Joshua Jones Bond Hearing

South Carolina

South Carolina readers have drawn my attention to the Joshua Jones bond hearing. This particular African-American gentleman murdered his pregnant White girlfriend in North Augusta and killed a White female cop in Aiken.

Note: If you haven’t already done so, revisit the story of McKie Meriweather and the White Man’s Revolution of 1876. There is a monument in North Augusta dedicated to the young man who gave his life in the fight against the Black Undertow.

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  1. Wayah de wyatt wimmin aht!

    This particular fellow and his niggery must have been the reason for lynching. Why waste money on the court costs? Or the jail term? Indeed getting rid of this c**t would be doing blacks a favour. How many other people has he killed?

  2. ummm, what the hellllll was that?
    Is he trying to plan ahead for some kind of insanity plea by grunting and acting like a complete nutter in front of the judge, or was that genuine?

    Either way, I agree with the poster above: it’s a pity this repulsive waste of space is still breathing.

  3. Black Man Kills & Cooks White Girlfriend
    They are not animals.
    They are not cannibals.
    They are subsidized citizens free and equal with the rights they got.
    They are out of Africa with no more missionaries in the cooking pot.
    Please don’t tell my boss I wrote this drivel.
    Or my boss sitting in his chair with the swivel
    Will suppress a smile
    And fire me in a while.

  4. He’s trying to set up an insanity defense. Funny that he has all of these uncontrollable tics and sotto voce Tourette’s, yet when he’s handed a pen (bad idea, folks) he’s able to write his name and initial a document in what appears to be a reasonably controlled and precise manner. Plastic bag and a couple of zip ties.

  5. She Dialed 911. The Cop Who Came to Help Raped Her.

    She now stood on a floor littered with broken glass and pointed to the brick. The cop she had summoned to protect her instead chose this moment to grab the back of her head by her hair and sodomize her. Then he raped her.

    Her revulsion in the aftermath was so visceral that she vomited as she ran outside. The cop’s partner had become concerned when he did not immediately see Cates and called for back-up. Other cops began arriving and saw a woman screaming incoherently about being raped.

  6. Obviously, the racist system failed this young man. If he only had special ed classes and after school programs he could be designing nuclear reactors or building space ships to send the first African American to Mars.

  7. Interesting that the local press has this warning in its comments section:

    “Please do not leave violent and hateful comments. Please click the ‘Report Abuse’ button to the right of the comment if you see any language that is inappropriate or is ‘hate speech’.

    Any descriptive mentions of methods of execution will be blocked.

    Stacey Mosier
    Web Content Manager”

    Politically correct liberal dogma is evidently entrenched in the Deep South as well as up north. That it is effective with timid whites is evident in the white father of one of the victims evidently approving of his daughter dating that black thug for fear of being called a “racist”

    Black men are dangerous, especially to white women. That is a proven fact.

    This is the issue that is best used to awaken white fathers from their PC denial. Just show them human faces of the victims and maybe they will relate to their daughter being one is she enters an interracial relationship with a black man:

  8. The South Carolina authorities are very strict about killing a Law Enforcement Officer. This is just another case that proves Multi Culturalism and Race Mixing does not work. When people or nations violate Gods Commandments, Gods Curses go into action. Buddy Tucker on Truth From explains this good.

  9. I never understood why a cops life is worth more than a taxpayers life. I think its way worse when negros kill your average taxpayer. Cops get paid and put themselves in bad situations

    The way I look at it is, when you chose to make your living doing dangerous things you should expect bad results from time to time.

  10. Women ought not be cops, but that is another issue.

    I suppose you could argue that cop killing is an act against the embodiment of the law.

    I say string up the c**t anyway. No need for an expensive trial.

  11. A couple of decades ago I took several management courses. The term they used back then to describe the desired optimum outcome for everyone involved in any life experience was “WIN-WIN”. Everybody comes out ahead.

    This story is a textbook example of a win-win situation. JJ got to straighten dat Cracka Ho and he doesn’t have to worry about where his meals are going to come from for the rest of his pointless life. That’s a win. Cracka Ho doesn’t have to put up with JJ or future nigger babydaddies coming around and screwing her out of her check on the first day of every month. That’s a win. Mud Baby doesn’t have to go through life as a nigger. That’s a win. The rest of us have three less pieces of shit to feed and look at. That’s a great big win.

  12. In comments on SBPDL
    These DWLs are so full of cult-like jargon. What exactly does “racial justice” even mean? I’ve never really seen a good definition or explanation of it.

    Over on Duluth Mayor Don Ness’ Facebook page, somebody had a pretty funny idea:

    “If you are eligible, you can participate in the “Dismantle Your White Privilege Campaign”.

    We offer a residency grant program for white Duluth residents who support Mayor Ness’ “Un-Fair Campaign”.

    Grant recipients will receive a free 3-month stay in an apartment of my choice in a “diverse” neighborhood, (NOT IN DULUTH), your rent on your actual residence will be paid for those 3 months, and you will also receive a $1000 per month stipend for the 3 months of the program, plus travel expenses!

    The only stipulations are that you have to actually live in the apartment that I choose, and take public transportation as your only means of transportation, and if you don’t complete the entire 3 month program, you have to pay back the entire amount (rents on both your residence and the granted residency apartment, and the $1000 monthly stipend).

    Who wants to be the first grant recipient? Hit me up! Dismantle your white privilege today, and get paid to do it!”

    So far, it seems as if no Duluth DWLs want to participate in the “Dismantle Your White Privilege Campaign” residency grant program.


  13. “What exactly does “racial justice” even mean?”

    It’s a wormtongue way of inciting the murder of white people without spelling it out explicitly.

  14. Its likely that in reality, none of you are Christ followers. All of you have Bibles. Get alone. Get quiet for a few minutes (eyes closed preferably). Then read the first few chapters of John. Think on what you have read. Contact a pastor from a church you have never attended and just ask him to talk you through salvation. Be honest with your own thoughts and pray. You still have a chance.

  15. chuck, what point are you trying to make? that we aren’t saved because we disagree with you? or that we are not saved because we dislike negros and want to avoid them? or is it we are unsaved because we want to live in a White nation?

    The Bible sets up ethnic states; in the Old Testament half-breeds are barred form the assembly of God for many generations. It was God who divided the languages. It is the Almighty who tells us to steer clear of liars, thieves, murders, the immoral, the wicked, the foolish, the sexual impure, etc, less we be infected. I suggest you do more research if you believe those things don’t describe negros, mexicans and modern jewry to you.

  16. Stone and compfas. Just ran across this site and am a bit surprised by some of the remarks. I live in North Augusta and was looking for a video on this animal. I think his evil is individual and not based on race. There is garbage in every “neighborhood”. Some of the comments posted are not supportive of the facts. I think we CAN agree this is a bad dude.

  17. Chuck,

    They’re 12% and commit 50% of the murders. If it was proportional that’s 38% that wouldn’t have happened. Over the last 50 years of people covering up and making excuses for them that’s around 200,000 people. That’s the blood-price.

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