“Suburban Teen” Gang Raped In Chicago By “Eight Men”

Young White female gang raped by 8 men in Chicago on New Year's Eve

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The “suburban teen” who was gang raped in Chicago near Logan’s Square on New Year’s Eve by real violent extremists turns out to be an 18 year old White female.

In this colorblind paradise, where the pursuit of “equality” takes precedence over the defense of civilization, the young girl was left naked and bleeding in the cold on a patch of grass after getting beaten and gang raped while sitting on a corner outside a Mexican restaurant. She had failed to get into a DJ Rusko concert.

Three of the “juveniles” she apparently met there and left the scene with (whose “character” positively correlates with the “color” of rape) were caught and questioned by police. They have been released without charges.

Nearby residents describe the Logan Square neighborhood which is named after Union General and Radical Republican John A. Logan who was the author of the 1886 book The Great Conspiracy: Its Origins and History about Southern secession:

“A show like this usually attracts young suburban white kids that come into the city’s Logan Square neighborhood,” said one man, who asked not to be identified, to Chicago’s WGN-TV. “It’s still kind of a rough neighborhood in some places.”

It is a “rough neighborhood” because of the race of the people who live there who were famously and foolishly “liberated” by its namesake.

Is the Black Undertow or the Brown Tide responsible for this heinous crime? As we saw last year, the system journalists in the Chicago media refuse as a matter of policy to do their jobs and report those details.

The public is asked to come forward with any information that might prove valuable to the investigation, but are left completely in the dark by the media and police about the race and physical description of the suspects.

In BRA, the deification of African-Americans and other “people of color” like Hispanic-Americans by Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson is a far more sought after public good than truth, justice, or public safety in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The aging Radical John A. Logan writes in his book:

“But, while the chieftains of the great Conspiracy—and of the armed Rebellion itself—remained at their homes unpunished, through the clemency of the American People; the active and malignant minds of some of them were plotting a future triumph for the “Lost Cause,” in the overthrow, in consecutive detail, of the Loyal governments of the Southern States, by any and all means which might be by them considered most desirable, judicious, expedient, and effectual; the solidifying of these Southern States into a new Confederation, or league, in fact—with an unwritten but well understood Constitution of its own—to be known under the apparently harmless title of the “Solid South,” whose mission it would be to build up, and strengthen, and populate, and enrich itself within the Union, for a time, greater or less, according to circumstances, and in the meanwhile to work up, with untiring devotion and energy, not only to this practical autonomy and Sectional Independence within the Union, but also to a practical re-enslavement of the Blacks, and to the vigorous reassertion and triumph, by the aid of British gold, of those pernicious doctrines of Free-Trade which, while beneficial to the Cotton-lords of the South, would again check and drag down the robust expansion of manufactures and commerce in all other parts of the Land, and destroy the glorious prosperity of farmers, mechanics, and laborers, while at the same time crippling Capital, in the North and West.”

Somewhere on John C. Calhoun’s Great Plantation in Heaven, Stephen Douglas and Jeff Davis are watching the gang rape in Logan Square in the Land of Lincoln, patiently waiting for their vindication by posterity. The Great Conspiracy has spread to Illinois in the 21st century!

Update: The Chicago media claims to be shocked and outraged by “this atrocity” (it is not shocking at all, an unidentified Black Undertow or Brown Tide sexual predator caught another woman there last summer, and ABC 7 reported on it) and is saying that “young suburban women” (aka White teenagers) don’t tend to have “a lot of street smarts” (read: awareness of the threat posed by the Black Undertow).

How could the “young suburban women” be aware of this problem? The Chicago media refuses to report the hateful truth that the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide is responsible for 93.3 percent of rape in Chicago. They go absolutely out of their way instill “colorblindness” in young White female teenagers and gang rapes like this one are the inevitable result.

Note: The Black Undertow is responsible for 68 percent of rape in Chicago. Hispanics are responsible for 25.3 percent of rape. People of color are responsible for 93.3 percent of the rape in the Windy City.

