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The slow motion collapse of Southern heritage


I’m crossposting this here from the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group” on Facebook.

These people are Negrophiles who believe in defending Southern heritage on the disingenuous basis of anti-racism, multiculturalism, and political correctness.

If you are a White Southerner with the racial and cultural views of Thomas Jefferson, John C. Calhoun, Robert Barnwell Rhett, William Lowndes Yancey, and Jefferson Davis, you are not welcome at the self-styled “Southern Heritage Preservation Group.” Instead, these people have spent years promoting the idea of “Black Confederates” and “Heritage Not Hate” and paying H.K. Edgerton thousands of dollars to come speak at their events.

In this case, an African-American woman walks into the “Winstead Elementary School,” sees a poster of a book about the Battle of Franklin, complains about how offended she is by the Confederate flag which is on the cover of the book, and the school removes the poster to appease the whining Negress.

This is what it is like to be a neutered, declawed, and domesticated tom cat out on the prowl in a rough neighborhood:

“Ok, I feel as if my heart has been ripped from my chest, thrown to the ground, and stomped into the earth. Friday at Winstead Elementary, where I work, A colored parent came in to pick up her children early. I was in the office waitng for the principal to finish a meeting with a teacher so I could pull her trash, when I heard the lady ask our secretary about the yearbook. The School is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary and the cover of the book is a panorama of the Franklin Battlefield Map, the school, the cannon at Winstead Hill, and the Battle Flag.

It’s really nice looking, but the first words from this lady’s mouth is “That rebel flag ain’t going to be on the cover is it?” The secretary, who was actually the bookkeeper filling in, said no. The lady’s next words were “Good! That thing offends me!”

Now me being who I am and aware of where I was gritted my teeth as I waited for the principals meeting to finish, was thinking to myself, “If only I could say something, I would give this lady a history lesson and set her straight.”, but knew I couldn’t because I need my job. Then she said, ” I think that thing is a disgrace! It makes me so upset that I can’t even write.” as she signed her kids out (kids who actually love me and joke with me all the time. They’re great kids.) So I held my thoughts to myself and went on about my work.

Now mind you that on the wall to her left was a poster of the cover of my book with the Battle Flag on it and a letter telling the parents (who love me also) where they can purchase a copy of my book as most of the staff have already bought their copies.

I let it go until this morning when I went into the office and found that the poster had been removed. I knew right away why. But I asked the principal any ways and she confirmed what I already knew explaining she had no problem with it but she had to be PC for that one parent!

Now tell me, is this right? Should she cave to this one person who only believes the good government bull she has obviously been fed all her life? I do understand her and she knows where I stand about the flag, my southern heritage, and the war itself. I just don’t think it’s right.

All the children have seen the cover of the book and love it and the 5th graders are wanting it, but it’s not a fifth grade reader, even most of the parents are wanting copies and a couple are trying to help me promote it locally in Franklin. I feel by not taking a stand I let my ancestors down as well as myself.”

The moral of the story: it is impractical to be unprincipled. These people have dishonored themselves by repudiating the principles of our ancestors and every single day they get their faces rubbed in their shame by our enemies.

Southern heritage can only be defended on the basis of Southern principles. The people who accept the principles of the Civil Rights Movement but who attempt to defend Southern heritage with disingenuous arguments about “Black Confederates” are beaten every time by their opposition.

This is just a microcosm of what has been happening in the South ever since the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement. From 1877 until 1965, the “Lost Cause” narrative was ascendant in America and the memory and honor of our Confederate ancestors was secure in the South. Everything changed with the Baby Boomer generation.

The Negrophiles have lost the War Against the South and have outdone themselves by setting their own descendants on a course to demographic oblivion. This is just the latest episode in the long arc of their collapsing position. If the Confederacy went out with a bang, these people are determined to go down with a whimper.

I spent much of last year taking the Yankee to the woodshed for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These people are arguably the greater threat to Dixie because the only way we can lose the culture war within the South is by defeating ourselves in such an ignominious fashion.

