War Against The South: While The Negrophiles Ruled

While The Negrophiles Ruled ... Dixie Was Destroyed


Someone has posted an article called “While The South Slept” at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group on Facebook.

I’ve changed the title of the thread to “While The Negrophiles Ruled” because it more accurately reflects the multiculturalist worldview of the neocon failures in Dixie who have guided the South to the precipice of the present disaster for the past 47 years.

I want to emphasize here that the Negrophiles are losers and failures and contrast them with the great Southerners of previous generations like “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, Thomas Dixon, and Margaret Mitchell who won the culture war that the Negrophiles of the Baby Boomer generation lost.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Our 45 year old Georgia state flag was changed, dishonoring the Confederate soldiers it was designed to honor.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The battle flag was removed from South Carolina’s state house under threat of boycott, and placed at a Confederate Soldier’s monument. The boycott continues as the NAACP says they are still offended.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Confederate flags have been removed and banned from display at many Confederate soldier gravesites.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Southern song and tune “Dixie” has fallen silent, and has been banned from our schools and colleges.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Confederate battle-flag has been taken out of the hands of Ole Miss Rebel football fans because the football coach said it hurt his recruiting efforts.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..T-shirts honoring Southern heroes that include the banner under which they fought has been banned from many schools throughout the South.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Employees of some large corporations have been told that vehicles with bumper stickers displaying the battle-flag were not allowed in the company parking lot.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ……….. Bell South has banned any likeness of the Confederate battle-flag from business ads in their yellow pages.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The “Confederate Naval Museum” in Columbus was renamed the “Civil War Naval Museum”.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Confederate Rose was renamed to the Cherokee Rose.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Under pressure from corporate sponsors the “Confederate Air Force” was renamed. It is now the “Memorial Air Force”.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The University of Georgia’s “Dixie Redcoat Band” no longer plays “Dixie” and they are no longer called the “Dixie Redcoat Band”.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Former Texas Governor George W. Bush appeased the NAACP by removing a Confederate plaque from the Texas Supreme Court building which had been built from funds set aside for Texas Confederate Veterans. The plaque was placed there in the early 1900’s to honor the Confederate soldiers who died defending Texas.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………The names of schools, streets, bridges, and other buildings bearing the names of Confederate and Revolutionary War heroes are being renamed because the NAACP says you should be offended.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………The word Dixie has been removed from the “Dixie Intercollegiate Athletic Conference”. This is an eight member conference of colleges in the North Carolina, Virginia area.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………Dixie Outfitters booths have been kicked out of malls in Georgia and Alabama because they sell (non-offensive) Confederate themed t-shirts.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………Ashley Walls, a student at East-Highland Middle School in Sylacauga, Alabama, was told to remove a small necklace on which she had a small Confederate flag. Principal Nathan Brown says the school forbids all “rebel” insignia as well as all clothing or objects containing references to “Dixie.”

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Town Council of Exmouth, England, scuttles plans for a ceremony to honor Gen. Collett Leventhorpe, an English General who fought in the Confederate army. This was done because the observance might be seen to have “racist undertones.”

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Second National Flag of the Confederacy was removed from the display of flags at the Riverwalk in Augusta because the NAACP asked that it be removed.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………A young highschool senior in Tennesee was forbidden from entering her highschool prom because she had designed her beautiful prom dress to the likness of a Confederate flag.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………Coca Cola now refers to it’s founder, Dr. John Pemberton, as being a “Civil War Veteran” instead of calling him a “Confederate Veteran”.

I’ve amended the article to include some of the most important things that have happened in the South while the Negrophiles ruled that have been omitted here …

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………H.K. Edgerton was paid thousands of dollars to appear at Southern heritage events “to prove” that White Southerners are “not racists.” The Mainstream Media simply kept calling them “racists.”

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………… Bilbo’s prophecy came true and thousands upon thousands of White Southern women were raped by the Black Undertow, but the humiliated Negrophiles who were completely stripped of all honor refused to so much as raise the subject out of fear of being called schoolyard names by the Mainstream Media.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………… the daughters of Confederate veterans were encouraged to engage in miscegenation with the Black Undertow in BRA’s public school system, resulting in an explosion of multiracial babies across Dixie that would have horrified the men who actually fought for the Confederacy.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………… anyone who dared to entertain the actual beliefs that were held by our Southern ancestors for three centuries was labeled and dismissed as a “racist” and a “white supremacist” and a “hatemonger” by the Negrophiles who guided the South to the Obamanation.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………. every major metropolitan area in Dixie from Birmingham to Atlanta to Richmond to Nashville to Charlotte to New Orleans to Dallas to Houston to St. Louis was surrendered to the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………. countless millions of non-White illegal aliens were allowed to settle in Dixie and demographically transform large swathes of the South into the Third World. White Southerners are already a minority in Texas. They will soon be a minority in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Louisiana and Mississippi.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………. Hollywood became so boldly anti-Southern that it started to make anti-Southern racial snuff films like Django Unchained.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………….. the Black Belt counties were made uninhabitable for Whites because of the Voting Rights Act and cities like Tuskegee and Selma were destroyed by the Black Undertow while the Negrophiles spent decades searching for “Black Confederates” to prove they were “not racist.”

