Ron Paul Wins Younger Voters In South Carolina

Ron Paul places 4th in South Carolina, but posts the most significant growth in his share of the vote

South Carolina

H/T Hail.

The South Carolina exit polls are exactly what we expected given the composition of the Ron Paul electorate in Iowa and New Hampshire.

(1) 98 percent of Republican voters in the South Carolina Republican Primary were White.

(2) Ron Paul won 31 percent of voters 18 to 29, 22 percent of voters 30 to 39, 30 percent of voters 40 to 49, 11 percent of voters 50 to 64, and 7 percent of voters 65 years old and over. It is important to keep in mind these are all White voters.

(3) Newt Gingrich won 47 percent of voters over 65, 40 percent of voters 45 to 64, 37 percent of voters 30 to 44, and 28 percent of voters 18 to 29.

(4) Newt Gingrich won 48 percent of voters who “strongly support” the Tea Party and 42 percent of voters who “somewhat support” the Tea Party.

(5) 44 percent of Evangelical Christians voted for Newt Gingrich. 38 percent of voters who are not Evangelicals voted for Romney.

(6) 48 percent of voters who believe that abortion should always be illegal voted for Newt Gingrich. 51 percent of voters who consider abortion the most important issue voted for Rick Santorum.

(7) 51 percent of voters who wanted a candidate who can “Beat Obama” voted for Newt Gingrich.

(8) 46 percent of voters who said that their religion “mattered a great deal” chose Newt Gingrich.

(9) 23 percent of Ron Paul voters were Independents. 10 percent of Ron Paul voters were Republicans.

Ron Paul won 13 percent of the vote in the South Carolina Republican Primary. He won 3.62 percent of the vote in 2008. In Iowa, Ron Paul increased his share of the vote from 9.93 percent to 21.45 percent. In New Hampshire, he increased his percentage of the vote from 7.8 percent to 22.91 percent.

The exit polls again show that Ron Paul isn’t winning traditional Republican primary voters over the age of 44. He is winning young people and Independents who are growing shares of the electorate. This is why he has improved so significantly upon his 2008 performance in all three primary states.

Ron Paul keeps losing these political battles because Baby Boomers refuse to vote for him, but institutions like “Campaign for Liberty” are winning the demographic war. They are changing the nature of the Republican electorate by winning over young people. This is a subject worth considerable reflection as we move forward through the primary process.

Update: Oy vey, Kevin Levin is unhappy with Ron Paul’s defense of the South. He’s right that each new generation renegotiates its relationship with the past. He’s wrong when he assumes that Gen X’ers and Millennials are embracing the Baby Boomer assumptions about the past. The White electorate is rapidly consolidating against the progressive champions of the Civil Rights Movement.

Note: It is also clear that most of the Newt Gingrich voters were people who were simply jumping on the bandwagon in the final days of the campaign. They were people who wanted to vote for the winner. This will undoubtedly be a major factor in the years ahead as the composition of the electorate shifts even further away from the Christian Zionists.

The success of the Ron Paul presidential campaign sheds fresh light upon the old debate between “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists” that roiled this website almost two years ago. Ron Paul is successfully “mainstreaming” his libertarian ideas by participating in the Republican primaries, which are effectively White primaries in all the decisive states, but his “vanguard” of cultural institutions like “Campaign for Liberty” and “Young Americans for Liberty” are clearing the roadblocks for him by changing the minds of young people.

It is only in the White Nationalist movement where the “vanguardists” are ideologically opposed to the “mainstreamers.” There are other examples of this that come to mind like the abolitionist movement and its involvement with the Republican Primary. The cause of abolition triumphed when it ceased to be a fringe cause of pacifists who rejected the political process.

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  1. The intellectual influence of the Ron Paul campaigns is what it’s all about, I think.

    The people working on the Paul campaign now will go taqqiyah themselves into Congress and then turn out to be Ron Paulites.

    It’s a good thing the “racist newsletters” came up so much, to remind the Paulites that “racism” is realism. I’m noticing that the black commentators are outraged at the conspicuous young whites lack of outrage at Ron Paul and his newsletters. Young White Paul supporters are “betraying” the black supremacist enforcers of political correctness like Dari’l Jinkins. Did you see his outraged Ron Paul videos? He can’t believe that young white people support RP, and don’t care about DJ’s racial sensitivities.