We have chosen to defend our principles and honor and heritage here … and let these materialists have their McMansions, their big bass boat in the front yard, and their illegal aliens cleaning their pools and mowing their lawns. They are just going to keep on losing, sucking up to Al Sharpton, and making Southern heritage ever more irrelevant to young people.

Their search for “Black Confederates” is like watching a bad Indiana Jones movie. Even if the “Black Confederates” were discovered tomorrow, it wouldn’t stop the War Against the South and it wouldn’t impress African-Americans in the slightest or change their political behavior in any significant way.

Every time the Negrophiles get together and support someone like J.C. Watts, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Alan West, Tim Scott, or Herman Cain to prove they are “not racist” to the Mainstream Media they are still labeled “racists” by the enemies of the South.

Instead of conforming to the narrative of the Civil Rights Movement, we are going to start using social media to practice what I call “discourse poisoning” or “narrative terrorism” against the mythos that underpins Black Run Amerika. The trip to Tuskegee was the most recent stab at this. Preliminary stabs at the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement were made last year in Ruins of Selma and Travelogue: A Journey Through Montgomery.

If I had the money and the resources necessary to do a serious project, I would go to all the cities that were the symbolic battlegrounds of the Civil Rights Movement – Birmingham, Selma, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Little Rock, Tuskegee, Lowndes County, Greensboro, Albany, Memphis, Chicago, Prince Edward County – and I would start doing a documentary that tells the other side of the story, inverts the memory of those places, and assesses the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.

I already know the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama from first hand experience. I’m seriously contemplating writing a book about the history of Birmingham, Selma, Tuskegee, and Montgomery in the era of Black Run Amerika. The book will show how the Voting Rights Act and African-American corruption and incompetence has gradually destroyed all four cities.

I suspect this will prove much more fruitful vein of inquiry than digging through archives to find “Black Confederates.”

Note: In the future, whenever the Negrophiles fail in their object to defend Southern heritage, and a defeat is inflicted upon the honor and memory of our ancestors because they have bought into the principles of the Civil Rights Movement, I am going to acknowledge that defeat here and post commentary about it.

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  1. It’s important to have these dilemmas thought-through before they arise.

    To most, the situation would be construed as such:

    “Correcting a negress about historical facts vs. keeping a job.”

    If that was the dilemma, then few of us would have done differently than the man in the narrative.

    The real dilemma, however, is this:

    “Violating one’s honor by submitting to the cultural hegemony vs. keeping one’s job.”

    When looked at this way, the right choice is just as clear, though harder to make.

    Thanks for the great post (as usual.)

  2. One day, they’re not going to need people; the machines will take over.
    Note that in the preceding article there is a reference to “racial discrimination” as one of the problems confronting the U.S.A. MSM reports maintain the fiction that blacks and whites have equal genetic potentials. International socialism, international capitalism, globalization, open borders, the Black Undertow, the Brown Tide, the Islamic Jihad and the Yellow Peril are driving white people to extinction while Jews and their billionaire allies grow richer. The re-enactors who want to fly the Confederate flag but disavow the white supremacist ideology of John C. Calhoun and Theodore Bilbo are like white whores begging their black pimps not to beat them up. All the world’s ethnic groups except for the white European races are ethnic chauvinists. If whites go extinct, then maybe terminator machines can take out the mud peoples.

  3. (1) By accepting the principles of the opposition, they delegitimize Southern heritage.

    (2) By defending the South on disingenuous grounds, they open themselves up to ridicule.

    (3) By defending the South on the basis of “Black Confederates,” they fail in their object to win over blacks, but succeed in making Southern heritage uninteresting to young White people.

    So what you end up with is more or less a bunch of people who like to dress up and participate in reenactments on weekends, but who have no real principles or objections to the status quo, and without any solid foundation to defend the South the whole structure of the Lost Cause ends up crumbling on their watch.

    The crumbling of the Lost Cause is no different from the destruction of every major city in the American South: Birmingham, New Orleans, Richmond, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Nashville, St. Louis, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Dallas, Houston, etc.

    It is much worse than losing the fight over the Confederate flag. They will not defend their own cities, their own states, their own neighborhoods, their own schools, the honor of their own daughters from the Black Undertow … simply because they are cowards who are afraid of being called “racists.”

