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  1. “And once again, the stats on children raised by single dad’s are very good. there is no quantifiable down side.”




    Eight out of 115 infants admitted to hospital with respiratory syncytial (RS) virus infection had been breast-fed compared with 46 out of 167 controls; this difference was statistically significant.

  2. “I’ve pretty much given up on the White Race. I have. White men don’t want to be White anymore. They want to be Sand Niggers. You know what I mean. Fuck’ em. They’re not worth. I’m going to enjoy my life as best I can. It’s all over. Everything dies. So do we. No one will miss us when we’re gone. ”

    Denise, STOP THAT!

    We are WHITE. We DO NOT GIVE UP. We stand and fight to the last Man and Woman — even IF some of our fellas are a bit muddled in the head at the present time.

    Don’t FORGET, Denise, what anti-White shit these guys get rubbed in their noses daily. No wonder they spout nonsense now and then. We may have to shake ’em and shake ’em to bring ’em round, but shake ’em we will.

    Okay, love? We are doing this for the sake of the Children.

  3. Denise, THANK YOU for the videos.

    When WN seems like a Mug’s Game, when it’s easy to just say ahh to hell with it,
    these videos remind me of the Beauty, the very Reasons for Living, that the White race creates.

  4. Barb – my entire family loves music. My lovely young male family members are charming, ad love dancing and singing. And they are good. My little nephew will be President of whatever Whitlandia we create. He’s totally charming, knows it, but is so talented and charming that it doesn’t matter. He, and the other kids, have enough social skills to know how to ATTRACT others. My sisters and I impart al lsorts of info to their little pals, too.

    So I don’t quit.

    If I have to I’ll just move our White Nation south of the border a bit.

    I love dancing. I was offended to my MARROW by thsoe stupid dullard comments.

    You “got” was trying to impart, with those videos. Of course. The Buble video is sheer fun, and every-one involved is White. Buble is HUUUUUUUUUUGELY popular – the tickets to his shows cost a fortune – and he’s made little asides, interviews, that kinda indicate a world-view similar to ours.

    Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and a pelthora of male ballet dancers have inspired generations of young people. Go their videos and read the commentaries. These are fields waiting to be reaped. I really do need ot get back to Dance world. We’d have a lot of natural allies. Believe me.

    The Blue Danube and other waltzes, were written of ordinary folsk to enoy, and dance to. The vidoe I posted was a beautifully artistic ballet – but Strauss waltzes were written and performed for ordinary men and women to ENJOY. There’s nothing like that in the whole of world history, and if Whites vanish – there never will be. “ordinary” people who love, and ar moved by beauty stil thrill at European Art music.

    I am enchanted by the tango, and other Latin American dances, because the Dance is HUUUUUUUGE all over Latin America. dance nad music is the glue, the oxygen of culture. Dance is serious, and beloved. Every-one dances. Go peruse street tango dane videos. You wil find vidoes of young and old, fit and chunky, moving in wonderful and original ways. Dance is not racially pure – but – like the rest of Latin American culture – you will not be able to avoid noticing that the ahhh….cream..rises to the top. It’s almost laughable. The most popular, successful dancers are Causasians. The 3 videos I posted were chosen to show that dumpy guys CAN be superb dancers. The Carlos fellow is on the long-toothed side of middle age, he’s got a big belly -and he’s a superb ARTIST. He’s a genius. Age does not wither his talent. The last one – that’s what men and women should be to each other.

    Couples dances teaches true, in the moment, awareness of your partner. You have to exist IN the moment, respond, react…….

    You know. I hope you love music and dancing as much as I do, Barb. Life can be terrible – but nothing in this world matches the beauty and joy our people are capable of creating.

  5. “You know. I hope you love music and dancing as much as I do, Barb. Life can be terrible – but nothing in this world matches the beauty and joy our people are capable of creating.”

    Aye, Denise.

    White people are Beautiful and what they create reflects that Beauty.


    I’ve spent many a night when sleep eludes wondering how to disentangle White Nationalism from the delusions of the Spearhead crowd that’s the thorn in our side.

    I’ve decided my approach is going to be to try to not let them get under my skin, but to improve my arguments against their hooey.

