“Knockout King” Thugs Walk Free

Matt Quain: "People shouldn't have to be afraid to live in their own neighborhood."


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The Black Undertow thugs who assaulted Matt Quain in a game of “Knockout King” in St. Louis last October walked free today after their charges were dismissed.

The African-American suspects celebrated outside the courthouse – laughing, cheering, high fiving each other – when a 13-year-old black female witness who was with them that night failed to show up to testify.

Quain says he feels like he has been victimized all over again. He told reporters after the hearing, “I don’t doubt that they’re going to do it again. … The choices those kids make will come back to haunt them someday, I hope.”

In “free society,” the Black Undertow has been unleashed on nearby suburbs like Dellwood and Spanish Lake, reproducing the conditions there that has made St. Louis the third most violent city in America. The Whites of St. Louis County have been stripped of their ability to defend their businesses and preserve the character of their neighborhoods by federal civil rights legislation.

Matt Quain returned to his part time job as a dishwasher at Joanie’s Pizza two weeks ago. Such is life for the White working class in Black Run Amerika.

Update: Rob and Andy, if you are reading this website, calling me a “racist” isn’t a logical argument or responsive to the reality of free society. To echo Hesketh Prichard, African-Americans inherited “a made city” in the St. Louis metropolitan area and this is the effective result of the Civil Rights Movement.

Note: In The Color of Crime: St. Louis, we learned that African-Americans are 49.2 percent of the population, but are responsible for 92 percent of homicide, 78 percent of rape, 93 percent of robbery, 87 percent of aggravated assault, and 82 percent of burglary.

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  1. I live within a stones throw of where this happened.

    It’s mortifying. Could have easily happened to me as I walk from my house about 1kilometer to the gym at Carondelet Park YMCA.

    I really do hope the Cops keep very close tabs on these little pricks and haul them off to jail at every given opportunity. Make them suffer as much as possible. Hopefully their addresses and ID’s leak accidentally on purpose. I’m willing to bet some southie types will be seeking revenge.

  2. It speaks volumes about the Mayor. He actually witnessed the criminals running away.
    Yet he couldn’t ensure they were punished!

    He’s a useless muppet. Obviously he’s got a huge fist up his posterior dictating political reality to him.

  3. Well I SINCERELY hope the Whites in the area NOTICE. whites have to learn to me member of a GROUP again, I tell young Whites to make sure they do not travel alone anymore, when moving in “diverse” areas.

    I don’t think ONegro will be re-installed. I’m a huge fan of the “The Telling Moment”…my company had Negroes all over their graphics, everywhere. The Negro images are being removed, and White faces are re-appearing. Oh – there are still “swarthy” Hispanicy/Arabish images – hip yet generic Brownish types – but YT is being brought back from the Corn Field.

    My company offers rather high end products, and we’ve been having a sort of Black Undertow effect, after trying to cater to the Black Demographic. I’ve been smirking all along, at the predicable results. Don’t get me wrong; I’m very professional, in person. I genuinely like all kinds of folks, in person. We have LOVELY decent, good, worthy Black clients…..but we all know the Average Black Female Net Worth figure. Well – most people drop the BS when it comes to the bottom line – so Whitey’s Back.


  4. Denise, given that the mayor saw them running off, with his own eyes. Failure to secure a conviction is probably going to set off a local reaction that will not die down.
    The court just declared municipally sanctioned open season on whites in that area. It is incredible.

    The mayor might as well be impeached for failing to Reasonably protect his constituents.

  5. I’d like to reiterate what you said to Rob and Andy. In any city in Europe the Victorian era housing stock that St Louis possesses would be valued at 3 times the current market value. The original workmanship on the bricks and roofing is as good as anything I’ve ever seen. In London the five bedroom, six bedroom houses would be worth 10s of millions.

    St Louis ought to be one of the most desirable places in America to buy a “pile of bricks” as the English call it. Instead the black population has literally turned some of the most gorgeous housing stock into piles of bricks and timber and bare wiring and blocked drains and what is otherwise only to be described as a wasteland.

