The Chastain Challenge

How do we turn the tide in the War Against the South?


“I know further, sir, that we have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race—the free white race … I protest against such a union as that! Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race.”

– John C. Calhoun

“The weak in mind or body require guidance, support and protection; they must obey and work for those who provide for them – they have a “natural right” to guardians, committees, teachers or masters.”

– George Fitzhugh

Connie Chastain is a nice Southern lady of some notoriety in what can best be described as the “Southern Heritage Preservation movement.”

I’ve been a silent observer of the “Southern movement” for the better part of ten years now. Like the “White Nationalist movement,” which is divided into “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists,” there are different factions in the umbrella “Southern movement” who are divided over tactics and strategy.

The two most important factions are “Southern Nationalists” who advocate the restoration of the Confederate States of America (these are your “League of the South” types) and “Southern Heritage Preservation Advocates” (these are your “Sons of Confederate Veterans” types) who identify as proud Southerners and who are fighting back in the War Against the South.

“The War Against the South” is a concept which that doesn’t require much in the way of explanation here. Everyone here knows what is meant by the “War Against the South”: Ole Miss ditching the Colonel Reb mascot, the fights over the Confederate battle flag in Georgia, the Texas DMV refusing to approve the SCV license plate, the 10 year long NAACP boycott of South Carolina, the renaming of public buildings which are deemed “offensive”, high schools banning the display of the Confederate flag, Hollywood movies like Django Unchained, etc.

It will suffice to say that the usual suspects (i.e., African-Americans, Jews, DWLs) hate the Confederate flag, hate the Confederacy, hate the South, and they hate Southern Whites. They are waging a culture war against Southern heritage which in their eyes is racist, bigoted, conservative, religious, and “reactionary” and ought to be eradicated for that reason.

The “War Against the South” is really just one identifiable front in the wider culture war. The same people who are waging tikkun olam against Dixie are also highly engaged in the “War on Christmas” and the “War Against Christianity” and the “War Against Western Civilization” and the “War Against the White Race.” It would be genuinely surprising if they weren’t constantly found denigrating the South.

Generally speaking, it is your stereotypical revolutionary Jew (Kevin Levin), insufferable moralizing Yankee fanatic (Brooks D. Simpson), and Zip Coon (Ta-Nehisi Coates). This is the same coalition that put on the show called the “Civil Rights Movement” for American television audiences in the mid-twentieth century and who remain the core constituencies of the “progressive movement.”

Once you understand these people are motivated by ethnic animus and political ideology, you can see it is a useless waste of time to attempt to reason with them. There can only be a winner and a loser in such a struggle. The enemy has always existed and the failure to identify him as the enemy is the first step toward eventual defeat.

The Southern Heritage Preservation movement has suffered one defeat after another this year: the Texas DMV rejecting the SCV license plate, the Reidsville monument being relocated to a new location, Caddo Parish voting to remove the Confederate flag, and most recently Lexington essentially banning the Confederate flag on city property. These are all recent manifestations of the “War Against the South” which were protested yesterday on Lee-Jackson Day.

In light of these defeats, Connie Chastain has posed the question: “Obviously, our efforts to defend the physical symbols of our heritage haven’t been very effective. What will it take to reverse this grinding away at our legacy?”

Let’s take a real stab at answering the “Chastain Challenge.”

Southern Heritage: Defined

What is Southern heritage? What is unique about the South? Why should Southern heritage be defended? What is the best strategy for defending Southern heritage?

Until these critical questions are better addressed, the Southern Heritage Preservation movement will continue to lose ground in the “War Against the South,” and those of us who sympathize, but who are not actively involved in the Southern movement (we have bigger fish to fry, the project of civilization itself is under assault) will continue to watch the defeats unfold here on the sidelines.

Here’s a short list of the most important defining characteristics of Southern civilization:

(1) Slavery – The “domestic institution” of African servitude (can’t recite the phrase without cracking a smile) existed in the Southern states in some discernible form or another (there is some dispute over exactly when indentured servitude evolved into chattel slavery) from 1619 until 1865.