    You see, I feel bad for the LandSharks, and if what they want are ideas to improve their own lot, I will tell his sort what I know. He can use it if he wants — or NOT. He can, if that trips his trigger, tell himself we are daft. Regretful, to be sure, but not within my power to change.

    But my PRIMARY audience — THIS, NEVER FORGET — is the lurkers. We don’t know how many young guys, age 22 and lonely and eating shit every day because they are White men, are desperately looking for ideas about HOW to Win Fair Lady. They go to Spearhead, maybe they absorb a bit that’s useful. Then maybe they come here and LISTEN to us gals that are on their side. Maybe our ideas gets a White young man a date with a nice gal and maybe, just maybe, a happy marriage ensues — and MOST IMPORTANTLY a White baby gets born.

  6. You two really need to be quiet now. Believe me, anyone lurking and reading you two vain creatures is going to be turning to the Spearhead faster than you can imagine.

    Just like blacks. You’re your own worst enemies.

  7. “Believe me, anyone lurking and reading you two vain creatures”

    Vain? WN is in vain? No. I will never agree.

    Loving White people is in vain? No.

    Giving you, Land Shark, not the unconditional love you were hoping for, but some tough-love that might actually do some good? That could be in vain, yes. Trying to talk sense into you? A vain attempt? Quite possibly.

    After all, the very fellow who posted this:

    “One of the biggest idiots I know gets women five times the quality he deserves. Why? Because he can dance”

    Calls Denise and I daft for pointing out (again, primarily for the benefit of the lurkers, because speaking Truth to LandShark seems to be in vain) that ballroom dancing is a great way to help a young White guy keep a terrific White gal.

    He’s too muddle-headed to see his own contradiction, so I’m hard-pressed to believe he knows what he’s talking about that I’m creating Spearhead fanboys.

    What’s really happening here is, he can’t logically refute my points, so he resorts to the, frankly, unsavory, histrionic tactic of using the shaming language of accusing calling me Black. (Which is really ironic, since Spearheaders like to congratulate themselves about how they, being men, use logic and accuse us women of being overly emotional and using “shaming language.”)

    In my next sleepless night, I will remember, Spearhead is doomed to collapse of the weight of its own contradictions — just like BRA.

  8. Wow. I’m a little slow on the uptake.

    The same Land Shark who accused Meena of being a Jew

    just told me to shut up and quit acting Black — which is an *exceedingly* Jewish thing to say.

    Maybe we’ve FOUND the jew.

  9. White people are Beautiful and what they create reflects that Beauty.

    Agreed. It’s something I often fail to remember, and something we should value more

  10. “Why in the hell would a woman want some fairy dancer? How much will that help her during a chimp out? Or when the car breaks? Or when life gets hard and the bills stack up? If that’s what women want my sons better run, and run fast.”
    The dancers are displaying leadership and confidence among other things. If it makes Denise say a kind word for a short brown person you’d better take notice of it. Still, to Denise, for those centuries that it was socially acceptable being publicly homosexual wasn’t.

    “And once again, the stats on children raised by single dad’s are very good. there is no quantifiable down side. ”
    It was not a picnic for me, I’ll say that much. Not that there were necessarily any better options available. Men will rally and put the country back the way it was LONG before what are essentially test tube babies are a viable reproduction method.

    “The 2 White women were late…”
    What penalty would you have faced had you not let them walk all over you? Would your team have backed you? would the other men there have rushed to white knight for them? Even the Kuwaiti girl could have gotten in on shaming them. Yes they shit tested/status preened you into the ground. You don’t have to be an expert at game to tell them to put a sock in it.

    “really? women share no responsibility?”
    In pretty much every one of their posts there is a consistent message: Men should lead. If women have no authority, then they bear no responsibility. I understand all to well the travails of going up against the feminist-industrial complex(as with BRA, don’t assume that women run this, it is the few big men at the top who have beset us with this, and are incidentally the biggest gainers under it), but you aren’t powerless.

  11. seems to me denise often has kind words for short brown people and homosexuals regarding issues between White men and women. Those men are not showing anything but a dedication to a basically useless skill set. Is useless what women want?