    They have lost far more than the War Against the South. They are going to leave behind a world where their children and grandchildren are a degraded minority in their own country.

  4. There’s a family picture of one of my confederate ancestors taken from a tin box found in an attic. Two soldiers standing together, uniformed and accoutered identically. The soldier next to my ancester is black. He was also a slave owner. I don’t have a problem with black confederates, history should stick to the facts. One reason I love this site. I also have a confederate ancestor buried in Plymouth, NC who died fighting homegrown white Yankees. That being said, I don’t agree with politicizing black confederate soldiers as that would lead to a Tuskegee airmen type cult for them. History should be a sacred thing but it isn’t, it’s a propaganda tool. For this reason we will slide into chaos leaving our descendants scratching their heads as to what the he’ll happened. Keep up your good works as I see this site as a valuable resource for current and future generations of Southerners(no offense, cousin Yankees).

  5. Even if there were a handful of Black Confederates, it would have no impact on the course of this debate. I’m sure there were many more gay Confederates. But what does dwelling on that question prove?

    The Confederacy wasn’t BRA by any stretch of the imagination. It didn’t celebrate homosexuality or blackness. Confederate citizens were White males. White women were citizens, but political equality and social equality did not apply to them.

    The Confederacy was a hierarchical society based on conservatism. It was based on a racial caste system and white supremacy. The political spectrum ranged from pro-slavery to pro-slavery.

  6. 150 years later, the only compelling argument for the inclusion of the negro in a White society is still slavery. In 2012, the average single black woman in the United States has lost 99 percent of her value since the abolition of slavery.

    I don’t think it is a good idea to include them here. There is at least some degree of logic though to the pro-slavery argument. Under slavery, the negro was an asset to society and an economic dynamo who created enormous wealth.

    The free negro is nothing but a burden to society. There used to be more millionaires in Natchez than anywhere else in America. Under free society, the Mississippi Valley has become the American Congo.

    Speaking of Congo, the Belgians used a forced labor system to build a prosperous civilization there. Under free society, Congo has become the biggest poster child in the entire world for barbarism.

    The pro-slavery argument was vindicated by the result of abolition. 150 years of philanthropy failed to raise the negro to equality. The free labor system applied to the negro was a catastrophic failure.

    When the slaveowners said that force was required to make the African work, they were speaking from experience in interacting with them, not from the position of abstract theory.

    See also South Africa to see another example of what happens to civilization when the negro is combined with freedom and equality.

  7. Yes, Spartans and Helots, whites and blacks.

    However if the people back then had known what would happen they’d have picked their own tobacco and cotton.

    Whites back then did not know they were introducing an unstopable bioweapon into the nation.

  8. Whites back then never imagined that rational thinking would vanish among their descendants. It was clear to them that slavery made the negro an economic asset and freedom made the negro an economic burden.

    Why then would any sane person be in favor of negro equality? No one approaching the question from a sane perspective would be in favor of Africanizing the South. The free negro would only unleash chaos and become a perpetual burden upon the state.

    Slaveowners saw what happened in Hayti and the West Indies and they were not impressed by the results of the philanthropic argument for abolition.

  9. @ JW43 Anyone can claim anything on the internet. It’s possible one of your ancestors took a Negro slave with him to war. Many slave owners did, particularly in the early stages of the WBTS including R.E. Lee.

    During the Revolutionary War, George Washington, and many of his officers dressed their slaves up as mamelukes in colorful costumes. LOL.

    I think that some of these heritage groups, and re-enactors think that having “Black” Confederates will act as shark repellent from lawsuits.

    @ Hunter Gay Confederates that’s pretty funny. You know that Gay was once a popular first name, it didn’t mean what it does now.

  10. I agree with your critique of the “heritage” model and I am a member of such a group. However, I think that these groups do more good than harm and may even be beneficial. The White man’s greatest strength and greatest weakness is altruism. Negros, in my experience, have no problem holding two divergent opinions (integration ism AND black revolution) without having an identity crisis. The same can be said for the jew. Cancel your cable, stop going to movies,get in a suitable church and have more children.

