Black Undertow Knocks Out Temple Police Officer


Paul Kersey had the story yesterday about the 65-year-old bicyclist who shot two representatives of the Black Undertow who attempted to rob him in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Not to be disappointed, the Black Undertow has risen again to the occasion by assaulting a police officer near Temple University who bumped into him with a bicycle. They also uploaded the incriminating video to WorldStarHipHop for the internet could judge them by “content of their character.”

Note: As we move toward Black Summer 2012, OD’s Pennsylvania file is growing faster than any other state. See also Teens Attack in Kill-adelphia, Thunder From The North, City of Brotherly Thugs, Kill-adelphia: Happy New Year, and Kill-adelphia: Pennsylvania’s Holy Experiment.

Men Punch Out Temple Cops On Video:

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  1. The Olympics in Hackney will be a blessing. The Metropolitan Police will have a free hand to beat, roundup and demolish all the black and Pakistani gangs.

    It’s a win win. And we get to have guests from all over the world.

    The Philly cops should have the same free hand this year. They need to enforce a bit of discipline.

  2. John, the cops aren’t allowed to enforce ANY discipline and I’m not just talking about racial “profiling”.

    Here in Yankee Blue CT the media is all abuzz about the arrest of four East Haven cops. After a lengthy investigation by DOJ it was determined that they “bullied” and “violated” the “civil rights” of various Hispanics (some suspected of being illegal) at spainish variety store.

    DOJ and DWL’s have no intention of effectively controlling the Black Undertow or the Brown Tide. I’m sure this isn’t an isolated case. Look at the DOJ law suits against state immigration laws.

    So if you are a White cop who wants to keep your job what do you do? Well, for one thing, every time you patrol a minority area you make sure that you don’t see any crime going on.

    “Serve and Protect”, BRA and the Brown Tide that is.

  3. Philly cops once had the reputation of being the toughest, most brutal to NW criminals in the 60s and 70s.

    That was….

    “back in the day”.

  4. Jack Ryan – Frank Rizzo died years ago. Negroes rule The City of Bruthaly Thugs now. They weeded out Frank’s cops, slowly but surely. I knew few of them. Tough, NO nonsense, grown up scary MEN.

    I saw them weep, when Rizzo died.

    They are gone now. Now Da Poleez is run by Nigras – and their Jew Patrons.

    Frank Rizzo was REALLY corrupt, when it came to digging his hands into Federal tx dollars. But he ran the police…..words fail me. He was WONDERFUL. He is till beloved, by those that knew him, ands expreienced him. He was Old School. They don’t make ’em liek Rizzo anymore – and we are suffering because of this. He was GREAT. I knew poeple who hated him, who WANTED to hate him, who met him – and were overwhelmed, when they met him. Awed by his presence. He was a giant, in EVERY way. He was even impressive on his funeral bier. BELIEVE me.

    To those of us that Lived in the Days of Rizzo – well….he’s sorely missed.

  5. … the Northeast saw an increase in murders … Why that region was affected by crime more than the others isn’t clear, though perhaps the poverty combined with high cost-of-living in many of the region’s cities is a factor. Uncovering the business of child sacrifice in Uganda PC Land – a fun and new card game based on racial politics (ramzpaul)

  6. Whites are starting to address the problem. There was the guy at the Awful House who turned Dante Lamont Williams into a good nigger. There was guy who went on the offense when niggers knocked him off his bike. I also saw a story on the news yesterday about an 85 year old White woman who took her big caliber hogleg out of the drawer and went outside and caught a jigaboo that the police were chasing. The old girl said the coon started sniveling and begging her not to shoot him.

    Let’s also take a second to ponder what has been happening to all of the cannibals who come up missing in the U.S. every year. A lot of White folks come up missing every year, too, but most of them turn up before long. Not so with the nigs. Lots of them stay gone, and that doesn’t sound a bit like Black on Black crime.

    If you need a hobby, that might be a good one for you.

  7. more of the same writes:

    “So if you are a white cop who want’s to keep your job, what do you do?”

    You do what the white cops in Detroit, and especially the metro Detroit suburbs do — completely IGNORE even the most brazen traffic violations commited by niggers, and then come down like a thunderstorm on lone white male motorists who so much as neglect to wear a seatbelt. I see it around here constantly. I hear about it from friends constantly. My work has me driving quite a bit, all over the metro area in a given week, and I’ve been noticing it myself.

