Youths Attack Cab Driver in Center City


Here’s the outrage of the day … brought to you by the Black Undertow of The City of Brotherly Thugs, Kill-adelphia.

Update: Brian Goldman, the passenger in the cab, has given an interview to the media.

Note: It goes without saying that it was the abolition of slavery in places like Quitman County (GA) and Randolph County (GA) that has brought this curse down upon the “Free States.”

This is just the latest example of the bloody legacy of Abraham Lincoln, Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner and the rest of the gang. The North will never be a decent place to live again until it repudiates that hateful war and cooperates with the South to restore Africa’s children to the Dark Continent.

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  1. Nor will BRA/Obamanation ever be a free land again, until Free Speech rights are GUARANTEED to Racially aware Whites, who merely point out things like ‘The Color of Crime’ and sites such as this one, on urls where such truth is like a crucifix to a vampire.

    I have been reprimanded over at the UBERLIBERAL site ‘’ for
    ‘daring’ to speak truth to power, about why certain towns and cities across the nation are undesireable places to live in, PRECISELY because of the Black Undertow, and the philosophical ‘Grund’ that makes sites such as SBPDL so important…..

    I would encourage you, and every racially aware white person to contact City-Data, and take them to task for their MUZZLING of free speech- especially merely mustering cold, hard data when it clearly speaks volumes, to DECIMATE their liberal utopian wet dreams. I didn’t call anyone names, I merely pointed out FACTS. One ‘poster’ called it ‘racist hate’ and that was my first ‘black mark’ (even though I got numerous private emails saying, ‘Thanks for telling it as it is.” I then found out this same twerp called the mustering of facts that were more hard-hitting on another post, as ‘KKK rhetoric.’ I then called this weasel on his ‘selective discrimination,’ and he went through the roof (presumably) I then requested of an ADMIN that they not be so clearly prejudicial in their allowing of facts, and that’s when I was ‘suspended.’

    The single obnoxious (jewish) voices that are legion, and which constantly augur for our dispossesion, must be shown the light of day, and called the moral disruptors and LIARS they are. [John 8:44] If we can’t say what is TRUE, then BRA is no better than Stalin’s police state- with the added insult that baboons are our jailors, and not men.

  2. On a good note:

    Redtails bombed.

    Anyone who likes dogfighting films, had to know the piston engine P51 could not catch a Schwalbe.

    All else followed and Lucas lost his money.

  3. It’s funny that they can’t say which race attacked which other race, and the point out that they are quoting police to even bring the topic up. The lead talking head bimbo breaks the story with “unruly teens”. Wouldn’t you just love to see her add scare quotes while reading this, and then wink at the camera!

    At 0:56 you see a thugish black dude walking between lines of cars, most of them taxis, as they are describing the incident. It’s clear he has no reason to be in the middle of stopped traffic, so the menacing nature of the undertow and who they are is subtley communicated, despite the blase terminology.

  4. “City of Brotherly Thugs”. That’s perfect. Just tweak it to “City of Brutha’ly Thugs” and that should now be everyone’s go-to reference phrase for Philly.

  5. Yo the victim is a DWL contributor for the dailyPenn. His email is listed on the page and he needs to be called out for writing a piece without EVER stating the race of his attackers AND leaving out the racial slurs (which the noble cabbie stated). That DWL POS deserved to get his ass beat. The fact that it did not wake him from his BRA-coma just proves he is a lost cause. And he wonders why he was attacked (and why BRA indoctrinated Pillyiets did nothing but watch) …

    Paging Nutter…

  6. The events of the story happened near City Hall and not too far from Rittenhouse Square. Rittenhouse Square is an upscale destination for the moneyed elite of Philly on a saturday night – and I’m not talking about swpls or hipsters either. There are some great restaurants around the square – named for a great son of Pennsylvania – that offer tony alfresco dining to the the haves on warm nights. The victim was aghast at just how deracinated the elite are in that they stood idly by watching the horrific events unfold. Yet even he minimized the event to the extent he could. This merely confirmed what I wrote on another blog about events in Portland:

