MLK’s Dream Comes True


H/T Stormfront.

Do you remember this line from MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963?

“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”

The video below explains what happened in San Diego on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2012 when the White children played with African-Americans at the “table of brotherhood” while the city celebrated its 32nd annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade.

Note: In The Color of Crime: California, we learned that African-Americans are 5.9 percent of California’s population, but are responsible for 23.8 percent of homicide, 21.8 percent of rape, 38 percent of robbery, 20 percent of aggravated assault, 21.8 percent of burglary, 21.5 percent of theft, 19.7 percent of motor vehicle theft, 22.3 percent of forgery, 22.1 percent of kidnapping, and 17.5 percent of sex offenses.

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  1. MLK has a great deal of blood on his hands. The Man of Blood.

    If he’d thought it through, and was actually a man of peace, he would have never preached his idiocy.

  2. I have a dream, that one day the ggggggrand sons of former slaves will be ***king the sons of and daughters of Irish, Polish and Russian immigrants who landed here well after the civil war. The ggggggrandsons of former slaves will be drinking these successful white emigre’s beers, breaking into their houses and assaulting their kin.

    He was a sick fuck if you think about it. The likely consequences of integration was always a violent pogrom of poorer whites. He knew it was going to turn into a holocaust of the working class. He knew it going in.

  3. I Have a Dream … MLK Day is replaced by Robert E. Lee Day, and America acquires a colony in Africa and transports black people to somewhere like Liberia where they don’t have to suffer from institutional racism, white privilege, and structural inequality anymore.

  4. I Have a Dream … White people get to exclusively use the public schools and public transportation that they pay for, and the blacks who live off the White taxpayer in the projects are cut off at the social services office, and we get our money back instead of watching it get squandered every year on Head Start.

  5. I Have a Dream … Brooks D. Simpson starts preaching to his captive audience and they roll their eyes, erupt in laughter, and exclaim “that’s the dinner bell!” as they exit the building.

  6. It would be fantastic if all the Jamaicans in the UK could go this colony too.
    No more Metropolitan Police to harrass the poor wickle put upon darlings. They can deal with General Butt Naked or Mugabe instead. The Ungrateful swine.

  7. Here’s a great poem referencing MLK after the terrible Black riots in LA in the 1990s – seems to me the best commentary on these people and what they do to our people:

    A post-modernist Nazi poetizes the Los Angeles riot
    Ghetto Brain

    Welcome to Los Angeles
    Where the police run from the thugs
    As the sheep cheer
    Rosy-fingered Dawn is brought to you by
    The people of L.A.
    And their combustible materials
    Wed. -Friday: Riot (Do not burn down post office)
    Saturday: Pick up welfare check from post office
    Sunday: Church

    It seems to me that the great event
    According to your ministers and priests
    Was when you smashed that fire extinguisher
    Over that white mf’s back

    At least the Ku Klux Klan
    Never burned down their own homes
    So their babies had no place to sleep
    Never burned down their own stores
    So their babies had nothing to eat
    Never abused their own children
    Never committed a Hate Crime against their own infants
    Never made their kids suffer three days of war

    You claim you want jobs
    But you burned down 44,000 of them
    Let’s make a deal
    We’ll give you jobs
    But Martian-head Jesse jackson has to take one
    Well, Rodney,
    Seeing as you people can’t get along with anybody
    Not with us or the Jews or the Koreans
    Or anybody else who risked their lives
    To sell diapers and TV Guides in your infernos
    Seeing as you people can’t even get along with each other
    Can’t look at each other without shooting
    That you can’t stand each other
    I would say that the answer is no

    The “White Agenda
    White spokespersons
    There isn’t any
    There aren’t any

    Considering the fact that you have already destroyed
    Millions of our little towns
    Where we played hide-and-seek by the streetlight
    And listened for the popsicle man
    I thought this latest escapade of yours
    Would prompt an apology
    Or at least you would say nothing
    Instead we got a declaration of war
    With no strings attached
    And our government continues
    Welding together the gas chamber
    They are making for our grandchildren

    Things are such
    That the mayor of Chicago
    Thanked the people of Chicago
    For not burning down the city of Chicago
    As if they had a reason to
    If we were 1/1 OOth as racist
    As you say we are
    You could not have held your riot
    There would be no race problem
    If you were 1/1 OOth as Christian
    As you claim you are
    Your neighborhoods would be so wonderful
    We would do anything to live there
    And you would chase us out with a flaming X
    While you said you did not condone
    All the violence and gleeful mayhem
    You told us it was all understandable
    What else could we expect?
    You had to get our attention
    That’s fine
    But when you wake up at midnight
    And see the smoke from the burning cross
    I know you will not condone it
    But I am sure you will understand

