Liberals Demonize Whites In Minnesota


H/T CofCC.

I was under the impression that slavery and segregation never existed in the free soil paradise in Minnesota, but the DWLs who live there seem to have decided that Minnesotans need to be lashed into submission and atonement with a white guilt trip anyway.

Update: It looks like Denise and the rest of the BUGS gang are being heard in Duluth as the backlash grows to the “Un-Fair campaign.” Redouble the trolling.

In a Facebook post Sunday, Duluth Mayor Don Ness wrote: “White supremacists from all over the world are sending me threats and some of the most hateful messages I’ve ever read. The racism I’ve seen this weekend is all the proof I need that we need good people to step up.

“No, the unfair campaign is not calling all white people racists. It’s saying white folk need to be part of the solution. And I’m not backing down from that. Will you join me?”

Note: In 2011, the 12th Annual White Privilege Conference was hosted in Bloomington, Minnesota. The ongoing destruction of the Mall of America by the Black Undertow wasn’t raised as a topic of discussion there.

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  1. Sickening, just sickening….Let’s ship some of our illegals and more criminal blacks up there since they’re so sensitive.

  2. Playing Roots Backwards was telling us a few weeks ago that Minnesota was like “a bitch in heat” for the Black Undertow. Obviously, he knew what he was talking about.

  3. I think I’m going to show up to one of those White Privilege conferences.

    We could play a game to see who can last the longest without getting kicked out.

  4. I think foolishness such as this billboard are great! What a more stupid thing for DWLs to do than to call attention to White Identity. For any pro-White groups around that town this is a golden opportunity to network and undermine the anti-White agenda. Good one DWLs, let all those Minnesotans know that their pioneer ancestors managed to clear the land with White Priveledge.

  5. Questions to ask at a White Privilege Conference:

    “How can I overcome the superior intelligence bequeathed to me by my ancestors?”

    “Does the fact that black women constantly pursue me mean that I’m more attractive than the average black man, and if so, how can I tone down my sex-appeal?”

    “Does not having an STD count as an unfair privilege?”

    “How many days should I go without bathing before I no longer have a privileged presentation?”

    “How many baby-mammas should I obtain before my white privilege is sufficiently dealt with?”

    Yeah, I wouldn’t last long.

  6. There is a lot of truth to the white privilege argument: whites are a superior race, blacks are an inferior race, and in a “free society” the racial divide between the two groups will accrue to whiteness various privileges associated with being more intelligent, better behaved, and more beautiful than African-Americans for biological reasons.

    We should embrace our natural superiority and reconstruct America on that basis instead of on the basis of discredited concepts like equality and universal manhood suffrage which produce Black Undertow cities like Cuthbert, Tuskegee, and Detroit.

  7. I agree with Dutchman. Leave the billboards up. Imagine how much better they’ll look in the background of youtube videos or news footage (lol, who am I kidding?) of a massive, nigger-on-DWL chimpout this summer..!

  8. Hunter is right. What’s wrong with White Priveledge anyway? It was our ancestors that founded this nation and created a thriving North American continent. Native Americans were merely a multitude of stone age tribes when the first European explorers arrived. From that point on pioneers and settlers-ALL of whom were White-spread across a vast and wild continent, clearing land, battling savages and animals, building towns, cities, roads,bridges. White men wrote our founding documents, established universities, etc. The country was founded by, and for the benefit of, White people. What kind of people would build a civilization for the benefit or priveledge of someone else? The Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans? Niggers and Chinese were brought here for cheap labor. Hell, if the South Eastern Indians hadn’t died like flies from smallpox it’s unlikely we would be experiencing the black plague now. I want someone to find one civilization that developed itself for the benefit of alien and inferior races?

  9. I used to be married to a girl from Duluth. We lived up on Skyline Parkway in 1974.

    At that time there were exactly 2 niggers in Duluth, and another one lived down in Cloquet.

    One of the Duluth niggers was named Shorty Woods. A Skin from the Rez named Brian Sailor beat Shorty’s ass outside the Kozy bar, then chased him inside and stabbed him. (They spelled Kozy with a “C” in the pre-nigger days.)

    The other Duluth nigger was named Johnny Lee, and he lived out on the West End with his Coal Burner wife named Bonnie. One of the Bellecourts from out on the Rez beat Johnny Lee’s ass half to death outside the White Front Bar out on the West End.

    The Cloquet nigger was named Rodney Jones. He was drinking at Mr. Murphy’s in downtown Duluth and got his ass beat real good by a BPM bike club member named Whitey.

    The moral of the story is that Duluth was much better off when Indians and bikers were in charge of welcoming those who intended to bless that fine city with diversity.

