Have You Heard From Johannesburg: Selma to Soweto

South Africa

This garbage documentary that demonizes the Afrikaners and Apartheid South Africa for defending Western civilization is now airing on PBS. The episode “From Selma to Soweto” is set to air on January 19th.

It has inspired me to create the motto of the White Revolution: Freedom. Honor. Prosperity.

Note: The Afrikaner has no greater friend and admirer in the entire world than the White Southerner in Dixie. The moment we seize power here and secure our own independence from Washington the Jeff Davis Brigade is going to be dispatched to South Africa.

South Africa under “barbaric-democracy” is so savage and demoralizing that I had to quit writing about the subject after Eugene Terre’blanche went to martyrdom. The fate of Whites under black supremacy in South Africa is something to ponder as Mississippi and Georgia hurtle toward White minority status.

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  1. Freedom. Honor. Prosperity.

    That’s a slogan to live by.

    I like the word liberty better, and for me, I want to secure those blessing for my posterity but it’s damn sure a slogan to live by

    Deo Vindice

  2. We’re going to start analyzing news stories from that perspective here. It is going to be a big change. There will also be a return to a wider international perspective which you are already seeing in 2012.

  3. From the comment section: “Dam a documentary on Apartheid in January, and a documentary on the Civil Rights Movement in February. It’s going to take a whole lot of inner strength for me not to kill a white motherfucker in March…lol.”

  4. There is no doubt that what is and has happened in South Africa is merely a preview of what we can expect to happen in this country, especially the American South within the next decade if not sooner. If you haven’t read Illana Mercer’s book ‘Into The Cannibals Pot’ you need to. Admittedly she speaks from a Jewish perspective and you definitely won’t agree with some of her conclusions. But it offers a preview of what we can expect if and when (its more of a question of when) the undertow and the champions of the American civil religion of egalitarianism and oligarchy finally take control. The disarmament and disenfranchisement of whites in this country is a first step.

    Not only are we faced with a threat from the descendants of former slaves. but we are also faced with a more dangerous and deadly influx of Mexican immigrants who are much more pagan and tribal than the undertow. I just commented on this at American Renaissance:


  5. The immigration question has receded somewhat because nothing much is going on now except litigation. The states that were going to get sued have been sued. It will heat up again when Mississippi addresses the subject in this legislative session.

  6. The western effort to destroy Aparthied will need to be radically reassessed.

    Conservatives in the US ought to speak up and speak very clearly about the disintegration of Prosperity, order and decency in SA following Mandela.

  7. The rich Elite Asshole bastards already have their own Aparthied and Segregation! Their neighborhoods and areas are elegant with security. They are Hypocrital Bastards!. But dont worry—there will be a day coming and the undertow will get them to. Years ago a RICH BASTARD in a Rolls Royce got cement blocks thrown on it from an overpass by the undertow on I-95 in Miami. Since it was as a Rich Elite VIP they put Highway Patrol all over the Xpressways and cried about it. But if that was a regular White Working class vehicle, it would not even be cared about. The system is rooten as hell! If you drive thru the Black sections—you better have 9mm were you can get it quick or they will car jack you at traffic lights!

  8. The St Louis mayor’s inability to stitch up these Knockout King Kids, means that part of Grand Blvd (and much else of it) is off my itinery for good.

    He saw them running from the scene and couldn’t ensure they paid dearly for it.

  9. Looking at that hideous Desmond Tutu’s face (hasn’t he died…yet?) reminds me of a billboard in S.A. that said:

    “I used to be an Anglican, until I put Tu and tu together.”

    Exactly. Tutu’s no more a cleric in the Church of God, that Jesse Jackson is.

    Only until/as we purge the non-European from the Church at all levels, will we restore God’s blessing on our spiritual and racial adultery. And, just as the church goes, so, too goes society.

    We’ve got a lot of work to do.

  10. Out of curiosity are there any elected officials in America willing to point out that undermining the Afrikaaners was a huge strategic and political blunder? Any takers at all?

    They don’t even need to get into the more nettlesome subtopics raised by the issue.

    Just point out that all the liberal promises and assumptions were confounded by reality. Lots of Americans would understand that it’s a test case for American regions with majority black populations.

    I grew up accepting the liberal assumptions of the Media about liberation struggles. No more of course.

  11. True conservatives, that is, those who honestly believe in the founding principles of this country and a white western basis for our society have been speaking up about it for years. Unfortunately there are no true conservatives left in places where it actually matters. Those voices need to come from the highest levels of academia, and national government and be heard in the mass media. Our whole system has become corrupted
    through political power grabs and the profits derived from greed.

    Mandella, like Mlk, Malcolm X and others have been adopted as Icons of victory over
    white oppression and the media and others either squelch the consequences or revel in the outcomes. Our country does not always welcome the white refugees from the racial violence in SA, Zimbabwe, and Rhodesia. Their voice would be dangerous for the ruling elite. They seek refuge in eastern European countries, principally those of the former Soviet block where their talents as farmers are most appreciated. Of course if you are Jewish like Illana Mercer (her voice can easily be written off as that of a border line insane academic with misplaced values) you have an advantage that the Afrikaner Christians don’t. One Holocaust is lamented and wailed on while another is celebrated. What a wonderful world it is that our children are about to inherit.