The Southern states were “slave societies” like their counterparts in the Caribbean and Latin America. Unlike the Northern states, where slavery existed and was tolerated, African servitude was the foundation of the Southern social and economic system.

(2) Racial Feudalism – The Southern states were caste based societies like Rome or Sparta which were admired in Dixie as models of republican virtue. “Liberty” was meaningful in the South because it was a marker of the master caste which separated Whites from African-Americans.

(3) Classical Republicanism – When Southerners rallied to defend their “liberties,” they were thinking in terms of classical republican political theory, not modern liberal political theory.

In classical republicanism, the common good of the polity is superior to the rights of the individual. The social order rests upon the moral virtue, the honor, the traditions, and cultural institutions of citizens, not upon abstract speculative philosophical paradigms like John Locke’s “state of nature” or John Rawls’ “original position”:

“One might ask how such a tyrannical society could have produced some of the greatest champions of republicanism, such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison. The answer is that Tidewater’s gentry embraced classical republicanism, meaning a republic modeled after those of ancient Greece and Rome. They emulated the learned, slaveholding elite of ancient Athens, basing their enlightened political philosophy around the ancient Latin concept of libertas, or liberty.

This was a fundamentally different notion from the Germanic concept of Freiheit, or freedom, which informed the political thought of Yankeedom and the Midlands. Understanding the distinction is essential to comprehending the fundamental disagreements that still plague relations between Tidewater, the Deep South, and New Spain on the one hand and Yankeedom and Midlands on the other.”
– Colin Woodward, American Nations, p.54

(4) Agrarianism – The term is defined in I’ll Take My Stand and reflects generations of Southern resistance to central state expansion, industrialization, and the expansion of cities that characterizes Yankeeland:

“An agrarian society is hardly one that has no use at all for industries, for professional vocations, for scholars and artists, and for the life of cities. Technically, perhaps, an agrarian society is one in which agriculture is the leading vocation, whether for wealth, for pleasure, or for prestige -a form of labor that is pursued with intelligence and leisure, and that becomes the model to which the other forms approach as well as they may. But an agrarian regime will be secured readily enough where the superfluous industries are not allowed to rise against it. The theory of agrarianism is that the culture of the soil is the best and most sensitive of vocations, and that therefore it should have the economic preference and enlist the maximum number of workers.”

(5) Culture of Honor – James Henry Hammond’s provides an excellent definition of the Southern honor code:

“Honor is that principle of nature which teaches us to respect ourselves, in order that we may gain the respect of others. No man desires the respect of one class of Society exclusively and therefore the law of honor will influence our conduct toward persons of every quality.”

(6) White Supremacy – White Southerners believed that African-Americans were a biologically inferior race. They believed that African-Americans lacked the racial capacity to participate in civilization as their social, civic, and political equals.

(7) Herrenvolk Democracy – In the Antebellum South, democracy meant that the White men of every state and community would make the important political decisions among themselves without consulting their dependents. Dixie was a White Man’s Country.

(8) States’ Rights – Southerners believed that the states were sovereign entities that created the Union and that the federal government had been delegated a limited number of enumerated powers. Those powers not enumerated in the Constitution (including the right of secession) had been reserved to the states or the people under the Tenth Amendment.

(9) Segregation – In the wake of the Plessy decision in 1896, segregation emerged as the political expression of white supremacy in every Southern state. Southerners conceded the abolition of slavery and the extension of “civil rights” to African-Americans (things like the right to marry, own land, own firearms, etc.), but continued to abhor and oppose political and social equality.

(10) Conservatism – Southerners have always considered the Southern way of life to be “conservative” as opposed to “liberal.” This is another way of saying that Southerners have greater respect for authority, tradition, and established forms than Yankees whose minds are more readily attracted to various “-isms” and abstract notions.

Southern Heritage: Defended

Why should Southern heritage be defended? Why is Southern heritage relevant in the 21st century?

There is a simple answer: the South was right, the North was wrong, and American civilization is literally being destroyed because the North won the argument. The triumph of the North over the South meant the triumph of anti-racism over race realism, integration over segregation, guilt culture over honor culture, racial equality over white supremacy, abolition over slavery, liberalism over conservatism, urbanization over agrarianism, consolidation over states’ rights, etc.

