Ron Paul Wins Younger Voters In New Hampshire

Ron Paul finishes a strong second in New Hampshire with the youth vote

New Hampshire

The CNN exit poll of New Hampshire Republican voters is out and the results are not surprising:

(1) Ron Paul won 47 percent of voters 18 to 29, 32 percent of voters 30 to 44, 19 percent of voters 45 to 64, and 12 percent of voters over 65.

(2) Ron Paul won 47 percent of voters 18 to 29 and 35 percent of voters 30 to 39.

(3) Ron Paul won 31 percent of voters who make under $50,000 a year.

(4) Ron Paul won 40 percent of voters who had never participated in a New Hampshire Republican Primary.

(5) Ron Paul won 24 percent of voters who are Democrats, 32 percent of voters who are Democrats, and 16 percent who are Republicans. 41 percent of Democrats voted for Huntsman.

(6) Ron Paul won 3 percent of registered Independents and 15 percent of registered Republicans.

(7) Ron Paul won 33 percent of “somewhat liberal” voters and 24 percent of “moderate” voters.

(8) Ron Paul won 26 percent of voters who “strongly support” the Tea Party. 50 percent of voters who “strongly oppose” the Tea Party voted for Huntsman.

(9) Ron Paul won 22 percent of voters who support the Tea Party and 20 percent of voters who are “neutral” on the Tea Party. 40 percent of voters who support the Tea Party went for Romney. Huntsman won 40 percent of voters who oppose the Tea Party.

(10) Ron Paul won 22 percent of voters who are Evangelical Christians and 24 percent of voters who are not Evangelical Christians. Rick Santorum won 23 percent of Evangelical Christians.

(11) Ron Paul and Mitt Romney won 33 percent and 34 percent of voters who are most concerned about the budget deficit. Rick Santorum won 44 percent of the abortion voters.

(12) Ron Paul won 42 percent of voters who are voting for the “true conservative” and 40 percent of “strong moral character” voters.

(13) Ron Paul won 32 percent of vote4s who are most concerned about “issues.”

(14) Jon Huntsman won 40 percent of voters who are “satisfied” with the Obama administration. Chris Matthews endorsed Huntsman. He won 27 percent of voters who are “dissatisfied” with the Republican candidates.

(15) Ron Paul’s voters are overwhelmingly unsatisfied with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

(16) Ron Paul won 33 percent of voters who have an “unfavorable” view of John McCain.

(17) Ron Paul’s voters are 27 percent urban, 22 percent suburban, and 25 percent rural.

Jon Huntsman finished in third place because Democrats who dislike the Tea Party and who are “satisfied” with Obama turned out to vote for him. Ron Paul’s voters are Independents, young people, and people who are voting for a “true conservative” who are motivated by the budget deficit.

Note: A vote for Ron Paul is effectively a vote against BRA because freedom is racist. It is also a vote for a candidate who voted against the Voting Rights Act and who opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

It is a vote to nullify the efficacy of being called a “racist” and an “anti-Semite” which can only be a good thing. It is a vote for “The Day The EBT Card Quits Working.”

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  1. Ron Paul is beginning to fade. Frankly I don’t if he consistently wins “young voters”. Young voters are too impulsive to make rational choices. Young voters elected Obama.

    Romney is not the great white savior for the dispossessed majority in America, but he win a general election against Obama. And at this point, that’s really all that matters. We’re in a race war, but white people are still opting to do the fighting in the voting booth.

    I just want to see a white man as president one last time before America inevitably breaks into a thousand little pieces. Just so it ends with a sliver of dignity.

  2. Romney is a white man…with a Black heart. A rad-lib pretending to be a Conservative, and he will be the 5th consecutive Lib nominated for Prez by the “conservative” republicrat party. Still expect RP to go 3P but, if he doesn’t, I can’t figure why he bothers to run at all. To “influence the ‘platform'”? That’s a joke. Maybe to pave way for his son to run, 2016. Too bad, this country isn’t going to last until 2016.

  3. Why are you two beeyiching about the coming break up of America? The faster the better for us.

    I actually think that the next POTUS doesn’t matter at all. The country is like that train, at the beginning of “The Fugitive” movie, w/ Tommy Lee Jones. No one and nothng will be able to stop the spectacular wreck. NOTHING.

    I have so many mixed feelings. Chris – I DEEPLY feel that dignity thing – although I think Romney is mental. ALL the “Candidates” are mental, in different ways -except Ron Paul.