  10. I’m proud of my white patrimony – western civilization – which untold generations of white men have bequeathed to me. Despite this great inheritance, nothing was ever handed to me and I had to earn everything I ever achieved in life. So I admit we white people have inherited a great patrimony – but white privilege? Those are hate words used by the envious whose ancestors left them virtually nothing in comparison to us.

  11. If I were an insurgent in occupied Wisconsin, I would do the following:

    Wait until just before dawn one morning and hang up banners over the most visible of these billboards that say the following:

    It’s easy to see racism when you’re white.

    Black on white beatings in WI: __
    Black on white robberies in WI:__
    Black on white murders in WI:__
    etc etc
    White on black crime: Zero

    Or something to that effect.

  12. Counterpoint:

    Damn I Wish I Was A…

    If I was a n***er
    I could drive a cadillac with class
    My pocket stuffed with welfare checks
    And I could sit on my big black *ss

    The wife and I were down on our luck
    We were really getting uptight
    They said at the welfare office,
    ‘You aint black you’re white’
    Oh how I’ve tried to get a job
    A diploma I have with pride
    The post office man laughed and said
    ‘You’re not dark enough to even qualify’
    Damn I wish I was a n***er

  13. Questions to ask at a White Privilege Conference:

    What is “White privilege”?

    Is it so-called “Affirmative Action,” AKA, legislated and institutionalized racism and discrimination? Minority set-asides? Minority preferences in gov’t? Institutional Blackness in gov’t?

    Is it being the only racial group that isn’t legally protected?

    Is it being the opposite of a “minority,” despite being less than 10% of the world’s population?

    Is it being the only group ever accused of racism by authoritarian liberals?

    Is it being victimized far more by Black crime than Blacks are victimized by White crime?

    Is it being the whipping boy for so-called “Black failure”?

    Is it not being allowed to have a border?

    Is it being Jewish? And if Jewish “White privilege” means a Jewish homeland for Jews in Israel, does that mean Whites get to have homelands for themselves, too? Or is Jewish privilege the REAL privilege, and “White privilege” just code for “pay up, cracker”?

    Is it always having to be the only adult in the room?

    Is it the White man always having to say he’s sorry?

    Is it Blacks and Jews never having to say they’re sorry?

    Is being racially profiled for higher taxes, to pay for so-called “Black failure”?

    Is it White tax dollars being sucked out to pay for Black dysfunction? Is it “the White man’s burden”?

    Is it being punched in the face by liberals and Blacks and Browns?

    Is it sitting silently and nodding while Jews and non-Whites defame you?

    Is it Whites having no right to act in their own racial interests, even as Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Jews get to act in their racial interests?

    Is it not having the right to point out that no one reciprocates any of this?

    Is it guilt for having the same skin color as the men who created the modern world, including science, technology, art, rule of law, and human rights?

    Is it having no right to defend yourself? Having no right to exist? To have what every other race has?

    Is it sitting silently while liberals create the conditions for genocide against Whites?

    Is it bringing White children into a world where they’re blamed for every other race’s failures and failings, and targeted for retribution?

  14. There is a lot of truth to the white privilege argument

    No there isn’t. I know what you’re saying; if you look at the term alone, yes, it’s obvious that Mother Nature (the god all the liberals pretend to worship now) privileged Whites over, say, Blacks. That’s who they should all be complaining to.

    But the argument? No. The argument is an exact inversion of the truth. The argument is that Whites “privilege” themselves, when the exact opposite is true; in everything they do, they “privilege” Blacks, Jews, and other non-Whites over themselves.

  15. One way to attack the idea of “White privilege” is to spread the meme that ending it starts at H-O-M-E. Liberals should stop accusing OTHER Whites of this supposed crime, and start accusing THEMSELVES. They have no right to sign confessions of OUR guilt – they should only be signing their OWN confessions.

    Tell them to stop finger-pointing, and start giving away their stuff/jobs/money/wife/daughters/privileges to Blacks/whatever. Nobody’s stopping them.

  16. Slave Reparations Begin at HOME.

    Liberals in leafy suburbs, professors in liberals colleges, give over YOUR property and to the blackman. And give over you wife and children too.

  17. Don Ness


    Mayor’s Office

    Room 402, 411 West First Street

    Duluth, MN 55802

    Phone: ? (218) 730-5230

    Fax: (218) 730-5904

    I called, will you?! Let these bastards know what you think about this bullshit!