The suspects came out of the Mexican restaurant and from the video below there appear to be lots of Hispanics in the neighborhood. Second City Cop notes that Chicago lost 200,000 residents, but clocked only four fewer murders than 2010.

Suburban Teens Underestimate Dangers of Coming to Chicago: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_A._Logan

    “after the death of McPherson he commanded the Army of the Tennessee at the Battle of Atlanta (July 22, 1864) until relieved by Oliver O. Howard. He returned to Illinois for the 1864 elections but rejoined the army afterward and commanded his XV corps in the Carolinas Campaign.”

    Now that is the real Illinois. Sure, you go down and burn Atlanta as a general and then go back to Illinois with the war still going on to get your Blago. Couldn’t wait until the war was over. Maybe he was worried Lincoln would not be re-elected and he had to help fix the 1864 elections, presidential, congressional and state legislature. So that some of the radicals who pushed through the 14th Amendment were kept in power by this trip home by General Logan. He mixed elections and campaigns like Caesar.

  2. “Logan was always a staunch partisan, and was identified with the radical wing of the Republican Party. His forceful, passionate speaking, popular on the platform, was less effective in the halls of legislation. In 1868, he was one of the managers in the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. One of Logan’s leading issues in the Senate was his efforts to stop any action taken to overturn the conviction in the court-martial of Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter.”

  3. “Porter was involved in mining, construction, and commerce. He was appointed as the New York City Commissioner of Public Works, the New York City Police Commissioner, and the New York City Fire Commissioner. ”

    There is no end to the self dealing and feuds over booty of these Yankee war criminals.

  4. I am seriously considering starting a business. I am going to call it Texas Undertow Tours. I’m going to invite Simpson and Levin as my first guests on the inaugural tour.

    The tour will begin in my current hometown of Corsicana. Corsicana demographics are similar to Washington D.Cs except for the crime. We have a relatively benign undertow. Whites-mostly middle class and upper middle class live on the west side. Blacks and Hispanics live on the east side. Blacks in the north Hispanics in the south. 85 to 90% of the convenience store and motel business is owned by either Pakistanis or Hindus who cater to the blacks penchant for gambling and whoring, and provide them with sundries for the local trade in illegal drugs. One of the stores openly sells Salvia Divinorum to cater to the African students attending the nearby local college and an advertisement on the storefront window promotes Snoop Dogs new line of flavored cigars and rolling papers. The local paper recently ran an article glorifying/celebrating the fact that the public school system is now fifty percent
    Hispanic. Up from a few years ago when the local economy caved in after the closure of three factories. A recent injection of federal stimulus funds has fueled a series of useless public works projects, that are more than 90% staffed by Hispanics, has brought them back.

    From there we’ll travel to Houston where our tour will include the fourth ward
    and a discussion of why Six Flags closed down Houston’s only amusement park.
    We will overnight in Houston and take a 2 a.m. walking tour down Dowling street ( body armor will be provided on request at no extra charge). Before heading south we’ll visit beautiful Memorial Park and discuss the Camp Logan riots of 1917.

    The southern leg of our tour will feature Port Arthur which was once a thriving majority white port community which is now nearly 90% black -Asians, principally Vietnamese, comprise most of the remaining 10%. Port Arthur is now a virtual ghost town. It is no longer safe for a white to walk down the street even in broad daylight and it is not much better for the Asians, if the blacks aren’t picking them off the Asians are picking them off. Whites can’t attend the local high school because the blacks will eat them for lunch, almost literally.

    We will conclude our trip by a drive through Jasper and Newton counties where Indians and Pakistanis are buying up both counties in small bits and parcels and gradually driving what is left of the white economy out.

    Hope ya’ll can come I think it will be an interesting and rewarding trip for all.

  5. I don’t have the words to express my rage, hatred and loathing of negors and the DWL’s who have unleashed them

  6. One thing is coming out of this behavior, these retarded black racists are absolutely destroying the myths of liberal moral superiority. I don’t think the combined forces of PC and respectable conservatives are saving those myths. If the Chicago Tribune allowed comments anymore it would be 3-1 with the 3 sounding like OD and the one sounding like silly fools.

