Thunder From The North

More is cracked in Kill-adelphia than the Liberty Bell


OD readers in the North and West (and those of you from overseas) are invited to share your thoughts and experiences with the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide with Brooks D. Simpson.

He takes great pleasure in morally condemning others. Tell him what you think of the multicultural paradise that people like him have created in your own communities.

Here lately, we are spending more time following the chaos that the Black Undertow is causing in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Oregon than their activities here in the Deep South.

We’re aiming to be more inclusive this year. By letting African-Americans set the agenda, I have been reminded of how much White people in the North and West (where they seem bolder and noticeably more active) are suffering from the foolishness of integrationists like Brooks D. Simpson.

The South suffered tremendously in the Reconstruction era and we spent a lot of time discussing that last year. Now the Black Undertow is more geographically dispersed and the suffering of the Second Reconstruction has been extended nationwide and worldwide under the American Empire.

There are still people like Brooks D. Simpson who believe these reforms were a great idea. Let’s hear the cracking sound of the Thunder From The North sounding off on them.

Tell him what happened to Detroit and Chicago and Philadelphia and London and Milwaukee and Los Angeles and New York.

Note: If you are traveling in Kill-adelphia this year, be advised that hailing a cab outside of Independence Hall and steps away from the Liberty Bell is gambling with your life in a city that is undergoing Detroitization thanks to the Civil Rights Movement.

It was “Middle Easterners” this time around. Last time it was African-Americans. You have a Black Undertow government in Philadelphia now and civilization is swiftly collapsing toward the New York City under David Dinkins level.

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  1. Here in Alabama, I have witnessed the Black Undertow drive Whites out of the three largest cities in the state, and Whites stoically rebuild those cities in adjacent counties. I have witnessed this force make the Alabama and Georgia Black Belt counties uninhabitable for young White people.

    I have seen them destroy small towns like Tuskegee, Union Springs, and Selma. I can visit the battlefields of the Civil Rights Movement and see with my own eyes the effective result of freedom and equality without being mediated by the liars on television.

    The inescapable conclusion of my observations and experience is that racial equality is the biggest lie ever told in world history and that civilization has been setback centuries by the false ideas and social policies of the Baby Boomer generation.

    Why is America in terminal decline? Because what I have seen happen here in Alabama as a result of the Civil Rights Movement holds true in every neighboring state and far beyond.

  2. I can’t comment. Massa Simpson banned me, when I noted he cannot tell the truth about Race, and Black criminality, lest it end his cushy gig.

  3. this is what I posted there

    not to far from me is a town called Sanford. It was a decent, small Southern town. The type of place where your kids where safe, and your doors unlocked.

    then the mexicans showed up. Now that town’s police department has a narcotics squad and a gang squad to deal with the problems the mexicans brought with them.

    to be more blunt, when the town was all White, it was safe, quite and peaceful. Now it’s full of mexicans and no longer safe, quite or peaceful.

    Why should we want more mexicans or more towns like Sanford in the South?

  4. I have yet to hear one benefit of divershitty even from the most brain dead yes man. Think about it, is there even a flawed argument for it or an elevator pitch?

    Its just a mindless slogan that became a moral objective. In 20 years will questioning oxiclean stain fighting power be career ending social Fahd pas?

    Maybe that’s a bad example….oxiclean at least claims a benefit. And, its white.

  5. There is no valid argument ever made for these things. The only argument that is deployed against us is that “racism” is immoral.

    You might be compelled to respond: why, sir, is racism immoral? The only response usually given is that it is racist to even ask such a question! The argument that racism is immoral is thus revealed to be tautological and irrational.

    Racism is immoral because people on television say it is immoral. They also say sexism and nativism and isolationism and xenophobia and heterocentricity are immoral.

    But are they really? If these things are immoral, it follows that morality was unknown until the mid-twentieth century in America, when all these -isms and -phobias were conjured into existence by Jews and Yankees for political purposes.

    In the name of anti-racism, we can say that thousands of people have died, great citieu have been destroyed, Western civilisation has been brought to its knees and billions of dollars have been utterly squandered in pursuit of MLK’s so-called Dream.

