Newt Gingrich: I Will Help Israel Attack Iran


Newt Gingrich openly tells CNN that he wants to go to war with Iran for the benefit of Israel. This is not a fringe conspiracy theory. It is the foreign policy position of the winner of the South Carolina Republican Primary.

Note: Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas billionaire who donated $5 million dollars to Newt Gingrich’s failing presidential campaign, is the Jewish string puller behind his sudden resurgence. He is also involved in all kinds of radical Zionist causes. This guy pulled his money out of AIPAC for being too soft on the Palestinians.

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  1. the reason to go to the middle east and destroy them is when they screw with us. Other wise we leave them alone. Set up an rational action/ reaction response. They do A we do B so they learn A=B. They kill one of us, we kill 100 of them. They blow up one building, we blow up 10; they do $1 in damage we do a $1000. Or what ever we as a people deem appropriate. Other wise I’d leave them be, no military bases in there land, naval patrols only to ensure our merchant ships are safe, trade with them where we could etc.

    hardly the necon position. I’m unsure if I failed to make that clear; or if folks can’t see the difference or if folks are being dense. It’s also based on the very successful Roman empire method. And it’s roughly how Tom Jefferson dealt with the moslems in north africa. Guess TJ was a necon

  2. I’m not advocating going to the ME and beating them down for the fun of it. It’s about responding to their actions. they do A we do B

    they kill one of us; we kill 100 of them; they kill two of us; we kill 200 of them etc
    they blow up one building; we blow up 10 of theirs. They blow up two buildings…
    they cause $1 in damage to us; we cause $1000 to them. They cause $2 in damages..
    They blow up a church, we blow up mecca.

    Or whatever exchange rate our people agree to. Past that, we leave them alone. They want peace and trade, we give them peace and trade. They want to ignore us, we ignore them.They want to play games, threaten the West, or harm our people, we hit back, and hit back as hard as we can. We don’t rebuild, we don’t try to change their culture or religion or make schools for them. We don’t worry if our response is proportional; we don’t express compassion, concern, moderation or float them loans to rebuild. We offer them peace and peaceful trade; neutrality or death and destruction like they haven’t seen since the Asian horseman tore through Baghdad. moslems, like negros only respect power and the willingness to use it.

    That pretty much sums up my whole philosophy on foreign affairs. That’s the deal I would offer moslems, Japan, mexcio etc etc.

    Nation building and the like is neocon; what I am advocating has numerous successful historical examples, like Rome And it’s not all the different than what Thomas Jefferson did about the moslems in north africa. It’s also the one that test the best when ran through the game theory computer. Guess Rome, computers and TJ are/ were neocons

    I have not disputed the jews have pushed multiculturalism and the like through cultural marxism. I’m not typing about what to do about it. I’m typing about rational foreign policy, what it would look like and the fact no one running for POTUS is rational on the topic. Historically, the east and West have always clashed and islam has always spread in aggressive wars ( while claiming to be a victim) when the West was weak.

    I have not read the whole talmud or hadith, but what I have read, makes me believe jews and moslems are much more alike then they are different. Which makes sense because both are tools of the enemy of God.

  3. you should care about iran having nukes because moslems are not rational, and their death cult of a religion mandates they wage war on non believers until we concert, die or agree to live as slaves. for a long time the moslem world has not had the ability to go on large scale jihad, but that doesn’t mean they will always lack the capacity to do so

    Let’s suppose your fears are well-founded. They aren’t, but let’s pretend, and do the math:

    1) Towel-heads get nuke.
    2) Towel-heads nuke NYC.
    3) Neocons nuke Mecca.

    “Win-win” springs to mind.

  4. “Muslims aren’t rational” really sounds like TJB to me, by the way. Not that you’re Jewish, just that, it’s the kind of argument they use. They use “Hitler was crazy/Nazis were irrational” to justify all their ridiculous HOLOCAUST!!! fairy tales. When they say “Hitler was crazy/Nazis were irrational,” that’s code for “now you have to pretend you’re five years old and you’ll believe anything.”

  5. I totally oppose any intervention in any more Moslem countries, they can all burn for all I care. Let someone else go there and die for those degenerates.

  6. Hunter put up this post months ago:

    Little Bit on ‘ms Trike is digging into the archives now, eh?

    Little Bit, is your libtard implant starting to itch a bit?

  7. Barb, I`m liberal in many areas, and I`m 100% Ron Paul on foreign policies. Stay out, let them fry in their own savagery I say. We help them, they respond by bombing us. Screw them! I say us because my dad is dual, German/US.

  8. I say I`m 100% behind Paul, he`s a libertarian but his foreign policies are not traditionally conservative and very sensible in my opinion..

  9. Tyke,

    I think you’re NOT a liberal. I’m even suspecting now that you’re not even a Jew. I’m thinking now you’re a young White girl who, by coming here, bumbled into something she wasn’t quite bargaining for.

    I think you’re horrified, as you’ve spent this time here with us, to discover your White Nationalist leanings. Horrifying, yes? But, honestly, now — strangely compelling.

    Little Bit, I know it’s hard to have all your assumptions upended.
    It was hard for all of us.
    But WN awakening is like one of those Magic Eye pictures. You stare, going, “WTF? I don’t see it.” And then, as you look, the picture begins to adjust and reform and — there it is. Suddenly it’s there, it’s true and now you can’t NOT see it.

  10. Barb – Trine is a greasy, hook-nosed Jew-fro’d Kike in Miami. Not a female. Not White.

  11. I’ve been dealing hajjis since 1990. What they are outside of the middle east is not what they are in their homeland, and no they are not rational. Nearly 3o years of 1st hand experience has taught me a lot about them.

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