Official: Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary

How strong does Ron Paul finish in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire

The polls haven’t closed yet in New Hampshire but we can already predict the result: Mitt Romney > Ron Paul > Rick Santorum.

We’re not going to be up late tonight. This race should be even more one-sided than Bama over LSU last night.

OD is tuning into the New Hampshire Republican Primary to see how Ron Paul improves his performance with White voters. CNN will be doing exit polls which should contain more demographic data like we saw in Iowa. John Derbyshire has responded to Ron Paul’s silly comments on the “institutional racism” of the judicial system in the recent presidential debate.

We are not fooled by this textbook example of a politician delivering a rhetorical dodge: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ strong endorsement of Ron Paul has only confirmed the soundness of our view that Paul is merely dissimulating here.

No one is under any illusions that Ron Paul is going to be the Republican nominee. The real question is how many delegates can Ron Paul accumulate and how much impact will those delegates have on the Republican platform.

Is Ron Paul the heir to the Republican throne? The next guy in line for the nomination?

Note: We don’t see Ron Paul as any kind of White savior here. Instead, we are backing Ron Paul because we support his views on states’ rights, secession, freedom, and the welfare state.

Freedom is racist. It has a “disparate impact” upon the Black Undertow. BRA is unable to survive without massive perpetual transfers of wealth from Whites to African-Americans. If Ron Paul’s views of the welfare state were to triumph in the Republican Party, it would precipitate “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.”

According to Ta-Nehisi Coates, 38 percent of African-Americans are on the EBT card. In “The GOP’s Black People Platform,” BRA’s columnist Charles Blow notes that “the rate of participation is much higher among blacks than whites.”

That’s the understatement of the century: Whites are literally depressing their birthrate to subsidize the Black Undertow (via the EBT card, TANF welfare check, WIC, and Section 8 vouchers) which commits the vast majority of criminal violence in our society and destroys Whitopias like Spanish Lake.

Update: Mitt Romney has officially won the New Hampshire Primary. Ron Paul has officially come in second place.

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  1. Ron Paul is 77, this is his last hurrah. He’s not running for re-election to Congress, so he’s looking to go out with a bang! What kind of a bang?

    How about a speech to rival the famous Pat Buchanan “Culture War” speech at the 1992 GOP convention, when he lost to Bush I?

    Or course Paul is not nearly as good a speaker as Buchanan was in his prime, nor is he likely to be as gracious.

    The constraint on his behaviour is clearly Rand, his son, and now the Senator for Kentucky. He is the heir apparent who will inherit the Ron Paul machine if he chooses too.

  2. Negroes will vote for Obama. I will vote for Ron Paul, as a write in.

    I have heard…on the Hot Rumours No Proof Internet Grapevine, that if Our Ron is NOT the GOP guy – Rand will run as in independent, and Ron as VP.

    This could be fun!

  3. Obama’s reelection is the too good to be true scenario. Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. There is a new poll out which shows that Americans fear Obama’s reelection by a 2 to 1 margin.

  4. Hunter – where? I can’t find any mention of l’il old me, on Brook’s site. I thought he just used me, and tossed me aside…

  5. Rand Paul in 2016 is the guy we want. All of his father’s good views, but none of Ron’s (at least perceived) wackiness on drugs and such, a better image and speaking ability, and most importantly Rand is with us on the immigration issue. If you’ll notice, Rand has been a lot more publicly involved in Ron’s campaign now than he was back in 2008. I think his father is setting him up to take over the “Reloveution” after 2012.

  6. (1) There have been “race wars” in American history. See Memphis and New Orleans in 1866 or the Klan from 1868 to 1872.

    (2) There has been plenty of white-on-black vigilante violence in American history.

    (3) The federal government has attempted to repress the restoration of white supremacy before and lost that battle.

    (4) We religiously follow the polls here. In the mid-2000s, the perception of anti-White bias overtook the perception of anti-black bias for the first time in American history. White racial attitudes are hardening.

    (5) There is a small active white minority that is “actively in the service of evil.” That minority is rapidly losing legitimacy with the wider White public.

    (6) Everything that we live under today has been tried before in the past. The experiment collapsed last time around. In South Carolina, it unraveled in a single day.

  7. Congrats, HW, on the ‘Bama Black Undertow defeating the LSU Black Undertow. As to the Republican “Platform”, Who?What? Nobody gives two shits about the platform, even before the ink is dry. Only impact RP will have is by going Third Party…which, combined with Iran War and economic collapse, will bring down the ZOG. Lately he, and Rand, have been dissing the idea….And we don’t have until “2016”. Invest in lead.

  8. The really truly sad funny thing, about the Simpson’s of the world, and their little band of ECU-Tubbies, is that:

    1) Disparaging the “wicked evil racists” won’t help at all. Slander, and self delusion won’t turn their Pet Negroes into heroic Jeffersonian Republicans.

    2) Negroes do not care about the love that Simpson Inc showers on them.

    3) They seem DESPERATE for attention. Some of the posters, on the latest thread, are just tickled giddy that some-one, even horrible RACISTS, are noticing their existence. I don’t even recognize some of the names, of those folks, as even being mentioned here. Wow. How sad. If they wanted attention – they ought to become Racists!

    4) If they think I am a Vicious Auntie Semite – they are woefully sheltered. Wow. Hey Simpson Slaves – go visit VNN sometime.


  9. Hunter – what has the use of a gun got to do, in Amnerica, for a BRILLIANT Black Athlete Hero, like Dyson? His Maverlous Ball Carrying Negrotude is the ONLY thing that matters.

    So what is a weapon of his was used in an armed robbery? That’s irrevelant. This is just a stupid, Eurocentric bias of yours. This No Armed Robberies outdated Cracka Crap. Dyson had no control over what his gun did. It’s just a lie. To make Blacks look bad, a Man is just jealous of Magnificent Mandingos, like Dyson.

    You must be a racist.

  10. At least Romney’s family is easier on the eyes, than the Obongos. The Generic Blonde Spouse Model doesn’t drag her knuckles on the ground, when she walks.

  11. Speaking of looks, the pictures of the Obamas coming out lately have been shocking. They’re not even trying to pretend they are normal Americans anymore. They don’t even look like they are from this planet, let alone from Africa or Indonesia. Nevertheless, I’m waiting for Michelle to put a bone through her nose. Who the hell are these people and how the hell did they gain control of the country?

  12. Landshark – just sent you 2 succinct and entertaining links to the Rise of ONegro – they’re in the spam filter.

  13. I think the issue with Rick Santorum is that he didn’t campaign there.

    His strategy is to go door to door and visit each county.

    But he skipped New Hampshire.

    I don’t want him to win. I believe Romney is a minor US imperialists, but not a full blown neo-con.

  14. The Kosher Republicans are tearing their hair out? Ooooohhhh….sounds like a good healthy dollop of humilation, to be enjoyed. I’ll have to check it out.

  15. F-ing Romney? “Live free of die” state my ass. WTF is wrong with America? “The last few empty suits with $500 hair and capped teeth didn’t work out so well but I got a good feeling about this Mormon one”.

    The historical phases of societies seems to be dictatorship->republic->democracy->dictatorship. The democracy stage we’re in now is on it’s death bed. I’m about at the point where I’ll support a two-bit dictator just to keep all these morons from voting.

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