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………….. the true men of the South were completely driven from respectable society and were driven out of the editorial chairs and the universities and all other culturally sensitive institutions resulting in a virtual death sentence to Southern culture.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………… the Black Undertow was glorified and the exaltation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Undertow was identified with the substance of morality itself. Traditional morality was thrown out the window.

While The Negrophiles Ruled …………… they surrendered Southern honor and Southern principles and Southern heritage, BUT they got to live in a McMansion in the Atlanta suburbs, have illegal aliens clean their pools and manicure their lawns, drive around in expensive cars and SUVs, park the big bass boat in the backyard, feed at the federal trough of farm subsidies and military spending, and live with the conceit that they were the moral and cultural superiors of a few Klansmen living in some trailer park out in the middle of nowhere.

As we enter the 2012 election season, it is worth noting that the state of the South is a reflection of their misguided priorities. They took the thirty pieces of silver from Uncle Sam and the easy road and have we have almost arrived at their final destination.

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  1. Hunter I’d like to add one to your list:

    While The Negrophiles Ruled … Simkins Hall on the University of Texas campus was renamed Creekside manner after it was discovered that the great professor of law, a Confedrate veteran and Citadel cadet who fired the first shot of the war on The Star of the West, was found to have been a member of the reconstruction era Klan in Florida.

  2. If you took away their big bass boat, ESPN subscription, and Z-71 there would be help to pay.

    They don’t care if the Black Undertow is defiling their own daughters. They don’t care if the Black Undertow destroys their town. They don’t care if their cowardice sentences their own children to being a minority in their own country.

    What they care about is money and being respectable in the eyes of the media.

  3. Empirical findings from zoology, psychology and statistics indicate that, in terms of statistical averages, the Mongoloid race is mentally superior to the Caucasoid race, which in turn is mentally superior to the Negroid race. EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE SHOWS East Asian brain size > Caucasoid brain size > Negroid brain size, when age, height, and weight are statistically controlled variables.

    It is noteworthy that there was no difference in average head size between White and Black children who were matched on IQ scores (and on age, height, and weight).

    http://www.lrainc.com/swtaboo/stalkers/jpr_rghrs.html Race, genetics, and human reproductive strategies
    The extent of the differences are arguable, but the only reason for doubting such racial differences is politically correct doubletalk claiming that human races do not exist, that the measurement of IQ is a socially oppressive construct, and so on. The IQ issue is important but there are many other issues based on group evolutionary conflicts and many socially important genetic potentialities in races and ethnic groups.

  4. Oops, “the extent of the differences is” should replace the grammatical inaccuracy – all humans display an ape-like stupidity but statistics don’t lie if employed properly.

  5. Hunter, can you blame any of them? The South lost everything. How can anyone stand up to the pressure of being ‘racist’ in today’s world? The implication is death financially, politically and sometimes even literally. Perhaps it is for the best that the South cease to exist as a culture. It couldn’t make it as a polity. Perhaps it can’t make it as a people. The time of the Occident is perhaps finished. All things die after all.

  6. Jack – I CAN and DO blame ALL Race Traitors. ALL of them. I HATE them – and I REJOICE when some DWL gets beaten, and killed, because they care more about money, thant their own kin. Because the do everything they do to get the approval of some Media Jew – that will never come.

    Screw you Jack. May your Eve Carson moment come soon.

  7. Men have walked into cannons before. It says a lot about the moral character of the preceding generation that getting called a name was more effective at prompting them to surrender than Union artillery.

  8. I have a very low opinion of them. They are a disgrace to their communities. Future generations will remember them as cowards and failures.

    In stark contrast with the generation that fought in the war.

  9. Denise, cool your anger towards me and heat it up towards those who deserve it. I am on your side more than you know. Yes, men walked into cannons Hunter. They didn’t win though. I want to win and I don’t see how. That doesn’t make me an enemy.

  10. Hunter: keep the good work up. Denise. I agree with you totally! Maybe we should all try Tim Rifats Abraham Ritual! Who knows maybe it works! Cobalt 60 Amalek of Tim Rifat is really something……….