    White cops are TERRIFIED of the thought of having to deal with niggers, because the situation could potentially jeopardize their career, should the nigger even suggest that the cop was “raysiss”. And since these smaller departments in the suburbs are hemorrhaging money as their white tax base moves further away to escape Section 8, every white male cop knows that he could be the next to be let go for “budget reasons”. So they ignore niggerdom on the roads and take out their frustration and impotence on white drivers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They know the white driver has more to lose, so he’ll cooperate, take whatever verbal shit and hassle the cop gives him, and pay the ticket. But an encounter with a nigger? Jesus Christ that could end in gunfire, an administrative suspension, and even a criminal investigation. No, a nigger blew a stop sign? Not worth it, no one saw it. So white cops routinely cannibalize their own people now for their own survival. Cowards.

  8. Civilization and these chuckers do not mix.

    Either we have to build walls around them, or perimeters around our own property.
    Zulu was as much a film about a real battle as it was a metaphor about dealing with blacks. There’s no middle way to coexist on a larger scale.

  9. @313Chris

    You expanded very well on the point I was trying to make. The only time White cops want to know about trouble in the ‘hood is after the fact.

    So much for crime prevention. That only applies to those horrible raciss honkies.

  10. I was wondering about precisely what Chris is ranting about, today while driving home. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the po-po are racially profiling Whites for stops that result in fines.

    We need a culture where OUR interests are looked after, not just “minorities’.” We shouldn’t need to wonder aloud where the studies are looking into this – they should already be on the table.

  11. At the Galleria Mall today, with my girl buying her shoes and clothes. I noticed the mallcops. The Mall has a policy that teens under 16 must be accompanied by a parent. So the mallcops As a policy cardcheck young looking people.

    In practice, it turns out after observing the mallcops that, they only dare to card check
    nice looking white girls with actual shopping bags. They let gangs of Young bucks, with no shopping bags proceed seconds before or after checking paying customers.

    Either mall managers are dumb and are deliberately telling security to hassle good customers, or the cops are being PC or they are affraid of niggers.

    The mall will eventually fail if they enforce the teen policy so stupidly.

  12. The Mall is fuxxated with Pavement Apes Friday Nights and Saturday Nights btw.

    And these security guards are actually giving nice polite monied upper-middleclass PAYING (signified by shopping bags) customers a security check. Those women
    who still dare to show up there at that time!

    The managers cannot possibly understand how their custom is being undermined by this rank stupidity.

  13. Most, maybe 99 percent, not sure right amount, but most Police are Regime Loyalist and will die for the Criminal Regime. This includes all Politicians, Judges, Scum lawyers, CEOs, Military Personnel, Teachers, Clergy and so on and on. Martin Lindstedt explains this good in his works and articles. We live in the Dark Age . America is Babylon the Great Mother Whore. Voting is a Sham and Demonocracy is Death For White Race. It would be great if Tim Rifat is right about his Bone Master PSI Warrior. Buddy Tucker says even if we had a all White State, it would fail if Yahweh and his Laws are not first. Look at areas in USA that were White, they had the Liberal Disease.

  14. John Thomas wrote, “We live in the Dark Age.” Does the darkness begin with the news – their version of the news? Is the NY Times the worst offender?
    … a roundup of 18 young men and teenage boys on charges of participating in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl … Five suspects are students at Cleveland High School, including two members of the basketball team. … the unanswered questions …. there are pockets of poverty …. The arrests have left many wondering who will be taken into custody next. Vicious Assault Shakes Texas Town Big Media Admits Racial Bias
    An organism interacted with another organism. – ramzpaul Chicago Tribune admits to censoring stories (ramzpaul)

  15. The Mass Media iis controlled. They decide the news and how it will be presented. The Controllers also set up Staged Events. They also send their Agents into such things as Occupy Wall Street. On google check this out: New Illumnati – INTELLIGENCE FORCES and MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat.

  16. John: “The Olympics in Hackney will be a blessing. The Metropolitan Police will have a free hand to beat, roundup and demolish all the black and Pakistani gangs.”

    What, Hackney of all places? That’s a slice of pure Africa. And that’s the face they want to show the world?

    Sorry to disillusion you about the Met. They are true believers. During the riots last August, I visited a police blog to get their angle. They’re hopeless. Given a free hand, the only people they’d round up are Englishmen – as they did in the riots. After watching negroes looting and burning buildings for days, 300 of them came down like a ton of bricks on 60 Englishmen protecting their neighbourhood. Oddly enough, not when Turks and Sikhs did the same. I posted a comment pointing that out, and was promptly banned.

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