Waffle House Robbery Foiled By Concealed Carry

South Carolina

We knew it was only a matter of time.

Last weekend, the Black Undertow attempted to rob an integrated Waffle House in Spartanburg. The African-American suspects ordered the employees to go to the back room and the customers to get on the floor. Yet this time one of the customers had a concealed carry permit and was packing heat:

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  1. Love the names here:

    Chuck Right, Spartanburg, Waffle House (no more waffling)…And disciplined teenapers.


  2. A lot of us Crackers are packing nowadays. I was in a little barbecue place in Granbury, TX last week and I spotted three guys who had strapped on cannons that were too big to conceal under their jackets.

    Last night I was at a Bob Evans in Somerset, KY and spotted two more conspicuous bulges.

    2012 may turn out to be a Death Wish kind of year.

  3. 10 rounds of .45 ACP in my shoulder holster and another 5 rounds of .357 magnum in my front pants pocket. Thank God Oregon is a “shall issue” state.

  4. Permits? Who says we need permits? Do niggers need permits to exercise their unconstitutional “rights”?

    I wanna see what happens when an armed white man without a permit kills one of these niggers. As it stands, that Spartanburg sheriff spent more time lamenting the death of “a nineteen year old man” than appreciating the crime stopper.

  5. years ago, something similar happened in a restaurant in NYC. Except nobody had a CCW. The perps then began to systematically execute the victims at the back of the room. My memory is a bit hazy to the date and some of the details of the perps to do a google search on it.

  6. “As it stands, that Spartanburg sheriff spent more time lamenting the death of “a nineteen year old man” than appreciating the crime stopper.”

    Derrrr……… if whiteys start defending themselves then sheriffs are out of a job!

    WRT permits: At least in my state, anyone can OPEN carry. That is, wear it on the outside coyboy style. The “permit” is for concealed. Hidden in your pants, loaded in your car etc. It’s really just a way to get more revenue because they’ll issue it to anyone with a pulse and lack of felony conviction for a one time blackmail fee of about $100.

  7. PRB- Death Wish indeed. Again – have you noticed that the attempts sticking the “racism” charge to the truly skeery GinGrinch, the DEMENTED Santrium Escapee, and the lovely and charming Ron Paul has not worked?

    As in at all?

    Despite the whining and scolding of Media Nigras?

    I go to “mainstream” sites ALL the time – and the commentary, on some Nigra nonsence – well – the VAST majority of Comment sound

    We simply need to encourage our newly Awakening Newbies, in their healthy instincts – and provide as much useful info as they can absorb at once.

    FYI – we need to move the goalpost forward, as far as OPENLY demanding that politicos cater to WHITES. Think about what Whitey wants, needs loves, cares about…live and breathe t oserve Whites…..it’s all about making Whitey Happy. Race Traitor politcal whores must be served NOTICE.

    My up and coming public 3D world mission. I’ll keep ya posted. (and I do not expect an overnight conversion, fyi. It’s all about getting the ideas out there – and mkaing those ideas take root. )

  8. Denise
    “has not worked? As in at all?”

    Yes, very interesting. It’s like a deflating balloon. Also almost all the people i get into arguments with in mainstream arenas feel fake now. It’s like a lot of the white anti-whites have gone neutral and it’s mostly just sock puppets left.

  9. Anon,
    1) make up a real name. You’ve settled in. So make up a name.
    2) Read the Immortal Kiplings’s “When the Saxon Begns to Hate”. It’s begun.
    3) It’s kinda crazy and rather dull-witted paid Hebes, on “mainstream” sites, attempting to “manage and influence opinion” – that sound flat and stiff. They are trying to process the changing reality. and they are not doing this terribly well.

    I ALWAYS know when some commenter, on some Mainstream site, is a WN/BUGS type. And when some newly rousing “civilian ” starts to notice things – like Nigras and Spics and Muzzies – are not, in reality, the same way the Electric Jew depicts ’em on Talmud Vision. The BUGS folks are slowly but surely winning the Net war. We provide FACTS. That now back UP expeience.

    We must be in this for the long haul. Stick to our guns, settle in, don’t back down when we get called names – andcal names BACK. My version of BUGS is accuse the accuser. Critique that Rotted Culture RIGHT BACK. We have facts and truth on our side. But mostly we must be confident. Absolutely ready, when challenged to assert that we ARe 110% RIGHT. Utter CONFIDENCE. Not smarmy-ego-snark – but confident.

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