Black History Month 2012: Review: Blood Diamond

"Blood Diamond" is a liberal fantasy set in the Sierra Leone Civil War

Sierra Leone

Blood Diamond is a 2006 film set in the context of the Sierra Leone Civil War.

The background story of this movie is true: the RUF child soldiers who were abducted from villages, the slaves who worked in the diamond mines, the amputation of limbs with machetes, the attack on Freetown.

The brutality of the RUF drug addicted rebels, the presence of South African mercenaries, the Kimberely Process which banned the sale of “blood diamonds” … all this was also true.

Blood Diamond, however, is nothing more than a pure Hollywood fantasy. Leonardo DiCaprio is Danny Archer, a Rhodesian mercenary, who plays the Bigot With a Heart of Gold (BWHG). Djimon Hounsou is Solomon Vande, a Mende fisherman desperate to find his family, who reprises his role as the Noble Savage (NS) that he played in Gladiator and Amistad.

Jennifer Connolly is Maddy Brown, an American journalist in Sierra Leone investigating “conflict diamonds,” who plays the Bleeding Heart White Liberal (BHWL). Arnold Vosloo is Colonel Coetzee, the South African mercenary who was Archer’s former commander in the South African Border War, who plays the Evil White Imperialist (EWI).

Marius Weyers is Rudolph Van de Kaap, the Tiara Diamond Company executive who employs Colonel Coetzee, who plays The Man (TM) who is profiting from the war behind the scenes. Michael Sheen is Rupert Simmons, Van de Kaap’s underling, who buys the “Blood Diamond” in London from Vande at the end of the movie.

Blood Diamond ends with Solomon Vande testifying as “the voice of the Third World” before the meeting of diamond producers in Kimberely, South Africa that banned the sale of “blood diamonds.” The unmistakable message of “Blood Diamond” is that Westerners who buy diamond rings for their fiancés are behind the whole conflict.

In Black History Month 2012: “Greater Liberia” Goes Full Gangsta, I promised to finish telling the true story of the Sierra Leone Civil War, as what happened there was merely the Liberian Civil War spilling over the border and the warlord economy engulfing the wider region.

Sierra Leone was one of the ECOWAS states that intervened to end the Liberian Civil War after President Samuel Doe was tortured and murdered on television. Liberia was carved up between rival warlords that continued fighting with ECOWAS over the spoils of victory. Everything in sight (televisions, consumer goods, scrap metal, street lights, industrial equipment) was looted by the warlords to finance the conflict.

In this context, the rich alluvial diamond fields in Kono in Sierra Leone, which are less than 100 miles from the Liberian border became an obvious target. Charles Taylor resented Sierra Leone’s intervention and armed and financed a group of 100 rebels called the “Revolutionary United Front” (RUF) to overthrow the government of Sierra Leone in the same way that he had overthrown the government of Liberia.

The RUF overran the diamond fields in eastern Sierra Leone and the bauxite and titanium mines which provided the government of Sierra Leone with virtually all of its export earnings. The “blood diamonds” in Kono flowed into Liberia and were sold and exported abroad. It was just the most famous example of Charles Taylor’s warlord economy.

In 1995, the government of Sierra Leone was collapsing, its army had been routed, the RUF had taken over the diamond fields, and the coup de grâce was about to be delivered in Freetown. Desperate to avoid defeat, a South African private security firm called Executive Outcomes was hired to regain control of the country in exchange for concessions to mine diamonds in areas where Executive Outcomes regained control.

Within one week, Executive Outcomes drove the RUF out of Freetown. They also cleared the RUF out of the diamond fields in Kono and restored them to government control. Then the IMF intervened and pressured the Sierra Leone government to terminate the services of Executive Outcomes. The government was forced to share power with the RUF which gained control of the diamond fields.

The bloodshed didn’t end until six years later when Freetown was about to be sacked for the fourth time. Britain launched a humanitarian intervention in May 2000, seized control of the country, put an end to the war, and took over key posts in the government, central bank, and the economy.