As a result, the federal government is out of control, every important decision is now made in Washington, the Money Power on Wall Street is bankrupting the country, White people have been stripped of their freedom and dignity, African-Americans have been deified by DWLs, countless small towns, cities, counties, and major metropolitan areas have been destroyed the Black Undertow, and now everyone in the North and the South has pay homage to Martin Luther King Jr. and live under Black Run Amerika.

It didn’t have to be this way.

A strong education in Southern heritage (by that I mean the real thing) is the most powerful antidote in America to what “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman labeled “the virus of equality.” Traditional Southerners didn’t believe in the concept of “equality” or “diversity” and their social system reflected their own belief in “hierarchy” and “inequality” at every level.

Southern Heritage: Defenseless

There are some people in the Southern Heritage Preservation movement who believe in defending the South on the basis of multiculturalism, anti-racism, “Heritage Not Hate” and by pouring through archives to search for “Black Confederates” for they can stake a claim to the “moral high ground” which is synonymous with blackness in Black Run Amerika.

In the name of defending Southern heritage, they concede to the enemy that liberalism is correct in principle, that the traditional Southern view of race was morally illegitimate, and that White Southerners should embrace the values of BRA, but they reserve the right to fly the Confederate flag, take pride in Southern heritage, and participate in Civil War reenactments.

It is theoretically incoherent:

(1) It is based on a willful misrepresentation of Southern heritage which was unquestionably based on “racism” and “white supremacy.”

(2) It offers nothing much of interest to disaffected young people who might be inspired to take an interest in their Southern heritage in response to the conditions of their own lives.

(3) It cedes legitimacy to the moral and political views of the opposition who can offer the real thing and who are perpetually on the offensive as a result of this sort of thinking.

Napoleon and Wellington could look at the terrain of this debate and tell you there is no other possible outcome. Southern heritage can only be defended on the basis of Southern principles.

Southern Heritage: Secession of Southern Baptists

In this spirit, OD will tack in a new direction and defend the honor of the South like the Real Sons of Confederate Veterans would have responded to the challenge, and their way of responding will prove to have greater public appeal in the long run.

Osama bin Laden was right when he said, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.” In our own historical experience, the Southern Baptist Convention grew to become the largest and most powerful Protestant denomination in America after it seceded from the Northern Baptists. It became more admired and more popular for severing the diseased branch and taking a more forthright stand in defense of the South.

To the South, we will offer historical vindication and the restoration of honor after enduring this long terrible nightmare. To the North, we will offer a positive sense of racial identity, their pride and their dignity and their money back, control of their own communities, the truth about the Black Undertow, and their most valuable ally against the liberal fanatics who are wrecking their own states.

I believe it was the great New Yorker Horatio Seymour who once said, “a white man’s government is the most popular rallying cry we have.” How many takers would it have today?

Note: The concepts of “revolutionary Jew,” “insufferable moralizing Yankee fanatic,” and “Zip Coon” are illustrated in the three videos below.

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  1. The emperical case could now be made. Sarkozy and Merkel have said:

    “Multiculturalism has failed.”

    All you need is a few conservatives saying it, backed up with some cold hard facts.

    Get someone to say:

    “civil rights has failed. ” back it up with the bus beatings footage.

    just make sure you have the back of the politician who is willing to say it.

  2. The Southern heritage movement failed like every other front that conservatives have fought on since the 1960s – particularly on more important battlefields like immigration and racial identity – because conservatives are conceding that conservatism is wrong in principle and that the Left is right in principle.

    If you concede that the Left is right in principle, it follows that our ancestors fought for a disreputable cause best forgotten. OTOH, if you argue the Left is wrong in principle, you seize the impregnable high ground and can bludgeon their position into submission.

    That is what happened in the 1890s and 1900s. Just the opposite happened in the 1970s and 1980s and we can see the result.

