Chuck E. Cheese’s New Slogan


I’m trying to come up with a new slogan for Chuck E. Cheese. How about “where a ghetto gremlin can be a ghetto gremlin” on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Note: We have already seen why those lunch counters were segregated here, here, and here. As we honor Dr. King’s legacy by practicing non-violent witness of the reality of the Black Undertow, I am confident our files will swell further and our message will gain traction even in the “Free States.”

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  1. HW, as this site is still dedicated to Occidental dissent, not just North American dissent, I hope you can work this in somewhere. It deserves to be circulated. As background, Stephen Lawrence was the poor unlucky black man shot to death by police in a gunfight and used as an excuse for the burning of London last summer. Your html code confuses me (I’m old) so here it is plain.

    Who says the British lack a sense of humor? There’s so much going on that’s laughable, however disgusting, we need to ramp up the satire. Our side could outright own it if we put our minds to it.

  2. We’re going to be spending a lot of time this year analyzing the failure of the European colonies in Latin America and Africa. Eventually, I am sure we will find cause to swing around to Europe, which produced Anders Breivik and Emma West and the UK riots last year.

  3. No it Was Mark Duggan who the cops shot. The protest about that shooting turned into a chimpout.

    Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death by a gang of quite thuggis. White Eastenders who were involved in some serious drug dealing and theft.

    To be fair to Lawrence he probably was a reasonably well behaved black. The guys who probably stabbed him should have been off the streets long ago.

    Otoh it would have been better for all concerned if no blacks had emigrated to London.
    Racial politics complicated the police’s ability to imprison the Acourt gang when they were in their early teens.

  4. There’s the crude, obvious one.

    Spear Chuckers n Cheese.

    Their men are clearly not men in the usual sense of the word. Who breats up a woman? Who beats up grandma? Who does that in front of a crowd of women and children?

    A wild chimp probably wouldn’t do this sort of thing. It’s a fugging sickness. Gorilla’s don’t do this. What are these beings?

  5. John queried:

    “A wild chimp probably wouldn’t do this sort of thing. It’s a fugging sickness. Gorilla’s don’t do this. What are these beings?”

    They are Niggers, John. Niggers.

  6. I know.

    But the question must be “axed” though, all the time. I swear there must have been some long extinct hominid in the Sahel or around Rwanda that hybridized to create them. One day the remains will be found Compated with the various genomes and the mystery resolved.

    Spear chucky n chimpanzee. Where a nig can be a nig.

    Funnily enough I knew the heiress to that fortune back in my LA days. She dated a Disney kid Presenter called ____ Mandel. She was ever so nice used to jet her friends out to Aspen fir skiing trips. They must be bleeding a fortune with these black riots on their premises.

  7. The grandmother, in her misguided civility, made the mistake of appealing to a couple niggers as she would a white person. Big mistake. Never say “please” to a nigger. The take that as weakness, which in turn draws aggression. But I’m stating the obvious…

    What the hell were they doing taking a child and a baby into a public place around there? I know where that area is, and it sits in Detroit’s western border. Why the hell didn’t they just drive a little further to Northville or Novi? A thousand times whiter and therefore safer.

    You know, I don’t mean to deflect blame from those fucking niggers. Not at all. I FUCKING DESPISE NIGGERS, and I will to my last, miserable breath. But sometimes, white people just ask for it. No common sense at all. And the old, “I couldn’t have known, I’ve never been around them” number doesn’t fly anymore. Everyday there is some story about black-on-white violence. White people, especially with vulnerable family members, ought to know better.

  8. The old lady was attacked by feral negros, and things are so bad there, the White folks don’t want their faces on camera. I wonder if them damnyankees learned a lesson


  9. Hunter Wallace’s two-out-of-three hypothesis is:
    You can have blacks, freedom and equality, and civilization, but you must choose two out of three.
    Free speech is hate speech but also obscene speech. Many in the hood speak with about 1 word in 10 obscene and find any other speech as artificial as Elizabethean English. Asking them to please stop using obscenities is like asking them to start reciting Shakespeare’s sonnets. Perhaps the Chucky E. Cheese granny should not have provoked them. Who did this granny?

  10. Does Chuckie Cheese take EBT cards? Perhaps this would explain the nigger infestation. Like bed bugs, once their presence is more than an anomally, rather, it is settled clientele, that business or geographical location is destined to become dangerous. Fact: the number 1 factor in determining the crime rate/safety of a n given area, is the number of niggers present in the proximity of that area.

  11. Chris – re: Whites with no common sense – Nature kills the foolish and niave. Whites don’t want to BELIEVE that Race is Real – so they get beaten and pounded at child’s birthday outing.

    I am not terribly sorry for them. I’m not. They are not Race Hip. Had they been Nigger Wise – they’d never have entered that Jungle Stop at all. They had a lesson to learn. The grandmother is hurt – but not dead. Her generation presided and funded the creation of Feral beasts. She got what she paid for. I hoped they leanred the lesson. I’ll bet the kid did.

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