    That’s the great development of 2012 — the “racism” blackmail is losing it’s magical power, and “magic” is of course just psychology, rather than supernatural power. Magic and witchcraft are mindweapon tactics — Psychological Operations that have always existed throughout human history. There is no supernatural; it is just psy-ops.

    Those who use psychological witchcraft have to come to terms with the fact that each spell they conjure is mortal, just as people are mortal. The Civil Rights spell is running its course already; its arteries are blocked, and it’s going to die of a heart attack.

    The wizened Jewish spell grew in power by conjuring the Civil Rights spell. Blacks infused the ancient Jewish witchcraft with new energy. Blacks were like their children. But now both spells are losing power together, having wrought great destruction and ruin unto the world, and their trajectory is only “more ruin, more destruction.”

  2. Yeah, the racism charge bounced off him like a meteor off the atmosphere. That is a significant development. Just like his failure to apologize to Jesse Jackson and beg for forgiveness

  3. Kievsky: Excellent comment about Spells and Witchcraft. Tim Rifat talks about Anglo Demonic power out of England. John Todd had alot of good info on the subject and how Powers That Be use Gaelic Witches. I hope the spells and curses dont become genetically implanted and multi generational. To bad we dont have a Spell to remove all the bad spells and curses…….Martin Lindstedt says Whiggers will breed more Whiggers. The Black Nuwaubian Nation preaches the Spell of Leviathan and how it keeps Blacks in bondage. Maybe we have a semilar curse or spell on our race……

  4. Hunter,

    I couldn’t find where to go to archived pages at DJ’s page. Worth fidning if anybody does — he is so outraged at teh Ron Paul supporters. You know we got a cultural revolution when millions of young whites blatantly ignore political correctness.

  5. “The intellectual influence of the Ron Paul campaigns is what it’s all about, I think.”

    Yes. If you move the foundations the building will follow or collapse.

    “That’s the great development of 2012 — the “racism” blackmail is losing it’s magical power, and “magic” is of course just psychology, rather than supernatural power. Magic and witchcraft are mindweapon tactics — Psychological Operations that have always existed throughout human history. There is no supernatural; it is just psy-ops.”

    Heh, excellent.

  6. True that large capital is pushed out of country, but watching the real pioneer descendants, versus others who came later, is telling, and no one addresses that. Values have been handed down to them– a capacity to work with tools, to be a “jack of all trades,” a deep hardwire to be self-sufficient (not company men, since they had to be), the mental attitude to fix things up and leave them nicer than you got them (something that only works in a genuine community, where the new ‘owner’ might ‘get’ the vision of the people there before, since they share folkways, and also since both are building a similar culture).

    You need a grounds-level culture of creativity and innovation— to produce the much more occasional Henry Ford. This is the result of the culture of people being able to fool around and pursue seemingly odd personal visions in their garages or whatever.

    People culturally raised on Warfare or Welfare or company men—- none best produce the regenerative energy, the creativity that leads to the Steve Jobs or whoever.

    This is the power of the south, the power of the “Rural Base.” It’s still referencing making, growth from scratch, growth and innovation without the Cult of Experts and “we must bring back the big businessmen who will save us” (the Santorum-Romney mentality).

    but the deeper problem is the u.s. cannot produce creative people any longer. Rural areas (where the tradition of growing things is so strong) are now yankee suburbs— with that value of “being pampered” as the height. Hiring a crew, setting things up so you “do nothing,” making it “easy,” having Asians do your nails, a close store so you don’t have to “think ahead about your shopping,” — Essentially, being waited on hand and foot, is the yankee ideal. And they don’t understand the “lower class” (to them) idea of self-sufficiency— the joy in personal creation, seems like.

    What could be uglier than the “new south” tract homes with their slapped up foreign-crew landscaping— no charm, no individuality, no native plants, etc.?

    Don’t people WANT to try to make things themselves?