    I lead X number of former SpecOps men in a war zone. Who’s showing real leadership? One of the reasons I think Western White women are so sketchy is it seems impossible for them to see reality vs illusion. For example, a freind of mine owns a gym. He’s a big old boy, and one of the strongest men on the planet. Some lady asked him what was the name of the strongest guy in the gym. He said it’s me Mr X. the lady laughed and said, no really. After a moment or two he figured who she was talking about. She couldn’t tell the difference between a fairy body builder and a guy who squats over a 1000 pounds in competition. I don’t have a lot of experience with Eastern European women, but they do seem to understand reality of something vs an illusion of the same thing.

    I’m not sure of the question, but I would have lost my job if we left without them. We were paid to get them from point A to point B. We did. While I didn’t tell the women to shut the hell up, I did not engage with them and reminded them we were running late because they were late. Usually my glare shuts people up, but women know it’s fairly certain a man won’t hit them so they can get away with being bitchy.

    My team would have remained silent, and would not rat me out. Arguing with protectees is unprofessional and frowned on unless it’s a security issue. They complied with all security issues. The NGO boss could very well have reported me to my boss. They generally don’t like us much.

    They bitched but complied. Why the FUCK should I play games? This was not a social interaction but a professional one, in a setting where things can be life or death in a hurry. Who plays games when you are being evacuated from a country for your own safety? How acts bitchy toward the people keeping you safe in a place like Afghanistan? Are you telling me women are incapable of acting like professional, mature adults with out men playing games?

    Are woman rational adults or not? I shouldn’t have to check or play games with adults. If women are adults then they should act that way. If they are not, they should not get adult pay or responsibilities. Why would I want to have a woman around if I have to play games with them?

    While some men are responsible for feminism, I am not. Those young “ladies” being bitches is on them. Women ending so many marriages because they are unhappy is on them.

    What actions, if any their boss took is not known. As for me, I did my job, earned my pay and hope I never see them again. The most telling thing for me was, once again, a foreign women treated White men better. The lady from Kuwait played no games, and if she wasn’t be genuine she was smart enough to be nice to the men keeping her safe.

  12. Attention Lonely White Lurkers! Do NOT listen to ANY-ONE other than Barb and i, is you want to socre lovely White chicks (and by “score” I mean establish a relationship, and create a beautiful White family, with the woman of your dreams – who will LOVE you).

    Barb and I ARE women. We know it from the inside. We are middle-eged. We were once young, giddy, fun-loving, cute (I was a very cute little girly chick. An English guy I know said “Your a bit of a dolly, aren’t you?” For some reason that always made me laugh ..well..even now, my hubby cales me his “beautiful wife”, ghastly old Sea Hag Virago that I am now. I’ve never met Barb, but from the way she speaks of her life – I’ll bet she’s a bit of a dolly, too) little dollly girls, searchng for romance, and beauty.

    We know what women LIKE.

    We want you to find a beautiful good woman – and be HAPPY.

    I don’t want you to be “players” – because that’s really all about competing for cocksmanship with your buddies. Don’t abuse young women that way, either. Yes – there are trashy sluts out there. They’ve been conned. they don’t know who to be any better than they are, and that’s tragic.

    I am mean to some of these guys because they are CLUELESS jerks.They are telling you the wrong things! Whatever this Spearhead thing is – stay away in droves! Stonelifter is not a bad guy at all. He’s a very good man – but he’s obviously clueless about attracting young women these days. Landshark is mental on this thread. ANY-ONE that kicks and screams about a simple suggestion like going dancing has ISSUES.

    I want White men to be happy and successful in their lives. I want the same for White women. Barb and I know that White men are dumped on every single day. The wolrd is turning you into their Scapegoats. They HATE you because the rest of the denizens of the planet cannot BE you.

    You are God and Nature’s Crowning Glory. Yup. Ya ARE.

    You are the Natural Mate of White Women – and White Women are YOUR Natural Mate.

    Now – on to some real advice. Our society has been completely degraded and corrupted by Jews. Yes, it has. They have a sick, in versted culture. They delight in destruction, and corruption. The sole authority, and way to Be, thgese days, comes fomr their sick media memes. Too many yung Whites have been corrupted, and turned into sleazeballs. I love nice things, but rank materialism is NOT the most important thing. Excellence, in ideas, mentality, moral codes are the things that will make you happy. Power lies within your own SELF. You are White, and the GREAT Quest for White men, and their women, has always been the search for Truth. If you do your best to be your best – the rest will come.