    I saw a photograph of two young Black women
    Skipping out of a store
    Loaded down with goodies
    And from the look on their faces
    From their leafy Edenic sm iles
    I could see that their looting had no political dynamic
    They just did not know the difference
    Between right and wrong

    THE PH.D.S
    You tell us that you came here in chains against your will
    And that if you are violent
    It is because the White Devils taught you how to be violent
    Well then, congratulations!
    Your thesis is the best we have se.en
    The families looting together were inspired
    Stealing Reggie Denny’s wallet-a master’s touch
    And when you made that old Korean woman say through her sobs
    “Take everything, but please don’t burn it down”
    You surpassed your teachers
    And we are proud
    And as White Devils we are jealous

    Hey White Man
    You know aI’ those Black guys
    Running around in your TV set?
    Yes, some are playing basketball
    And some are dancing on Soul Train
    Some are teaching us how to be proper citizens
    And some are predicting the weather
    But, see them there
    Yeah, them
    That’s not American Gladiators
    You see some of them are click click click
    Some Black rappers have said
    That we should listen to their music
    To try and understand the pain they feel
    No, you should watch reruns of Ozzie and Harriet
    To see the high standards
    We have set for you

    You burned everything that would burn
    Stole everything but the ashes
    Beat every innocent creature you could capture
    Blamed us
    Demanded to be rewarded for your criminal acts
    And then wrote letters to the editor
    Warning of the dangers of stereotyping
    God damn you, George Washington
    And Tom and Ben
    May you roast in the oven of Hell
    For bringing this Curse to our promised land
    When I got old
    I wanted to grow roses and a pot belly
    And water the lawn unafraid
    Instead I am preparing for a violent end
    One way or the other
    You are not our Founding Fathers
    You are our executioners
    You murdered us

    Okay, which one of you
    Broke into Frederick’s of Hollywood
    And stole Madonna’s underpants?

    They are not animals who did this
    To say so would slander my dog and my cat
    And do not call them Black people
    That is too broad
    For it cannot be imagined that the gentlemanly Bushmen
    Would approve of such actions
    They call themselves African Americans
    Let tha t suffice

    How well dressed these looters look
    In their Subarus stuffed with treasure
    Tell me, you poor poor
    Wretched starvelings
    How many of you lost your golden necklaces
    During all the fun?

    It was not a ghetto when we lived there
    And pregnant eighth-graders never had to duck
    Automatic weapon fire
    You made it a ghetto
    With your ghetto brain

    Have we apologized to Hitler yet?
    Have we told him how sorry we are?
    That it would not even matter if all
    Those Jewish sexual fantasies were true?
    Don’t we wish Hitler were standing before us
    On top of a Panzer tank
    In the middle of silent Los Angeles
    So we could kiss his boots?


    It began fifty years ago

    Not ended

    It is going on right now

    All over


    Every second

    It is the real Holocaust

    And we and you deny it


    So what would your Martin say of all this?

    I have yet to hear his name invoked

    What does that fellow have to say

    He whose principle activity consisted of

    Spitting in the faces of people

    Who were minding their own business


    When we home at night

    After a hard day’s work

    Don’t we wish that we would see

    Nazis Nazis everywhere

    And swastika wind chimes jangling

    And posters and banners of Hitler Hitler everywhere

    In black and red and green and yellow

    And purple and orange and blue

    And lilac bushes and flowers

    And baby ducks and brooks

    And Chopin’s music floating through window screens

    And White children White Children playing everywhere everywhere

    And nothing but White people

    In cars in stores all over all over



    Don’t we wish we would see all this

    Instead of what we see now

    When we get home at night

    After a hard day’s work?


  8. True or false:

    • Diversity is our greatest strength
    • Race is only skin deep
    • Race is a social construct
    • The demise of Detroit is due to liberalism
    • White babies are born racists
    • White privilege is to blame for black crime
    • Jim Crow was evil

    The majority of Whites would answer ‘true’ to all the above, I suppose.
    All these and more have been embedded into the American psyche by social engineers.

    We’ve been told what to think, not how to think.

  9. if negros have this warrior gene then why didn’t negros conquer the world? Why are there so few negros in Ranger batts and SF groups? I’ve meet very few negro infantry vets; 0 black SEALS or AF JTACS and only one negro RECON marine.

    There is a difference between soldiers and warriors, but that discussion is beyond the scope of a blog

  10. “if negros have this warrior gene then why didn’t negros conquer the world?”

    1) Because it’s not a warrior gene. It’s an extreme impulsive violence for no good reason gene. They called it “warrior gene” for PC reasons.
    2) And even if it was, soldiers > warriors.

  11. Poetic type. Hitler’s main accomplishment was to kill up to 25 million Russians and a few million Dutch, Brits, French, Poles, Czechs.