  7. — it’s amazing how many, born outside rural life, don’t even realize how abundantly plants re-seed themselves, for instance. Anyone from the south knows this, (even if their family was not agricultural, they’ve been around it). Same with upper midwest. Until recently (with hybrids, gmos, etc.) anyone could start a huge garden with just one bag of fruit bought at the store. Any apple will give you a few trees.

    this is the mentality of abundance. If you really understand one apple gives you many trees, then the endless starvation meme from t.v. has less effect. (It does take awhile).

    The non-creative force is the furthest from this knowledge, the more fearful, the more easily manipulated— and so generationally incapable of producing a vanguard.

    we need thinkers in the most average homes

  8. Oh— and it seems really the old “Company Men” who are into the Romney-Santorum thing. The people brought in for the Industrial REvolution. It’s true that the “big business” saved THEIR families, lol. But we have now “de-industrialized”. The idea that “only a businessman can fix america (some rich robber baron type)” really plays to the ‘Northeast ethnic” crowd. (IMO, largely due to their socialization and history as the post-civil-war industrial population)— Romney is all about big-robber-baron-saviors, war-power, and the peon audience “being given” jobs to punch their time clocks.

    In that way, Romney-Santorum ought to be insulting, replaying the Industrial Revolution memes, even as they “de-industrialized”.

  9. Kievsky – yes. Magic, incantations, spells, “positive affirmations”…prayer. Prayer.

    It’s all energy. It’s all about focusing your mental and physical energies. Mindweapons, and mind-wombs. The source of creation and power. Used for evil – or good. (and one must know the difference.

    It’s easy to give in to despair. I often wonder why I am wasting my time, trying to get Whites to want to preserve thier very existence, when they don’t seem to want to preserve their very existence. But ever since Iowa – I’ve been a perky little busy-bee. I NOTICED that the “racism” spell was losing it’s power. People don’t CARE anymore. The Hollocost spell is cracking, too.

    It’s wonderul.

    The BUGS folsk are right; keep pushing pushing pushing. I use the Mantra when it’s appropriate. It must be tailored to the situation. But push push push the message. Fearlessly. Intelligently – but fearlessly. Cast that bread, on the waters, folks! Very interesting things come back….

    The main thing is that the Black Magic Devil Hoodoo spells are evaporating. Have any of you ever seen a Tarot deck? (don’t be offended, Xians. I study EVERY thing. My mind is free, and I will make my own decisions) There’s a card depicitng The Devil. The Tarot is very interesting. The Tarot depicts very profound emotional, psychological, and spiritual truths. The Devil card shows a main and a woman chained to the base of the Devil’s throne. They are naked. They are healthy-looking,though. Not emaciated, They are standing upright. Not whipped, and crouching. They are chained – but not abased. The most fascinating element is that the chains are so loose. One loose chain loops each of them. They, each of them, could so easily step away from their imprisonment. All they need to do is make the decision to DO so.

    Evil falls of it’s own weight. Always. Evil never sleeps – but Evil never LEARNS, either.

    Ron Paul’s campaign signifies an awakening. Most of his followers will not EVER be hard core Racialists – but they will not be bound, either. They will not be bound by the lies and tricks of the Devil. Whites have nothing to apologize for, and we owe NOTHING to any-one. Except each other. Young Paulistas are just realizing this.

  10. Denise: Your comments about the hoodoo spells are interesting! Tim Rifat with his PSI-Lord has interesting info about Anglo Demonic Power of England. John Todd says Illumanati uses Gailic Witches. Last Trumpet Newsletter of Jan 2012 has good info about evil Tech being used now…… On Google: The Secret Sun, Ron Paul, Ritual and the Scottish Rite. Read how Plantation owners were Scot Riters….

  11. I am a Vanguardist Mainstreamer.

    And a Celt Pain in the Assetts. My Battle Flag bears a great big Razz-berry!

  12. There is a massive disconnect between the young people voting for Paul and the old people who hate him on many the things we are familiar with and one we might not be familiar with – historical perspective. The Paul supporters I have talked to even in the North have a non-‘mainstream’ view of history while the anti-Paul people seem to largely accept the ‘mainstream’ view of history promoted by the major US institutions. This is huge, I think. The way you understand history shapes how you look at the world.