  3. Wow, you know you have an interweb addiction when you’re blogging at the gym.

    I can understand if you’re riding a stationary cycle or something….but the only reason I’ve ever found to do that is to stare at spandexed college ass on the treadmills in front of me. At gyms without that setup or when there’s no ass to stare at, I jog or lift.

  4. Look at the Jews and draw the proper lessons from Culture of Critique. The only thing they really do is engage in ceaseless, unrelenting radical criticism of the Right. They reserve the right to exempt themselves from criticism and pathologize their opposition.

  5. One thing about the South is that you are part of a broader Anglo-Saxon diaspora. Australians, Anglo South Africans, Kiwis, Ulster, Canada etc etc. Outside of the South Africans — none of the others really understand what happened. The Ulster Protestants
    might have an idea but it’s not quite the same.

    One must make allies.

  6. One thing about the South is that you are part of a broader Anglo-Saxon diaspora. Australians, Anglo South Africans, Kiwis, Ulster, Canada etc etc. Outside of the South Africans — none of the others really understand what happened. The Ulster Protestants
    might have an idea but it’s not quite the same.

    One must make allies….”

    Would like to hear more what you mean. And what idea do the UP’s have?

    To some, even in the South, the identification, more and more, seems to be with other colonials in the anglo-sphere. Like in u.s., to care more about S.A. or generational Canadians, or connect to the sensibility of the australians more than the “other americans,” who seem relatively foreign.

    Are you saying the southerners, like the s.a.’s, understand? just curious… this relation of the south to the other colonials in anglo-sphere is interesting. They often resonate more than ‘fellow citizens.’

  7. I’m English.

    The southerners i’ve bumped into, Missippians, Alabamans seem to be more English in many cases than than any other group I’ve met in the States. Competing at times with expat communities in LA and New York.

    There’s definitely a common connection to Australians and South Africans. Australians don’t have the black problem. SA obvious does.

    It’s like an unmentionable fight. Like Basil Fawlty serving breakfast to the Germans. Don’t mention the war.

    Btw did you read that John Cleese said “London isn’t English anymore”? He was in shock after relocating from LA.

  8. Hey – not to derail this particular conversation – but pay attention to the Italian cruise ship disaster. The crash speaks to our issues.

    It’s AM – my worst time of the day. i’ve only just begun on my coffee. I was making my bed. CNN on, in background. They’ve got really jiucy disaster footage. The Talking Bimbo starts quoting authorities. Apparently some London-based shipping regulation person has speculated, in public, that the diversity of the crew may have had a lot to do with the disaster. “How could the crew effectively communicate with each other, and the passengers?” etc….

    Well – they didn’t. The Diverse, dis-connected, no solidarity crew went into Save Your Own Ass mode -and left the passengers to fend for themselves. They BAILED. So fdid the Captain. He might as well have drowned. He committed THE WORST VIOLATION – he abandoned ship. He is FINISHED. No one, in any type of martiime field, will have a thing to do with him. He’s OVER. He’s done the WORST thing he could have done. Captaincy of a vessel is one of the last milliues [sic] old-fashioned Western masculine values “holds water” (pun intended). He’s beyond mere disgrace – it’s Undead. A Nonperson. An abomination not fit to be SEEN.

    Pay attention to this. Cruise travelers are our amomg our worst enemies. Affluent pleasure seekers – who care about nothing BUT their own pleasure. They probably thought the Diversity was cute, and fun, and “cosmipolitan”. Now they’ve learned, first hand, that Diversity KILLS.

  9. Hang him from the yard arm. Or perhaps from the comms tower.

    That’s what the RN used to do to any Captain who lost a battle, ran aground etc.
    It encourages the others.

  10. BRA is on the way out. It continues to shed legitimacy in the eyes of Whites. The social and economic pressure upon Whites is becoming unbearable.

    The pine beetles killed a pine tree in my backyard. Everyday when I would go outside I could see the deterioration. The tree seemed like it would never fall.

    Then one day a thunderstorm ripped through here and a little puff of wind blew it down. There it was on the ground. At last.

  11. It’s interesting to think about the godlike power a Captain has.

    All that money, machinery all those souls counting on you.

