Won’t You Be My (Black) Neighbor?


H/T CofCC.

OD is interrupting our coverage of the New Hampshire Republican Primary to bring to you this breaking news story of what happens when the Black Undertow becomes your neighbor in St. Louis County.

Note: I guess this is why the White residents of Spanish Lake “saw the writing on the wall” when HUD provided African-Americans with the Section 8 vouchers that allowed them to resettle in their peaceful and prosperous suburban community.

SBPDL weighs in tonight on The Visible Black Hand of Economics (one day this concept will win the Nobel Prize) that destroyed Highland Park and Spanish Lake. This same Visible Black Hand is at work in nearby Dellwood which is right down I-270.

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  1. Perhaps we can send Brookie Simpson and his EDU Pals, to invterview the poor oppressed worthy Negroes, as the cops are obviously big White Racist Supremacists, and Simpson and the EDU Pals wil treat the combatants…errr…neighbors, with the respect, courtesy, ad delicacy required/

    Could some-one ask Simpson and Pals to intervene, as I am banned from the site? Perhaps that lovely Hall gent – the one so SHOCKED about Anything Anti Semite (except the Willie Pete incineration of actual Semitic toddlers, in Gaza) – could get one of his JooPals to pay a call, and bring some Light Unto Jet (hahaha) Drive. Those Jooz are so good with those Negroes.

    This may be more cost -effective than those THOUSANDS of dollars spent, on keeping all those police, and police vehicles, on the street, to prevent those Equal Citizens from blasting each other into the next realm. I hope this doesn’t sound niggardly of me, for citnig the cost – as I believe that nothing is to good for the Equal Citizens – but times are what they are. I’m only thinking that this cost may impact the EBT allotments, of the Equal citizens on Jet Drive. I wouldn’t want any of those Proud Sisters to have to skimp on nails, or weaves, or straighteners, or anything.

  2. Today I saw a guy down at the Dollar Super Store in my little town who didn’t look the rest of the folks around here. He was buying meat and other things that need to be cooked, so I figured he wasn’t just passing through.

    By strange coincidence, the route I chose on my way home was exactly the same route the stranger took. If he had been behind me instead of in front of me, I would have thought he was following me. If I had realized at the time that he may have thought I was hounding him, I wouldn’t have have taken his picture or wrote down his address. He may have misread my intentions. I have heard those people are touchy.

    Tomorrow I will see who owns that building and I will tell others what that we have finally have a neighbor who is not afraid to break with tradition to welcome a person who isn’t like us. So forward thinking he is. Such a man deserves to be elevated before our eyes.

    Soon I will take the picture of our newest citizen and put it up on every post board in town so that my neighbors can celebrate our diversity. I will make sure the guy’s landlord get’s credit for inviting him into our community.

    That’s how they greet newcomers in Sevier County, TN and Monroe County, MI and I think that’s how they should be greeted everywhere.

  3. I agree with you Playing Roots Backwards.

    Maybe the owner of that building Sec. 8’ed it out. It needs to be known that Sec. 8 is not welcome in a community. Maybe you can do a search online via property tax records if that is available in that county and find out who the property is owned by. Put that on the poster too, he’s the real POS.

    Notice how the white officers had to control the situation, and the the black officer (Lieutenant) was the only one able to give commentary on how the situation is being handled?
    Then how many cars did they have there? Seriously, are you kidding me? Shoot. No, I mean start shooting, don’t put up with this shit from that fucking garbage who the police officers are literally paying to live there through their taxes.
    Notice the nigger getting the pipe out of the car with officers on the scene?
    How fucking dumb are these people?

  4. To watch in the vid the two she-boons jumping up and down as they scuffle with the white cop, it is clear even from the way they move that these “people” are more simian than human.

    Sorry negroes! You are the cockroaches of humanity. You are but pollution and dead weight among civilization. Your are a net drain on the planet, whether on your Dark Continent or as the knuckle-dragging retards that infect every single large formerly European American city. It’s not really your fault, we understand this.

    The people we really are angry at are your enablers. Namely: the founding committee of the NAACP and their ilk (Henry Moscovitz and compagnie).



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