  13. I get the appeal of Ron Paul for the younger people. They are the ones who have to pay for all the big govt bills. The old folks will be dead, nearly dead or living off their 401k in their already paid for house getting all the various old folks govt benefits when the bills lands on the younger tax payers

  14. Most of the Negrophiles in the SHPG on Facebook were probably on board with “The Cain Train” and turned out for Gingrich. It looks like the military counties went for Romney.

  15. Denise: John Todd talked about Gaelic Wiccans being used by Rothchilds. Maybe they had somethong over them and were able to force them to do things for them. It is sad to think Gaelic Gals helping the Evil Ones. On web there is alot about Jews in Scotland and history of them there. Tim Rifat is interesting about the Abraham Ritual. He claims a Military Hit Team was sent to his home to kill him because of his Abraham Ritual. He also makes some interesting comments about Madonna and how she is into Zohar Books and all that stuff and wears a red ribbon around her hand. Says she got gassed and robbed in her home and robbers looted her house. Tim Rifat is a trip and talks about the Anglo Demonic Reality. He also says Iran will use Cobalt 60 on Israel. Wild stuff. I am like you Denise, study it all to get the facts…….

  16. Hunter, meteors do not bounce of the atmosphere, they disintegrate! This is why you believe we could reach Mars or land on the moon. Your science is cartoonish. Check out Northerntruthseeker for more info. And Hunter, I love ‘ya but please stick to what you know best. American history.

  17. Hunter, meteors do not bounce off the atmosphere, they disintegrate! This is why you believe we could reach Mars or land on the moon. Your science is cartoonish. Check out Northerntruthseeker for more info. And Hunter, I love ‘ya but please stick to what you know best. American history.

  18. Tim Rifat is interesting about the Abraham Ritual. He claims a Military Hit Team was sent to his home to kill him because of his Abraham Ritual.

    If that were true he’d be dead

  19. I don’t want to be repetitive – bash the 100% Libertarian/Constitutionalist true believers who insist on trying to share/force THE TRUTH on the White voting public and end up confined to a 15% ceiling of mostly intelligent, young White people, college students, independent business owners; we seem to have no clue how to reach working class Whites, White retirees, White veterans, Whites working in some way in the government, in the military industrial system. White Evangelical Christians seem to be a huge problem for us now and it wasn’t always this way.

    It seems the immigration issue is the one issue that breaks through to almost all groups of Whites – so just go with it. Stop trying to teach Austrian free market economics to White Evangelical Christians in South Carolina.

    Can Hunter help us on this? Is Newt Gingrich going to be able to pull these winning numbers in all Southern States or is South Carolina unique?

  20. Paul killed his chances with White veterans, his attacks on the wars in iraq & the a-stan, his willingness to gut the military and voting to allow open homosexuality in the military is not well received by us. This also applies to Christian vote, and working class White men

    Many White think his stance on drugs will have even more negros going feral. This also applies to Christian vote, and working class White men

    Paul is also pro immigration, which kills him with the White vote, in the same three groups.

    He also fails to come across as a strong leader. He comes across as an egghead. A problem for sure with vets and working class White men

    Paul’s problem isn’t that he’s failing to get his message through. The problem for Paul is how liberal he is on things near and dear to White America.

    I’m sure part of his success with younger voters is, they are more use to soft, emasculated eggheads in leadership roles and they are more ok with drug use and homosexuality then older White Americans. and father removed from the military than previous generations.

    Why can’t the Paul crowd understand those things are important enough to be deal breakers to large number of White men?

  21. “This is why you believe we could reach Mars or land on the moon.”

    Could we build a gigantic space station in orbit like the ones in sci-fi movies?

    If yes, then we can get to Mars.

  22. Stonelifter: Tim Rifat went to Russia to live. Its true if a military hit squad comes for you you dont stand much of a chance. Check out on internet the Interview of Jeff Rense of Tim Rifat. He talks about Cobalt 60 powder as a weapon of Iran. Rifat says that if The Head Man in Charge gets hit by a Whitey, the purge of Whites will swing into full force. Read the interview and you will see what I mean. Tim Rifat is one wild guy. Check his PSI-Lord Tim Rifat site. Also Jeff Rense Interview of Tim Rifat. http:/ Tim Rifat Interview with Jeff Rense. April 28, 2009 OBAMA THE ANTICHRIST AND ARMAGEDDON _ Radio_ 2.html

  23. I understand that Hunter Wallace and OD have gotten away from the dysfunctional WN Vanguard “movement”. I understand and support this move.