  11. These things go in cycles. Maybe what is happening now is just the Second Reconstruction, soon to be followed by a Second Jim Crow period.

    The cultural brow beating by the publishing, broadcast media is almost intolerable.

    There are a lot of Emma West’s out there these days. People in their 30s and 20s who are not taking the boomer’s hubristic social/legal experimentations as a given or a natural state of being. The Emma Wests were all elementary/secondary school educated in the 80s and 90s and see that tolerance/equality are deadly to prosperity and order. They will have seen SA turning to a dung heap. People can see that Obama could not really do all that much to reconcile racial and cultural differences. Another urban riot and no-one will believe the multicult in America. No Brit believes in it today. At some point the only rational conclusions about the Undertow will be reached.

    These things do happen in cycles.

  12. @John
    “These things do happen in cycles.”

    Something I learned in the last couple of years is, nothing just happens in politics. Smart people make it happen.

  13. Two thousand plus, years separate Sparta and Dixie. Almost identical social structures.

    South Africa under Apartheid was a result of Boers pointing out to the English that integration would not work. The Boers and English were antagonists.

  14. Rome had at least three phases, both East and West.

    The Industrial Revolution probably has no counterpart in the historical record though. Machines instead of flesh. The Agricultural revolution was similar but we only have myth and archeology to base an account on.

  15. Seems like some things never change. I heard all this garbage about “black Confederates” and all that other “Rainbow Confederacy” nonsense over a decade ago. It was bulls*** then and its bulls*** now.

  16. The digging is always the rewarding part. Whether on an archeological dig or breaking the first sod on a new building.

  17. Don’t lose hope, jack. The pot is boiling, even as we speak. When it boils over, you’ll have your role to play. We all will.

    BUGS is an important way to take the first steps in fighting back. Little victories have the seeds of bigger victories in them.

    Deo Vindice

  18. Well, one way to reverse the damage the marxist pigs have wrought over the past 70 years would be to join the BUGS swarm, where White people of all nations and ethnicities unite to fight White geNOcide by imposing a consistent truthful message upon a large swath of the public; exposing “anti-racists” for what they really are – anti-White. It may be difficult to see how much damage we’ve done to the anti-White cult and its institutions, but if you look close enough you will get a glimpse. Imagine what just 300 of us could do. I know from personal experience, I’ve even conquered an entire website (albeit a small audience), and people around me in my daily life now bow to the Mantra, no more mommy professor back talk justifying White geNOcide. As soon as 10% of our people get Mantra, it’s game over for the anti-Whites, the liberal and respectable conservative establishment have no real power when you think about it; their authority is tenuous.

  19. Hunter, I think whites engage in this lunacy for the same reason the Repubs are always looking for their black savior (Cain, West), and the Teaparty is always trying to erase it’s white face–they really believe that whites have no legitimacy in and of themselves. To say that something is good because it benefits whites is verboten, it’s got to be hidden behind being good for blacks, Jews, Hispanics, or anybody but whites. You are right, this Southern Heritage Preservation Group is a meeting of cowards, plain and simple. Hiding behind the black savior, same as the Tea Party.

  20. I’m going to drop a bomb shell here and I hope that it gets attention from those heritage groups that need a real wake up call.

    The Idea of Black Confederates is a Myth.

    I’ve been studying and researching Confederate history, military service records, and state pension records for thirty+ years.

    Let me repeat:


    First we have to define what we mean when we refer to Confederates. A Confederate was a soldier who fought for the Confederacy. He was officially mustered into the service and his name will be enshrined in the Confederate military records compiled by the US Gov. from muster roles. This probably is’nt a perfect definition, but it is one that I hope will lead to a better understanding and expose the pitfalls of engaging in the kind of revisionist history that so many people engage in today.

    There were three classes of Negroes in the south during the war.

    The first were those that stayed behind at the plantations and farms after other slaves had left. These were usually the domestics and occasionally those who had been in the family for several years. During the Yankee predation in the south they helped conceal family treasures and protect families, mostly women and children from the marauders.

    The second group were the slaves exclusively men who followed the fathers, husbands, and sons as they answered the call to arms and entered the army. These served as cooks, teamsters, orderlies, etc. so that the white men would be free to bear arms in the front lines. They occasionally took up arms to escort and guard prisoners. They might at times have gotten a shot or two off at the blue coats. But, THEY WERE NOT SOLDIERS.

    The third group were those slaves who ran off and joined Mr. Lincolns army, or became camp followers.

    Group two are the ones we are concerned with in this discussion.

    There were Negroes who were members of various UCV Camps. It is also known that Negroes served with General Forrest. It must be remembered though that Forrest operated independent of official military authority in his own command. The Negroes that served with him were few and they were his former slaves and were not officially
    mustered into Confederate service. They fit into group two because they were loyal to him.

