The Star Spangled Rag

Steven Tyler performs the Star Spangled Rag


I’m tacking this here as an outstanding exhibit of why for the first time in history the majority of Americans do not believe “our culture is superior to others.” Fewer Millennials believe in the superiority of Amurrica than their counterparts in Spain, Britain, and Italy.

In related news, the Virginia General Assembly is considering a bill that would that would designate the third Monday in February as Washington–Lincoln Day. Schemes like this advance in the Old Dominion because there is no principled organized resistance to them.

Now that “The Cain Train” has dropped out of the race, the inadequate Negrophile failures who have brought us to this point better redouble their efforts to get H.K. Edgerton to run for President of Amurrica. For $20,000 dollars, H.K. Edgerton will speak to your Southern Heritage group about “Black Confederates.”

Note: Spain has a 23 percent unemployment rate. Maureen Dowd is funnier and more realistic than our would be saviors.

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  1. To be fair America has never surpassed nor remotely approached the cultural high point of the Italian Renaissance. Nor has it equalled the music of Vienna in the 18th century.

    America has a special political constitution though.

  2. I think another century of liberal democracy could sink us lower than President Camacho. If you look at the apocalyptic prophecies of the past, reality always turns out to be worse than expected.

  3. For $20,000 I am prepared to wear an Afro wig, apply skin darkener and invent many platoons and companies of Black Confederates.

  4. Do the idiocracy writers know what they wrought?

    It’s such a brilliant film. And admittedly Camacho knew he was rubbish.

  5. One day, Afrocentrics will appropriate Lee, Longstreet and Pickett. Jackson will be “Stonecold” Jackson.

    Just you wait and see. The black confederates are just the start of the niggerization.

  6. Look at Angry Black Man at Wall Mart – You Tube. Its funny, he says nothin but Mexicans work there and they need to put a fence around Wall Mart. And They all do crack in the back and the damn prices……

  7. Twenty years from now, they will be saying the Confederacy was really about gay marriage and LGBT rights. I’m sure there were more “Gay Confederates” than “Black Confederates.”

  8. If the nutters on the Right take something up then the nutters on the Left find it unfashionable. Mention Israel on Kos or DU and it takes full moderator censorship to keep their crazies inline. I’m damn near ready to go full “White Zionist” ” a place for white people where there are no people ‘of any worth'”, that will damn near put the fatal shot in the Zionist dreams of respectability.

    IMO Glen Beck has just about killed the fashionability of “White Guilt Syndrome”, god bless the Mormon Glen Beck, willing to make an ass of himself so DWLs have nothing to hang their hat on.

    ThisThis Is America Today, Part II
    These facts are from the CIA—and they are undisputed:

    • Infant mortality rate in the United States: 6.06 per 1,000 live births.

    • Infant mortality rate in France: 3.29 per 1,000 live births.

    • Average life expectancy in the United States: 78.37 years (75.92 for men, 80.93 for women).

    • Average life expectancy in France: 81.19 years (78.20 for men, 84.54 for women).

    • Total expenditure on health care in the United States: 16.2% of GDP (2009).

    • Total expenditure on health care in France: 3.5% of GDP (2009).

    • Expenditure on health care in the United States per capita: $7,517 per year (2009).

    • Expenditure on health care in France per capita: $1,148 per year (2009).

    So . . . to make it clear: France has a Socialist-Commie health care system, while the United States has “the best health care system in the world”—

    —and yet the French live longer, have an infant mortality rate roughly half the United States’, and yet still manage to spend less than Americans on health care.

    A lot less—in fact, the Socialist-Commie Frogs spend less than a quarter of what the United States does, as a proportion of GDP.

    And when you break it down per person per year? The French spend less than one-sixth what the United States spends—yet live longer, and have a lower infant mortality rate

    These are the facts—and they are undisputed.

    So! One of two things is going on: Either the French—as a people—are simply better than Americans; made of finer stuff; simply superior physical specimens.

    Or . . .

    Big Pharma, Big Med and Big Insurance are stealing from the American people every last bit of money they can get their hands on, while the Federal government refuses—out of incompetence, stupidity or corruption—to do anything about this rampant, blatant theft.