    But, I know there is some unique, practical information put out by a few American WN leaders that folks like Stonelifter should study, pass on to regular White folks in South Carolina and other places.

    In particular I highly recommend OD readers check out George L. Rockwell’s dissection of the failures of economic conservatism/Libertarians to reach the hearts and minds of regular Whites – Rockwell figured out that Libertarianism was doomed to failure with poor and working class Whites and he figured this out in ~ 1966, yet 45 years later we still have Libertarian true believers trying to force their version of THE TRUTH to all kinds of White folks that hate this message.

    Here’s the link to Rockwell’s clear understanding of the doomed path of economic conservatism/Libertarianism in US presidential politics.

  24. Well, now, Kievsky, you state flatly “There is no supernatural; it is just psy-ops.” I don’t want to say that you’re wrong, but I won’t go out on a limb and say you’re right, either. The thing about the supernatural is, it’s impossible to prove either way; because the only tests we could apply to the proof are all natural.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not taking a position, either pro or con, on this issue. But I’ve lived long enough to realise that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in my philosophy.

    First off, I’m told that my grandfather, who died when I was 8, was quite a renowned witch-doctor in his younger years. He was an English colonial in South Africa. All I know of that is, of course, hearsay.

    My parents used to experiment with spititualism about the time I was born – ouija boards and such. Again, I only know what they told me, except for one little incident shortly after I started working. A colleague told me that he’d found boarding in a local home. Next day, he told me he was moving out – the house was haunted. Footsteps in the night, taps and doors opening and closing when nobody was there… anyway, I mentioned it to my parents, and they asked which house it was. Turned out, it was the house where I’d been born.

    OK, so far, this is just stuff I heard. The one I couldn’t ignore was the dowsing thing. My father used to dowse for water, using a forked stick or similar. I remember when I was very young, he identified a spot on a farm, and, wanting to see whether I had the talent, gave me the fork. I strolled back and forth over the area he indicated, but … nothing. Never believed in that stuff.

    Shortly after I got married and bought my first house, my parents came to visit. My father bent a wire coathanger into shape and went strolling around the house, looking for water. He found it – in the toilet. I laughed and said, I could have told you that. No, he said, there’s underground water. Sure, I said, in the pipes. He insisted, there’s an underground stream here.

    So he said, try it yourself. I tried it, with expected results – none.

    Then he said, Try it like this. He stood behind me and lightly touched my wrists with his thumbs and fingers.

    I couldn’t hold that fork. It pointed down.

    Was there water there? I don’t know. Of course it was my own muscles controlling the fork. But I wasn’t (consciously) controlling my muscles. Just one more item for the “Not Proven” file.

    Then there’s the question of mystical experiences, which are not as rare as you might imagine. Because these are by their nature subjective, it’s easier to write them off. I’ve had one of those, and I know my father did, too. He interpreted it as a vindication of his faith; I took it as an interesting experience of unknown significance. I’ve been interested in the phenomenon since, and occasionally read a snippet in the news that indicates to me that it happens all the time. If anybody is interested, or has information on the subject, we can take it up in the forum.

  25. Newt “Ill Do Whatever Sheldon Adelson sez Cause I’m a Big Fat Whore for Judenfetzen” Grinch-ich’s numbers just prove how debased the Evangelicals, and Tea Party Tards really are.

  26. I get a sense that Paul is a feel good message machine.

    Possibly if he said:

    Let’s go fuck up the Mexicans! Take their shit and annex it. Leave the middle East alone! He’d get the workingclass white vote.

    Just guess.

    As it stands now, everything about his message sounds too good to be true.

  27. I wouldn’t think this is something to brag about. Remember, the youth today are educated in our dumbed down public institutes and overwhelmingly supported obozo last go round. It appears they have learned nothing from that experience. Unfortunately for us old guys they show an appalling lack of judgement.

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