    He didn’t do Europeans any favours by killing off blacks. Indeed there were very few blacks in Europe before Hitler did his damage. After the Nazis conservatives lost their nerve and allowed the menace to enter Europe.

  12. John- not to get into the Hitler thing again – but stop blaming the victim. He was the LAST White man to put up a defense. All the rest caved. HE didn’t get those Russians , or any-one else killed . The guilty ARE the GREEDY White Ruling elite, wot sold out for Sheeny gelte.

    Get your priorities straight.

  13. The Luftwaffe actually bombed out houses my grandparents owned. It’s pretty direct.

    If anything the death toll and devastation allowed it to be thinkable to import black labour to the UK. The result of the Nazi excesses in dealing with the Dutch, Brits, Belgians and French allowed a sensible form of European imperial leadership to be discredited. Americans were very keen to see the hated European empires crumble. My great grandparents were part of running the Raj, soldiers in South Africa and so on. Hitler helped make it impossible to afford or justify the Empire. We had the blacks under our thumb. Not anymore.

  14. I also don’t get the hitler worship stuff. To me he was some guy who didn’t believe in freedom even for White folk and he got a lot of White men killed. For nothing

  15. Indeed Stonelifter. Hitler triggered a civil war in Europe and got a lot of white men killed, he effectively dissolved Empires run by white men and discredited the the supremacy that whites did enjoy at the time.

    One reason why Chamberlain thought he could placate Hitler at Munich is that he thought the German civil service and military was looking at the global world situation in a rational way. Germany had been given a free hand in Austria and Czech. They were active in Spain and South America in a big way too. They had almost anything anyone could wish for. But they had to keep pushing didn’t they? One reason why Chamberlain was willing to give Sudetenland to the Germans was that he knew Britain could not afford a war with the Germans–and keep a foothold in Africa and Asia at the same time. He also knew the Americans would be needed in a war and understood the help would cost the Empire itself.

    At that time Americans resented the Empire and popular American opinion based on the revolutionary mythos was anti-imperial. Even if there was sentimental support for the British among the WASPs it came with a heavy price.

    At that time Americans did not understand that Africa still needed to be civilized and colonized.

    Indeed, I see Hitler as a sort of European Lincoln. Lincoln killed a lot of white men for **ck all. Both enjoyed the advantage of controlling the industrial heartland and population center of their respective continents and hated their near neighbours/ kinsmen far more than the truly dangerous savages their neighbours laboured to civilize.

  16. Churchill was a sick POS:

    In 1941, he gave unconditional support to Stalin, welcomed him as an ally, embraced him as a friend. Churchill, as well as Roosevelt, used the affectionate nickname, “Uncle Joe”; as late as the Potsdam conference, he repeatedly announced, of Stalin: “I like that man.” In suppressing the evidence that the Polish officers at Katyn had been murdered by the Soviets, he remarked: “There is no use prowling round the three year old graves of Smolensk.” Obsessed not only with defeating Hitler, but with destroying Germany, Churchill was oblivious to the danger of a Soviet inundation of Europe until it was far too late. The climax of his infatuation came at the November, 1943, Tehran conference, when Churchill presented Stalin with a Crusader’s sword. Those who are concerned to define the word “obscenity” may wish to ponder that episode.

    Finally, there was what appeared to be the abiding love of his life, the British Empire. If Churchill stood for anything at all, it was the Empire; he famously said that he had not become Prime Minister in order to preside over its liquidation. But that, of course, is precisely what he did, selling out the Empire and everything else for the sake of total victory over Germany.

    But while Winston had no principles, there was one constant in his life: the love of war. It began early. As a child, he had a huge collection of toy soldiers, 1500 of them, and he played with them for many years after most boys turn to other things. They were “all British,” he tells us, and he fought battles with his brother Jack, who “was only allowed to have colored troops; and they were not allowed to have artillery.” He attended Sandhurst, the military academy, instead of the universities, and “from the moment that Churchill left Sandhurst . . . he did his utmost to get into a fight, wherever a war was going on.” All his life he was most excited on the evidence, only really excited by war. He loved war as few modern men ever have he even “loved the bangs,” as he called them, and he was very brave under fire.

    In 1911, Churchill became First Lord of the Admiralty, and now was truly in his element. Naturally, he quickly allied himself with the war party, and, during the crises that followed, fanned the flames of war. When the final crisis came, in the summer of 1914, Churchill was the only member of the cabinet who backed war from the start, with all of his accustomed energy. Asquith, his own Prime Minister, wrote of him: “Winston very bellicose and demanding immediate mobilization. . . . Winston, who has got all his war paint on, is longing for a sea fight in the early hours of the morning to result in the sinking of the Goeben. The whole thing fills me with sadness.”