  7. If you could ply a DWL with a couple of beers I bet it is even money they would admit that, “the niggers are destroying liberalism.” They destroy every thing they touch, why not liberalism? Fine for Scandanavia or the Upper Midwest in a negrofrei environ, but not fine for climate changed society.

  8. “If you could ply a DWL with a couple of beers I bet it is even money they would admit that, “the niggers are destroying liberalism.” ”

    My traitorous sister married a damnyankee from PA, and I’ve heard him say that.

  9. With PC and respectable conservatism we are not supposed to say it, but Mein Obama’s voting coalition is from 1/3-1/2 comprised of illiterate poorly educated near retarded colored racists. Tell a DWL that, ask them. See that is why they rigidly segregate their cults, you think helicopter mommy DWL wants to send little Brianna into the grasps of the black undertow? Nope, that is why we have animal rights outfits, to make pretty young white girls useful to the left. But that is why we have the Limbaughs of the world to confuse the issue with his dimwitted comments such as “them libruls” and such that makes the left out to be a single monolithic nearly unbeatable entity.

  10. Stonelifter,

    My brother married a Yankee from PA too. Shes a school teacher and for years she goaded him over his racism. When she received her MA in education she was transferred to an almost all black school. She came home one day in a huff. My brother asked her what was wrong and she simply said, ” Damn Niggers”. She no longer complains about his flying of the Confederate flag, and occasionally accompanies him to SCV events and reenactments and severely scolds him when he goes union so the Confederates will have someone to shoot at (around here no one wants to be a Yankee even for a day).

  11. The best cure for liberalism is a good dose of Negroes which also explains why the left has overlapping but segregated “cults”.

  12. Lonestar Rebel that was a great story, with a happy romantic ending.

    Our Black urban public school students seem to be the only force cable of breaking the PC brain washing.


  13. @jack ryan

    As I recall, a similar thing happened to some clueless white girl in the San Fransico Bay area a couple years ago, where the assailants were all hispanic. I think the story is still linked over on AmRen somewhere.

  14. Logan Square is all Hispanic, there are a few whites there too, old people, scuzzy druggie chicks, and some young hipsters who can’t afford nearby Wrigleyville. But the blacks usually avoid the Mexican areas. I did work with a very ghetto Puerto Rican who grew up in Logan Square and was clearly mulatto. He mentioned almost all the boys growing up in the neighborhood had gang affiliation. The L train from Ohare to downtown passes through this area, mostly yucky old 3 story multifamily houses built 3 feet apart (no joke) back in the tenement era a century back for cheap Old World European immigrant Labor. A throwaway Wal Mart type neighborhood back in it’s time that grew worse with age.

  15. Life in my small town of roughly 7,000 was good – a pleasant Negro-free zone until about six years ago. That was when the first Negro to relocate here was observed.

    Now in 2012, my estimate is that there are now approximately twenty Negroes in our previously-peaceful little town, and only one family of which I know (for certain) that works.

    He is a doctor and she is a nurse, so they are on the extreme upper crust of the Negro world. They are also fresh from Africa and exhibit none of the tendencies of TNB found in most places in the US and a few (but large) parts of Canada.

    Still, it’s troubling because we never seem to learn from past mistakes. As a powerful example, had plantation owners in the 19th Century not been too lazy to pick their own cotton, we wouldn’t be having this discussion today.

  16. Well this unleashing of Niggers and letting every half literate Mexican, not to mention Burka wearing Muslim hags…Somali and Nigerian immigrants flooding the US. Of course you can vote Republican..helluva lot of good that will do

  17. “How could the “young suburban women” be aware of this problem? The Chicago media refuses to report the hateful truth that the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide is responsible for 93.3 percent of rape in Chicago.”

    Exactly and then the media vermin have the nerve to say “suburban kids don’t understand the risks.” The MSM are accessories to rape and murder.