    You want to be the BEST you can be, in every way possible. And you don’t have to be a nerd, or a drip, or a Lone Wolf, to do it. Our Oldest Enemies ,our Destroyers, have been studying us for centuries. Theuy know us better than we know ourselves. When things go bad, whties have ALWAYS flown, and re-created White World. Again and again and again. Well, ny dears – there’s no where all to fly to. We must enegage. Fight back. Face everything and every-one

    Why does Jewish snake oil appeal to so many? Because what they sell -and they are Master Salesmen – looks like fun. Just sheer fun. Do NOT EVER underestimate the importance of fun. The brighter you are the more you need fun.

    Young creatures, especially, love to play. Greasy, ugly, weak little Jews get the best White women, because they TALK to them. They make women laugh. Women LOVE to laugh. Don’t be goofy – that’s a turn off (Watch the movie “Addams Family Values” There’s a scene in which Uncle Fester double dates with Gomez and Morticia. He’s trying to “win” a gold-digger named Debbie, who is already eyeing his financial assets. He’s oblivious to her machinations. But not her physical charms. The rest of the movie is kind of stupid – but this one scene is GENIUS. Fester stick objects up his nose, like a 4 year old, in order to make Debbie laugh. Ewwwww. If you do stuff like this, and a woman laughs, she’s a Debbie. Normal chicks will be instantly turned off). Learn how to talk to women. Funny, smart, breezy…..learn how to engage in light, witty banter. Learn how to flirt. Keep a light touch. Don’t be “needy” (even if you are).

    I’ve said this for YEARS – but join a local theater group. The theater world mostly consists of vain, pretty women, and homosexuals. If you an even marginally attractive straight male – you will have your pick of the gals. You will learn very valuable lessons. You will leanr how to interact with all kinds of people. You will learn how to charm people. All kinds of people. I know I come across as harsh, online – but in real life I am polite, I can be very funny, and I am EXCELLENT in getting people to talk to each other. I can charm any-one – and have. Knowing what to say, and how to say it – this is a critical life skill. Actors MUST learn how to make people like them. They’ll never work, if they don’t. You won’t become a homo. You may actually loathe a lot of what oyu witness. I did. The egoism, the childishness – it can be pretty repulsive – but – you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll laugh a lot, and you be an BEACON of maculinity, in a sea of swishymen. A straight man is rarer than platinum, and the women will fawn over you.

    And dancing – if you learn how to dance – you’ll clean up. I PROMISE.

    Dancing is not just for fags. The tango stuff I posted – 99.9% of the dancers are STRAIGHT, macho men. Dancing is not easy. Dancing takes real physical stamina, balance, and strength. You learn to be graceful, as well. This draws women far more than bodybuilding (which I am all for, I am not knocking athletics). The gym rats are swell – don’t get me wrong – but you can be holding a series of cute, sexy gals, in your arms, all night long, instead of barbells, if you learn how to dance.

  13. Anon and Stonelifter – I was involved in Theater. when I was young. I’ve always loved the Arts. I’ve know all kinds of people in my life.

    As I’ve noted previously – I “support” homosexuals because THEY support me. I’ve known gays since I was a teenager. Since I began my involvement in Theater. Homos are everywhere, in the Arts. Years later, after 9/11/01, when I became aware of Racial issues, I literaly dropped out of sight, for about a year, as I learned about White Nationalism. I re-emerged, and announced that I am Now A Racist/White Nationalist/Whatever – 99.9% of my straight white normal pals dropped me COLD, in absoute horror. Most of my old gay pals died off of AIDS, ages ago – but the handful that are left have been the most supportive.

    I must take this into account. I am loyal to my friends. Gays ceretainyl know what its; lie to be social pariahs. I know, as to by friends, the perils of BEING homosexual. (That bit about most of my old pals dying, at very early ages.). I am NOT endorsing homosexuality, in any way.

    Homosexual “lifestyles” are extremely unhealthy, and un-natural. I know this. S odo they. But how did such a tiny segment of the population aquire so much power, and influence as a group?

    Something to consider. It’s something WN have not been able to achieve, has it?