  12. In the 1970s BUDDY TUCKER had the National Emancipation of White Seed (NEWS) Party. Butler and Neuman were even members. Aryan Nations came out of NEWS. NEWS was most militant White Christian Identity Movement. The NEWS FLAG is a trememdous flag of our Race like no other! The FEDS FEAR A NEWS MOVEMENT! Truth From God.com Other Articles……….

  13. I know a few refugees from South Africa who moved to London. One served in the Namibian army. Basically liberal/ leftist. Great guy really. Highly educated. He is qualified to teach in English universities, but can’t get his foot in the in SA Universities. He actually loves old country. Feels like he should be there. He thought Mandela was a bit of a fraud or at least the Rainbow Nation was a lie. But he feels a duty to blacks to lift them up.

    Naturally, his folk were missionaries. The whites down there were not attempting to steal resources or enslave. They were there to enlighten or build.

    He knows civilization there has been wiped out.

  14. Also one day they will look at the ruins of Joberg, Cape, Durban and wonder how the Bushmen built all those glittering buildings.

    Afrocentrics will photoshop their own faces onto the remaining images and artifacts of the golden Apartheid/Colonial years and create a bullshit mythology about how they were ” Da real Afrikaaners n’sheet.”

    They already claim Beethoven, George III’s wife and King Tut. So why not claim Paul Kruger and Jan Smuts too.

  15. We need to study the case of John Brown who was objectively (and subjectively) insane, so that we can recognize and label white persons who suffer under the illusions and delusions that marked his political and social views. Somehow he has acquired a patina of sainthood, but it is attached to a man deeply afflicted with a collection of mental pathologies which is not in clinical directories. Self-hatred is only the beginning symptom. Possibly you could do a posting on the underlying dimensions of John Brown’s madness.


  16. The best info on South Africa is in Richard Kelly Hoskins—Vigilantes of Christendom Chapter 7 South Africa Meets the Establishment. His book is on Great White Desert.org. Great White Desert.org has good info on Richard G. Butler and Robert E. Miles also. Also a good audio by Louis beam. H. Millard on NNN NEWS also has three excellent books and articles…….H. Millard articles are good….

  17. Buchanan got booted from the MSM for his views. I can’t believe we haven’t made greater strides than that by now. Unfortunately if we had a group to counter-pressure for Buchanan’s reinstatement, nobody would want to have anything to do with us. The noose gets tighter around our neck even as we speak freely on the internet.

  18. ‘He actually loves old country. Feels like he should be there.’

    Thats one of the great tragedies of this age. Whites being displaced from a country that their ancestors built and promised to their heirs. I see the same thing happening here but unfortunately for us we have no place to go.

  19. John said: “But he feels a duty to blacks to lift them up.”

    There is your FIRST problem. Altruism (the desire to do good) is, apart from the Biblical injunctions (which can only bolster the CI position that Europe/ and God’s Israel [Gal. 6:16] are one and the same), seems to be hard-wired into the White Man’s psyche.

    The problem is, the biblical injunction is ALWAYS to one’s OWN for the outworking of said altruism ‘Love your NEIGHBOR as yourself.” Even the parable of the Good Samaritan, so beloved of liberal scripture-twisters, often fails to take into account that Christ was speaking of ALL our ‘ethnic’ kin, not just our own ‘tribe’ – for the Samaritans were ethnically related to the Israelites- much like Scots and Irish.

    The Englightenment, and the Abolitionists in the USA (someone noted the madness of ‘King’ John Brown) warped that altruism to make it apply to EVERY race, EVERY hominid.

    This is a concrete example of the fallacy that one’ religion doesn’t affect one’s actions. Of course they do. We WHITES just need to start seeing our ‘neighbor’ as only those who are our RACE. Or, as the acronym notes: ORION.

  20. It’s not my problem. In a sense the Boers were such good farmers and missionaries that they ended up providing their Blood Enemy sustenance and the resources to multiply.

    Not my doing!

  21. All of the 10 least corrupt countries in the world are majority white except for Singapore.
    In most of the countries of the world, are the police and the judiciary amazingly corrupt and dishonest? Throughout history, is honest and competent government an extremely rare phenomenon?
    p. 154 of “Where black rules white; a journey across and about Hayti”
    On another occasion I saw a captain of police called in by a negress who had attempted to steal from a store. The owner of the place, a Danish subject, naturally interfered to save his goods. The woman went out and returned in a few moments with the police officer, who threatened to shoot the Dane, and then stood by while the woman, under the protection of his revolver, wreaked her vengeance with a heavy stick. The upshot of this case, when brought into court, was a sentence of imprisonment on the Dane, with the option of a heavy fine.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PwprWHgsJE A Warning to the United States from South Africa (NeoSpeech Julie. With C.C.)

