African-American Hides 38 Caliber Pistol In Rectum

North Carolina

The black David Copperfield has been discovered in North Carolina.

Note: If Michael Ward ever gets out of prison, he could go on tour with the Enigma and the Show Devils. Serena Rose can eat lightbulbs and swallow a sword, but Michael Ward can hide a 38 caliber pistol in his ass. Who could top that?

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  1. Hilarious story, LMAO! The ID card of someone else he tried to pass off as his driver’s license was even funnier than the gun business.

    He supposedly was strip searched but I don’t know if that’s the same as a cavity search. There is probably more to this than what we’re being told.

    Nothing blacks do surprises me anymore.

  2. So was he just driving around with a pistol up his ass?

    Because he could have possibly gotten it up there while he was stopped.

    I would have to think that in jail/prison that this is kind of advertising that you have a “holster” for somebody else’s “gun”.

  3. I hope this loser had the safety on, because if that gun fired while up his, he would have been the first person in history to shoot his ass off from inside his body!

  4. ConfedNNorth says:
    January 15, 2012 at 2:34 pm
    I hope this loser had the safety on, because if that gun fired while up his, he would have been the first person in history to shoot his ass off from inside his body!

    Well – had this event occured, if would be a very interesting thing to celebrate in poor old February.

  5. That revolver sure does need a good blue job! From the looks of it, that firearm spent years up that boy’s ass.
    It’s funny that the 350 pound black female news achor didn’t even slightly wince as she was introducing a story about a black man who drives around with a full size six shooter in his rectum. That says something.

  6. Stonelifter:

    You must not be a wheel gun fan. All of my revolvers have safeties, and the revolver in the video has a safety.

  7. All S&W revolvers these days have a small locking key-hole right above the cylinder release. A lot of people call it the “Hillary Hole”, because the Sea-Hag was supposedly instrumental in the locking mechanisms becoming mandatory on revolvers. I don’t know for sure, though. Maybe somebody else can confirm.

  8. Given that the black is 100% more likely to shove a pistol up his arse, the police ought to proportionately be putting their boot up the black arse….

    if anything the British police, with their 30% more likely stop-n-search stats, are going easy on the evil that walks among us.

    They are lucky they are avoiding full cavity searches for crack and stolen goods. They should stop bitching about coppers doing their job and grow up. And so should liberal journalists.

    Stop-n-search out to be mandatory for blacks.

    It would prevent 50-90% of crime.

  9. Does anybody remember the Christopher Walken scene from Pulp Fiction regarding his family heirloom pocket watch while he was a POW? Truth is stranger than fiction.


  10. I own a few dozen wheel guns, and none have safeties; the more modern ones have the “hilary hole” that requires a special tool. But that’s not a safty, it’s a trigger lock for when you store it. Yea that’s a gift form lawmakers. I get a new trigger lock every time I buy a new firearm, and then throw it away when I get home.

    Modern automags pretty much come just with de-cockers these days and no safeties. As far as I know, a safety is an option on all S&W’s but not standard. I haven’t bought a wheel gun since 2008. The safety on a revolver tends to be something like Colts transfer bar and cylinder stop which fixes the cylinder when hammer is cocked.But not levers that have to be manually selected ie M4

  11. Revolvers do not have manual safeties.
    The integral lock on the S&W is not a legal requirement , its a S&W, Taurus and Rossi thing. I think Ruger does it one model as well though not the service sized ones.

    As for the fellow, you’d think if one was going to keister a revolver, an amazing if disgusting feat it might be smarter to use a smaller one (or saw the barrel off that one) and add some bullets. Not much use to a gun without ammo. of course given the perp that question answers itself.

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