Haitian Earthquake: Two Years Later

Among the ruins of Haiti exactly two years later

Egalité for All!

Two years ago on this day, 200,000 Haitians lost their lives after a rather mild 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck near the Port-au-Prince area.

Exactly two years later: $2.4 billion dollars of DWL foreign aid has been spent in Haiti, almost 50 percent of the rubble is still on the ground, 70 percent of Haitians are unemployed, 600,000 Haitians are still living in tent cities, and the world’s largest cholera outbreak has killed 7,000 people and infected 500,000 people after a lunatic bathed and drank from a river contaminated with raw sewage.

8 million Haitians live without electricity, 5 million Haitians are illiterate, 8 out of 10 Haitians live on less than $2 dollars a day, and foreign charity comprises half the national budget. Haitians live off the Global EBT Card and could not survive otherwise. The productive land which Haitians used to farm in the 19th century is now a 98 percent deforested wasteland after 208 years of freedom and equality.

Thanks to DWL charity, 52 percent of the food now consumed in Haiti is imported from abroad. Farming has declined from 40 percent to 25 percent of the Haitian economy over the past decade. It should be interesting to see what happens when the foreign aid spigot finally dries up as the European population contracts over the next twenty years.

In the meantime, Whole Foods is selling Haitian mangoes to SWPLs, Sean Penn has vowed to spend the rest of his life in Haiti, and bleeding heart liberals like Amanda Kijera continue to descend on Haiti only to be gang raped by their African brothers in the common worldwide struggle against oppression.

Haiti was destroyed by “free society.” The effective result of abolition was the total collapse of civilization in what in “slave society” had previously been the richest and most productive colony in the entire world.

If you are in the mood for some Quixotic dark humor, check out the Nicholas Kristof columns on Haiti over the past two years:

– In “Some Frank Talk About Haiti” (January 2, 2010), Kristof dismisses the idea that Haitians are racially inferior, claimed that Haiti “could plausibly turn itself around,” and attacked Bill O’Reilly for spreading the “pernicious myth” that “Once again, we will do more than anyone else on the planet, and one year from today Haiti will be just as bad as it is right now.”

– In “Haiti, Nearly a Year Later” (December 1, 2010), Haiti was being roiled by a cholera epidemic and there were estimates that 400,000 Haitians could get cholera in the next year. Kristof admitted that O’Reilly “wasn’t far off” when he claimed on his show that Haiti would still be a basket case a year later.

– In “I’ve Seen the Future (In Haiti)” (December 4, 2010), Kristof chimes in three days later with a new column about how Haitian microfinance was going to revolutionize the financial services industry.

– In “Ladders for the Poor” (January 5, 2011), Kristof claimed that “stony hearts” were mistakenly losing hope and had written off Haiti as a bottomless pit, a perennial hell impervious to progress. He continued to assert that “we have a moral obligation to address extreme poverty around the world,” but backed off from the idea the charity was the solution.

– In “Angelina, George, Ben and Mia” (December 31, 2011), Kristof turns his attention back to the Haiti for the first time in a year and has nothing to say about Haiti aside from briefly commenting that “Sean Penn and Olivia Wilde … have shown a more sustained commitment to Haiti than most news organizations.”

There is nothing that I can add to what Hesketh Prichard and Dr. William Pierce have already said about Haiti. Their analysis will stand the test of time as the definitive statement on Haiti in much the same way that the Pythagorean Theorem or Euclidean geometry will always be true.

Freedom failed … most spectacularly in the world’s first black republic.

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  1. ‘I’m so glad my great-granddaddy caught that ship!’

    Muhammad Ali, giving thanks for being born in America, after seeing the utter squalor and corruption of the Congo in a visit to Africa in 1974.

    Check out this professional video of modern day chaos and squalor in Monrovia, Liberia:

    (Country was founded by former slaves returning to Africa from the USA)

    “General Butt Naked, General Mosquito, General Bin Laden.”

    These are some of the gansta warlords mentioned in the documentary

    A classic third world hell hole!

  2. Haiti is where Brook Simpson should be. He can help so much. He can be their Savior. He must bring the rest of his band of liberators, as well.

  3. Two more good videos about the modern disaster that is the Congo:


    The well built and maintained roads of the Belgian Congo have become dirt trails through the jungle 50 years later. Video shows overloaded trucks trying to drive 400 miles in 20 days.

    “Hey white man. When you go home. Tell them to help rebuild our roads”

    With the infrastructure shot many people have to travel by river barge up the Congo river. Video shows 1700 people on a barge pushed by a tug up the Congo for days without fresh water, electricity, or medicines on board.


  4. In the 1960s there was a White Supremist Christian Identity Preacher named Pastor William Lester Blessing. He made the comment that Slavery was the greatest blessing that Blacks ever had! He said Blacks in America have more than any other blacks in the world! Also Tom Anderson wrote that Black Chiefs sold their own people into slavery! Ali does not beleive in race mixing. The Black Muslims want their own country, just like Marcus Garvey! Dr. Robert Brock of the Self Determination Committee has spoke at White Nationlist Meetings, just like Tom Metzger of WAR spoke at The New Black Panther Party. The Ruling Elite wants to destroy all cultures and make a World Global Plantation and make us their slaves. As far as the 4 Marines Pissing on dead enemy bodies, remember the Marines whose dead bodies were dragged thru the Somalia Capital! Maybe a giant penis can flood D.C. with urine piss and all those bastards their will drown in urune piss!

