Newt Gingrich’s Univision Interview

Newt Gingrich comes out swinging for amnesty on Univision


Newt Gingrich laughs at Romney’s attrition through enforcement strategy and calls it “an Obama level fantasy,” says Romney has no concern for the “humanity” of illegal aliens, cites his vote for the 1986 IRCA amnesty.

He supports birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, supports “half the DREAM Act,” wants to create “a guest worker system,” says we have “failed” Haiti, and supports a path to citizenship for illegal aliens “who have lived here … for 20 to 25 years.”

Update: According to Rim Job at Free Republic, “The Newtron Rebellion is ON!! As Ben Franklin says, “Join, or die!!” I think that I would rather set myself on fire than vote for this obese, pro-amnesty, warmongering, Christian Zionist neocon who is owned by Sheldon Adelson.

OD readers in Florida who are registered voters and capable of voting in the Republican primary are strongly encouraged to vote against Gingrich to derail his momentum.

This is a no brainer. Gingrich is controlled by the radical Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson. The race is close enough for an agitated minority to swing the race against Newt. Iowa was decided by less than 30 votes.

Stop Newt … and we will clean up as many Paul delegates as possible in the other states.

Note: In spite of his pandering, Ramos cites a poll which shows Gingrich losing to Obama by 30 percent to 70 percent among Hispanic voters. Unlike McCain, Gingrich also has a 70 percent disapproval rating among Florida independent voters.

It is also worth noting that Florida is a closed primary. The Independents who have supported Ron Paul in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina won’t be able to vote in the Florida Republican Presidential Primary. This is why Paul is moving on to the caucus states to pick up delegates.

If Newt Gingrich wins the Florida Republican Primary on Tuesday, we are going to war with Rim Job and Free Republic.

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  1. When did we reach this point in our country where you are valued more as an immigrant than if you are a generational citizen?

    This is just one more example of how we’re being sold out.

  2. than if you are a generational citizen?…

    “Generational” american/ citizen seems a good, descriptive word— it is not “traditional america” which conjures up moral majority, wild religiosity, etc, that many generational americans do not identify with.

    Implicitly, it opens the door on conversations about heritage, generation, regionality, ORAL Tradition of cultures— the things that are said to be so very important, but only if one is not white, (anglo-saxon culture is fascinating, actually, but their history is not taught and “validated,” the way others are).

    What makes Generational Americans interesting and important is that they ALONE carry the Oral Traditions of the culture. The world of the slaves in the published Slave Narratives (where real slaves talk) is quite different from the world of the slaves in a t.v. movie today. So without their real voices there is no real slave voice, only what european immigrants wish to make of it (in movies) for their own purposes.

    The rich Oral History of Generational Americans is simply unknown to most of the people in government (a great number are first or second generation). Even third, to fourth nowadays, will know nothing (voices handed down through generations of elders), of the war between the states.

    One way to end Culture, is to import Immigrants who have no access to “real americans” for their socialization—- and the other is to discredit “elders.”

    The whole cult of devaluing older people has its roots in Trotskyism, (Indian Elder = pipe smoking wise man, Asian elder = kung fu wise man, Black elder = oppression survivor testimonial wise man… But old whites just cost money).

    THEY ALWAYS SAY, that the “old white people” are just fat and stupid. To whatever degree they have become demoralized enough to be that way—- it is telling that no one takes up for them. Surely, there are just as many debased “Elders” in the indian, hispanic, black and asian groups, lol. But these are excused or not mentioned.

    Certainly, no one talks about HOW MUCH MONEY the “aging Indian boomers” cost, or how much money the “aging black boomers” cost, or how much money the ‘aging Asian cost us,’ etc.

    “Generational American”—- is best if used for generations pre-existed at least the war between the states. (usually 4-6 generations, although people whose parents fought are still living)

    It is an inoculation for Trotskyism, the kind of “cultural forgetfulness” that is discussed in great books s/a Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (good descriptions in that one of “airbrushing” out history).

  3. America ought not to have abandoned British history as its own grounding. Hengist and Horsa myths, Beowulf, King Alfred, Canute, 1066, Henry V, Elizabeth, Drake and Raleigh then Cromwell.

    These books and figures and periods ought to be standard curricullum items for Americans. After Cromwell, switch over to the Western Hemesphere of course, but get a clue as to where you really came from. Where you customs and attitudes derived.