    It is also a fact that there were Negroes who received state pensions for military service. Most people are unfamiliar with the difference between actual military records and the Confederate pension process. Military records were not available until well after most of the veterans had ‘crossed over the river to rest in the shade of the trees.’ Pensions were awarded based on testimonials, it was a kind of honor system and there were many fraudulent claims.

    To make a long story short Negroes who were granted pensions and memberships in UCV camps were being honored for their service and loyalty to the Confederacy, and not for actual military service as soldiers. It is a dishonor to our ancestors to include Black Confederates, who never existed in the first place, in our pantheon of heroes.

    To declare that there were black Confederates is an exercise in myth making to appease a hostile left who want to destroy us anyway. Its an exercise that is killing the heritage movements because it drives hundreds of members and potential members away every year. When will they ever learn?

  21. Hunter- “A thousand years separated the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.”

    Only if you believe in the lies of the Papal, filioquist West. Byzantium, which ALSO called herself the Roman Empire, lasted until 1453- she would still be alive today, and the Muslims might not be infecting Europe (again) if only the Romans of Italy had helped defend her. But, intstead of defending Constantinople, the folly of the ‘Renaissance’ (totally mired in a whole host of pagan, occultic, and ‘philosopher’s stone’ myopia) appeared in Italy about roughly the same century as Byzantium’s demise.

    It’s not only Civil War history that needs revisionists…..

  22. Thanks for that link. We once KNEW. We once KNEW…

    ““ The extent of the crime instinct in the negro is indeterminate for the reason that accurate data are unattainable In so far as he has been held to an outward observance of moral restraints it is obvious that fear of bodily harm has been the chief influence which has kept him in check That his nature is surcharged with latent ferocity is shown by abundant evidence of atrociousness committed on weak and defenceless objects Indeed there is good ground for believing that were the negro once convincingly assured of personal security all the malignity of his slumbering savagery would immediately find expression in the most revolting acts of physical lawlessness His passions are easily excited and his feelings readily inflamed to the point of reckless vindictiveness though a natural unsteadiness of character renders him fickle and unstable in purpose. “

    from Criminal Instincts, p. 208-9, found in The American Negro: what he was, what he is, and what he may become, by William Hannibal Thomas


  23. Actually, historically the same people who hate the South – and especially the ORIGINAL Founding Principles – actually HATE the black man. God knows they have worked hard to ruin him – his family, his character and his hopes. While the original national principles would have elevated blacks to the same level as whites and other races, these leftist one world Utopians actually believe what they say whites believe – that is that the black man is INCAPABLE of decency, honor or civilization while Christian whites know better and have tried to elevate the black man by challenging him to be better than the low expectations of him believed by liberals.

    No, these are not Negrophiles at all. They are haters of all decent, Christian people who love liberty whether those people are white or black, Southern or Northern. Sadly, however, far too many blacks have followed the Pied Piper of the liberal entitlement mentality into the pit of barbaric tribalism, forever abandoning what their ancestors worked hard to acquire and accomplish in a nation that raised them from slavery to citizens. It would seem that “those people” have indeed won and among those who will descend into the black depth of the hive will be the very blacks who they have used all along as a false flag to hide their REAL agenda – tyranny.

  24. Good Evening, Lady Val.

    You should be wearing those hoops under your skirt.
    Not jumping through them out of fear of seeming racist.

    Neither our Founders nor even radical libertarians bought your justification for epic Negro failure. Your “argument” has all the appeal to a modern man of swaddling himself with a cold wet diaper and eschewing solid food. You may wish and perhaps your pastor commands it, but man cannot make equal what God has made inequal.

  25. These comments are “racist”, “white supremacist” and “hate-mongering”, so why be offended when people call it what it is? Everything I read on here sounds like people who hate black people to me, so if you do, I don’t see the reason to get pissed off for someone calling it as presented. It would be like Hitler being pissed off if someone called him anti-Semitic.

    Pray tell, what should be done with the ones “God has made inequal?” Prison camps? Gas chambers?

    It’s frightening that in this day and age this kind of hatred exists. I’m going to pray for you all. I recommend reading the gospels because you’ll see that this is not the way Christ taught us. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

  26. The Confederate Generation was the best, they may have lost the War but they won the peace – though organization and sacrifice – many a Klansman had to flee his home for years (while his family was protected and cared for by fellow Klansman). The KKK, Knights of the White Carmelia, etc were composed of the leaders of the community and were battle tested veterans. All that is gone, there is no humiliation that the modern American White – including too many Southern White’s – will not accept. Sad, very sad.

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