Black Undertow Assaults 70 Year Old Wal-Mart Greeter on Christmas Eve

Black Undertow assaults 70-year-old Wal-Mart greeter on Christmas Eve

New York

Everyone who shops for groceries at Super Wal-Mart regularly encounters the little old ladies who greet you at the door and who randomly check receipts.

Most people are not offended when they are asked to show their receipt at the door. This is nothing more than store protocol which is increasingly necessary to deter (African-American) shoplifting.

Enter the Black Undertow on Christmas Eve:

“Around Batavia, word has spread about the alleged assault. It has left the community distraught.

“On Christmas Eve a 26-year-old lady punched a 70-year-old woman?” said Batavia resident Clifford Shultz. “It’s kind of shocking that something like this would happen around here. This is a nice residential area. You don’t hear about things like this happening around here.”

“I don’t know why someone would react that way if they had nothing to hide,” said Shultz. “Why would someone react like that?”

Spanish Lake used to be a nice residential area. Detroit used to be the “Paris of the West.” Haiti used to be the richest country in the New World. The Belgian Congo used to be a success story. Crimes like this didn’t used to happen there.

Black people + Civilization + Freedom and Equality = Social Collapse.

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  1. Mr. W. – I am curious. Did the older (segregated) school system allow those Negroes who had intellectual merit, to rise to the top, while keeping the less-intelligent of that foreign race steered toward manual labor occupations, much as the German school system does to this day?

    (By sixth grade, in Germany, if you don’t pass certain math/writing exams, you are steered toward an occupational track in your schooling, and only those qualified/worthy of a college education, pursue same. Which then makes all education ‘equal’ – as all are intellectually prepared for the rigor of a ‘real’ education… unlike the fallacy of the American junior/community college farce, where most college professors of any stripe, avoid both the caliber of student, and the intellectual vacuum of ’13th grade’ like the proverbial plague…..)

    Or did all the darkies have to ‘suffer discrimination’ when it came to schooling, employment, etc.? I mean, has anyone done studies on how ‘separate, but equal’ worked its way out, in praxis, after 1890? It would be nice to know….

  2. Another “Rage against the nigra” posting, its all good to vent I agree, but realize where the soft underbelly of BRA is. The DWLs are the Romanians at Stalingrad. They are weaklings with one weapon and one weapon only, the word “racist.” Destroy that word and BRA lasts 15 minutes tops.

  3. ‘It’s kind of shocking that something like this would happen around here. This is a nice residential area. You don’t hear about things like this happening around here.’

    Batavia is about 91% White with a black population of about 5%. Even in a virtual whitopia there is no escape from the tentacles of the Black Undertow.

    Will these “I’m not a racist” White folks learn anything from this?

  4. An imagination exercise; Imagine that all those National Security CONservatives out there in flyover country who are obsessed with military hardware, talkin’ about Spec Ops and “kickin’ butt” on them towellies were instead not a bunch of phony toughs dreading that some scrawny dirty campus marxist was going to call them “racist?” (see Freekistan for the stereotype or your local gun club). Now everyone here admit they know someone who has about 100 guns, infinite knowledge of gun minutae and about zero testicular fortitude when it comes to dealing with the word “racist?”

    Now imagine a time when some scrawny smelly campus DWL screeches “racist” and the response is not the usual “crime and IQ stats”, “I have black friends”, “the CSA was full of black confederate soldiers”, “gun control is racist”, “he/she is a jew”, or any other attempt at submission?

  5. They are weaklings with one weapon and one weapon only, the word “racist.”

    Truer words were never spoken!

    I love sparring with the DWLs now…..every single time they call me that I get the chance to say back: “Racist” has become a global code-word for “Shut up White man/woman”! It feels sooooooooooooo goooood to tell the truth , lol.

  6. I am proud that my ancestors were fighting bolsheviks at Stalingrad on the right side even if we were weaklings while brave Americans were firebombing German and Romanian cities. Ihave seen an American pilot bragging about bombing Ploiesti, a city in Romania.
    We weaklings will never allow niggers in our country and give them our best looking women like you do,

    White Americans and the Brits are the enemies of the white race, I wish you all mongrelized so the white race can survive.

    Vlad the Impaler is bigger than any of your fucking heroes.

  7. Northern liberals tasting their own medicine is a beautiful sight to behold. Unfortunatrly, their only solution is “more of the same!”

  8. While most white Americans continue to be afraid even to think of the word race nothing will change.
    Those who hold the BRA are white. Stop supporting the system collapses like a sand castle, you only need a blow.
    Now, be careful when they speak of “non-white as if they were all the same. They are not. And many can become allies. The time is past when the American right was playing by the rules of the Democrats ‘naive’. Now you need to do as the Jews behind the scenes manipulating the puppets.

  9. The Romanians were the German’s left flank and they were chosen by the Soviets to take the brunt of the assault for a reason. Sorry

  10. RobRoySimmons and Mary have the right idea. Let’s stop crawling, apologizing, admitting, denying, or cringing under attack.

    Here is our suggestion. When attacked for incorrect thinking or speaking, never debate the truth or fault of the substance of the racist label or any other label. It’s odd how the diverse white American peoples fall into the trap of analyzing, pleading, admitting, or denying the truth of the nasty accusation, and allow the attacker off the hook personally.

    The only thing to be done is to attackback against the individual (not his or her demographic) for being a bully, a liar, a hater, a proponent of the anti-white narrative, or a supremacist for his or her attempt to name or label you. This changes the subject and makes the accuser’s intentions, mental state, and mental health the topic of discussion. It’s so easy to disrupt their shallow train of thought.

    You’ll discover that they frequently have nothing beyond the initial accusation, and are stymied by the new focus. Don’t let up however, they need a thorough examination of their pathological thinking processes.

    Let the rest of us know about their supremacy claim and how to contact them. Between BUGS and Resisting Defamation, we can give them a good verbal whipping.

  11. Now imagine a time when some scrawny smelly campus DWL screeches “racist”

    In my slighhtly younger days when I’d go out drinking and run into one that overheard one of my jokes and get their pantries sadder, I’d just admit I was a racist. Not being racist is stupid and stupidity is for niggers. Ya, not that whittybut the pure unappologetic “bigotry” left ’em shocked.

    Getting into it with a pious DWL outside a bar is the only thing I miss about drinking al night.

  12. @RobRoySimmons:
    Well, just like blacks adopted the word “nigger” as their own, and thereby defused it, why can’t we do that with “racist”?
    Why not be proud to be “racist”?
    “I’m racist and I’m proud!” would make a great bumper-sticker.
    As blacks in the 1980’s greeted each other with “Hey nigger!” why don’t we greet each other with “Hey racist!”. Familiarity breeds monotony which takes the sting out of almost any pejorative.

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