is what those yokels care about, and it might upset the 7 children and the Mrs but gosh darn it:

    For when the 7 children are getting ready for bed, and the Mrs. is reading Christian Tales, before they say their 7 prayers…

    FYI – I couldn’t get past the point where Gingrich instructs his rabble that protecting Israel is a moral cause ESSENTIAL to “our” future….things like that cause my right arm to slowly raise….and I just start thinking about full-length black leather storm…uh ….coats….and ovens.

    I think about ovens. And how much I like to bake things in ovens.

    No idea why.

  16. IOWA IS TOO WHITE BECAUSE JEWS ARE NOT WHITE AT ALL! Why should a Confederate care about White Iowans? Let my people go and to hell with White Iowans. If White Iowans want White Solidarity then first let them kill every dark citizen in Iowa.
    Do White racists need White racist slogans based upon ethnonationalism?
    1) Anti-racism is anti-White. White GeNOcide. (JUST JOKING it’s part of a redneck TV series)
    2) MSM media won’t tell us the criminal race. This is what keeps Whites in their place. (JUST JOKING it’s part of a redneck TV series)
    3) Whitey build it. Darkie kill and eat it. (POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS FOREVER)
    4) Cuba sî, Yankee no. Confederacy see, Yankee no. (NO JOKE Yankee bastard)
    5) Don’t ban the Confederate flag. Ban the Union Flag! (Kill a Yankee for Christ.)
    6) Kill a Yankee and a liberal Jew judge for Christ. (HATE SPEECH IS FREE SPEECH)
    7) Blind and castrate a Yankee and a liberal Jew if you know what’s good for you. (YUK YUK JUST JOKING)
    8) The Yankee flag castrates the Confederate man. The black man is the pimp, the Jew is the owner, and the Yankee is the cause. (Rednecks can’t spell but they can kill.)
    9) The Conferacy isn’t dead but Yankees and liberal Jews will be. (F*** Yankees and the almighty Yankee dollar.)
    10) The black is a cannibal but Yankees and liberal Jews are the real enemies. (JUST JOKING???)
    11) The Jew who wants to murder black people is your friend, but the liberal Jew is your enemy. The White liberal is a ZOGling who must die. (JUST JOKING maybe)
    12) Go deer hunting so you can learn to kill a Yankee.
    13) Conspiracy theory: Jew MSM, ZOG, J. Edgar Hoover, JFK assassination. U S. S. Liberty, 9/11, Holocaust)
    14) Three cheers for Mulatto America and the U.S. Post Office,
    15) Make us White racists slogans and spread them if you want the White European races to survive.
    16) Yankees looted during the War Between the States and now blacks are doing it.
    17) The ZOG proves that rednecks are stupid.
    18) White Southern men should join the army so that they can forcibly integrate White public schools and help black people kill White people.
    19) Is this America or ZOGling territory?
    20) The Confederate flag isn’t racist … or is it? (THINK AGAIN WHITE MAN)
    Should White racist slogans be spray painted everywhere and written everywhere on bathroom walls?

  17. There is an important difference.

    We criticize Yankees here (1) because they demonize the South and (2) because they are voting as a phalanx for Democrats who are pushing for our collective racial dispossession. If they would knock it off and change their destructive behavior, stop pushing BRA down our throats which would work to our mutual advantage, we wouldn’t have a problem with them.

  18. Another thing, Hunter uses the smallest correct definition of Yankees – essentially New Englanders and those in a few neighboring states that took a lot of their outward migration. His 9 or 11 nations of North America analysis doesn’t call Wyomingites or Oregonians “Yankees”, but by another more properly descriptive name.

    There are a lot of states that are not controlled by Yankees that are either tacitly aligned with the South, or at minimum less idealistically utopian and destructive than the Yankees. (The so-called Red States!)

    Boston remains the epicenter or Yankee idiocy, but even Mass. elected a GOP Senator to replace Ted Kennedy when he tied, so even in the very heart of Yankeedom there is some momentum for change.

    So, it’s not just that the Yankees are anti Dixie, they are anti Far West, they hate mining and ranching. They hate oil wells and pipelines. They want to protect worms and suckerfish at the expense of Western workers and ways of life. Exposing the stupidity and horror of Yankee thought is a service to many people in the USA who live outside of Dixie. Hunter has really helped us all understand the origin of a lot of their incredibly stupid ideas. (Puritanism, Quakerism, etc.)

    (BTW: Thanks for the HT!… )

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised, he comes from Appalachia. I had coal miners in my family but they were from northeastern pa, not western.

    I don’t know if he’s a millionaire.

    If it wasn’t for his position on the Iraq War I wouldn’t mind Santorum. He’s a likable guy and he pushes hard. But of the candidates who can win, Romney is the most apologetic for the Iraq war.

    It really doesn’t matter. As you discussed, the system is not only corrupt but also dysfunctional, no matter who runs it.

  20. I might actually vote if Rick Santorum wins the GOP nomination. He’s the only one who seems sound on immigration and he gets called racist a lot, with out Paul’s unrealistic world view on foreign policy. None of them will do what it takes to turn the US economy around

    I also think a lot of y’all don’t understand the world works outside of our soft Western lives. The world respects force and the willingness to use it. The world will make you their bitch if you don’t remind them who’s on top of the food chain

  21. stonelifter says:

    I also think a lot of y’all don’t understand the world works outside of our soft Western lives. The world respects force and the willingness to use it. The world will make you their bitch if you don’t remind them who’s on top of the food chain

    You’re a moron. There is a world of difference between non-interventionist and weak.

  22. Paul is the only candidate not in the Bankster’s pockets. Get real people. His immigration policy is definitely lacking. If he is not the candidate, then four more of Obama is the preferred choice. Worse is better!

  23. I do not, and will not believe, that MORON Romney won the election.

    For one, why would Santorum come from NOWHERE, except to split the Paul vote? As far as Gingrich is concerned, he was outa there a long time ago- his is the face of the prior Republitard generation’s longing for what they THINK is the ‘good ol’ days’ – i.e., 1994. That’s how temperocentric most American idiots are these days, they can’t rembmer more than a decade back in history.

    IF Paul does not do what MUST be done- and that is demand a MANUAL recount, with NO Israeli ‘advisors’ hovering over them, he will be a cipher THIS TIME AROUND, just like he was LAST TIME AROUND.

    Romney is a cultist, a Taxachusetts Democrat CALLING himself a Republitard, and fully the ‘shabbas goy’ of the Deicides.

    The ONLY WAY we can change this is to either barrage the talk show hosts on any given day (someone should start an ‘I WILL be heard’ campaign) or MARCH ON THE CAPITOL of the next state, DEMANDING A FAIR ELECTION.

    This is as bad as Evita and Juan Peron…..

  24. Come on Guys! Remember I told you long ago that Romney is the Northeast LIberal Establishment pick, plus he has Wall Street Backing. Nothing will change if he wins the Presidency! Voting is a bunch a crap, one man one vote is death to White Race! The Muds and White Traitors will always vote to destroy White Race. Romney is more a Mason than a Mormon. Remember how that scuzball said he pulled over in his car and cried when they let Blacks in the Priesthood! He supports the Cainite Prophecy! Screw Romney and Obongo! In fact the USA is Babylon The Great Mother Whore! They preach Oh we aet all one universe Bros so let us all go watch Judeo Nigger Ball and oh the Super Bowl is so great with all the darkie players! And oh yeah watch Lebron James´´oh he is so beautiful with those hoop throws!!!!! Any White Man that does this crap is a damn traitor to his race!

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