  22. I’ve recently found websites like yours which reporting on black violence against whites. Please keep up the good work. I also value your reporting on Africa. One quibble: I don’t see why you say in your post that the state of Georgia will turn into South Africa. The statistics just don’t support that. From census 2000 to 2010 the black share of Georgia population increased by 2-3%. Non-hispanic whites still outnumber blacks by almost 2 to 1. True, Georgia has a small but growing hispanic population but as we see in Texas their voting participation is much lower than whites and blacks (although trust me, I know the Texas demographics are going south quickly). The only way you would have a problem is if whites in Georgia turn into the suicidal white population of California. I can’t see that happening.

  23. I agree with Jane – a 2-1 White to Black population in Georgia is pretty good for our cause. It’s enough of a Black population for Whites to see the problems close to home, but not so high as to be overwhelmed. It’s bad to do White actism in such places than in all White places like the 97% White places of Minnesota, Maine, Idaho. Sure, these all White places are nice places to live and raise of family, just not a good place to get people all fired up to think about race every day.

    Think of these 20% Black populations as flu shots – you need some of the virus to build up resistance.

  24. Jane, Jack, come on!

    “I don’t see why you say in your post that the state of Georgia will turn into South Africa. The statistics just don’t support that. From census 2000 to 2010 the black share of Georgia population increased by 2-3%.”

    Can you see the fallacy? You don’t need 90% blacks to lose your country. 50% + 1, and it’s all over. And that’s where it’s trending. As Lao Tzu said, ” If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you’re heading.”

  25. Analog, St Louis is a 50-50 city. It’s so bad the mayor can witness a pack of thugs running from the scene of a crime and NOT ensure a conviction.

    Whether they are a majority or not the run the City hall wherever you find them.

  26. Hunter and other well-wishers of South Africa, thanks for your sentiments.

    Please go to the Afrikaner Genocide Museum and watch the slideshow. Listen to the music. Nurse your hate. I fear the Jeff Davis Brigade will be a bit too late, if we have to wait for the South to get its freedom; but in the meantime, spread this around.

    People, this is your future, if you don’t nip this shit in the bud. Trust me.

  27. Georgia has a terrible problem in that while African-Americans have been moving to the South, they are converging on Atlanta more than anywhere else, and blacks from within the South are migrating to the cities.

  28. You must see the situation in South Africa, I live in South Africa. The ANC doesn’t want to admit their mistakes. Recently the ANC held a celebration of 100 years of existence. They spent tens of millions of dollars on a massive party, funded by South African tax payers. But what is most disturbing is that they sang “kill the boer, kill the farmer” – the President sang it. Now the bottom line is: they are screwing up and the worse things get, the more they want to blame whites and kill them. I mean can you imagine someone that hates you because you are successful and rich and for that reason they want to kill you: because they are struggling to get rich! They have all the power in the country. 99% of the national budget goes to black people. 99%. Whites have no political power, they focus on their businesses. LOL! They have all the power and they cannot turn their participation in the country into a success. Everything from infrastructure to education is down the past 21 years. And for that, they hate the whites. The whites are keeping the country going. But they cannot see success. They imagine that killing the whites, will give them a farm or home or business and that is how wealth is acquired.

  29. Nasdaq7, your figures are based on what exactly? Seriously, don’t just make up percentages and expect that the use of the % symbol will magically make them seem legit.

    I’m in South Africa. This is Africa guys! What type of government other than an African government would you suggest takes power. The ANC have a legitimate claim to governance through democratic processes. Are you seriously suggesting that a minority, semi-fascist government has more right to control the country? Have you even read about the crazy Naziesque punitive measures which were employed during apartheid by so called civilised white people? Those tales are shameful.

    Never in my life have I stumbled onto a forum populated by such ignorant racists, unbelievable. When in the first place, the US sits on land stolen from it’s initial inhabitants.

    I experience freedoms in South Africa which have long since been removed in the States. The US is becoming a policed state one little piece of legislation at a time. But as long as you can deep fry anything you like, the lack of personal freedoms goes unnoticed…

  30. South African Troll writes:

    “Never in my life have I stumbled onto a forum populated by such ignorant racists, unbelievable. When in the first place, the US sits on land stolen from it’s original inhabitants.”

    Might I suggest everyone take a breather from the pointless gender-war on the other thread, and demolish this pathetic little caricature?

  31. “South African White Guy” should be deported to Zimbabwe to live under Robert Mugabe’s version of “democracy,” or failing that, he can just stick around South Africa for about 10 more years until it arrives on his own doorstep.

  32. What kind of government would we like to see in South Africa?

    Well, let’s see: a type of government where the farce that is known as “democracy” is abolished, an Afrikaner-led ethnostate that is explicitly based on race, and a government where the millions of Bantus now infesting the country and destroying Western civilization are progressively pushed back across the Limpopo, and then across the Zambezi, and then across the Congo all the way hack to Cameroon where they originally came from.

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