    I have an argument of my own: moral qualities are virtues like honesty, integrity, bravery, and fortitude, but we haven’t seen a much of that from the previous generation, but a lot more of slavish submissiveness and dishonor and opportunism.

    We have seen plenty of cowardice. We have seen cowards abandon every major metropolitan area in the South. These gutless wonders are afraid of being called a racist.

    30,000 white women are raped by blacks every year. Why do you suppose that happens? Pure moral cowardice and degeneracy. Sissy politics.

    We’ve inherited a burning building called America folks. We can put the fire out or be consumed the blaze. That is our fate.

  6. 12% of the population. 50% of the murders.

    50 years.

    Preventing this issue being discussed makes them all accessory to murder and on a truely vast scale.

  7. R.I.P Kevin Kless and my deepest condolences to his traumatized family (and to his girlfriend who witnessed the murder).

    Again, all I feel is rage and revulsion….another beautiful White person dead via the hands of savage blacks, and the media hardly bats an eyelid. No mention of any “hate crime” I notice, yet let us just imagine the GLOBAL freak out this story would become were the races reversed. Damn sure that if three White boys beat an innocent black to death for no discernible reason whatsoever that the headlines would be screeching “HATE CRIME”.

    And as for Mayor NUTJOB’s attempt at conveying sympathy, what the hell does “we are in pain too, but yours is worse mean”????? Dipshit, he didn’t even look like he meant it.

    Yet, OURS is worse because we know this mindfuck failed experiment of racial “equality” will continue on yet for some time, and it will most likely take a lot more innocent White blood to be spilled before the rest of OUR TRIBE wake the hell up to what Hunter describes as “the burning building” we are housed in –and really face the awful truth as to the low quality “flammable” materials it was constructed of.

    I found this story so upsetting, mostly because I didn’t see it anywhere but here. Another White family whose lives will never be the same 🙁

  8. New Nation News – Black-on-White Crime
    In the 1990s I talked to a white husband and wife in a small town (about 3,000 people) in Georgia. The town was 2/3 black but they felt safe. They said the town consisted of 2 Jew stores, 3 white churches and 6 nigger churches. The white kids all went to a private school or were home-schooled and the black kids all went to public school. My impression is that if you life in a town that has at least 20,000 people and more than 1/2 are black then you have a serious equality and freedom problem. If you live in a black county and you live on a farm then you should be wary and heavily armed.

  9. I read that the “Middle Easterners” have now morphed into “Hispanics”. A case of mistaken identity, maybe.

    I don’t need to describe the effect of the Black Undertow on my home town. I live in South Africa. Anybody who’s interested can see for himself at Death of Johannesburg.

    If you have a strong stomach, browse the happy snaps at Afrikaner genocide.

    Yes, Mr Simpson, I’m a hateful racist. I hate, loathe, despise and abhor those vile beasts, for the good and sufficient reasons shown. I know what you’re thinking, we White South Africans deserved it for being racist. Well, I was not always this way. Now, my one hope in life is that White people will wake up to the threat that Babuntus are to everything beautiful and noble, and finally exterminate the bastards. It wouldn’t even be necessary to do anything overt; just stop feeding them and let nature take its course. Let them starve. Let them eat each other.

    Quarantine Africa,

  10. Just a hunch, but the killers might be Black, and the authorities identified them as middle-Eastern because there would be more heat on the police and Mayor if the killers were identified as Black.