  14. jack ryan says:
    February 29, 2012 at 9:44 pm
    Hi Denise – thanks for the great links to the dancing videos – I enjoyed them all, I thought that Fred Astare and the Tango couple were very “White” – not acting in Black, non White ways.

    The “Michael Buble Performs in Strictly Come Dancing” was great to watch, and I liked the music, though I don’t see myself or any White guy reading OD trying to dress this way or dance this way. My dancing doesn’t involve elevating the woman high off the ground and the clothes are bit too ruffled and Latin for me.

    On this subject of White men and White women dancing together – I feel that this is one of the most important activities that men and women, boys and girls should do together. The reality is that there are only so many things men and women can do well together, and one of the best is dancing and it leads directly to the other activity that produces White children.

    It is simply a huge cop-out to say that White American men “can’t dance” or they “won’t dance” – it’s like saying that White men can’t fight. We have to learn to dance and to fight and not just resort to fighting with hi tech guns, armies with hundred $ million fighter jets. White men, White boys need to learn how to box and wrestle, MMA are variations – we have to have the confidence to walk unarmed in to all kinds of places and know that if worse comes to worse, non Whites can’t scare, push our White boys, White men around.

    OK – back to dancing. Men – learn to dance in a White way, it takes practice. White Americans are usually good, decent at some ball sport that took thousands of hours of practice. You aren’t going to be decent, good at dancing in the first try. And it’s like art – there are real rules, artists who just throw paint on the canvas and say “abstract art is just as good as realistic art” – they’re just BS.

    Basic lead and follow dancing is a lot like dribbling a basketball, you always need to be doing some move, but thinking ahead 2 or 3 moves, switching from a Left handed lead/dribble, to a right handed lead, dribble.

    My Ceroc – C’est le roc dancing skills have made me confident I can have positive social interaction with White women from all over the world. And this dancing is nice, nothing rude or insulting. Yes, nice White people dance, just as nice White people have sex with other White people. We have to promote healthy, positive social/sexual inter action between White men and White women.

    Thanks again Denise for the links. For the rude, mean men making negative comments about dancing, putting down all White women – I hope you like being all alone. Maybe you can pay some professional whore in TJ Mexico to be with you, but you’re not going to get a good GF or Wife and mother of healthy White children.

  15. Jack – thanks for the comments. The Buble video was from a dance competition TV show. The dance was Salsa/Rhumba, I believe. the 2 couples were in the final countdown in the competition. Hence the costumes, and the steps, themselves. I posted that particular video to show that “civilian” dancers can pick out moves, and use little gestures, from anywhere, and incorporate them, when they are learning. That’s why I posted the Astaire/Hayowrth dance. ANY-ONE who can walk can learn to do the entire first minute of that dance, done by 2 of the most wonderful, gifted dancers that have ever lived. I guess I wasn’t clear as to why I posted those 2 particular videos. Apologies.

    I agree with everything else you wrote. the truly sad thig aobut this entire debate it that Whites, in the past, would never ever ever have had an issue with a man being regarded as a masucline man, because he danced. Since when have White men NOT danced? Soldiers used to attend balls, and parties, EVERYWHERE, throught out our entire history. How has this division, between talents, and social roles, been created?

    It’s insane.

    Anyway – I still think your suggetion is GENIUS. Those CEROC viddies are terrific. Not only have I been watching the dancers – I’ve been watching ALL the Whites, in the audience, watching the dancers. How many Lonely Lurkers, reading these words, would cease to be lonely, and not have enough time in the week to attend all the events they henceforth get invited to, where they to suddenly pursue CEROC. The gals are THERE.

    You’ve said that you’ve met wonderful Whites fomr all over the world. That’s brilliant! What a marvelous way to foster a sense of Universal White Unity, as the Dark Hordes crowd in?

    ‘Yes, nice White people dance, just as nice White people have sex with other White people. We have to promote healthy, positive social/sexual inter action between White men and White women.”

    Thank you, Jack. What you said.

  16. Thanks for the kind words Denise.

    Yes, it seems just obvious that White men and White women should enjoy each other’s company and dance together in nice ways.