  18. What kind of people would build a civilization for the benefit or priveledge of someone else? The Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans? …

    Maybe they did. I heard the Chinese are just about “ready” for the massive immigration that will make their current area not 95% chinese, since that’s xenophobic. When whites, and so many anglo-saxons, especially, displace 70% of the Chinese, it should be almost diverse enough, like in the u.s. After 70% of the Chinese die off, and taxes are lower so we don’t have to pay for them, or otherwise displaced, we can thank them again for having built a civilization just for us. It was so nice of them to have done that. They must have been very nice people, those chinese. Some of their stuff that they made for us is o.k. Some of it is stupid though— like their stuffy artwork. We can get rid of that…

  19. There are a couple of jokes to be made, smugly calling the sign racist, claiming to not be able to see the word in the middle, and so on. But the sign is essentially correct: Whites are not race conscious. Will the billboards succeed in making people feel guilty? Or will they have an entirely different effect? Or will people just ignore them?

    Heres hoping that the left has sabotaged itself yet again.

  20. What I would like to know is, who is funding this shit? George Soros? The Ford Foundation? […which is now a sock puppet of the CIA from what I read.]

    If that wasn’t bad enough, we got these idiot white Christian fundamentalists, like this mayor, helping our enemies.

    Maybe ramzpaul could give the mayor a little bit of free counseling. He appears to be suffering from Passover Syndrome.

  21. OH, it’s Duluth. Never mind.

    The death rattle grip the U of MN/D has over this town is phenomenal, as well as College of St. Scholastica, when last I heard, the ‘Catholic College’ has a professor who is tattooed from his wrists to his ankles to his neck- utterly pagan, utterly disgusting, utterly telling that that school is no more ‘catholic’ than J2P2 was, nor his successor, who had gay gymnasts into the Vatican for a ‘show.’

    There are far fewer ‘persons of color’ up in the Arrowhead than anywhere else in MN. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t beaucoup TOURIST DOLLARS that flow through this already disadvantaged region.

    Merely start a ‘White Flight Blockade’ against any and all tourism in the Arrowhead, and nearby Liberal BS ‘Superior, WI’ and mandate that this be taken up, until this faggot mayor is driven from office, and they’ll LEARN, FAST ENOUGH, not to MESS WITH WHITES.

    Money talks- even to liberal Norskies, and other mentally ill types.

    I was going to go up with the brood again this year to the Lake Superior shore- a place few ‘inner city youfs’ would be caught DEAD at… now, Nada Mas.

    Go thou, and do likewise…. Unless Playing Roots has a ‘motel’ up north, for a Biker/Born Again/Caucasian Awareness confab. lol

  22. In the Brave New World of SANITY (race realism and and total recall of race treason) all of these demented traitors MUST be executed. This kind of hate of one’s own kind is the highest crime. It has destroyed Western man and all that is sublime that he has brought to this fragile world. The putrescence of this mentality is enraging in the extreme.

  23. Behold the personification of the DWL anti-White: mayor Ness. This is the emasculated, limp wristed girly man that “respectable” conservatives would have us take seriously.

    I would love to see the mayor’s pet darkies get hold of him and give him a first hand lesson in the joys of diversity.

  24. Denise: Check this out on Google: Mantras: Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service and Mantras: Possession of Damnation. Your comments about how England has been Jewdized for centuries and USA is almost in that state now are good comments. Liberalism is a terribe sickness….which brings total death…….

  25. While the usual gripes have been written about this BUGs is tearing the DWLs a new one, whitakeronline and look in the SWARM.

  26. I just checked that Facebook page, and I’d like to salute “Thor Johnson” for inundating that page with those news stories. Well done!

  27. Being proud to be a white supremacists is like bragging about being iliterate or expecting a pat on the back for molesting children.

  28. Fortunately, you have the option of repudiating your “white privilege” and relocating to a fine African-American city like Detroit or Birmingham or a fine African country like Haiti or Zimbabwe. Just don’t expect the rest of us to swallow your stupid liberal bullshit.

  29. “Being proud to be a white supremacists is like bragging about being iliterate or expecting a pat on the back for molesting children.”

    12% of the population commit 50% of the murders – forced integration is child abuse.

    (Also, it’s illiterate.)

  30. NPR ran a lengthy segment on the Duluth Anti-White Campaign. They interview the heroically anti-racist mayor, who has courageously stood up to all the ignorance and hate. (Transcript included at link).

    Heroic Anti-Racist Mayor: “A community like Duluth — which is 90 percent white — it’s easy for a person with white skin to go through their day without ever thinking about race“. Ironically, this is exactly correct, which explains the race chasm in the Obama vs. Clinton primary results. Obama won only the most-black states and the least-black states…for utterly different reasons. People who don’t live around Nonwhites are naive on Race.

  31. take it that this mayor has been jew trained in the art of anti white hatred.why do these self hating whites want to start a race war?this reaching down there pants to feel good about many anti white hitlers in this filthy country.gutless wonders.sell outs.white killers.if these people hate whiteness so much,why dont they hang there anti white families in public to prove there point!sick bastards all.

  32. Gene Willis – do not invoke Hitler. Trotsky is a better demon.

    Hitler was a great man. Hitler was the Good Guy.

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