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  1. So bittersweet. I had so much fun that day. There wer a few Black people at the rally. 3-4. To me, that’s not a plus. When some-one can tel me the postive things that Blacks bring – well – that’s the day the world ends. What’s really bitterly funny s that te maker of that video:

    1) Disabled the Comments.
    2) Is offended by the concept of sound money
    3) Is fake-aghast that Veteran’s had priority seating, vs “disabled”. This is telling; beware the tyranny of the weak.
    4) Doesn’t seen to think that Upper Middle class SUV’ers have a right to protect their own interests. especially considering that they pay for the vido-maker’s sorry azz.

    FYI – there wer al kinds of people in that crowd, acoss a very broad spectrum of economic and educational backgrounds, and “lifestyles”. I knew a lot of folks that were small business owners. I met a woman – a lovely, blue eyed woman, porcelain-skinned, with very delicate features. She was in her early 40’s. She wore a haunted expression. She was from AZ. She was scouting locales. She was planning a return to the NorthEast. She told me she had to get out of AZ. That’s the Mexicans made normal life a living Hell. She told me that she could not let her teenaged daughter out of the house alone – it was too dangerous. The girl was constantly harrassed by Mexican males, and she was …terrible. She had to drive the girl back and forth from school, every day, because they were both afraid for the girl’s safety. The woman was still lovely, in early Middle Age. I can only imagine how beautiful the daughter is, if she looks anything like her mother. The woman related in incident, that had just happened that week – Mexicans had tried to break into her house. Something to do with the daughter. She didn”t tell me any details; the rally was heating up – but I do remember that she told me she was in PA because she packed the daughter up, the next day, and drove straight to PA. STRAIGHT thru. They didn’t even stop overnight. They were staying with family. The husband and son were getting things ready, to get out of AZ. ASAP.

    I told her about Stormfront.

    I hope that family is safe, and well, today.

    Sigh. Lovely to see the boys together. Every-one’s scattered to the 4 winds, by now. But mostly still around. In one way or another.

  2. No one can answer that question because there is nothing desirable about the presence of black people. The only compelling argument that was ever made for them was slavery. The free negro is nothing but a burden upon society.

  3. On goggle search: The Secret Sun Ron Paul, Race and the Scottish Rite. Democracy is death for White Race or should I say Demonarcracy. Voting is a sham. They the evil ones decide who runs and who wins….what a sham. Hunter, maybe the Curse of Ham is a True Curse!

  4. “We know that all of that wealth was built off of slavery, and slave-trading”

    If “all that wealth” was a function of labor, slave labor, then America’s success is the product of African enslavement!?

    Assuming this bizarre notion is correct, then, shouldn’t Africa, itself, be a thriving First World nation due to its abundance of African labor?

  5. “Mexico: rival gangs make Ciudad Juarez world’s murder capital”

    It really is the return of the Aztecs down there.

  6. These academics, cannot quite grasp that the UK had thousands of miles of railways whilst Africa was adjusting to the wheel.

    Blacks in Subsaharan Africa could have built empires that controlled the world if they were not lazy layabouts. Even if they exploited 1% of the mineral wealth that was beneath their feet they could have dominated everyone else. They had centuries of contact with us before we took over, and before that millenia to exploit the riches by themselves.

    They are defective Antisocial creatures.

  7. Our friend Andy Hall (One of Massa Simpson’s butt buddies. He was the one so horrified by my rather tepid Auntie Semitizm) is on that thread. I was tempted to ask “When will Afreaka have an Aboliton Movement, etc” – but I don’t want the entire thing to become about me. (Andy Hallski will go mental, if I show up) So would some-one please post that question? And add the bits about Afreaka’s natural resources.

  8. Oh yes.!Hunter – your data and phot essays are so useful, and brilliant, when dealing with Racial Egalitarian Loonies.

  9. I am constantly amazed by how chickenshit Republicans are. When Newt shot to the top of the pile by uttering some small bits of truth that pissed off Blacks, you would have thought that the other candidates would have realized that THAT is the kind of red meat that White voters want on their plates.