    Unfortunately there is a “dark side” of some, many White cultures that thinks dancing, enjoyment, fun is “immoral” and we’re all supposed to be serious, walking around as if we deserve to be cursed with a terrible life – because, well the world is terrible, everything is hopeless and we deserve this fate.

    I see this extreme negativity, the “dark side” in a large segment of WN who’ve dropped out of mainstream America and have basically give up and who react with extreme hatred to any of us Whites that haven’t give up and who are finding ways to enjoy life.

    Part of this gets back to the “Puritan” tradition in America – where the Puritans banned dancing and all kinds of fun things. The Puritans were persecuted and basically kicked out of Merry Old England for being, well – no fun, depressing (White) people.

    In my family, there is a saying that goes:

    “The Puritans are obsessed – OBSESSED with the idea that somewhere, someplace, someone is having a good time”!

    And this is true. The flip side to these dark religious , no fun Puritans are folks on the extreme Left who are basically the same. Politically correct, cultural Marxists, extreme feminists who are obsessed with the injustice that White people are living healthy, successful lives and having some fun somewhere when millions of Black Africans are living in total squalor, slaughtering each other in tribal wars and it’s somehow all supposed to be the fault of evil White people are managing not to live in squalor, not to slaughter each other in tribal conflicts.

    So my basic advice is this:

    See the world as it is – don’t be foolish, understand reality including racial realities, but have some healthy fun – get to know all kinds of nice White people and do positive activities that are both fun and “White”.

    Kindness means being kind to our own kind and ask a pretty young gal or just a regular fun gal of any age to do a nice, respectable dance….

    “Shut up and dance folks”.

    14 Words

  17. Jack – I know that NY culture that bans music, dancing, and fun is a very sick culture. I don’t know why some people are obsessed with doing this. You can’t behave like a clueless, demented idiot, and goof off al the time, either – but fun is fun, and life holds both sorrow and joy, tragedy and comedy, laughter and tears. Trouble is always around the corner – so why not have a twirl around the floor, between rounds? Maybe the trouble won’t find you on a dance floor….

    Our Founders managed to throw off the greatest naval power in the world, create an exceptional governmental structure, and they LOVED women and they LOVED dancing.

    You are absolutely right! The 14 words!What are we fighting for? The misery of Whites – or the happiness?

  18. Basically denise you have spent your time with homo’s, swpl and dwl’s. You know the people who generally dislike traditional masculinity and working class/ middle class White men. I.E the enemy.

    White men stopped dancing when it became the cause event for fags, swpl’s/ dwl’s, over-educated elitist snobs, and the like. The whole “theater” thing turn it’s back on us when the fags took over. Those days are gone and unlikely to return.

    The theater crowd and what’s popular for them is not the reality for the vat majority of White men

    How old are you and barb? As I recall both are middle age/ past child bearing age. This is not the same kind of world, and your advice is as faulty as my grandfathers advice would be on the sexual market place

    Guys, how well has a woman’s advice about women worked out for you in the past? My bet is not too good. Why would this be different. Women sell the fairy tale they want to believe not the reality.

    Ball room dancing will not help a man land a woman in the prime of her beauty and fertility. I’m sure it will help you marry a banged out older chick at the tail end of her beauty and fertility. But by all means go to a ball room dancing class or two. If what is reported to me is accurate, you won’t find any available women still in the prime beauty/ fertility

    I have two girl friends right now; one state side who is less than half my age and wants to move to Alaska with me, the other is an Eastern European woman who is a little more than half my age. Both height weight proportional and I receive frequent complements on their attractiveness. Both know I generally look down on woman and will never marry them. The in country lady is spending time with me despite there being younger and better looking men than me and a woman to man ratio over 10 to 1 on our camp.

    However denise advice on play is spot on. My in country girl friend is spending time with me because I’m the one who played with her vs the guys who orbited around her, who were nice to her, being her friend etc. I’m the guy who called her stalker, silly girl, lesbian etc. And I kept my 1st 5-6 interactions with her to under a minute. When the youngsters where hovering around her, I’d step in, interrupt them all, tease her a bit and leave. I could see the other men thinking “what a jerk” but hey, she’s with me not them and chicks do not like or respect nice guys.

    But whatever you do, don’t marry one. What they are when you date them is the fairy tale they are selling you and not the reality of who they are.

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