    At least the Titanic Captain stayed aboard. Credit to his vocation on that score. However he should have made sure the life boats were packed with people instead of half empty.

    I also admire Bligh. He navigated a small boat for many miles with his loyal crew. Super Captain. Trouble is the Admiralty had too many aristocrats willing to protect Fletcher Christian.

  12. Anyway. The critical thing is to make the case for civil rights being an absolute failure.
    It may take time but it’s the argument that needs to be made.

    Everything else flows from that argument. All the abused symbols, ruined reputations
    Ifthe argument is made with enough historical scope and evidence, it will be adopted surprisingly quickly.

    Many people are silently thinking similar things already. It just needs someone in the Agora making the case with diligence.

  13. Denise: You are 100 percent right about Cruise Ships and the people who like to go on them. Back in the mid 90s I got a free ticket to go on a four day criuse from Miami. So I said what the heck. It was a Royal Carribbean Cruise line Ship. It went to Bahamas for four days. Anyway—at the Captains meal, The Captian bragged about how his crew was multi-cultural. That pissed me off, what happenned to being proud of being a White American? I saw stupid white sluts going for muds. Your right—the people who go on Cruise Ships, dont care for their own race and only care for their self pleasure. Going on Cruises, Going to Super Bowls, Going to Disney World—-or Vegas or mezerized about Judeo Ball Sports—its all Judeo Crap. And Denise, your right about not going to places you should not and in todays real world—you better be Racist—-or face the results for not caring about your own race. Denise, you are right about the British, after several centuries of Judeo control—they are a total mess. Now our own White American People are being Judized just like the British….What a shame…..

  14. Congrats again HW, I think you did an excellent job of defining our heritage. I think the moral high ground is where ever you place your artillery, and the war of words and ideals isn’t for me, but I’m damn glad there are folks like you taking on the job

    It is a good thing, I think, to be hated by negros, jews, DWLs, mexicans, damnyankees and the like.

    Seems to me, the best way to save civilization is to save our Soutron heritage.

    One of the things missing on your list HW, is to return to a patriarchal society.

  15. We’re approaching this from a different angle here.

    As far as we are concerned, we totally reject the enemy and his principles. We do not believe in equality. We do not believe that blackness confers moral status. We take for granted that ethnic conflict is a ubiquitous feature of multiethnic societies. We believe integration is undesirable.

    Unlike some of our counterparts, we understand the people who we are up against. We know what they are about … how this game is played. We can see why clearly why they have been winning.

    And we don’t play by their rules.

  16. Brooks is excited by this post and has linked here. Nothing has been said here that would be out of place in a Democratic broadside. We basically agree with the Democracy on the major issues of the day.

    You can even say that studying Democratic propaganda has been useful in building this website. It has been inspirational to the point where it has given me some clues as to how best address our Northern friends.

  17. Obama put on his best impression of Zip Coon when he spoke about his “Sputnik moment.” The words came out of the teleprompter. He had no fucking clue what he was talking about.

  18. Hunter,
    Awesome post! I’ve been frustrated myself for years over why the Right can’t ever seem to get it’s ass in gear. Now I know–It’s because they have already seceded the high ground to the left. All the Right’s arguments are launched from the left’s launchpad. The best example is the very misguided Ann Coulter trying to ascribe the Civil Rights Movement (the single biggest Marxist Trojan horse ever allowed into our gates) to Conservatives. “Conservatives” like this remind me of a drunken slut who screws a bar full of strangers Saturday night then shows up in Church at the amen pew Sunday morning–they have already lost all legitimacy.

  19. There is nothing recognizably “conservative” about such people. I honestly have no idea why they have chosen that word to describe their views. Every year they publish embarrassing and puzzling essays about what MLK really meant.

  20. “The Chastain Challenge.” Yeah, I thought so. Couldn’t wait to see what you’d do with it, though by your admirable if somewhat too brief take you’ll have to suffer more of my affections. As offensive as I find CC to be, IMO it should’ve been titled “The LOSer Challenge” and explained why it is important that all of the children, not just the obnoxious wife, be sent to their rooms post haste. The South is our house in the neighborhood and we are responsible for it.