    “First, YKW already has their minimizing rhetoric rehearsed, e.g., “this is just bullying by misunderstood kids with bad parents”. This gives uninformed readers the impression that a bully threw a couple of shots and it was over. But that isn’t the pattern in many of these attacks. These attacks often are set off with little or no warning, and consist of three or more attackers on a single victim [An exact depiction of the event in Philly – three-on-one], with the victim being beaten to the ground and then the perps commencing to kick the person in the head. Several of these victims reportedly have had seizures as a result. The nature of these attacks lead me to believe that it is instinctual behavior that is practically unconscious by the the malefactors and is truly horrifying when witnessed by whites. Whenever a member of YKW goes into his minimizing routine like at the Oregonian, you should go full YKW expert on him and provide readers with a clinical description of these beat downs – little or no warning beforehand, multiple participants, the victim being beaten to the ground, where kicks to the head commence and seizures/concussions result. Describe the long term negative consequences of head trauma, and the fact that this stereotypical beat down behavior seems like frightening instinctual behavior to certain species of homo sapiens that is not universal. The typical white reaction is horror – like when viewing the riots at DC colleges [during the Caribbean festival in 2011] at the end of last school year where freeform fights would start, stop, start again. Evident in some of these clips on youtube would be a single victim being selected and then a crowd beat-down would ensue.

    Second, whites were not always like this. YKW [and Quakers and Yankees before them] have been programming whites to identify with the other for years as one of their attacks on us. How do YKW really feel? YKW has a concept that it is a grave sin to stand idly by when your neighbor has been physically attacked – “you shall not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor”. YKW secretly despises whites who tolerate the victimization of their own kind. In fact, the ability of whites to be brow-beaten and hoodwinked into not defending their own kind makes us seem inferior and perverse to YKW. Since we tolerate this situation, we really must be inferior to them, and deserving of domination by them. So, just go to the heart of the matter and make it simple – every one else sticks up for their own kind except certain types of white quislings. In instances where someone tries to minimize these attacks bring that fact up, and ask the minimizer why we should act differently. It is NOT NATURAL, NORMAL, MORAL OR SANE to refuse to defend your own kind in obvious instances of inter-racial victimization, and it is the minimizer that has a mental defect, not those who notice obvious patterns in these crimes.”

    Note how the Philly victim is disgusted that no one came to the aid of him or the cab driver confirming my observation about how they think. He should note that given the neighborhood he was in that the people surrounding him likely were the spiritual descendants of the 300 dollar men of the civil war – men who are devoted to lofty ideologies but are loathe to have their own blood spilled in pursuing them.

  7. Parachute Regiment training could come in handy in such circumstances. It’s called “windmilling”. Although it’s only good if you are assailed by one or two people. You just keep swinging as hard as you can and ignore the pain. Either you go down or they do. It’s only something a young man can actually do. If you can keep on your feet you can’t get kicked in the head at least.

    A gun is the cure for a nigger though.

  8. I’ll save Southron/country boy getting set on by negros. You city slicks, damnyankees etc are on your own.

  9. Les différences ethniques sont permanentes. (The ethnic differences are permanent.)

    In music they are generally more gifted than the whites with accurate ears for tune and time …
    If the tail were made out of singing, drumming, and tap dancing then which donkey would you pin it on? If the tail were stupid, violent, impulsive, and oversexed then which donkey would you pin it on?

  10. Note that the young journalist fled the scene, leaving the cabbie to deal with the three thugs. I’m with Stonelifter on this. I see this Behavior of ‘let’s stand around and watch our buddy get gang-beat by local niggers’ amongst college kids transplanted from up north. Watch grandma get beatdown at chuckie cheese and do nothing? That shit would NEVER happen down here.

  11. for me it’s about slicks, damnyankees DWL’s jews etc are not my people, and the 1st to run us Crackers down. Then them same slicks, damnyankees DWL’s etc want us Crackers to save them when reality smacks them in the face. It doesn’t work that way with me.

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