  4. For the more anti Semitic among readers here, this history book end to bookend is virtually free of Jewish influence. William brought Jews over in 1066 but they were ejected by Edward Longshanks his great great grandson… and they did not return til Cromwell.

    So it’s also Anglo-Saxon and Celtic history in a completely refined way.

  5. One of my earliest ancestors that I can pinpoint with any accuracy was Goronwy Owen A rowdy, and somewhat irreverent, Anglican cleric who immigrated to Williamsburg in the 1740s. He taught at William and Mary while Thomas Jefferson was a student there. He was a master of ancient welsh meter in poetry and his works are still studied today.

    I also had ancestors that fought with Francis Marion during the revolutionary war.

    One of my ancestors was a founder of Mobile Alabama.

    One of my ancestors George Washington Owen was a member of Congress from Alabama in the 1840s. He was also a mayor of Mobile.

    Every generation of every branch of my family from Goronwy on owned slaves and though a few were doctors or lawyers they lived close to the land and owned plantations.

    At least four of my ancestors either fought for or served the Confederacy in some capacity, one died in battle.

    Thats generational (Southern) heritage.

  6. John – Edward I is one of my FAVORITE people ever. He was a true, and a GREAT King. Scottish resentment to the contrary.

    Cromwell roasts in Hell, now.

  7. Can’t undertsand how back from the dead Gingrich is selling so well to Whites in the US South.

    Voters in the South, especially Republicans, want Obama out at all costs. They’ve been convinced by the jewsmedia that Paul can’t win the nomination, and they’ve also bought the idea that he’s dangerous. Those two things don’t speak well for them. However, with only Romney and Grinch as alternatives to Obama they prefer Grinch, who, while not native, represented Georgia. They have an almost genetic distrust of any politician from Massachusetts, which does speak well for them.

    I think Romney will end up “surging” while Grinch falls by the wayside. The Paulites should stick to it as Paul would easily defeat Obongo. Romney only might beat Obongo.

  8. They dislike Romney because of his position on abortion. It is that simple. Just as immigration is our most important issue, abortion is the top issue for Christian Zionists … followed by precipitating Armageddon in the Middle East to bring on the Rapture.

  9. Bill Yancey says:
    “They (White Southerners) have an almost genetic distrust of any politician from Massachusetts (Romney), which does speak well for them.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Yes, I know you are right. But, I don’t think this speaks well of them; as we all know the worst Jews can switch states, switch political parties, change their names from names like “Michael Wiener” from New York City to “Michael Savage” – the tough guy leader of the Savage Nation based in California – Wiener/Savage could move to some Southern state and start some new act pretending to be the only hope for the South.
    Whites in the South falling back in to reflex support for Southern Scalawag Gingrich is very similar to White Irish Americans sticking with Ted Kennedy all those years out of some tribal Irish loyalty – having Ted and all Kennedys sticking it to the WASP Anglos for White vs White resentments left over from the 1840 Irish potato famine troubles.
    We Whites in the United States put aside these foolish divisions of church affiliation, native son State voting and start to vote and act what is best for our White race. Blacks in all states of all incomes voted > 95% for Obama. Jews close ranks and support their Jewish tribe/the Jewish ethno state of Israel Uber Alles. We Whites must now do the same or soon Whites will be either ethnically cleansed or will be living horrible lives everywhere in the world from Massachusetts to Georgia to Merry Old England.
    The key now in the US Presidential race is – “who is best for Whites?” That’s how Jews and Blacks do it – vote for their own.
    Hunter please lead the fight to take down this Gingrich Southern Scalawag, Neo Conservative, Christian Zionist – panderer to all things non White, please lead the fight to take down Gingrich – he is not in any way a true, loyal son of the White South.

  10. Amazingly, people are buying the idea that Gingrich is the anti-establishment candidate. Romney gives people the impression that he is supported by the insiders.

    It is true. The establishment is supporting Romney because Gingrich is a Christine O’Donnell straw man for Obama to knock over to win reelection.

  11. Everyone knows who Trotsky is, I prefer to use his real name which the masses don’t know but should: Lev Davidovich Bronshtein.

    Speaking of the British, they went from knighting conquering pirates such as Drake to knighting butt pirates like Elton John. My how the mighty have fallen.

