Michael Hill on Southern Independence

Michael Hill on the impossibility of reforming the system


SNN has a new podcast with Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South about the impossibility of reforming the system and the necessity of Southern independence.

I’ve spent years thinking through these same issues and have arrived at pretty much the same conclusion. We can either secede from the United States or sink into the Third World.

Like Michael Hill, I am a “mainstreamer” in the sense that I support participating in state and local politics, or even federal politics insofar as there is something tangible (such as the border fence) that can be gained from it. At the same time, I believe the system is beyond reform at the federal level, and that some kind of “vanguard” will have to lead Dixie to secession.

Consider the following:

(1) The Justice Department sued Alabama and South Carolina to block our new immigration laws. The ACLU/SPLC lawsuit blocked Georgia’s new immigration law.

(2) The Justice Department blocked South Carolina’s new Voter ID law. Yesterday, the Justice Department blocked the Texas Voter ID law. It will almost certainly attempt to block the Mississippi Voter ID law.

(3) Last month, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned California’s ban on gay marriage.

It doesn’t matter what the voters have to say anymore.

Every single time we pass any law at the state and local level that is even remotely positive from the standpoint of racial and cultural preservation it inevitably gets tied up in the federal courts. Then everything the voters have decided hinges on whether or not the Supreme Court is willing to take the case and which way it rules on the issue.

American democracy is a farce. The only thing standing between us and complete tyranny right now is the health of one Supreme Court justice. It is only a matter of time before this last line of defense collapses under the pressure of changing racial demographics. We also saw with Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh that the boundaries of permissible dissent are shrinking faster than ever before.

The real question is not whether Southern independence is desirable. It is whether White Southerners can be persuaded to reject the system and secede from the United States. It is whether the League of the South can succeed in connecting with its target audience. It is whether Southern identity is strong enough to become the focal point of resistance.

Regardless of our doubts, we are going to encourage White Southerners to take that exit ramp. The least we can do is expand the cultural space where these ideas can be discussed on a daily basis. We can also raise our voice against the people who are attempting to neuter and sabotage that project out of their unreciprocated love of minorities.

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  1. People should understand that judges do not stand for elections and are just giving their opinions on these matters. They do not represent community standards and do not answer to the community. So as you have pointed out, judges are unelected dictators.

    What I don’t understand is why they are tolerated in this day and age? They should have been given the boot, along with Kings and Queens.

  2. I don’t understand why there isn’t more secessionist movements. It’s Southron vs dmanyankee; east cost vs west cost; rural/ small town America vs big city America; White America vs negros/ hispanics/ queers DWL’s/ SWPL; man vs woman etc etc.

    I’m not sure what challenges and problems have in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m sure many of them are similar but I’m willing to bet they face a host of problems different than the ones we have in the Southeast. And each region has it’s own history and way of doing things which I’m sure is as valuable to them as the Southron way is to me

  3. A king tends to have a closer and more genuine connection to the peasant or little guy that most grasping oligarchs, aristocrats and merchants. Maybe that was the first mistake. A Good king is necessarily of the same race as his people.

  4. Re: “don’t understand why there isn’t more secessionist movements…RURAL/small town America vs big CITY America….”: Agrarian and coal-mining rural versus urban cosmopolitan culture has divided Pennsylvania into “two states politically” for many years. But since urbanism has gone metastatic, the normal tissue of conservative, rural, indigenous culture exists in patches and enclaves and it would be impossible now for rural “Pennsyltucky” to secede.

  5. If the neocon Shapiro/Breitbart type of right wing are anything to go by there’s no hope for the GOP.

    The tape of that nutbar Harvard strike suggests Shapiro et al are just hustlers out for themselves. If the South has a chance it must take on the radical element within conservatism (like Shapiro).

    The problem with Obama and his black mentors is not that they are Racists, the problem is that they are the tip of a black spear.

    It’s fine if they are racist and seek the dissolution of white communities, It’s just that whites have a legitimate right to fight back with fury. Shapiro in calling Professor Mugabe a racist, is stating the obvious. The real issue is to get a mainstream politician to be racist but pro white.

  6. we have the same thing here in NC with rural/ small town vs the bigger yankee infested towns and my son in law tells me the same thing about northern CA vs southern CA. Didn’t say there wouldn’t be growing pains, just curious why more folks don’t agitate for it.

  7. They will not allow anyone to challenge their power, wealth and control in these matters.

    Dr. Hill is wrong. Those in power do sometimes vote against their own interests. It was white men who voted to allow black men to vote, and it was white and black men who voted to allow women to vote.