    All those beautiful Deco, Modern, Victorian, Craftsman works of architecture wrecked by cretins and their well meaning enablers in the white community.

    It’s a crying shame.

  6. Denise , you’re a riot 🙂

    (as for this courtroom outrage, I can hardly stomach it. I AM FURIOUS. I hope justice comes their way reallll soon….)

  7. I grow more convinced by the day that we absolutely must have 4 more years of Obama. The failure of BRA must become seared in the mind of every person in the country. Anything less and we might have only a minor correction, then straight back to hell.

    Four more years.

  8. Landshark,

    Romney is strictly the B team. The Republican party are not up for it. They are clueless against Obama. Unless Romney has a card up his sleeve with the PAC money, the press will just mock him and find some gaffe to hype up to bury him with. Amazing really, as Obama isn’t exactly what I’d call talented.

    I predict JEB Bush is just biding his time for 2016.

  9. Sad to say, but it must get worse to get better. There are still too many whites who haven’t felt enough pain and don’t mind the suffering of other whites who are “inferior” to them. So they encourage, condone, and allow the muds and blacks to prey upon the “inferior” whites. It is easy for them to just continue to look the other way.

    The establishment conservatives in the GOP are this type of white and therefore no different from their Democrat counterparts. To hell with them! Four more years of the mulatto wonder is harsh medicine, especially since he and his kind will be emboldened by victory. He will be able to act by executive order without any check upon him, supported by judicial fiat, and the ensuing disaster will be of far greater magnitude.

    By that time these dysfunctional whites will either be awakened or else they will be primed and ready for the trashbin of history. Such whites are the truest enemy–far greater than any negro or mud. The culling of this part of the white herd is completely necessary to the continued existence of white people. The quislings must go, by hook or by crook. We need to police our own before we will be able to do anything.

    Deo Vindice

  10. John — Didn’t you know they are burning down houses there for the bricks?

    Denise — Once a product goes black (and is considered black), it can’t come back. Thank god your management realized their error.

    Matt Quain is a victim because he is a pussy living in a shitty neighborhood (if that is ZIP 63111) who apparently wouldn’t hit a black “yoof”. Sucks for him. For christ sake, if you don’t have a weapon, keep your keys in you hand when you walk with one sticking out between your fingers and go for a punch to an eye — then get the fuck away because you aren’t going to get a fair trial with a niggered jury.

  11. I girl dated who
    lived around there had a .45 and a knuckle duster with nice blade attatched to it. Tiny little red head. Totally petrified of her neighbours. She’d have shot or filetted a few of the TKO gang.

  12. RJP and John- it’s really not that hard to dominate Nigras. It takes a some self-confidence – and the willingness to know that if you are confronted physically – you must be prepared to fight to the death. It has to be real; they sense it.

    There are others thing….I lived in NJ for anumber of years. A large and spacious apartment complex, very near the Atlantic Ocean. all types of people lived there. I, and my entire family are ailurophiles. We all have multiple cats. Turns out that most – not all – but most Negroes and Hispanics are VERY superstitious about cats. Many of the residents thought I was a Bruja, because of my dear kitties. I used to take walks, on the Commons, with one of my beloved felines. He’d follow me around, and I’d talk to him. People saw this. They saw me talking, in conversational tones, to my cats – and my cats seemed to be complying. Animals to learn words, but communication really occurs with tone of voice, and gestures, and behavior triggers. I understand cats, and what motivates them. Same for dogs. Cats are simply easier to keep. But it looked like I was telling my cats what to do, and they were doing my bidding. Some of the Blacks I worked with lived in the complex. We’d carpool sometimes- but they were afraid to enter my house. I really didn’t have too many problems.

    That poor Matt Quain just reeks of “Victim”. He’d be fine in a nice White town – but he’s doomed, if he stays where he is.