  12. It is true that there are plenty of the enemy spread out everywhere but the cliche about Massachusetts is true, as history reveals.

    White unity is very important but if resistance ever breaks out it will be on local, regional levels. We already have European-sized states in America and they only need to adjust to the different nations within. I live in a corner state and while I wish the good people at the other side of the continent well and would do almost anything to help them it is more practical to apply myself here. A great White empire replacing what we have now would certainly be preferable but it cannot happen. Massive empires are, by geographic design, too atomizing to our interests. This is why God or nature or whatever you want to call it gave us European nations.

  13. The reason all of those politicians bend over frontwards to please the Cuban voter block is that most of them are on the same page.

    If we Whites were all on the same page they would be licking us all over, too.

    Unfortunately, Whites are a pretty long ways from being on the same page. Even on a forum such as OD, where you would expect us to be like-minded, we are all over the place. Look at our comments.

    Some folks just want all of the niggers to die or go someplace else. Others are fixated on a Final Solution to the Jew problem. A large number of us see TOO MANY MEXICANS as the precursor to doomsday. A good number of us believe that religion has been a contributing factor in all of the problems we now face. Others think we need to return to the Old Testament-thumping version of the South of yesteryear.

    All of us are looking for a national leader who can make everything alright.

    That’s a big problem in itself. That leader cannot possibly exist. Our expectations are many, and some of them are mutually exclusive.

    You need to get your minds right. The best we can hope for from anybody that can kiss enough of our asses to actually get elected is somebody that will pare down the handouts to niggers a bit and kill any bills that propose more privileges and free stuff for parasites.

    If all of us would quit looking for a goddamn National Messiah to set our people free and concentrate on sending determined people to our State Houses who are not afraid to demand State’s Rights our troubles would quickly subside.

    Your perfect leaders will be flawed in the eyes of others, and vice-versa. So what. As long as they can take us to a place where citizens rule by referendum, who cares.

    I am old enough to remember when our people lived by different rules from one state to the next. Imagine my surprise in 1967 when I went from Michigan, where you were required by law to register .22 caliber pellet pistols, to Arizona, where some counties allowed their citizens to own machine guns. (That was the year before the feds declared a monopoly on the rules about full-auto weapons.)

    In 1971 I owned my first chopped Harley that didn’t have any mufflers. It caught the attention of lots of cops and it even got me held for a couple of days in the Loundes County Jail in Valdosta, GA and a couple more days, later on, in Contra Costa County Jail in Richmond, CA. Both jails were SEGREGATED.

    A lot has changed since those days, and we need to change those things back.

    The only way to do it is through a return to State’s Rights. Let Barney Frank marry his butt buddy in Massachusetts, let the folks down in rural AZ have their Tommy Guns back and let the rest of us decide who we’re going to hire, serve and rent to.


  14. I thought Newt was gonna take FL – but I think Sanitorium actualy came off really well (And yes – he’s NUTS. PRB – I heard all about the Dead Baby. I wrote one of tHE meanest things I’ve ever written in my life, right here, right after IA, re: a little rhapsody onthe Dead Baby).

    Newt came off the worst. Sanitorium did pretty well, over ll, but he got the Big Show Closing Final Solo Spot – and his sang abut God. He also got 2 sly shots off on Romney, and GinGrinch. He did rill gud tonight. The Hubster noted, at the end, that “Santorum’s gong to be around for awhile…”

    Paul was Paul. He got the best laugh reactions – when he got off a good remark – the rowd laughed in a visceral, “I know that, pal! I hear ya..” way. And then..ahhhh….music to mine ears…in the back of the auditorium….bless me….emanated the sounds, the whoops and love coos, of the truly sincere hardest core Ron Paul is My Deespest Heart’s Desire Click For Me Ruby Slippers Take Me to Ron There’s No Place Like Ron There’s No Place Like Ron Dedicated Devotees. Ahhhh! The Siren Song of my People! I love them. I love my Paulistas. My darling dears. My faithful co-flock.

    He won’t win FL. We know this. It’s OK. We are True Believers, though, and we Believe Truly -and we are strong unto our Ron. Age will not wither us, nor stale custom….never mind.

    I’ll stop now.

    On to the Main Course. The Chosen Shabbos Goy.