The British intervention in Sierra Leone in 2000 was the model for the American intervention in Liberia in 2003 and two interventions by France in Côte d’Ivoire in 2004 and 2011 to stop the Ivorian Civil War. In all three cases, the Western powers intervened to end the civil wars in their former colonies for humanitarian reasons.

The story told in “Blood Diamond” couldn’t be further from the truth: the West had nothing to do with starting the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, the South Africans were called in by the legitimate government as a last ditch effort to stop the RUF, the fighting over the diamond fields was merely one phase in a wider warlord economy, and it was Britain that finally put an end to the fighting.

In the beginning of the movie, the remark is casually made that “this country was founded as a utopia.” This is one of the few true statements you will find in Blood Diamond. Sierra Leone was the British version of Liberia. The colony was founded as a utopian homeland for the Black Undertow of London and the African-American loyalists who fought for Britain in the American Revolution.

Freetown was built by African-Americans. The cotton tree that towers over the city was planted by former American slaves in 1792. The Krio people in Sierra Leone, who make up 5.4 percent of the population, are the descendants of African-Americans and Jamaicans.

OD celebrates Black History Month 2012 by remembering that African-Americans have not one, but two homelands in West Africa, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and by noting that freedom failed in both of them which forced British and American humanitarian interventions.

Note: Watch the second video. This is the future of London.

The Black Undertow of the UK ought to be colonized in Sierra Leone. There is already a historical precedent for doing this. In the late eighteenth century, the blacks of London and the White prostitutes who kept company with them were sent to Sierra Leone to found Freetown where the fighting takes place in Blood Diamond.

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  1. Most of the old Selous Scouts types and Namibian, Rhodesian Whites went immediately into
    service as mercenaries in Iraq, Bosnia, if they could.

  2. EO did a good job there. The only time that place has seen peace was when EO was running the show

    PMC’s in Iraq etc are mostly American and Brits. The way things are set with security clearances and all pretty much excludes everyone else. I’ve rarely worked with a White South African etc.

  3. A lot of those white kids who had to suffer their teenage years in Africa
    are a bit like Danny. They bear little animus to blacks on a certain level but they have been reduced to a hunted indigent class of skilled workers or soldiers.

    The American character is obviously a CC (Complete Cnut). The wider Destructive role of America in Africa is also addressed by proxy through her. TIA. Connelly is absolutely lovely though. Her husband Paul Bethany is a luck man.

  4. A movie created for whites especially DWL types to feel good about themselves. I seriously doubt if you asked blacks what they think about this movie would you get too many positive responses.

    BRA is hardly a monolith, it is primarily a formation of the Left, and the Left is comprised of cults rigidly segregated.

  5. The Jews are also behind Blood Diamond:

    Edward M. Zwick (born October 8, 1952) is an American filmmaker and film producer noted for his epic films about social and racial issues. He has been described as a “throwback to an earlier era, an extremely cerebral director whose movies consistently feature fully rounded characters, difficult moral issues, and plots that thrive on the ambiguity of authority.”[2]

    Zwick was born into a Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Ruth Ellen (née Reich) and Allen Zwick.[1] He received an A.B from Harvard in 1974. He attended the AFI Conservatory and graduated with an M.F.A. degree in 1975.

  6. “It would be so easy to seize control of one of these dysfunctional countries.”

    Yes, but unfortunately only if other white people let you. China is colonizing them now – not sure how that will turn out.

  7. Easy to seize. Hard to hold onto. It would require a level of authoritarian discipline that whites have not displayed since the end of Empires. Absolute faith and zeal in the mission.