    I think he’s just having fun! Why is he running?

    Why not?

    Why shouldn’t he?

    He’s doing GREAT. You have to stop taking this seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the show. We are, and Hunter wrote, (I’m paraphrasing) God Gifted with Awakeness, sitting on a Front Row seat, , at the perhaps most spectacular Civilizational Collapse the word has ever seen. Enjoy it! If we are alive, on the Other Side of the Free For All – we get to do what we want.

    One of the mostest funnest elements, for me, is that all the young folks, the young adults I know, wot have disdained my “racism”, can SEE what’s going on with stolen votes, etc. They are FUMING. Really – steam’s coming out of the ears. This is why we spread the word. This is why we plant seeds. In the right soil – man do those seeds sprout! The BS Fraud that we’ve suffered under is really cracking. It’s very very very entertaining. Young uns may have voted for Obama -but they are not drinking the Kool Aide this time. And they are telling their friends.

    So – erleichda!

    P.S – I think Ron is paving the way for Fuhrer Rand.

  4. It is a good thing that Ron Paul is doing so well and improving upon his 2008 showing in fundraising and results at the polls.

    Most people make up their minds about their core philosophical beliefs in their 20s and 30s. They don’t change much after those formative years.

    Obama was a protest candidate against the Iraq War. The long term trend is the hardening of white racial attitudes, the consolidation of the white electorate, and the total alienation of the white working class from the system.

    No one in the entire country is more pessimistic and alienated than working class white men. Paul is tapping into that groundswell of sentiment.

  5. Ron Paul wasn’t my candidate, but he is not the enemy. Gingrich and Santorum are terrifying. Can you imagine what the race would be like if Rick Perry or Herman Cain were winning?

    I’m relieved that Mittster and Paul are first and second after the “Cain Train” and Gingrich surged.

  6. “Why are you two beeyiching about the coming break up of America? The faster the better for us. ” Denise
    Guess that depends on how well prepared a family is.

  7. IMO in every non-white country (with the possible exception of Singapore), if there is a democracy then it is fundamentally a sham (much worse than the white countries). 3 reasons white people in the U.S.A. are so committed to the present system: 1) MSM brainwashing, 2) fear of the alternative to the present system, 3) if the present system collapses then investments and pensions collapse along with the U.S. $. Denise is probably correct in believing that whites are better off if the collapse occurs while there is still a white majority. IMO history shows that the U.S.A. might survive a long time in a slow decline of bankruptcy and anarchy.

  8. As a NH voter, I watched the streaming results on the WMUR website; by the time a quarter of the precincts had been posted, it was glaringly clear that, in general, all of the poorer towns were voting heavily for RP, and the wealthier / most liberal towns were voting heavily not only for Romney but for Huntsman (who the hell is he?). I don’t normally follow politics, and so until the last few days, I had never heard of Huntsman.

    You mentioned the “overwhelming” dislike for Romney, and if my family and I are any indication, then “overwhelming” is the exact word for what we feel, for the entire Republican field, but especially for Mitt Romney, whose never faltering smile reeks of the serenity that comes from knowing without any doubt that he’s in good hands.

    Nevertheless, I was quite surprised when one of my sons wrote this to me in an email:

    “I told (wife) that in November I’d rather vote for Obama than Romney. I suppose I could vote for Ron Paul again but at that point he only gets 1-2% of the vote so its a little silly.”

    That from a very calm, rational individual, and yet, he’s right in thinking the rest of the Republicans present a greater danger than even Obama. Something to think about. . .

  9. stonelifter says:
    January 11, 2012 at 8:52 am
    “Why are you two beeyiching about the coming break up of America? The faster the better for us. ” Denise
    Guess that depends on how well prepared a family is.

    Then what’s stopping people from getting ready? The train wreck is COMING.

  10. MOB – tel you son that when he votes for Obama – he’s voting for Romney. And whe nhe votes for Romney – he’s voting for Obama. They are the SAME BEAST. Tell them to vote for Paul ANYWAYS.

    I’ll vote for Paul. Romey will win, of couse. The Tea Party Tards will vote for whomever Glenn Beck tells them to vote for. Chris is dead en pointe, on that sliver of dignity thing. The First African Sheboon keeps popping on TV, and in various website pages, wth startlng regularity, with “positive messages” It’s skeery – trying to watch It “act” – since she cannot hide the fury, hatred, and desire to jump off the TV screen and sink her fangs into YT’s throat. At least Standard Blonde Political Spouse #12 is easier to deal to deal with, from a visual persepective. It’s a wee bit of mercy.