    On the afternoon of July 28, three days before the German invasion of Belgium, he mobilized the British Home Fleet, the greatest assemblage of naval power in the history of the world to that time. As Sidney Fay wrote, Churchill ordered that:

    The fleet was to proceed during the night at high speed and without lights through the Straits of Dover from Portland to its fighting base at Scapa Flow. Fearing to bring this order before the Cabinet, lest it should be considered a provocative action likely to damage the chances of peace, Mr. Churchill had only informed Mr. Asquith, who at once gave his approval.

    No wonder that, when war with Germany broke out, Churchill, in contrast even to the other chiefs of the war party, was all smiles, filled with a “glowing zest.”

    From the outset of hostilities, Churchill, as head of the Admiralty, was instrumental in establishing the hunger blockade of Germany. This was probably the most effective weapon employed on either side in the whole conflict. The only problem was that, according to everyone’s interpretation of international law except Britain’s, it was illegal. The blockade was not “close-in,” but depended on scattering mines, and many of the goods deemed contraband for instance, food for civilians had never been so classified before. But, throughout his career, international law and the conventions by which men have tried to limit the horrors of war meant nothing to Churchill. As a German historian has dryly commented, Churchill was ready to break the rules whenever the very existence of his country was at stake, and “for him this was very often the case.”

    The hunger blockade had certain rather unpleasant consequences. About 750,000 German civilians succumbed to hunger and diseases caused by malnutrition. The effect on those who survived was perhaps just as frightful in its own way. A historian of the blockade concluded: “the victimized youth [of World War I] were to become the most radical adherents of National Socialism.” It was also complications arising from the British blockade that eventually provided the pretext for Wilson’s decision to go to war in 1917.

  17. Never thought much about hitler other than he wasn’t a fan of liberty and he got a lot of White men killed for nothing. Some interesting things for me to ponder over.

    Never been a big churchill fan either. Sure he has some cool quotes, but he seems to despise my kind of people, ( much like playing roots backwards). Maybe my dislike for him is genetic, being of good Scot’s- Irish stock and all. I do like churchill sized cigars.

    I also have no problem with being unmerciful toward your enemies. It’s a lot less risky to starve them fight them, and food doesn’t shoot back. but your enemies shouldn’t be White, but did churchill pick the fight or hitler?

    Not sure he loved war so much as thrived on the excitement of it all. Lest wise that’s how it is with me. Kind of hard to explain unless you’ve lived it, and if you’ve lived it, I wouldn’t have to explain it.

    Got to go, it’s time to get fired up on bagpipe music and got to work

  18. Hunter you’re toying with fire reprinting the words from a speech copyrighted by the king family:

    The family of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has charged the foundation building a monument to the civil rights leader on the National Mall about $800,000 for the use of his words and image — an arrangement one leading scholar says King would have found offensive.

    This is the SOPA day ….. spears will be flying your way.

  19. If you are Scots Irish (Ulster) a proddie, Churchill was very much your man. He didn’t get on much with Catholic Irish. However Brendan Bracken was Winnie’s right hand man. Very much a catholic Irish guy. Brendan was the inspiration for Big Brother.

    Also the British empire had lots of Catholic Irish managing it. They like to pretend they had no role, but they did in reality. They were profiting greatly from the enterprise.

  20. @ “….I have a dream, that one day the ggggggrand sons of former slaves will be ***king the sons of and daughters of Irish, Polish and Russian immigrants who landed here well after the civil war….”

    So, you think decedents of slave holders SHOULD be punished and this is ok? Maybe you should be posting on an anti-white sort of site or something?

  21. No, but that’s more or less who the blacks attack in the major cities. The vast majority of whites never owned slaves even in the south.

    The hatred for whites that blacks carry around is based around a myth that whites are all slavers.

    I think you are interpreting my words uncharitably.

  22. The hatred for whites that blacks carry around, is based on jealousy. Whites are more intelligent, more beautiful, more capable, and more evolved in every way than blacks, and they know it. Down to the core of their being they know it. And this undeniable truth creates a sadistic, murderous hostility in them that is absent even wild animals in nature.

  23. I’m not an expert on churchill, but I’ve always gotten the impression he was ok with Ulster Scot’s as long as we were the iron fist in his gentlemen velvet glove, but not the type of folks proper people would have over for dinner

  24. Yes Chris, that too. They hate refinement.

    Although I did say it was a ‘myth’, perhaps one of those self justifications that drive people on to commit horrors. Absurd fantasy makes people commit profound atrocities.

  25. I don’t like Hitler. But I would rather have him take over the world than the blacks. Nazis did not typically rape, let alone rape little girls. They did not torture people to death over three days. They did not force people to practice immorality. Blacks have done all those things. And no one says anything. Too bad.

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