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  1. I’m voting for Ron Paul. Even if it’s a write-in. If the Republicans nominate another moderate in the form of Romny, they deserve to lose. And they will.

  2. Ron Paul regardless of what party he runs in. Honestly, I feel dirty voting Republican anyway, seeing as they despise their own base (white people). At least the Democrats are honest about it.
    Haven’t heard much of the Tea Party? Did it fizzle out? I wouldn’t be surprised. It likewise denied it’s true base, wasting all it’s time proving itself to be NOT a white organization (even though it was).

  3. I watched the first one and after about two minutes I was barfing and lol at the same time. I watched the second one now I’ve got the dry heaves. I think I’m going to stock up while my second amendment rights (whats left of them) are still intact and come Nov I’m gonna get me a fifth of Jack (make that a liter) and I’m gonna sit back and watch the whole thing self destruct. If Ron Paul doesn’t have his name on the ballot I’m going to write him in anyway. The hell with all the rest.

  4. I find both videos pointless.

    History is certainly interesting, but to try to paint the Democrats of 2012 with the brush of the Southern Segregationists (which, strangely this site has done a lot to deconstruct) is absurd. Ditto for saying don’t vote GOP because the Republicans supported the Civil War.

    The truth is both parties have changed their centers, memberships, ideology and platforms to the point that the GOP or Dem party of 1960, forget 1860, has almost nothing to do with what’s going on in 2012.

    Meanwhile the GOP race continues, and is interesting. And, like it or not, come January 2013 someone is going to be putting their hand on the Bible and taking the oath and that person will have tremendous power to drive America in one direction or another. It might be Obama, again. It might be Romney. It might be Mitt. It might be someone else.

    I don’t think it’s going to be Ron Paul. He can’t win a Republican primary, how is he going to win a general election?

  5. It might be Newt. It might be Sarah Palin or Mitch Daniels in a brokered convention scenario. If people really hate Mitt and don’t much like Newt they could work for a brokered convention. Ron Paul could be a kingmaker in such a scenario.

  6. I wrote in Chuck Baldwin in the last presidential election. Not the most race realistic man in the world but I was damn sure not voting for the main stream candidates

    by in large I don’t care who the president is. I’m more interested in my county commissioners, county judges, my sheriff etc than what goes on in DC. At the county level, I’m one of 2000 (ish) politically active men, my money makes a difference, and they are accountable to me. I know where they live, they see me at church and local events etc. Let’s face it, none of that is true at the national level.

  7. Maybe I missed something, but since when did Newt Gingrich become the inevitable nominee for the republican ticket? The guy has won exactly 1 primary. That’s right, 1. He didn’t even come close in the other two.

    This primary race has barely started and people are projecting the general election results… based off a single primary contest. Sheesh. There’s still a long year ahead of us, people.

  8. Everybody that’s bitching about Newt apparently were either too young or too apathetic to notice all of the fun we nigger-haters had when he was stirring up shit back in the 1990’s. He pissed off the Colored Folks so bad with the welfare reforms he pushed through that they were beating up their caseworkers on a regular basis and a few of them even beat up their mailmen.

    The Negrophiles, unable to grasp the concept of giving a little less to people who didn’t deserve any, overwhelmed the D.C. postal service with hate mail to vent their pre-email anger, and you couldn’t get a call through to our hallowed capital city to save your life.

    He also made those who love Negros thrash on the floor and speak in tongues when he suggested that the government should take all of the welfare babies away from their unfit mothers and raise them in group homes similar to Boys Town. (No, not the phantasmagorical Sin City that used thrive across the border from Brownsville, TX. Not THAT Boys Town. I’m talking about that wholesome place in Nebraska where young Charlie Manson used to live until he raped one of the nurses.)
    All of those coon coddlers nearly died of brain aneurysms when Newt slapped them with that one.

    Oddly enough, the rank and file Negros, who weren’t asked by the Negrophiles or the race hustlers how they felt about the group home idea, didn’t seem to have much of a problem with it.

    Look, folks. We are going to get screwed no matter who gets elected. More than screwed. We are all going to wake up in a ditch alongside a lonely stretch of country road with a whole bouquet of glow-in-the-dark rubbers hanging out of our butts. That’s guaranteed. So I would at least like to have a few more of the hearty chuckles that only the Newtster can provide while I am waiting to learn that we’ve hit an iceberg and all of the lifeboats have holes in them.

  9. PRB – I hate Newt cause he is THE TOTAL Beeycih of Israel. Beyond anything. As far as jerking Nigs around – there are less Negrophiles, in the real world, by the second. I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR THEM AT ALL.

    Remember – Nigras are the sympton. Jews are the disease.

  10. “Look, folks. We are going to get screwed no matter who gets elected. More than screwed. We are all going to wake up in a ditch alongside a lonely stretch of country road with a whole bouquet of glow-in-the-dark rubbers hanging out of our butts. That’s guaranteed. So I would at least like to have a few more of the hearty chuckles that only the Newtster can provide while I am waiting to learn that we’ve hit an iceberg and all of the lifeboats have holes in them.”

    Alright, I read this in the voice of the 1st vid up there.