  11. “Why are you two beeyiching about the coming break up of America? The faster the better for us. ” Denise
    Guess that depends on how well prepared a family is….

    In a violent breakup, the things people do to “prepare,” may become totally worthless. Many survivors were prepared with nothing but themselves; it’s good not to forget that. The road to hell, and “best laid plans,” and so on.

  12. Huntsman was Obama’s appointee to China, and spent career in china, getting them into WTO. Not really a mormon, (though serious background from there), has Bradgelina family and celebrates indian holidays and such, for his kids, who he actually educated in a catholic school, etc— a “nothing from nowhere” which usually means the real God is money. And i think he inherited a 9 billion a year chemical derivatives business, which means lots of poisons and probably plastics, second best friend to the businesses who make their money on child drugging and such.

    The left always talks about “profit’ and “too much money,” as if it’s the AMOUNT that matters. But the real issue is what trash s/a these are willing to do to get the money. HOW one gets money.

    When you can’t create, innovate, think, produce something positive, you make something negative (that will keep them coming back). Addictive substances, outfits to convince people they need to live on drugs, bio-engineered seeds that only take your own pesticide, etc.

    Yankees call that “smart.” It’s why they vote for Romney-Santorum.

    People with Vision have a gut sense that they don’t have to Feed on others this way.

    The young people vote is for Dr. Paul—- b/c they are not yet roped into some aspect of the System. They are not Systems Animals yet.

    Grownups— are tied one way or another, through a paycheck, to either the “right” or the “left” (warfare, welfare, killing for spoils, as teachers, “educating’ kids into the narratives of addictions, pharm companies, cap and trade (“global warming”), etc..

    the good news —in a strange sense— is that they still have enough “morality” to at least try to justify their miserable, destructive (to others) lives.

    When that veneer falls off, if it does, the boomers will become angry. So, that should be the goal: Just show them what they’ve become. Show them what THEIR PERSONAL selling out has done. “Make it personal.”

    They’re voting for continuing to make —not TOO MUCH profit— but profit on things that harm people.

    Young people aren’t roped into the system yet—- they can be clear-headed that way

  13. Oh— and if you can’t create anything for money, then you poor-mouth, and guilt and shame people to get their stuff, OR you work as an underling for them, and so on.

    it’s better to be a corporate underling for a product that is non-damaging, imo, than to make a gazillion bucks on something like child drugging. But that’s just me.

  14. The adults who are voting Dr. Paul—- are the ones who refused to become Systems Animals, most probably. Many in the 60s intentionally dropped from “middle class” into working class—- as HOW people made money changed.

    To work in the school system when the emphasis was “reading, writing, arithmetic,” was a very different job than today. Working for a pharm company before child drugging was a different job. Working for food companies before the rise of this level of toxic additives, hidden GMO’s, etc, was a different job, signing up for the military in a genuinely national context versus the reality of today’s military job….

    What the employee is asked to do —-in terms of moral compromise— is just different.

    Romney-Santorum-Gingrich-Perry represent getting money on Scarcity, on playing people, on corruption, on nepotism, the militarist-corporatist-statist (genuinely fascist) end of things. Half the americans make their money off it; the other distribute programs.

  15. When the “job market” is so clearly connected to the demise of your fellow citizens— some people are moral enough to drop out anyway they can, imo.

  16. Don’t worry too much about the US Presidential election. This is the mistake White Americans always make – putting all of their hopes in some White knight savior who will somehow be elected President of the United States and somehow reverse history, make America like it was in the 1950s or maybe even the 1850s (Confederate lovers here on O.D.). The better strategy is to go local, get involved and control local politics and find ways to make things better for Whites where you live. Whites took back the US South at the local and state house level 2 years ago, this time under a White GOP. We need to find, train young White political leaders who are known and respected at the local level. I strongly suggest our own Hunter Wallace starts his own local political career in Alabama. America isn’t going to collapse in one big month, the country is too big. Look at Brazil and Brazilian cities – Philedelphia looks like safe Switzerland compared to San Paolo.

  17. This is confusing. Did Paul win 24 or 32% of Democrats?

    (5) Ron Paul won 24 percent of voters who are Democrats, 32 percent of voters who are Democrats, and 16 percent who are Republicans. 41 percent of Democrats voted for Huntsman.

