Good Samaritan Killed In New Orleans


A woman tries to get into her car, the Black Undertow attacks her and attempts to steal the car, a White man from the Algiers Community Association tries to assist the woman, the Black Undertow shoots and kills him in front of his two children.

Note: The savage black-on-white violence is so widespread and common in BRA that its sheer frequency makes us numb to the daily carnage. Each incident becomes a blur as it is overtaken by the next incident.

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  1. Please carry a pistol. One shot in the air would be enough to make assailants run. One well aimed shot and it’s over. Brave guy nevertheless. However, brave people ought to have a better survival rate.

    A note to his kids, your dad was admirable and you should be proud of him. There is contact info in the local news story to send donations to the family. I suggest a college fund for the two boys.

  2. God says: ” I don’t understand these altruistic creatures. I send floods to New Orleans, I tried to drown them. In Haiti I sent and earthquake, and that Penn guy moves down there to feed them. I send disease to Africa, really eloborate ones, and you dumb bastards cure it all. I isolated them geographically, but you let them emigrate. You even transported them to the new world. I gave you conditions to advance in technology so you could eradicate them, guns, planes, bombs. I want you to know I made one mistake. The Nigger. Even god hates ’em, yup. Please stop feeding them.”

  3. John, good advice, with one proviso. Never shoot into the air. What goes up, comes down, with very little loss of force.

    A couple who lived on a smallholding near where I lived back in the seventies came home from a New Year’s party to find their 11-year-old daughter dead in her bed. Shot in the head, through her bedroom ceiling, by a bullet that somebody fired in the air to celebrate.

    Please, people, handle guns responsibly. Never shoot unless you know where your bullet will end up.

  4. stonelifter says: “never shoot into the air; that’s reckless discharge of a firearm.”

    Unless you’re Black. Then it’s “cultural diversity”.

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