  18. Ignorance is present. Many of you are lost. Many of you need to go back to school and take several history classes. Perhaps your desperate need for attention has become a little too much?

    No matter where you white mutts Come from, you can never seem to make sense! You all can’t even list the different European backgrounds your made of before you can even list the different ethnicities within the Hispanic and Latino community. We are not all Mexican. And it wouldn’t matter to an idiot like yourself would it? …. Didn’t think so.

    Regardless of where someone goes in Chicago city or anywhere else in the country, they should be able to walk through any neighborhood safely. Regardless of race, sexual orientation, disability etc. But it happens! Everyday people mind their own business, try to live their lives & are attacked, beaten, robbed, raped, killed etc.!!!

    Think of the whole picture and remember all ethnicities, races & yes white ppl too, are bad sometimes or just completely dangerous all the time! You know I’m right ignorant freaks!

    Last but NOT least, remember who killed all the natives and stole their land? Aside from raping the women and creating all these other races? Same with African Americans, who made them slaves and brought them here? And with mexicans, don’t even get me started!! You know every restaurant has Mexican cooks making all types of food regardless of food ethnicity! Who watches the white people’s kids while they work corporate jobs and shop magnificent mile? Mexicans & Africans along with other ethnicities. Who keeps up your beautiful garden and trims your bushes? Who is your janitor or repair man? Who helped you save millions on your reconstruction? Mexicans!!!! Who is staying up late hours eager to feed you drunk, spoiled white folks @ 4am for tacos & burritos? After days of doing shit because your wealthy white family who in reality is most likely wealthy because they too were spoiled by their rich parents who were spoiled by there rich parents who were spoiled by their rich parents….ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m done!!! If I continue I’m gonna go real deep and make too many of you feel stupid! I have to get back to work now… Btw I’m a successful Mexican American, age 25 & very educated with no criminal background! Very happy I am and very sad are most of you! 🙂

  19. There is nothing stopping us from growing our own food, cutting our own grass, constructing our own buildings … we used to do all these things in America before Hispanics were allowed to come here.

    Go back to Mexico or Puerto Rico or Cuba or whatever Latin American hellhole you came here from.

  20. @WowDurrrWow

    You are the product of white Spanish Conquerers breeding with indigenous Aztec women. It is YOU who is the mutt.


  22. @james
    This is not a matter of who is smarter or whatever. The UN Genocide Law grants all identifiable groups, the right to exist and self determination. You anti-whites acknowledge this right for all peoples, except white people. So please get off your moral high horse. You are not anti-racist, you are anti-white.

    Japan is 98.5% Japanese. Japan does not let foreigners vote and kicks them out.

    No “Hate Groups”.

    Zimbabwe has ethnically cleansed almost all of its whites, after seizing their property.

    No “Hate Groups”.

    Singapore and Malaysia cane illegals.

    No “Hate Groups”.

    The UAE has foreign workers at its leisure. When they finish their contracts, they are thrown out.

    No “Hate Groups”.

    “Hate Groups”, are only found in white countries and by coincidence, “anti-racists” are trying to build a “Blended Humanity”, in ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

    They want White Genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  23. This is the funniest article I have ever read and the comments are just as silly. History has shown that whites left to their own will always rape, plunder and steal. The writer talks about minorities as if they are the only races in America that commit such terrible crimes. My God I can’t turn on the news without hearing about another white pedophile, cannibal, rapist, crazed gunman in a school or just good ole stealing on a massive level leaving nothing but devastation in their wake. And this crime although terrible doesn’t even touch the scale of what white men and women do every day in America. I hold my child close to me with fear that I will lose her to another pedophile or school shooter. Their is a deep down soul sickness in many whites.