  11. I’m just putting this out there … how come we never hear about the Gay Confederates? I suspect that by 2025 the defenders of Southern heritage will be attempting to prove the existence of Gay Confederates after South Carolina passes a gay marriage law.

    By that time, everyone who subscribes to “heterocentricity” will be excluded from the Southern Heritage Preservation Group. Stonewall Jackson … the Stonewall Riots, what is the connection?

  12. Hunter,
    It’s exactly the same thing for what’s left of the conservative movement countrywide. Every respectable “conservative” fully backs the tenants of the Civil Rights Act, MLK, equality, and democracy. Hell, most are afraid to say anything against legal immigration. We have shrills like Ann Coulter claiming MLK was a conservative and that Republicans were responsible for the Civil Rights Movement. How can they expect to gain any respect when they already sede the high ground to Marxist philosophies? I guess they still have defense of marriage, bombing Iran and abortion to wail about.

  13. You post is spot on, Hunter. It’s better to have reasoned, rational and well defended arguments for the values our ancestors espoused, because even if many don’t agree, they will at least know where you are coming from and respect your views. Nobody likes or respects a suck-up. Conservatives need to learn this.
    Passing on our heritage requires our children taking an interest in it. If we stand our ground on the principles you describe, I believe that we would garner a very large and dedicated following. Nothing turns people off more than a loser and ass kisser.

  14. All of these things are connected … the outrageous violent crimes we report which are sandboxed by the media, “racism” being synonymous with immorality, the Negrophiles who pose as defenders of Southern heritage, their daughters miscegenating with blacks, the total failure of the conservative movement to conserve anything, decaying cities like Birmingham and New Orleans, the Obama presidency.

    You misunderstand these things if you look at them in isolation. They are all connected by the historical epoch we are living through, Black Run Amerika.

  15. “Joseywales43 says:
    January 25, 2012 at 12:28 pm
    History should be a sacred thing but it isn’t, it’s a propaganda tool. ”

    Well that’s your Communist influence, there.

  16. “We have chosen to defend our principles and honor and heritage here … and let these materialists have their McMansions, their big bass boat in the front yard, and their illegal aliens cleaning their pools and mowing their lawns. They are just going to keep on losing, sucking up to Al Sharpton, and making Southern heritage ever more irrelevant to young people.”

    This poison is endemic among our race, (using thurd world labor – the ‘h’ is silent- while complaining about ‘inequities’ among the races- give me a BREAK!) even in lands where Americans aren’t living… in America! A recent comment about a post on an expat site, brought me the largest stats on my blog to date, simply because I pointed out that complaining about ‘cost of living increases’ in third world nations where American expats are a large percentage of the population (in this case, Panama) is as a result of NOT seeing the White Man as WORTHY to be ‘supreme’ among those of ‘lesser races’ (to use our ancestor’s proper terms for all non-Whites).

    Ooo-hooo. Such a flurry of name-calling (racist) and rivers in Egypt (de Nile) on the subject in that referenced post, and on my blog (even though I did not leave my URL- someone was REALLY incensed over what I had written… probably a jew from Boca Raton, now living in Boquete.) clearly pointed out that the cancer of thought of the Jewish/Frankfurt/Marxist/1960’s rhetoric, is endemic.

    But it doesn’t change a thing. We have lied to ourselves as a race so much, we actully believe the Marxist lies, and then wonder why the Republican candidates are all such commie slimeballs – except for Ron Paul. The chickens are coming home to roost…. big time.

    Thanks for your continued enlightenment on this subject, Hunter.

  17. “I’m just putting this out there … how come we never hear about the Gay Confederates? ”

    Read Whitman. Especially “Leaves of [Gr]Ass.”
    It’s already the ‘Holy Grail’ of the Sodomite Movement, as the Poet Laureate of bum-*&^%ing.

  18. Bob Whitaker helps place this in a bit of context today on how this “Nice white lady confedeterate heritage” thing has been formed.