  8. They bear little animus to blacks on a certain level

    Yea I noticed that too. I thought it was odd, but my sample size is too small to say for sure. I’ve only meet a few and am not close to any of them

    I’ve not been everywhere in africa, but the places I went were friendly to White men with guns. Their problems come from negros with guns, White men with guns keep the negros with guns in chek. My guess is EO could have stayed there for many years and the locals would have been happy with having peace and stability for a change. Then DWL’s would start agitating and things would go to shit

    I hate flying on Russian helicopters. The damn things are sketchy

  9. “The Jews are also behind Blood Diamond”

    Huh, seems I’ve been looking for the past 20 or 30 years to find something the jews _weren’t_ behind.

    Still no luck though. Harder to get rid of than bedbugs. Energetic little fuckers, eh wot?

  10. More blacks have immigrated to the U.S. since 1965 than came during the transatlantic slave trade. Countries like Sweden and Norway which never had African colonies are swamped by non-White immigrants.

    The problem in Europe is the disease of liberal democracy, anti-nationalism, and white guilt that triumphed in the West after World War 2. It was exacerbated by fighting the Soviet Union in the Cold War which preached anti-racism and anti-colonialism around the world.

  11. I should add here that the disease has been around in Europe since the French Revolution. It was on full display in the Caribbean during the Haitian Revolution and later in the British West Indies which became laboratories for the implementation of liberal ideology.

    In the United States, it was on display in the War Between the States, and especially during Reconstruction. Jews have taken advantage of this insane ideology to promote themselves at our expense, but no one who is familiar with what happened in Saint-Domingue is under any illusions that it can be reduced to Jewish influence.

  12. I can envision a scenario in which white mercenaries conquer parts of Africa in a post-American world order. The day is coming when the West will be too old and weak and convulsed by economic decline to intervene.

  13. The global diamond market is controlled by a Jewish cartel. The phrase “Blood Diamonds” describes diamonds that are mined and marketed outside the control of the cartel.

    It goes without saying the filmmakers are also Jewish.

  14. Michael Sheen in London of course is set up as the ultimate baddie.

    Not the dopey fuckers who shell out $19,000 for a lump of Super carbon.

    Or the filth who run these Resource rich nations into the ground.

    Give someone in America or Europe a modern armoured division and let them have half of Africa to run after they conquer. The only people who would lose in such circumstances would be The current black elites.

  15. A couple of SA’s I know corrected me when said blacks. They knew I was being unPC with the use of that word. Whites there did authentically see themselves as civilizing patriarchs, teachers and fathers over the black. Little did they realize how sullen, spitefull and stupid their inferiors were.

    Alas, too late!

    Now they live by their wits and eak out an existence as servants or prey.

  16. “Within one week, Executive Outcomes drove the RUF out of Freetown. They also cleared the RUF out of the diamond fields in Kono and restored them to government control. Then the IMF intervened and pressured the Sierra Leone government to terminate the services of Executive Outcomes. The government was forced to share power with the RUF which gained control of the diamond fields.”

    I thought this was especially hilarious. That, right there, is the problem.

  17. It won’t be an Armageddon fight, but expect an accelleration of white farmers to be murdered. Expect white municipalities to be amalgamated into gerrymandered sinkholes, expect judges who are white to be killed off. Note when Malema starts spending money wildly and adopts a pseudomilitary uniform. All these things shall come to pass. All I can suggest to whites down there is to practise at the range, make sure you are always well armed and make sure your neighbours can be reached within 1 minute. The Colonel’s indoctrination is neither here nor there. I would suggest rigging Property with booby traps and security systems.

    None of this will work Long term of course as it it defensive only. The old SA army was made from these Commando’s so at least an irregular militia will slow down the rot. However something much more aggressive is required if we are thinking 100 years from now.

  18. There is no point staying in SA, if the majority of Whites even in those conditions, will not object or resist. They may as well move to the Pacific Northwest, and help build conscious White communities.

    IMO, America is the driver and enforcer of the multicult. If we conquer America politically, the global multicult will be gone for good.