  11. Mr. Simpson, i strongly urge you to take a trip to etither A) detroit or B) flint (should you desire the pointless drive), i suggest you visit the detroit institute of arts, a fortress of concertina wire black security guards with shotguns and tire spike checkpoints, i suggest you take a look at this bourgeosie fortress of high culture that has refused to leave the festering ruins of the once great city founded by the french, before any talk of chicago and LA and DC ever even occured, pontiac’s radiers massacred women and children on the banks of the lake st. clair with tomahawks, but now all that is gone, detroit is a “black city” and all history of it before hand is gone, and only through constructing vast fortresses, fit for low-level street fighting (the guardhouses at the DIA, and ford field seem fit for machine gune emplacements), and with sufficent amounts of forced ignorance one can imagine that this really is all caused by “white flight”, i mean a couple billion dollars from the state and FED is not going to allow any growth right? i mean i’d probably just use that money for private parties for elected officials, not to pay for the police, not to try to maintain our infastructure, not to keep our schools from collasping and then bus our illiterate thugs who have no real chance of success to the white suburbs, where at least they can get some white pussy. thanks Mr. Simpson, for all you’ve done to the generations of immigrants who worked in the plants, thanks for all the help you gave the veterans who returned home to find a racial warzone in their home town, thanks for demonizing them for fleeing from genocidal black nationalists, and most of all thanks for inventing a problem in our country for which you could milk a salary out of.

  12. Denise, yes, a widow woman living alone in the suburbs should be heavily armed. Even if she’s half blind with cataracts her home can be an armory for sympathizers.

  13. @Stonelifter:

    I went to Simpson’s site and read your comments. I had considered doing the same, but what is the point, really? As someone here pointed out, people like simpson and Watson on that site are earning a living by destroying our own people. Trust me; if the tables were turned, these same guys would be siding with us and ranting about the “illusion of equality” among people. As it is, they live either in their ivory towers (for the professor types) or their gated communities (those who know the score and are consciously aware of facts as they are, but aren’t going to admit truth and loose their livlihood). We have always had these people among us. But as times continue to get worse, and our people get to experience more of Simpson’s glorious diversity, more and more will become “race realists” or take their place in that long line of White victims.

  14. I just read a story on Drudge Report about the NAACP ‘s outrage concerning the Microsoft “Avoid Ghetto” app. This cries out for the Hunter Wallace touch…

  15. @Catholic Chris—As Hunter has pointed out time and again, we had the Blacks under control up until your Jew & Catholic politicians started to stir the Negro pot back in the 50’s & 60’s and I am old enough to remember what it was like before the Roman Catholic & Jew political alliance started all of this.

    Now you Roman Catholics & Jews are bringing in all of these Latin American & Carribean coons too. Your co-religionists.

    Eat shit and bark at the moon you Catholic whore.

  16. Today, the four perps are being described by the Philadelphia police as being “hispanics” i.e. good Roman Catholics

    How about the four preps?

  17. Someone needs to do a little more reading and a little less hurling of epithets. All of the established Christian denominations have terrible records on race and immigration. Even Richard Land, the noted Southern Baptist leader, is an open borders guy. Sadly, the Mormon Church is starting to show liberal tendencies. The Lutheran AND Catholic NGO’s are bringing Somalis and Sudanese into previously white areas like Minnesota, Maine, etc. And all of the churches are competing to put illegal fannies in pews – the big trend right now is hispanics converting from Catholicism to Protestantism.

  18. “the big trend now is Hispanics converting converting from Catholicism to Protestantism.”

    And I say good riddance to them.

    And there’s free tortilla’s and Corona’s at Earlmundo’s house:)

  19. Earlmundo, there’s no excuse to use that kind of language on a woman. All of us can get our ideas across without going into the gutter.
    The Catholics in the civil rights movement were latecomers to the party. The main players in the movement, until the 60’s, were liberal Jews and liberal Protestant ministers and laity, who were influenced by the social gospel that took root in the seminaries in the early 1900’s. Those Catholics that did get involved in the movement were also liberals who embraced the same poison that the Protestants took to their bosom. Remember the outrage over busing in Boston? The main people who were working against it were Irish Catholics. There were a lot of rosaries prayed by Irish catholic mothers who didn’t want Shaun and Bridget going out of the neighbourhood.
    The Catholic pol’s and clergy who worked with the Jews were liberal sell-outs like Kennedy and O’Neil . CINO’s or Neo-Con’s. Traditional and conservative Catholics like Denise and myself have no use for these creatures, because as members of the church that built Western civilzation, we share your outrage about what has happened to our culture. We want or neighbourhoods to be decent places to live too.