  21. Wayne, Coulter is a “respectable” conservative. She has ceded the high moral ground to liberals and that’s why “respectables” like her are allowed to remain in the MSM. “Respectables” insure that liberals and their leftist storm troopers stay in power.

    “Respectables” are allowed to complain about and criticize the effects of liberal agendas, like “civil rights”, but never the agendas themselves.

    That’s why “respectables” will never agree with or defend a Hunter Wallace, Bob Whitaker or Connie Chastain. They would, however, have no problem leading the lynch mob against them.

    “Respectables” are the biggest problem we face and the anti-White left’s best ally.

  22. The only mainstream conservatives worth reading are Pat Buchanan, John Derbyshire, Charles Murray, Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, and a handful of other people who write for City Journal like Heather MacDonald.

  23. After more than a decade the LOSers are still unable to perceive that he’s been spittin’ in their faces all along. The paychecks must be his way of turning it to vomit.

  24. Hunter – no. The cruise ship did not tip like Guam (could, if burdened with too much tonnage). There’s a BIG rip in the hull.

    I wasn’t following this story, as I don’t CARE about cruise ships. The info on the stroy caught my attention though, even before I heard the commentary about the Disasters of Diversity. I’m REALLY curious about the Captain. What’s his story? I think he’s Italian – but there is something really really, really wrong with him.

    John’s right about the god-like power of a Captain. He’s right about the Captain of the Titanic. both the Captain and architect went down with the ship. They knew that failed. The situation was not entirely their fault – Bruce Ishmail, of the White Star Line, PUSHED the Captain to increase speed, in order to make headlines. The Titanic was built for luxury, not speed. This was Captain Smith’s last voyage, and he allowed himself to by coaxed/berated into ramping up the speed.

    I was into the story of the Titanic before the Winslow/DeCaprio epic – it’s a pivotal stopry, for reason. The story of the Titanic heralded the trajectory of the West, as did them urder of the Romanovs. I do not have enough time to elaborate right now. One of the reasons the story is SO moving is the Darwinian naturew of the events. We know so much about what happened because loads of folsk did survive. There was EXTENSIVE eye witness testimony, and inmvestigation. The aristocrats of the West were aboard that ship – and many men, and women, went down with the ship, out of a sense of HONOR. Men put their women and children on the boats. Mr Astor and Mr Guggenhiem (a Jew) – 2 of the wealthiest, and most influential men in America, and thus the world, did not try to displace a woman and child. I’m always railing about Jews – but the true story, that moves me the most, is the death of the Levis. As in Levi Strauss jeans. Mr and Mrs Levi had been poor Jewish immigrants. They made a fortune selling sturdy pants, to gold miners. They were on that ship. They were married for over 50 years at that point. Mrs Levi REFUSED to get on the lifeboats. She wan’t going to leave her beloved husband now. The movie depicts them as awaitig their end intheir stateroom – but they were last seen on the deck, with another young couple. That young wife would not leave her hubby either.

    The relatives of the Elite went to the Titanic inquiry, every day. They did not send factotums. They were personally involved, and did NOT regard themselves as above the rabble. there was a wide chasm between the Rich and Poor of the era – but not a disconnect.

    The disconnect occured during the 20th century. I believe this has to do with air travel…..

    Anyway – I severely digress…back to the issue of Captaincy – passengers WANT a God Like being, in control of their vessel. When I fly – I WANT the best, most knowledgable, capable, educated, focused, intelligent, and confident person available at the helm. I’ve only ever had a tonsillectomy – but if I ever face surgery – I want the SAME QUALITIES.

    I do not want an imcompent, weirdo, idiot, or drunk. High standards literally can mean the difference between success and disaster – life and death.

    We must communicate that standards MATTER – and we must apply high standards to every aspect of life. Including genetics – the basis of all things.

  25. I do not want an imcompent, weirdo, idiot, or drunk. High standards literally can mean the difference between success and disaster – life and death.