  18. Romney is not the great white savior for the dispossessed majority in America, but he win a general election against Obama. And at this point, that’s really all that matters. We’re in a race war, but white people are still opting to do the fighting in the voting booth.

    What makes you think Romney would win in a general election? He’s an empty suit just like Obama….but his suit is nice, his teeth are nice and has the all around vibe of a corporate crony. Pols like him are WHY obama was elected in the first place: people are “sick of this shit” but can’t put their finger on it so sticking it to an old white man is the answer (to them).

    After an entire year of dropping consumer sentiment, bad economic numbers and other things I feel too many commentators are projecting that trend continuing the rest of this year. That rarely happens in election years. Obama will find a way to juice the economy in the months leading up to the elections. It’s just time for a temporary rebound in the greater trend. That, IMO will nullify the anti-encumbent sentiment enough to make the election about smooth talker A vs. rich white buy B. In no way is an obama loss pre-ordained.

    In that environment, RP would have as much a chance as Romney. Elections are decided on the margins…i.e. the fence sitters and generally apathetic. RP would get enough of the middle and enthusiastic to potentially beat “the One”. Think about it…he’s got something for both sides of the culture war: Small government, anti-BRA for us and legalized weed for hippies. And an actual track record of attacking big finance, something Obama promised but quickly re-negged on.

  19. Jack- The better strategy is to go local, get involved and control local politics and find ways to make things better for Whites where you live…”


    I don’t have time. I’m too busy raising a family, cooking meals, looking for a (better) job, planning my whiteopia retreat, (now) investigating ex-pat options, and praying to be delivered from Obamanation I or Romney’s Obamanation II. People like me who work for a living, who are watching their life savings go down the tubes, noting that NDAA means NOWHERE in America is safe anymore, don’t have TIME like the ‘Occupy’ slugs.

    We’re ready to leave AmeriKa just as Germans left Weimar Germany before the Anschluss happens here, or the Bolsheviks start USING those Femauschwitz camps, for white Christian Anglos.

  20. Seriously, folks, TELL ME WHERE WE CAN GO to retreat from this ANTICHRIST?

    Christ’s command to ‘flee unto the hills’ pertains not just to Jerusalem in AD70, but to JerUSAlem in AD2012.

  21. @YT

    How will Obama magically “juice” the economy at the last second? Explain in detail. That nigger has been promising everything to everyone since early 2007. He hasn’t the aptitude to do anything but take vacations and throw private parties.

    He loses to Romney in a year of converging economic and foreign conflict crises.

  22. @Denise

    If RP gave that “speech” do you really think Medved would give him the kosher seal of approval and support him? Yea, maybe when pigs grow wings.

    Medved would love to neutralize RP, reduce him to just one more empty suit like the rest of them. Judging from the comments not many are buying his ploy.

    The beauty of RP is that even if you don’t agree with him you respect him. He walks the talk, the others do not. If he ever gave that speech we would no longer respect him. And Medved knows it.

    RP makes Zionist central more nervous than usual and yes, that’s fun to watch.

  23. FR John – we go to our own hills. We stand and fight. There’s no place left to flee. I’m a Celt. I LOVe a good fight!

  24. More – I thought that Medved peice was hysterical, because [it] illustrates precisely what’s wrong with Jews.

    Hebes are so entrenched, in America, and in thier own cosmic egoism, that is NEVER EVER EVER seems to dawn on Medved that an American would be interested in America, and what’s good for America – and American Firster. Huh? Waaa? 99% of the piece is all about Israel, and what Paul should be doing FOR Israel. Unreal. The arrogance is so BLATANT.

    Also – if reality isn’t what a Jew wants – he or she will just create the reality. They’ve been pretty successful so far, since they run a globl printing press, and have bought off tons of pathological traitors. Paul isn’t saying what Medved wants a Goy to say – so Medved helpfully, whinily provides Paul with everything he “should be saying”.

    And they never ever ever EVER seem to be able to comprehend why they’ve been booted out of every place they’ve ever been.

    I’m telling ya – I really truly believe they are congentially incapable of comprehending that THEY create their own poisecushun oy!

    That – and the Comments are not too far off of what we’d be saying…..

  25. Denise,
    Medved’s piece:

    Because Christian Zionists have it in their heads that Jesus is going to show up before all the people born before May 14, 1948 die off (the so-called “this generation” of nutjob Hal Lindsay’s eschatology) but ONLY if Israel is around, Christian Zionists willingly eat the steaming loaves of crap the Medved’s around here are serving up.