  20. +1 for what Jane said. Honestly Earl, what is it with your anti-Catholic diatribe? (No I am not Catholic, btw). You seem to conveniently forget that it was the Catholic Church that kept the Muslims at bay for over 1000 years. Guess, that doesn’t count with you though, huh? Yes there were Catholic politicians that helped the Jews to rouse the blacks but there are and were plenty of Protestant pols who did the same and are doing the same today. You never seem to waste an opportunity, or else create one, to drag the “Catholic issue” into the conversation, but you seem to not realize that it is only an issue in your eyes- I don’t see anyone here responding in agreement with your rants on that matter.

  21. 99.9 % of Hispanics/Latinos/Mestizos/Cholos/Jibaros/Zambos whatever you want to call ’em are Roman Catholics. They mean Roman Catholic votes for Roman Catholic politicians and their Jew allies! That’s the facts–that ain’t make believe. It’s pure simple power politics.

    We have been letting Roman Catholics make excuses for Roman Catholic politicians since I was a teenager. It’s the same old Catholic bullshit going all the way back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. Make excuses for your Roman Catholic Church, and your Roman Catholic politicians. You assholes have never been wrong—it’s never your Roman Catholic political fault.

  22. There was a time, not that long ago, when Protestants referred to ALL Roman Catholics as whores. This was a much better country then!

  23. @ConfedNNorth

    LOL, I’ma actaully a 6 foot 2, 190lb man, but I guess chivalry ain’t dead :\ Earlmundo was just using that old “whore of Babylon” line that Protestants used to hurl at Catholics. I never had a clue what it meant, though.

  24. Chris, sorry I got your sex wrong, but I’ll asume you are an unsullied picture of Southron manhood. The “whore of Babylon” thing comes from an old Protestant misinterpetation of Revelation 17. Martin Luther and other early Protestants in their idiotic hatred of the Catholic Church, taught the Church was the Scarlet Woman in that prophecy. Their spiritual descendents continued in that false tradition, and have kept alive a unnecesary hatred that has separated people of European descent from each other.

  25. Confed, Count me in with you and Denise as a traditionalist Catholic. In a way, it’s a symptom of how post-Christian our civilization has become that no one ever wants to argue anymore about religion. (i.e., Protestant versus Catholic.) Back in the day, my grandmother used to go on endlessly about how oppressed she was by southern Protestants! Today, traditional Christians of all sects have to join together and make common cause against our anti-Christian enemies.

  26. @ Hunter;

    “The South suffered tremendously in the Reconstruction era and we spent a lot of time discussing that last year”
    I missed that material and would like to read it. Do you links to some of it or can you repost a couple of those articles? I am pretty sure that an internet search would only turn up PC “proper” and purged Jew-approved Reconstruction era history . I would love to read testimonials by southerners of that era, if such exist.

  27. Jane – I’m a Protestant. A good old Methodist. Half my family are Catholics though – and I always thought giving Mary the boot was a bad idea. A Mother figure is wholesome, and normal.

    Hutton Gibson is one of my favorite people EVER.

    I am not so very concerned with doctrinal differences. I love my Pagen Brothers and Sisters as much as I love true Christians, of all denominations. Three of my BEST allies are Pagans.

    What matters is we love Our Own.

  28. Well George y’all make a valid point. I went there and made my two comments on behalf of the DWL that might be saved. They are White, and potentially precious resources. I didn’t do it on behalf of the race traitors who run that webpage

    I’m not a big fan of the modern catholic church; it’s along way from the days when the catholic church stood line with islam to the catholic church of today. Also, the catholic church is heavily involved in africa, india etc, not to mention all the negros south of Texas. Most negros in the USA are Protestant, but my guess is, most negros in the world are catholic.

  29. Queen Elizabeth was the Anglican replacement for Mary. Quite pivotal in the story of the reformation. Victoria and Elizabeth II are similar figures. Their reigns (perhaps less so with QEII these days) are quite happy periods in world history.

    The Puritans went a bit overboard with a sexless patriarch textual God–even banning Christmas (Bloody Merry! to you too) . Cromwell almost became a Massachusetts resident btw. Downing (That Downing Street) was a Harvard or Yale type from New England who came over to fight the King.

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