    Too harsh, you say? Well, next time you go bankrupt from your medical bills, tell me again if I’m being too harsh. Because if you go bankrupt in America, there’s a 60% chance it will be because of medical bills. And if you do go bankrupt because of medical expenses? There’s a 40% chance you actually did have medical insurance—yet went bankrupt anyway! (Source here)

    These are the facts—and they are undisputed.

    This is America today.

    (Source: CIA World Factbook, French data here, U.S. data here.)

  10. One thing would be to look at how black people fuck up those average life expectancies.

    I know that they drive down the educational averages. See it everyday in classes.

    Nogs must make up most of the teen mortality in America too. Violent bastards.

  11. What’s the point about French health care. Michael Moore made a whole movie comparing. But u.s. “free health care” will look nothing like France or Cuba, mark my word. Do they have the psycho rampant pharm-dsm-government-academic revolving door? Is their only industry drugging little kids? Is their governance as corrupt… etc… A militarist-corporatist-medicalist entity making big dough the sicker people are… no, will not be cuba.

  12. that whole debate has nothing to do with “free markets,” and everything to do with not trusting a bunch of corrupt people to do the right thing when you are dying. How can you have central societal programs when you really don’t have a society, not really?

  13. RoA
    the numbers in the USA are bad because of negros and mexicans. all statistics in the USA improve once you rule those two groups out. Crime rates drop, test scores climb etc etc etc

    your argument is false because the data doesn’t reflect anything but what a drag negros and mexicans are

  14. For anyone who doesn’t know the history of HK, you can thank Hill & Co. for that tripe. I tried to tell those fruitcakes two things back in the 90s. One, the black confederate biz would turn their cause into a cartoon. Two, that GWB wasn’t a “conservative”. What I learned was that they’re rapture bunnies too!

    I’d think twice before recommending their org to anyone whose respect I may have.

  15. “To be fair America has never surpassed nor remotely approached the cultural high point of the Italian Renaissance. Nor has it equalled the music of Vienna in the 18th century.”

    initially I agreed, but…

    Now I don’t. The USA built the Panama Canal, conquered, tamed and settled a huge chunk of North America, made marvelous buildings like the ones in NYC, explored the earth and oceans, put men into outer space, broke the sound barrier, helped put an end to polio and whupped smallpox, wrote beautiful stories and music that speak to us an a unique people….

    got to disagree with you

  16. When I first heard about the League in 2002, I remember being very excited. I thought then and still believe that Southern independence is a great idea. I love Southern history and have spent years researching these issues.

    As much as I love the Confederacy, I hate the society that we live in today. I hate how BRA systematically glorifies and promotes blacks while demonizing and denigrating Whites.

    Years ago, I remember how disillusioned I was when I discovered the Southern movement was full of these Baby Boomer multiculturalists, not necessarily Michael Hill, but the sort of people who congregate at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group.

    Those people are still around today running the South into the ground and searching for “Black Confederates.” Just within this last year, they have lost one battle after another.

    I’m glad that I never got involved with them. That’s a sinking ship if there ever was one.

  17. I know that Hill knows better but he is the person who has been the leader, the backbone, the formulator, for almost 20 years. He has had plenty of time and opportunity to set things right, and even hints at it occasionally, but has never taken the responsibility that his position requires. It seems that he is more comfortable being in charge of an organization that isn’t taken seriously than he would be if it attracted serious men.

  18. From reading and watching Michael Hill on Twitter, I get the impression that he is with us in spirit. It is all these other dipshits who are the problem. He seems to be in the minority in that whole scene.

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans is full of these neocon patriotard types. Go over to the Southern Heritage Preservation Group and you will see what I mean. Those people are really at the helm of the Southern movement.

  19. “the numbers in the USA are bad because of negros and mexicans….your argument is false because the data doesn’t reflect anything but what a drag negros and mexicans are”


    “To be fair America has never surpassed nor remotely approached the cultural high point of the Italian Renaissance. Nor has it equalled the music of Vienna in the 18th century.”

    America hasn’t been around as long.

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