  5. Many years ago, I was told by a white Baptist preacher that another preacher had told him ,”That Blacks create slums wherever they go.” The other preacher was a Black Baptist preacher from Jamaica.
    Just a couple of months ago, I read Jesse Lee Peterson’s “Scam”. This black preacher said if the white people were to vanish from America overnight, they wouldn’t be able to hold anything together. And the things he said about Black leadership, Black families, and Black churches would get a White Man labeled racist. It got him labeled as a “Uncle Tom”. If the majority of the Blacks refuse to listen to a wise man like Peterson, they will forever be an undertow that will drag themselves and us down.

  6. I think we just found our 51st state. You can bet that there are groups of do-gooder religious bastards who are working to convince politicians that the lord wants us to find those poor Haitians a fat titty on that old mongrel bitch called America.

    Watch and see. They may not try to make Haiti a state, but you can bet that there will soon be a move to give them Protectorate status. Woo-hoo! That means they will receive a permanent spot at our dinner table. SSI, Section 8, EBT cards, free daycare, all of it. As an added bonus, they will have access to American courts so they can sue anybody that tries to shortstop the gravy bowl.

  7. Right after that happened a bunch of videos on youtube popped up with the scenes of the masses black bodies being bulldozed and loader-dumped into a mass grave all put to benny-hill music. It was hilarious.

  8. Perfect example of a Negro & Indian Roman Catholic mumbo jumbo country. Worse than Mexico, El Salvador, etc.

    Little known fact, the “President” of Haiti has nominated the Roman Catholic Bishops of Haiti and has since the 1930’s!

    Protestants should remember Christ’s words in Matthew 26:11. Our task is not Roman Catholic Haiti, or Mexico, or any other cesspool created by the Roman Catholic church or their Jews like Meyer Lansky.

  9. Jewmundo – drop the attacks on Cathlicism. EVERY-ONE is guilty.

    On another note – the screechy NeoCohen Mark Levin has just “written” a book called “Ameritopia: The Unmaking Of America” . It’s about the “ideas that have undone America.

    The wheels are really falling off.

    Looks like the Rulng Elite is cribbing our ideas, in order to mask theirs.

  10. ItsWIts a mystery to me that they were able to fight off both a British and French force. Malaria and yellow fever must have been a factor. Or perhaps the British thought better of attempting to make a go of the Colony and decided to cut their losses.

    Haitians really are the scum of the earth. Every dollar, pound and euro of aid might as well have been burned live on TV.

    When will the press just point out that these people are literally sucking up oxygen?

  11. You Roman Catholics can’t take the truth. Your fellow Roman Catholics & your Roman Catholic church created these miscegenated countries in the Caribbean, and Latin America like Haiti and Mexico, by blessing & practicing miscegenation.

    Here in the White Protestant US miscegenation was illegal!

  12. Never made it to Haiti but was given the grand tour of Somalia,just the fact we are importing them tells me all I need to know about our government.

  13. Hesketh Pritchard is well worth reading. His book is 105 years old and still as current as when it was written.

  14. In “Ladders for the Poor” (January 5, 2011), Kristof claimed that “stony hearts” were mistakenly losing hope and had written off Haiti as a bottomless pit, a perennial hell impervious to progress. He continued to assert that “we have a moral obligation to address extreme poverty around the world,” but backed off from the idea the charity was the solution.

    LOL. The irony is that Haiti isn’t “impervious to progress.” They’re just waiting on a Superman that no longer exists; a few thousand White men, properly trained and equipped, could straighten out the whole country.

    They’d just have to be fascist authoritarian racist White Supremacists.

  15. Sean Penn is going to stay in Haiti for the rest of his life? Well there are Good News stories, these days!

    (That pic of him is….perfect. Ever notice how Jews get Jewier looking, as they age? Jews and Negroes. Perfect, together.)

  16. PRB – I was recounting some of your commnetary, to Haughy Blonde, my comrade in Racist Eeeeeevil. She takes pride and satisfaction in being the Queen of Hate. She was highly amused!

    I don’t know if Haiti will be made into the 51rst State. Israel already holds that title. Also -read the Comments on Mainstream news sites. People are OVER those poor, flea-ridden big eyed pickaninny kids, holding out bowls….

  17. Exchange the Haitians with the white south Africans. Straight territorial swap.
    Haiti would be a minor world power like Sweden inside five years. Best hospitals, schools, farms and probably a viable space program.

    The willful blindness of ordinary people in the west, to their own talent is simply staggering.

  18. The liberal loves lost causes. That way, when insane liberal plans do not work out, it’s the fault of the racists. No one is surprised they did not work. Those plans existed only to make the liberals look good.

    In other words, liberals don’t care about the black people in Haiti except for how good it makes liberals look to be helping those poor victims. Liberals want to fly somewhere exotic, help black people, and then fly back home to their 98.6% white neighborhoods run by conservative in loco parentis figures.

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