    We must communicate that standards MATTER – and we must apply high standards to every aspect of life. Including genetics – the basis of all things.

    Essentially my case per the topic.

  26. ” This is rich. These are the folks always explicitly denouncing the principle of equality as a limited ideal that is deeply embedded in Western culture and Christianity. Both went corrupt you see. Somehow they escaped the gravitational pull of this corruption. Funny how that works. Anyhow, that is why they are the chosen ones who can tell us how things should be. It’s basic cultism 101.”

    The principle of “equality” is deeply embedded in the culture of the modern Left. As a conservative, I don’t believe in equality. I don’t believe all men are created equal. I don’t believe that justice is synonymous with equality.

    God or Nature (choose your explanation) has created the entire world in the image of inequality. Men are not women. Children are not adults. Man is not God. Blacks are not White.

    Where is the limited ideal of equality? What is called “equality” has no limits. From the republican ideal of the equality of citizens before the law and the Christian idea that everyone has a soul that is capable of being saved, we have derived the equality of all lifestyles, the redistribution of wealth, and the notion that all people are biologically the same.

  27. The Left is a millenarian cult and its moral creed of “-isms” is laughable. There is no credible moral argument against “racism” or “Eurocentrism.” These things have nothing to do with moral qualities like fortitude and integrity.

  28. Of course it’s laughable, but it’s nothing we don’t hear from any of the girly men who seek political favor over national survival. I’d prefer to concentrate on apologists like CC who run around waving the Confederate flag while deliberately misrepresenting it. See the girly men demanding that she call us wacists? And she will, in one way or another “distance” herself from us and all of the things that her Confederate ancestors (if she really had any) stood for. Wait ‘n see.

    The Simpson types are eternal. They’ll always be there to “demand” acceptance of whatever regime holds the reigns at the moment, like the good little commissars they are. Not a masculine bone in their bodies, which is why they’re laughable.

    Let’s organize our own house first.

  29. “Black Confederates” issue is interesting to me. Not in the since that it proves the CSA was inclusive. I don’t give a damn about stuff like but as an anomaly…. its interesting and I value the truth, what ever it maybe.

    The Titanic is a griping story of masculine honor and courage. I’d never want an eye-talin captain. They don’t have much of a naval history/ tradition to rely on.

    HW, you made a very good point about equality, and the difference between what the Founding Fathers thought of equality vs what it has turned into. I think it’s a point we should drive home when talking with others

  30. To: Rob Baker

    I merely answered a question that I found interesting. It seems obvious to me as an outsider that The War Against The South is being lost because it is fought on the moral and political terrain of BRA.

    The deck is stacked. The game is rigged. When the South was defended on the basis of its own principles by Ben Tillman and his generation, we won the culture war.

    There is a victory model and a defeat model. I have chosen the former. The people who wish to defend the South in their own way are free to do so.

    It is no skin off my nose.

  31. “Look at the Jews and draw the proper lessons from Culture of Critique. The only thing they really do is engage in ceaseless, unrelenting radical criticism of the Right.”

    Exactly. The best form of defense is attack.

  32. Once you understand these people are motivated by ethnic animus and political ideology, you can see it is a useless waste of time to attempt to reason with them.

    They’re all motivated by personal gain, aka MONEY.

    On another note, I have been told that one of the largest SCV Camps is in NYC. Don’t know if this is true, but it probably has the wealthiest members. Lehman Brothers was a Southern firm.

  33. RE: “I’d never want an eye-talin captain. They don’t have much of a naval history/ tradition to rely on.”

    Let’s start with the Italians Chritopher Columbus, John Cabot (explores N. America for the English), Amerigo Vespucci (America is named after him). The cities of Genoa and Venice were important maritime powers. See Italian Maritime Republics

    But I understand your point: “What have you done lately?”

  34. “Pay attention to this. Cruise travelers are our amomg our worst enemies. Affluent pleasure seekers – who care about nothing BUT their own pleasure. They probably thought the Diversity was cute, and fun, and “cosmipolitan”. Now they’ve learned, first hand, that Diversity KILLS.”