  13. John – I know. My heart bleeds when I think of the gorgeous homes, being ruined, by the savages. It KILLS me. Architecture, like music, is an indicator of the worthiness of a civilization. Whites, overall, have lost the ability to produce the “ordinary” marvels of craftsmanship that were routine, even 60 years ago, to even lower class dwellings.

    I remeber watchign a PBS documentary, years ago, about whether or not single motherhood was a good idea, or was marriage better, after all. This was long before I heard of Racialism, et al. They profiled several women. A White Southern woman, who was a moron, and a Black woman from Detroit, who was a horror. The White Southern woman was a vain, silly, vacuous, selfish child – but her modest home was clean and orderly, the cupboard was well stocked, and her children were clean, well-groomed, and very polite to the camera crew. They smiled and spoke in complete sentences, and were very cute kids. I still remember them. I hope they are all doing well.

    The Black woman was actually more astute, and thoughtful about her situation – but she was absolutely cold-blooded about having children in order to collect more welfare checks. I recall that she spoke English very well, in a calm, collected manner. The apartment was a DUMP, however – the furniture really torn to pieces, all kinds of markings and splotches all over the walls, and her children were wild beasts. They ran around and SCREAMED, on every segment. There were shots of the exterior of her apartment buiding – and that was my very first exposure to the Ruins of Detroit. The buildng was a large, spacious, late 19th century jewel. The remants of brilliant architectural detail abounded, inside and out. I remember thinking “Oh my!!! Look what they’ve one to the GORGEOUS building!!! That’s just AWFUL!”.

  14. I have cat allergies. Severe ones.
    I’m not worried about myself per se. I’m big enough to fight one or two if forced. If a pack came after with intent to harm me and caught me napping I wouldn’t stand a chance. No one ever does of course, stand a chance with multiple assailants unless armed. The thing I worry about are the women and young-uns. They can do So many stupid things without thinking first. Opening doors to strangers, asking questions ( asking a question like “What did you say?” appears to be an invitation to a duel to many blacks.)

    anyway. I certainly don’t like seeing this aquittal. It’s a very bad precident. The mayor is a feeble man obviously.

    The main thing is to avoid triggering a chimpout if in close range.

  15. Sounds like Matt Quain is a (former?) DWL. I hope the brothas beat some sense into that honky boy!

    Earlmundo One Note, if you aren’t a troll you do a good imitation of one.

    Denise, I hate PBS (well, except for Downton Abbey, all White cast BTW). PBS feeds at the public troth and asks for (and gets) private funding. Their “documentaries” are anti-White, through and through, to the Nth degree. I can’t watch. I’d throw something at the TV. I wouldn’t piss on one of their executives if he/she was on fire.

  16. Denise perhaps you can make an educated guess as to when the DWLs you know are ready to flee the cult, and when they are willing to risk being called “racist?”

  17. RRS – depends on the DWL. Some are hopelessly lost. Too bad for them. Other need a Defining Racial moment. I know one guy that had to get beaten 6 no 1 but 6 times by his Diverse bruthas, before he clued in.

    I HATE to say this – but corrupted Christianity is a HUGE problem. I know 2 wonderful White males, who are very hip to Racial Reality, who STILL thinks Jesus can save Negroes, as a whole. They can angry when I tell them they are wrong.

  18. I cannot imagine the terror that must fill a DWL’s mind, no wonder anti-depressants are such a lucrative market. A large niche of the psychiatry market could be dedicated to them.

  19. RobRoySimmons says:
    January 13, 2012 at 8:17 pm
    I cannot imagine the terror that must fill a DWL’s mind, no wonder anti-depressants are such a lucrative market. A large niche of the psychiatry market could be dedicated to them.

    I think the large market of legal, mood altering drugs is already dedicated to the DWL’S. Soma has many names.

  20. i passed through oakland on my way home from viet nam and was attacked by two negroes who i shot dead.surprise!surprise!

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