    Romney won the GOP duet, in FL.

    Sorry Roots. I know your fond memeries of Newt jerking the Nogs warms up your heart cockles – but he came off….well……when I saw them interacting – a plea rose up fomr my deepest being….a desperate, pure cry, from my marrow, that resonated through my being – a genuine prayer, from every fiber of my body, spirit and soul, unbidden, but true – to God:

    Please – not Newt. Please.

    I can stand Mitt. Yes. He’s AWFUL. He’s shallow. fatuous, not realy terribly bright, vain. disconnected from just about every huma nexperience that has every happened, mannequin-ish – but i can stand to look at him. I don’t mean his looks – his visag,e etc. I mean I can stand to look at him. Chris, I believe said, on another thread, and I’m paraphrasing, something to the effect of if we are gonna go down, at least we’ll go down with a shred of dignity. Mitt is ….vaporous. He will annoy me…. and his narcsisstic self-confidence will be annyoing – and his Presidency WILL FAIL – but it won’t be horrible to turn onthe TV or radio and ….see or hear him. He won’t shred my soul, raw, anew, every single time I unexpectedly see him.

    Like Newt.

    Like it does every time I see ONegro, and his brood of She Apes. When I don’t expect it.


    He is everything that’s WRONG.

    He’s like a fat, slime-oozing, pustulent, sullen lurking fat little Toad. He is a Toad that’s emerged from his particularly pestilent, remote, forsaken, unhealthy, abandoned by even the oldest meanest alligators part of the smap. He is UNHOLY. He is the Toad od Satan. This is his repulsive essence.

    A fat little vicous, poisonous Toad of Satan.

    I can’t stand it. Every time he apears he sets of red wild shrieking alarms – THE END OF ALL THINGS MURDER MAYHEM PSYCHOTICS LOOSE RUNNING WITH KNIVES AND NUKES REDRUM REDRUM REDRUM!

    I can’t stand it. His essence is psychosis. Evil utter hatred of Humanity.

    All in the guise of a fat little squatting oozing sullen Toad of Satan.

    Ther are better ways to taunt the Nogs that loosing that THING, upon us Roots. Send it back whence it came. For love of God.

  15. Can’t undertsand how back from the dead Gingrich is selling so well to Whites in the US South.

    I don’t understand it either, but, fact is, pick the worst “big name” running for the nom, and that’s who South Carolinians will choose. Boggles my mind. This State was still re-electing Graham, last I checked.

  16. Denise, I feel ya on Newt. There’s just something about that guy. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s obviously smarter than the vast majority of pols, and I like to think smart people should be held to a higher standard.

    Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s so obviously a wonk/shill, and the furthest thing from a leader. Yeah, I think that’s it. Who TF picks somebody like Newt to quarterback them to victory? He should be at some think tank somewhere, or schmoozing lobbyists, not running for office.

  17. “Newt is HORRIBLE. He’s AWFUL. HE’S GOD AWFUL.

    He is everything that’s WRONG.

    He’s like a fat, slime-oozing, pustulent, sullen lurking fat little Toad. He is a Toad that’s emerged from his particularly pestilent, remote, forsaken, unhealthy, abandoned by even the oldest meanest alligators part of the smap. He is UNHOLY. He is the Toad od Satan. This is his repulsive essence.

    A fat little vicous, poisonous Toad of Satan.”

    Oh, Denise,



    LOLing me ladylike, middle-age-spreaded arse off.

    [wiping tears]

    Heh. I do luvs me a good Denise-rant. She’s a right National Treasure, she is.

  18. May I have your permission to memorize your soliquoy and perform it at the next Dinner in Hell with my Toad-Worshipping CZ (like as in crazy) in-laws?

  19. Barb!!!! I MISSED you! I miss your presence. Of course you can memorize, and share, my Rant. Just correct “smap” for “swamp” – so it makes sense!

    I either write totally on the fly – or at 1:30AM. Which is when I wrote my Ode to a Satanic Toad. I was seized by inspiration. When moved by the Muse – I must write. Spelling be gosh-darned.

  20. “Barb!!!! I MISSED you! ”

    Thanks, luv. I’m often here. Don’t always comment, but I ALWAYS enjoy yours!
    Your latest was truly inspired! I’m STILL laughing!

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