    Basically behind every patient negro or white anti-white playing the Shaman lies the Crazy Nigger ready to go “Full Nigger” on these poor nice white ladies.(male or female)

    Honestly what else could we expect from these women, Crazy Nigger is if not respectable is understandable from our establishment’s viewpoint. And our side ever fixated upon crime and IQ stats never comes out and point blank says, “The people who make excuses for Crazy Niggers and patronize them are bad people.”

    So nice Southern ladies patronize Shaman Nigger, hoping that Crazy Nigger doesn’t come along and go Full Nigger on them if Shaman Nigger is displeased.

  19. lol @ gay confederates.
    My point was not to laud the existence of black confederate soldiers, but to acknowledge that yes, there were some. I totally agree that they shouln’t be enshrined by white people, that’s repugnant to me and insulting to my heritage. Let some black site handle that if they want to.
    @ Ormundo, your veiled accusation that I’m a liar didn’t go un-noticed. So, how about this: I WILL WHIP YOUR ASS, SON. Just because this is the Internet doesn’t mean an insult like that isn’t a dangerous thing. My apologies if I misconstrued something. I’m of the Cracker variety and I guess that’s how I’m wired.

    @ Daisy. Reading comprehension much?

    I rarely post here but enjoy the site on a daily basis. Not trying to start a fight or be a ‘troll’. if what I posted was taken the wrong way then it’s regrettable. Keep doing what y’all do, it is much appreciated by me.

  20. I had a Great-Grand Uncle in the 51st North Carolina Infantry which was defending Fort Wagner when the 54th Massachusetts and other Union troops assaulted the fort on July, 18th, 1863.

    I was reading through the regimental history the other day when I came across an interesting statement from Second Lieutenant McKethan who is the author of this account of the regiment’s history.

    After chronicling the casualties inflicted on the Union troops he says,

    “This great slaughter shows how desperately our men, maddened and infuriated at the sight of negro troops, fought.”

    No Rainbow Confederates that day. I guess Lieutenant McKethan and the 51st NC wouldn’t be invited to join the Southern Heritage Preservation Group.

    I think the SCV and the SHPG should really attempt to right the wrongs of the past though. You know the same way people right other wrongs from the past with little ceremonies and legislative acts, for instance the attempt to posthumously pardon the Black Boxer Jack Johnson for his 1913 conviction of violating the Mann Act.

    Well if we can honor and exonerate after death, why can’t we convict and disgrace people after they are dead too? Isn’t it our moral obligation to do so for something as serious as racism?

    I propose whenever evidence is brought to light of a Confederate soldier or official having made racist statements, for instance the dirty racist 2nd Lieutenant McKethan, or Alexander Hamilton Stephens, that they be posthumously dishonorable discharged from Confederate service or impeached if elected officials. Also no one should be allowed to claim membership in the SCV through such a wicked individual who obviously never represented the “true and honest” anti-racist Confederacy.

    To be fair though people like Brooks Simpson should do likewise. I mean Sherman said “Nigger” all the time in his correspondence and said that the Sioux should be exterminated. The same would go for Lincoln for his racist statements in his debates with Douglas.

    Can we really just say “well, we have to understand it in the context of its time and remember the good things they did?”

    Repudiating statements are not enough. The people themselves deserve to be condemned and deserve no place of honor.

    Not to do so would be saying racism was less evil in the past than now.

  21. Race Is The Issue 1/23/2012 Truth From NOW ARTICLES. Anti-White Insanity is more extreme now than the 60s or 70s. Its intense and fanatic. You watch TV and the movies and shows and its sickning. Not one Politician will dare say they are WHITE! and Proud! At least we know for sure who the true enemys are!

  22. If Sherman was critical of reconstruction I suspect it had less to do with sympathy for Southerners and more to do with the occupation tying up men and resources that were desperately needed in the vast lands to the west that still needed to learn a lesson. Too many unregulated folks out dare.

    “Doin’ right ain’t got no end.”

  23. I am not sure he knows why he is running.

    That’s a pretty good summation of why so many can’t identify with him. It’s as if he feels obliged to carry on a family tradition only because it’s a tradition.

  24. @JoseWales43 Beat it Jose.

    @Hunter Don’t start smartass on members of the Stonewall Brigade as gay Confederates.

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