    Good way to ruin what was an otherwise rational argument by defaming some poor shlubs who simply went on vacation, probably after saving up for a dream holiday in the Mediterranean. So now anyone who takes a cruise or goes on a tropical beach holiday “deserves” some calamity because they are obviously “mulitcult?” Jeez, if only they’d spent their vacation in Des Moines none of that would have happened.

  35. Bill,

    I initially dismissed your argument that the Southern movement was helpless and hopelessly stuck in a PC rut, but in recent days as I have taken a closer look at some of these Facebook groups, I am afraid to say that you may have actually understated your case.

    Aside from SNN, the occassional DiLorenzo essay, the always enjoyable Clyde Wilson, and Michael Hill (who from what I have seen is the best of the bunch), there is just nothing there. These debates at the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group” are almost comical.

    I mean … as much as I hate to say it, there is less dissimulation at Kevin Levin or Brooks D. Simpson’s websites.

  36. I’d be wary of thinking we have the full story yet based on what we see in the Italian media. The same media who defamed and spread 100% lies (along with the America hating UK tabloids) about Amanda Knox who basically discovered a crime scene committed by a black burglar and was rewarded by having thug Italian cops beat a preposterous confession out of her during a 53 hour sleepless interrogation. To the Italian cops and European public, a tomboyish Seattle hippie chick who didn’t wear makeup was indistinguishable from a Hollywood fictional vain-slut image and Bush loving American.

  37. “Obviously, our efforts to defend the physical symbols of our heritage haven’t been very effective. What will it take to reverse this grinding away at our legacy?”

    They have to attack, one option would be

    “Jews from Rhode Island ran the whole slave trade yet no-one says they should abandon their heritage.”

    If that was repeated every time they made an attack on the South they’d back off because they want to keep it a secret.

  38. Focusing on one small segment of this overall issue: Southern-born and Southern-bred, I fully understand and agree with efforts to preserve the Stars and Bars battle flag. But it’s obvious “civil rights leaders” in Georgia had no idea what they were doing when they embraced the current design of the state flag. If you remove the state seal from it, what you are left with is the National flag of the Confederacy!

  39. ‘“Obviously, our efforts to defend the physical symbols of our heritage haven’t been very effective. What will it take to reverse this grinding away at our legacy?”

    Sir, I’ll say it again – this IS the wrong question.

    Wars cannot be won on the defensive – anymore than football games can be. At a certain point somebody has got to score.

    We have to go onto the offensive – relentlessly.

    Our present position, culturally, is the result of sticking our heads in the sand, and or pursuing, to exclusion, defensive and appeasement strategies.

    As the Israeli Army motto says : Never Again.

    ‘Never again appease those who want to marginalize, infringe upon, or eradicate us.’

    That is the fullest meaning.

  40. What do I mean by refusing to defend?

    I mean not wasting anymore time justifying Southern segregation and slavery, in The South.

    No, that space and time should be spent attacking the Yankee culture, idealogies, and government.

    The more time they are spending defending themselves, the less time they have to attack us, or conspire against us.

    Really, I think you get this. That said – I read an awful lot of posts by patriotick, well-intending, and well-spoken Southerners, who just do not get it.

    They keep waiting for our opponents to see the light and begin thinking like us – never realizing that that day is never going to come.

  41. I am really really worn out by enlightened comments pointing out how the Yankees and Jews were the ones really behind the whole slave thing.

    That, sadly, is NOT a winning argument.

    What is a winning argument, though, would be repetitively pointing out all the ways the Yankee government engages in slavery today, and how the average Yankee citizen is hunky-dory with that.

  42. Yet, all the best offensive arguments in the world CANNOT substitute for forming single platform secession parties in each Southern state.

    Neither the Yankees nor their government are going to hand us our freedom – which is as it ought be – life, each one, must be taken by the liver.

    We must take back the responsibility for our own sovereignty in an ethical, legal, and sustainable way.

    Assault rifles or not, Rothschild or not, Obama or not, unconstitutionalism or not – Revolutionary Jews, Yankee fanaticks, & Zip-coons or not – this is the only way – THE ONLY WAY.

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