  11. Obama does more for our movement than Newt. But I think I’m about done voting. It has never done any good. I voted for Buchanan back in the 90s. And the other day I voted for Paul. The fact is, decent people are outnumbered in this society – and by decent I mean people who care about our civilisation, traditional values and liberty. This decadent, decaying democracy deserves only our scorn and opposition.

  12. Denise: All politicians have been total bitches for the Yids ever since the 1940’s, maybe longer. Newt appears to be a bigger than average Sheeny Lover because he isn’t shy about putting it right out there. He knows who really decides who gets to diddle around in the oval office.

    All of those GOP Bozos talk plenty of shit about about all of the changes they would make to all of the lift-a-nigger-up programs, but the only one of them who has ever done any of it is the fat boy from GA.

    My favorite out of the whole herd was Perry. Governor Rick was the only one in the bunch who gave a damn about state’s rights, which is the only issue that really matters to me. He fell from grace when he was erroneously portrayed as soft on illegal immigration. I live in Texas most of the time, so I am aware of the battle Perry had been waging down on the border.

    So now it’s come down to either Newt or Mitt and they both say they want a pathway to citizenship for illegals. Both Newt and Mitt have always supported the Cheap Labor Treason Lobby and they always will. Mitt even allowed sanctuary cities in Massachusetts when he was governor.

    I like Ron Paul, and seeing all of those smiling young White folks greeting him at all of his appearances gives me a small glimmer of hope for the future of our race, but I am fairly certain that he’s got about as much chance of being the prez as I do.

    Santorum is just a weird bastard. Did you hear that story about his dead baby? If it came down to him and the nigger, I might have to stay home on election day.

    Just like the floaters in a Porta-Pottie, some politicians don’t look as awful as others, but they are all shit.

    D.C. is Zionist occupied territory. You will never change that by voting.

  13. Denise: Good write up. Politics and voting is a sham. The powers That Be decides who will run no matter what party and who will win. Democracy is death to White Race. D.C. is our greatest enemy. My whole life evry Prez has been a White Traitor. Your right Denise, no change will ever come by Voting. If you want a Drug Free Society, all Public Servants, no matter what kind, they must be required to take drug test every 6 months. This includes, Police, Military, Politicians, Lawyers and Judges. No random testing, all would be required to take test or lose their job. Also all public transportation workers, airlines the whole deal. If they dont do it, their will be no Drug Free Zero Tolerance Society. Its good what Gov. Scott of Florida did in making Welfare recepients take drug tests to get welfare. But what about Gov. Scott and all the politicians, they need to take tests to, and set an example with no random selection crap all required to take the Drug Tests. Hair and Finger Nail Clippings also. I know I am dreaming but this is only way to beat drug problem…..unless you do what Moa did in China for Opium Dens—20,000,000 killed.

  14. It’s not about GOP or Dem.

    The issue is to ensure there is a robust critique of civil rights. Beat that monster and rest falls into place. I like the idea that we are being misguided into tge Second Reconstruction and that we must find a way to cut off and starve the nigger fiend.

    Everthing else is a side issue.

  15. Are we just in the Second Reconstruction period of liberal radicalism?

    Soon to be followed a Corrective period when society stops experimenting with trying to make the nigger useful?

    Slavery and Apartheid have returned.

    Apartheid certainly did. The collapse of cosmopolitan Austria-Hungary and the post ww2 national migrations in Eastern Europe were if anything the collapse of fabricated universalism. America may be headed there now. The glee with which liberal whites contemplate their own minority is sickening. The joy that blacks express at the impending demographics is like that a shark must feel at a seal packed beach.

  16. PRB – I know that the Yids only allow the most servile and/or pathologicla Goy to succeed. I just don’t know why “strong” White men have put up with this for so long. It would be realtively easy for a few genuine patriotic politicans to get a few Marines together, and round up the AIPAC/Goldman Sucks boychicks. They THEN could quickly explain to the Common Citizens why they did what they did – and provide REAMS of verifiable evidence to round up Da Joos. THEY would have contol of wealth, and of America. Even the bloody evangical loonies would get in line, when a real White leadership sets things to right – and plumps up their financial stabilty.

    EVERY ONE would be wealthier, and better off. If Whites were allowed to flourish and create, unfettered, once again – the greediest whores like Gin-GRINCH would be richer by far.

    Do you recall that a a few years ago, approx 25 high ranking military personnel signed a letter of protest, about the BS behind 9/11/01? One of the officers was Air Force Lt Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski? I read about this years ago – I am looking for info. Why didn’t those officers, among whom were fighter pilots, just stage a counter-coup to take America BACK, instead of just bitching?

    I don’t understand why high-rankling Whites are taking all this crap from these sleazy, greasy, noxious Yids.

  17. Denise: Dont worry, it will happen in the future. Martin Lindstedt says its called The Tribulation. Check out Tim Rifat and his Abraham Ritual. Try to get a copy of Declaration of Independence of Aryan Nations (Right now no one has it posted on Net). As soon as its potsed will let you know site. On Resist.com Metzger has Declaration of War posted of Robert Matthews……..

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