  24. This article and the comments are hilarious!!!!
    This crime wasn’t about rape its about STUPIDITY.
    What you blubbering idiots have failed to see is that she willingly left the restaurant with her multiple assailants.
    She was not abducted or drugged. She left of her own accord with multiple strange men.
    She could have sat in the restaurant until the concert ended. She was interested in sex and bit off more than she could chew.
    The men who raped her were stupid. Such Vicious humans should be eliminated from society. Being black is irrelevant.
    You don’t go anywhere with men you don’t know. STUPID
    The fact they uses suburban instead of white was a favor to your race.
    You should be grateful.

  25. I correct previous typos accordingly:

    This case isn’t about race. (Rape was a typo.)

    They used the word suburban. (Uses was a typo)

  26. Gang rape is quite literally a negro problem. It practically didn’t exist in Europe before the blacks started to move in.

  27. @Nicole
    “This crime wasn’t about rape its about STUPIDITY.
    What you blubbering idiots have failed to see is that she willingly left the restaurant with her multiple assailants”

    White suburban teens have had decades of brain-washing from school and media about racism.

    The same media cover up the true scale and total normalcy of gang-rape inside black neighborhoods (of mostly black girls).

    If the media hadn’t lied and brain-washed that girl into believing that potentially appearing racist was more important than her personal safety then would she have gone with them?

    Maybe she would. It does happen. But it’s at least equally likely that she wouldn’t and before that point a likely 90% chance she wouldn’t have gone to a concert in that area at all so the choice would never have arisen. In which case the responsibility for what happened to that girl – and the millions of others across the western world over the last 50 years (and the millions of black girls also) – lies with the lying media.

  28. I must be in some alternate universe. I’m a God-fearing, educated, African-American woman with children whom I teach to love and respect all people, especially women. I can’t BELIEVE the comments I see here. It’s surreal. What year is this??? I will now begin to warn and teach my children that there is something worse than the ‘black undertow’ (really??) and being physically assaulted: it’s pure, unadulterated hate for them which is in their case completely unfounded. I will now tell them the boogeyman exists: in the form of “American” white supremacy. I will tell them that white girls who get randomly raped today (by their bad judgement) is just perhaps some kind of latent justice for all the black girls (and boys) who were raped, brutalized, enslaved and tortured for decades and centuries by the boogeyman’s ancestors. “The sins of the father are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation.” Exodus 20:5 Ever occur to any of you racist, pathetic, world-class loser/haters that some bad things happen because of, um idk, KARMA?! Yep, I will make it a concerted point to re-educate my children and grandchildren about the things I saw written here today…#youaregoingtohelluntilthe4thgeneration

  29. @Really??
    Yes, we see you justifying the rape and murder of Whites because of “history”.

    This is the true nature of “anti-racism”.

  30. ‘Gang rape is quite literally a negro problem. It practically didn’t exist in Europe before the blacks started to move in’:

    With the possible exception of wartime, when White armies murder, pillage and rape, sometimes raping the same woman multiple times. Germany suffered a lot of that near the end of World War II.

  31. If you BELEIVE in Karma you don’t believe in God.

    Have your brethren rape white women. But know this. Your sons will rot in hell for their deeds and they will rot in jail for their war crimes.

    Jack rolling and gang rape as justice = black morality.

  32. When Al Sharpton said:

    “No Justice: no peace!” The reporters missed the point that he wasn’t making an ultimatum. They also added a colon.

    Sharpton quite literally meant there was to be “No justice no peace!”

    He’s just another nigger warlord.

  33. Really??,

    If one of your litter rape and comatose a white girl remember this:

    No snitching!

    That’s Black Justice for you.

  34. On Karma. Why is it that black men languish in jail and in shitpile ghetto housing?
    Why is it that black women wail and mourn for their lost sons? (Presume the wailing and mourning is sincere anyway.)

    Really??’s comments ought to be placed on a billboard so that white SWPL feminists can have a good look at their sistah’s real opinion.

  35. Yes, every time I write in all caps here, like I’m writing a speech or sermon, I think: That looks BARBARIC!

  36. I over-capitalise here consciously for effect, and you’re in sermon writing mode.

    Curiously, the ‘sistah’ didn’t misspell anything and didn’t use Negroisms.

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