    BUT, as the days roll on and the people born before 5/14/48 continue to die, one by one, with nary a Rapture to be found, the CZs are getting a weeeeee bit nervous that they’ve been misled, just like so many others throughout the centuries.


    Because, you see, the YOUNGSTERS, who, if the Rapture DOESN’T happen pretty. darn. soon. already, know THEY aren’t going to get to, unlike the lucky boomers, avoid the multiculti hell on Earth that’s in store, by dying of old age.

    THEY know that, for them, there is an excellent chance when the fit hits the shan, it WILL spray ALL OVER THEM. And they don’t particularly like the idea.

    Their support of Ron Paul is evidence.

    As soon as the very last person born before May 14, 1948 dies, Christian Zionism, with its pathetic attempt to MAKE Jesus come back, right now, because I said so, d****it, will be instantly discarded as the foolheaded errand it always was.

    Because, you see, God is NOT mocked. NOR ordered around.

  26. Chris,

    The same way it’s always done: loans, temporary tax deductions, fiscal policy tricks and threats. He doesn’t have to spend a dime or take a break from gettin’ jiggy wit it, his handlers do it all. For instance, all his NY banking buddies have to do is suggest he threaten to tax corporate cash but not new credits. Money flows into the market, credit expands, Americans can feel nigger rich again for a fiscal quarter or three.

    Every president tries this kind of shit. Remember when bush had an $800 check mailed to everyone so they could go buy one more big TV and boost GDP one last time? Remember the 8,000 tax credit for people who hadn’t been stupid enough to jump on the RE gravy train? Remember cash for clunkers that launched auto sales for one quarter? Remember when Clinton’s treasury bailed out mexico and Greenspan dumped money into the system during the asian financial crisis? All that just went into stocks and made everyone feel good for just a little bit longer.

    Bread and circuses but the circuses take care of themselves in this clown society… they just throw out more bread.

  27. “Then what’s stopping people from getting ready? The train wreck is COMING.”

    Ain’t that the million dollar question? Maybe because life has been so easy for so long people have forgotten bad shit happens? My family honors the old ways, and that means being ready for bad stuff to happen. For the most part we all listen to my grandparents about the great depression and the men folk are all vets, with 1st hand SHTF experience. Maybe its the lack of respect for our elders and history combined with a lack military experience? Wish I knew, because then I could turn more folks

    I don’t think Romney is an automatic win vs BHO. My guess is, Romney will not fire enough enough White voters, particularity White Men to over come all the die hard White leftist, women, non-Whites etc that will vote for BHO.

    You are free by default when living in the country, and in the hills ie Appalachia. #1) there isn’t anyone around to tell you what to do or rat you out when there is 300 acres between you and your nearest neighbor. # 2) country folk are a little less fired up about BRA, even when they don’t know the term or reason. I hold a machine gun shoot twice a year and the neighbors have never called the cops. #3), Us hillbillies have a proud tradition of telling the feds to fuck off. But I know moving to the sticks isn’t for everyone.

  28. Sorry Folks, but Tom Metzger is right about Lone Wolf. So is Futura. Keep in mind that being on farms is better, but its not complete safety. Look what happened to Farms in South Africa and Ukraine and even South. Maybe a hidden bunker or Cave might work. Only a few places left Fr. John, like Patagonia, Siberia Forest and Andes.We are with the Weeds and Tares and grow up with and among them. Cant wait till Harvest Time Comes—-The Thrashing and the Burning of the Weeds and Tares and sifting the bad traitor whites out to. So what about Pissing on dead enemy bodies….Would love to pisss on Kennedy Graves and Lincolns to!

  29. John Thomas writes:

    “Would love to pisss on Kennedy Graves and Lincolns to!”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    There’s a good project: publish a list of the geographic location of the graves of some of our worse enemies (LBJ, Ted Kennedy etc) and give helpful hints on the best ways to pi** on their graves – things like having your pi** disguised as a water refreshment and then make the libation.

  30. Stonelifter – the sticks aren’t for every-one. The sticks are for the BEST people.

    We have to deal with the fact that we are going to have to tell the Feds to fuck off from every place we are.

  31. Jack Ryan: Great idea with the cups! Everyone look up on Google for good laugh: Informationm about Gonarrhea Letim——(Gonna Reelect them from CDC Warning) On Sorcha Faal has good You Tube of Judge Neopolitano on Demos and Republicans……

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