    They apparently don’t comprehend that many millions of White people worry every single day that the federal government will shove a Section 8 sheboon with a litter of pickaninnies into that foreclosed house down the street. Those people know that the first will not be the last and that in a very short time their homes will soon be worthless and their schools will be jungles.

    Right now is the perfect time for the Republicans to start a civilized discussion about the failings of the government’s attempts to legislate racial equality. They could advocate new programs that don’t make life worse for Whites.

    The first topic I would bring up is BUSING because there is no better example of governmental stupidity.

    The problem: Predominately Black schools are dangerous hell holes where the educable Black children can’t learn because they are picked on and accused of being Oreos while the teachers spend most of their time doing their best impression of a bouncer in a biker bar.

    The obvious solution: Pump some money into the troubled schools to hire more security so that the teachers can teach. Completely separate the educable children from the semi-retards. Put the smarter, better-behaved kids in well equipped classrooms staffed by the school’s best teachers. Provide separate transportation for them. Put the irredeemable, genetically-flawed miscreants into rubber rooms and provide enough security to keep them from injuring each other while the teacher makes a futile attempt at filling their heads with useful information about the world.

    The governments solution: Burn up billions of gallons of diesel fuel during an energy crisis to spread the Black schools’ problems to the new schools in the suburbs that Whites flocked to to get away from schools and neighborhoods that were becoming Africanized.

    That conversation would lead directly into the White Flight that resulted from the government’s misguided attempts at forced integration. Once again there is a problem, an obvious solution and the government’s solution.

    The problem: Black neighborhoods are overpopulated, rundown, dangerous shit holes where decent Blacks are routinely victimized by dark semi-humans.

    The obvious solution: Lots of cops. More jails. Create absolutely no programs that will encourage unchecked breeding by people who cannot sustain themselves. Build better, secure housing within or adjacent to the Black neighborhoods for the productive Blacks who desire to better themselves.

    The government’s solution: Pay uneducated, unemployed, unfit mothers to churn out as many hoodrats as they can, then move them to YOUR neighborhood.

    The Republican candidates at all levels could discuss these issues during the coming election cycle and they would receive the same standing ovations that Newt got for his small nuggets of truth.

  10. The Pols don’t want to provide the media with a 5 second clip that can be replayed endlessly.

    However, we are in a new era where the blacks have acheived as much power as they could have asked for. They have now run out of excuses for being useless.

    The Pols are too dipshit to realize that they can now explicitly make a case against “cibbilrahts”.

    The only problem for the GOP is simply to give it a try. Obama is the embodiment of, the endgame of the civil rights discourse. He’s a political sitting duck for any conservative prepared to change the fundamental discourse. Obama has not done well for his kind or his blood enemy.

    He’s only made a few wishywashy types happy.

  11. PBR your first two paragraphs are gold. But it is not hopeless the stupid and evil white guilt syndrome is being destroyed as we speak. Bugs is leading the way.

  12. “We know that slavery was not merely an economic system, but a social system which transformed white Southern men into the broadest aristocracy in world history.”

    He’s got it all wrong. The Indigenous Celts already WERE the British Isles ‘broadest aristocracy’ BEFORE the Norman conquest. It was only the Papally-subservient French, who brought over the Charlemagnian filioquist error, that subjugated the Native Aristocracy of the White Man.

    When the Scot-Irish came to America, for the first time, they were freed from the false Aristocracy of interloping Franks, and look what we did; Built the best nation on the earth.The only trouble was, we forgot we ALREADY WERE noble to begin with, and assumed everyone to be like us. Which, (in the case of Jews and Blacks) was the biggest folly the White race has made since Good Friday.

  13. I must agree on the reference to the Normans.

    They destroyed the Freeman class in Anglo-Saxon England, and abolished slavery. Then they invaded Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

    It’s interesting that the Welsh Irish and Scots dislike the English, when of course the Normans (Francophone) were the prime mover in the subjugation of the Isles.

    The English as Anglo-Saxons tended to leave the Welsh, Scots and Irish to their own monarchy and simply demanded that they were under kings. The Normans otoh obliterated native aristocrats and royal lines. After the Normans took over, turning the English into serfs, the problems for the celtic fringe became genocidal.

  14. 2) Is offended by the concept of sound money

    Sound money: any money that makes a sound when you drop it.

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