Rep. Steve Cohen on Red Tails

District of Corruption

No one has told Rep. Steve Cohen that the Luftwaffe bombed Tuskegee and destroyed civilization there. He is right there are “still barriers to be broken.” African-American entrepreneurs failed to maintain the Tuskegee Walmart in the city of Booker T. Washington.

Note: OD is eagerly awaiting Black History Month 2012. We are going to start off February with a bang.

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  1. This is part of the jewish strategy of using blacks to destroy European societies. Jews are bringing in blacks to England and France and other European countries.

    In South Africa, jews allied with blacks to destroy the Afrikaner Germanic society- see here ( ) Steve Cohen is the american version of Joe Slovo or Ronnie Kasrils.

  2. “He unsuccessfully tried to join the black caucus”…

    He’s already a member. I try not to watch video’s involving people whose last name begins with ‘J’.

  3. Give it a decade of neggrifuckation in America, this Cohen asshole will be applying for Chinese citizenship and be speaking mandarin calling himself Ka Wen. He’s probably hedged his bets and send one son off to Beijing to marry a “size zero” lovely from the Middle Kingdom.

  4. A bit if Eschatological humour here. Now, I’m not a believer. Certainly not an apocalypse. But I found the colour coding of the horses to be distinctively appropo.

    “When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

    gibmedat! Said the horseman. When I look at those famine adverts about Africa I feel no pity anymore. One thing European nations must begin to think about is cutting off aid to Africa. These countries are experiencing rapid population growth fir a variety of reasons (antibiotics and cheap food) They are not starving. Indeed the ads are deceptive. They ask us to give our own capital to these monsters and their children…who are multiplying like rabbits and emigrating to Europe/America.
    Behold come and see! the famine by gibbindemdat aid n’sheit in the first place.

    We are setting the stage for own destruction by giving out aid.

  5. This filthy little Kike represents a majority Nigger district in Memphis and has done all he can to bow, scrape and suck up to them. Typical scenario..the Jew bacillus inciting the scum against us. Of course the wonderful Protestant Evangelicals (are you listening JewmundoIII?) support the illegal Zionist state and hebes like Cohen.

  6. Civil right was a basic incitement. Infact I had a conversation with a black girl a while back. Her dad a Doctor and a very wealthy property developer Jewish fellow in the city were the prime movers in the local civil rights confidence trick.

    One old trick in London was to moved blacks in next to old ladies and then considerately buy the house from the old gal for a pittance. This is how Brixton was actually ruined. Nottinghill was wrecked this way, even though it is being regentrified today. It was white working class til the 50s went Jamaican now it’s where the primeminister’s chums live.

    Civil rights was often back by some very clever and shady property speculators looking to buy up neighbourhoods.

  7. “We are setting the stage for own destruction by giving out aid.” Especially to this little Jew settler state that established itself by murdering and driving out the original Palestinian Christian and Muslim inhabitants.

  8. I kinda envy the free hand the Israelis have given themselves.
    Their Apartheid state is something to be emulated. It’s the liberal wing of Judaism that is the worry.

  9. John – they show those starving African Niglet ads here, too. The kids are in the ads are very well fed. When I look at the ads – I see the faces of mini General Butt Naked’s…

  10. grerpJan 24, 2012 06:49 PM

    What I resent the most about Detroit is how entitled and money-sucking it manages to be while failing on such an epic scale. It is utterly clear that Detroiters both cannot and will not govern themselves. They can’t educate their young, they can’t keep their communities in line, they can’t generate new business or create revenue, they can’t stay productive, they can’t maintain the buildings or infrastructure that they inherited. They can’t keep themselves from robbing, beating, raping and murdering both fellow Detroiters and outsiders. They won’t elect responsible or honest leaders. They can’t keep within any sort of budget. The city is catastrophically indebted and will not be able to pay either their current employees or their pensioners (at which point the State of Michigan will be held responsible). The rest of Michigan has had to subsidize Detroit’s dysfunction again and again and again. And yet when the state moves to force Detroit to behave, the whole city mouths off: “You’re racist! You just want to keep the black man down! Racism!”

    I’m fine with Detroit governing Detroit as long as the rest of Michigan does not have to pay for ANY of their stuff and they don’t export their crime elsewhere. But that is an impossible pipe dream. The government would have to impose Martial Law and run the city like a prison camp to make it functional in the most basic of ways. It is so far gone, it’s not like living in the U.S. And, yes, I have lived there.

  11. Did anyone happen to watch the Daily Show’s review of the State of the Union?

    The setup was clips of Obama talking about specific people or groups, then the clip of a shot of the relative of that person or group in the audience as Obama finished the ass kissing of said person or group.

    The punchline was Obama talking about his love of Israel and a shot of Chuck Shumer, looking all beady eyed and conniving. I swear, he looked just like the Wyatt Mann cartoon:

  12. Before being elected, Cohen told reporters that he would seek to become the first white member of the Congressional Black Caucus, but later decided against joining after members of the CBC (influenced by co-founder Bill Clay) indicated that they would not allow a non-black to join.
    … in 2006 Cohen bought a landscape entitled “Police Gazette” by artist Willem de Kooning for $63.5 million from David Geffen. Willem de Kooning

  13. Hunter, Fellow Alt-Righters, Fellow Race Realists :

    Here’s a suggestions for venting (it will make you feel better) :

    Go to (that mouthpiece of modern american negro grievance) and post hard but polite comments in the comments section.

    For example :

    “Michelle Obama is not a woman, she’s a tranny.

    Heck, she’s not even human !

    Thank goodness for this site and others like it that expose the treachery and back-stabbing of our elites.

    What the New York Times and other institutions of negro-uplift is doing in silencing the Pat Buchanans of this world is a disgusting, dark and sinister thing.

    The New York Times is promoting genocide, a silent and hard-to-detect genocide, a slow-motion genocide that is only visible to Those Who Can See.

    For anyone over age 30, the changes are obvious: in 1980 Paris (or any other great European capital) for example was a French city. Today it is a multi-cult hodge podge, a cesspool suffering from the “backwash of empire,” where 40% of the newborns are burffed by Stone-Age erectii aftican semi-humans with a facial angle of 72 degrees (compare: white = 80 degrees; negro = 72 degrees; gorilla = 60 degrees). indeed !

    The American Negro : What He Was, What He Is, And What He May Become, by William Hannibal Thomas, 1901 :

    The modern American negro is a cruise-ship of hilarity and contradiction, barreling full steam ahead into the rocky shores of reality, propelled despite Stone-Age anti-momentum at a pace it is ill equipped to handle, kind of like a poodle behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

    It is not their fault, but that is like saying that a swarm of angry bees is not really at fault for swarming and killing the infant son of the beekeeper – it is their nature.”

    Hunter: it’s all so effing pointless. This is a Sisyphean battle. Exactly because of the kinds of things we decry on sites like this one, Western Civilization is in a tailspin, and today whites who when my father was in his prime (1950s) were one-third of global population, are down to less than 8% of planetary population, while the muds and Africa in particular are exploding in number, all thanks to white munificence and the spreading of European technology that makes it possible for those incapable of sustaining civilization to overbreed.

    The more I learn about the negro, the more I learn about the decline of the West, the more depressed I get.

    It’s a planetary Dunning Kruger phenomenon.


    – crimesofthetimescom

  14. The American Negro : What He Was, What He Is, And What He May Become, by William Hannibal Thomas, 1901

    I followed your link and read some of it. It’s a good book. Sort of a zookeepers guide to safety. Every negrophile in every alleged Southern heritage group should be given one.

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