Freedom Failed: Durban’s Beaches

South Africa

H/T Stormfront.

There is fascinating thread at Stormfront about the transformation of Durban’s beaches from Apartheid South Africa which practiced segregation and white supremacy to Black Run South Afrika which practices multiculturalism and liberal democracy.

The Black Undertow left behind sixty tons of litter on the integrated beaches. The beaches were so covered with shit that cleaning crews had to plow the feces into the sand rather than pick it all up. Nine bodies have washed up on the Durban beaches so far this year.

Note: A statute of the Marxist terrorist Nelson Mandela has been erected in Trafalgar Square in London.

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  1. Is Mandela the MLK for British DWL anti-Whites?

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    The anti-White end game is White Genocide, nearly complete in SA and former Rhodesia.

  2. I am just finishing reading Stuart Omer Landry’s ‘Cult of Equality’ published in 1945. If you are the least bit squeamish I suggest you leave it be. I’ve been following the situation in SA for some time now both on David Duke’s site and on Stormfront. It irks me that the main stream media absolutely ignores what is happening to a country that whites built and through the political fiat during the Reagan administration were forced to surrender to their undertow. The suffering of SA’s white inhabitants makes anything that our Negroes endured in this country during Jim Crow or Slavery look like a humanitarian effort by the Ford Foundation.

    Landry predicts this result for our country if we follow the course we are now on. And that’s a warning for Britain as well. My son has an internet pal in England. I thought we had it bad here its ten times worse there. There is a distinct feeling of hopelessness in his voice. No white person of European heritage in the world is safe.

  3. All the darkies need is a caning. It works on privte school boys in England. It used to work on the miscreant darkies in South Africa.

    May I recommend to all readers to dip into

    George MacDonald Frazier’s Flashman series.

    Plenty of pre 1965 judgemental YT in Sir Harry. It’s all still true today.

  4. The European press have actually stabbed whites in the back in South Africa.

    They are lunging at whites in Europe and Anerica as we speak.

  5. Mandela does not belong there except as a temporary warning to Englishman everywhere that the Duskee Apemen must be barred from our shores. (it’s a fourth plinth piece I think so it will come down.)

    See what happened to your cousins in SA Englishmen! Open your grilling eyes, damn it!

  6. Oh no. It’s permanent.

    This is phucking insane.

    Mandela, whom I admired at one time, triggered a genocide in both Rhodesia and SA.

    He’s a disengenuous killer. And so is his Ex-wife.

    The Labour party are suicidal cretins. The Tory party are not that far behind. The Liberals are so proimmigrant that they have Clegg. Half Dutch, half Balt married to a Spaniard.

    Insanity. How can people celebrate this knowing that the Black SA have butchered their near relatives?

  7. Just look at those nigger at the beach in that picture. Every time I see a nigger or a picture of a nigger I always wonder what kind of thoughts go through their nearly empty heads.

    A long time ago I watched an interview of Caril Ann Fugate who had accompanied Charles Starkweather in a murder spree in Nebraska in 1958. The interviewer seemed to be unaware that Caril had been lobotomized in the early-1960’s. His first question was a rambling, multi-part question about whether or not she was sorry that she had ever met Starkweather, and if she was sorry was it because of blah-blah-blah, and if she was sorry about all of that, how would she change things if she could go back in time.

    Caril nodded attentively at each juncture of the question and paused before answering, as though giving the matter great thought. Finally, she joyfully blurted out, “I hope we have soup for supper!”

    I think that’s probably the way it is for niggers.

  8. The coppers in London, as far as I am concerned, can beat the shit out of these Cretins. Make the institution more racist and crime will decrease.

    Drag ’em in the van and commence discipline.

  9. There’s a million Christs on those boats out there … I’m going to bring then here tomorrow. The grubbiest ones in the bunch. Here, to your house. You’re nothing to them, you and all you stand for. Your world doesn’t mean a thing. They won’t try to understand it. … And they’ll build a fire with your big wooden door. And they’ll crap all over your terrace, and wipe their hands on your shelves full of books.

  10. Haitians: They ought to be bombarded on their boats, becoming no more then food for the sharks. Reduce them by 80%.

    Then whites could move in and build something like Bermuda/Caymans there.
    Don’t bring them here!

  11. Filthy Jews at fault here too..chief commander of the terrorists was Joe Slovo..a Lithuanian Jew…Hitler was right..this civilization/White hating tribe mist be eradicated..and what do we get??? GOP candidates falling all over themselves to start a war with Iran

  12. At any rate, via this film alone, you can understand why the Jews and their puppet politicians want to shut down the internet. Seeing the Black Undertow en masse like this is truly frightening and enlightening. Invest in lead.

  13. “John says:
    January 23, 2012 at 9:09 pm
    Oh no. It’s permanent.

    This is phucking insane.

    Insanity. How can people celebrate this knowing that the Black SA have butchered their near relatives?”

    The thing is John – people don’t know. All they “know” is what the Eeltric Jews tells ’em.

    Our Mission from God is to counter and destroy the Eletric Jew.

    And John – nothing is permament. Be creative. You are the Captain of your Destiny. Yup. Ya are. We WN/White Advocates/YT’s/Whatever are in teeny little rowboats right now. Our great big yachts beautiful have been stolen by “da help”. We let ’em do it. We let ’em. Most of our fellow White are going along for the ride. We’ze the ones that got tosed overboard – but we managed to snag a few Lifeboats. Whiteboats. Well – more and more of the Go Along Whites are jumping off the Stolen Yachts – or being tossed off.

    We must be creative about how we pull the survivors out of the tempest tossed waters, and bring ’em aboard. TRhe funny thing is – with each sincere, rebaptised White – our WhiteBoats get bigger.

    One day, of you are clever, and lucky – You WhiteBoat will be so big and powerful and filled to the brim, that you will sail right over that stupid statue, and knock it right down.

    So cast your Whiteboat on your waters, and see what you can bring aboard. Meanwhile – have fun! You sound like you despair, a bit. If worse comes to worse – get over here. There’ s still loads of room – and I think things are getting livelier and “funner” by the day!

  14. John,

    Well said, all your comments – except that a caning, though salutary, was never enough for the darkies in South Africa. You need the rope, as well.

    I also endorse your recommendation of Flashman, though it may be a bit culturally indigestible for Americans. George MacDonald Fraser was quite outspoken about his views – here’s his last testament: How Britain Has Destroyed Itself (UK Daily Mail article).

    For those who have strong stomachs, please visit the Afrikaner genocide museum.

  15. Flashman visited America, he served on both sides of the civil war, BUT George never got to write that book. Died before he could pen it.

    Vis America: He was also a slave ship officer, a plantation overseer, and a slave for a few months (he was chained up by a jealous Plantation owning cockolded husband) , he was a saloon pimp/bunko dealer and much later a scout for General Custer…earlier on, on one trip an Apache fighter. He even met Lincoln. He had a good American visit.

    In other books he rescpectively: duels with Bismarck; provikes then puts down the Indian Mutiny; kills a bag load of Zulu and charges with the Light Brigade in the Crimean War.

    Flashy was the perfect Victorian. Vain, handsome, superior, internally cowardly yet always able to fight when needed, comical whiskers and an outsized libido.

    Gen. Sir Harry Paget Flashman CBE, KG etc etc. A most amazing fictional character.

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