  19. Disagree. White SA’s should stay and fight hard. If there’s a knock down drag out fight there they will win. It may even make whites in Europe and America pay attention if they see people very much like themselves fighting off this black zombie menace.

  20. “If there’s a knock down drag out fight there they will win.”

    What makes the Whites in SA, different to the Whites in Rhodesia?

    “It may even make whites in Europe and America pay attention if they see people very much like themselves fighting off this black zombie menace.”

    They know it is happening and don’t give a damn. A White Anti-White I know, takes sick pleasure in the killings of Whites in SA. She keeps telling me what bad people Afrikaners are.

    No other race takes pleasure in harm done to its own kind. I really believe there is a genetic flaw in our race and we will have to address it, to stop history repeating. I don’t just want separation from non-Whites. I demand permanent separation from White anti-Whites as well. We have to put it in the constitution of the White homelands that these people must be expelled.

  21. Fedup
    “What makes the Whites in SA, different to the Whites in Rhodesia?”

    1) It’s not a question of them being different because their problem is White people outside Africa not Africans inside Africa.
    2) Numbers.

    “No other race takes pleasure in harm done to its own kind.”

    All races do as long they believe the people being harmed are “bad” people – or in Africa even if they’re not. The only difference is what gets defined as “bad.”

    “A White Anti-White I know…I really believe there is a genetic flaw in our race”

  22. If it kicks off in SA and there’s actually a running battle–I’ll be down there. Or sending money. No doubt about it.

    The Whites in SA have a tenacious track record. Best infantry in the world.

  23. Fed up you know where the military term Commando comes from don’t you? They fought the British Empire to a standstill and forced Kitchener to institute a war on the
    Commando’s families. I have every faith they will put up a victorious fight. They won’t win this war of criminal attrition though.

  24. anon
    “All races do as long they believe the people being harmed are “bad” people – or in Africa even if they’re not. The only difference is what gets defined as “bad.””

    No one is demanding Africa or Asia, be flooded with millions of people that are not their race and the locals be forced to integrate with the immigrants, until they are blended out of existence – because .

    They only make these demands of all White countries and only White countries.

    If you don’t know this by now, you should stop theorizing on Pro White websites and start asking this question of the anti-Whites daily and listen to their evasive replies until you get it:

    “As an anti-White can you name an Asian country that you believe must bring in millions of non-Asians and assimilate with them until Asians become extinct?

    Which non-White populations do you INSIST must be ‘mixed’ and ‘blended’ out of existence in their own countries, or is it ONLY White people you are against?”

  25. anon
    This line didn’t come through:
    “until they are blended out of existence – because . ”

    “They are privileged”

    “Because of history”

    “For the economy”

    “Low birth rates”

    “We all bleed red!”

    “We are all human!”

    “Race is just a social construct!”

    “We are all from Africa!”

    Insert any other ridiculous reason.

  26. FedUp
    I certainly wouldn’t argue with Ole Bob. My argument was with the idea non-whites don’t fuck each other over. Their main loyalty is to their extended families (and Africans not even that) and not to any idea of right and wrong so they generally do it much more than White people. It’s one of the reasons White countries are generally better.

    Non-whites stick together *less* well than White people when there is no competition from an outside group. The big difference is they stick together *better* when there is competition from an outside group. It’s why White people need to live in homogenous countries.

    I’d agree White people losing that *specific* ability is a flaw and partly a genetic one but generally speaking White people are a lot better at creating countries everyone wants to live in – (although the South and East Asians *might* pip us in the future – although i doubt it because of YKW) – so White people are currently better or equal in every category apart from that specific one.

  27. I’m demanding we flood into Africa with our guns blazing and ordinance dropping to carve out new colonies. It’s the only way the Correct order of things can ever be restored.

  28. The Blood Diamond ending with the blood-in-th-palm, almost as good as Eastwood in Gran Torino, laid out on the sidewalk, arms outstretched, blood-in-the-palms— both perfect little jesus-es.

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