  8. America will break up, sooner rather then later. And I wager it will be less violent than when Europe collapses, and for only one reason. The average citizen is armed. The military won’t do anything, as we saw when the USSR broke up, the threat will be from EBT card-less negros, mexican drug cartels, MS-13, etc.

    In europe the unarmed white populace may have a harder go at it with their own ethnics. But as we saw during Katrina, hordes of marauding blacks are no match for a handful of organized and ARMED whites.

  9. Glenn Beck had a target on his back the day he said Obama hates white people. All the other reasons they used to dump him were just excuses. Glenn later tried to make it non-racial to save his hide, but it was too late. At least Glenn went down for stating the truth.

    Rush is going to eat it for simply being a foolish DJ.

  10. Word of warning on the LOS before anyone starts to send them money. They are wordists, they worship words, and it is an org. where a bunch of tough talking old white men talk tough, then along comes an “anti-racist” org. that will call them “racist” and this will scare the tough talking old white men’s wimmen folk and then you get “Black Confederates.”

    Got 15 years of cancelled checks from LOS and I did so because of a book by the Kennedy brothers “Why Not Freedom” and I thought, “finally a rightist org that is not a reactionary money pit.” But alas I was duped and now it is an org dedicated to making overfed overwrought white wimmin not be called “racist.”

  11. Jim,

    Could you write some true stories about armed Whites standing up to maurading Black mobs during Katrina?

    White Americans get depressed and basically give up because they are bombarded with endless stories of Blacks robbing, raping and killing Whites, without Whites ever fighting back.

    We need some success stories.


  12. I never joined the League of the South because of the perception it had been compromised by the “Heritage Not Hate” types. Ten years later, the “Heritage Not Hate” types are still around, but I don’t get the impression they are as strong now as they were in the past.

  13. In any case, Hill is basically right that all the avenues to reform the system are controlled by the enemy, who have demonstrated time and again that reform (whether it be immigration laws or Voter ID laws) will not be tolerated.

    I also share his view on the political system: trying to capture power at the state and local level is worthwhile, while the federal level is mostly a waste a time. Secession is the only solution.

  14. Jim,

    rumours of a disarmed populace in the UK are greatly exagerated.
    All farmers have small arsenals.

  15. Micahel Hill is almost always right, and he probably is a fine decent man of honorable intentions, he is just a wordist though and that “racist” word is more powerful than his wordist mojo.

  16. “Dr. Hill is wrong. Those in power do sometimes vote against their own interests. It was white men who voted to allow black men to vote, and it was white and black men who voted to allow women to vote.”

    Northern whites voted to allow southern blacks to vote, not quite the same thing. And likewise giving women the vote was seen as a hedge against immigrant voters.

  17. Fed Up – ZOG owns the system. ZOG only appoints dictator judges. Dictator martinets are what ZOG wants.

    One must have the ability TO boot these thugs. The ability and means are still here – but the will to do so is quite another matter.

  18. “Micahel Hill is almost always right, and he probably is a fine decent man of honorable intentions, he is just a wordist though and that “racist” word is more powerful than his wordist mojo.”

    I agree with the gist here and definitely agree with the power of being ostracized but it is somewhat one sided. The problem really belongs to us all.

    There is no doubt that an awaking of sorts has and is taking place, that positive things are being done to bring attention and get us active but we are still like whack-a-mole. They pound hard on the ones who do stick their heads up even go after those who step in without knowing. It is, IMO, not fair to expect someone like Hill to really push the issue without knowing for a fact there is real back up. Sure as somebody stands up or gets attacked the left, MSM and even some on the right go all out and work to destroy them. It happens nationally and it also happens locally. At this time there is little to no real backup. Most WN or whatever this is or we would be called, are comfortable, afraid and maybe not even clear on what really is going to be required to save ourselves. For the time being most are unwilling to step up like need be because of that fear. Somehow or another we need to have more, way more, to the no fear level not just the M Hills .

  19. Jack, just go to youtube and search “katrina” “looters” “shoot”

    Some Dutch filmmaker made a drawn out cry-umentary about it. If you can see through the film’s obvious bias, it’s a pretty good gist of what went down. I had some army buddies with family in Algiers, according to them it was pretty wild-west.

  20. It was on YouTube for while. “Katrina’s Hidden Race-War” was the title. I don’t know if it’s still there anymore.

  21. Thanks Jim,

    I did see the video about The Irish guy saying he shot 38 Black looters.

    I was hoping to see some propaganda video from our side, justifying and celebrating the vigilantee justice.

    Koreans in the LA Rodney King used guns to defend their businesses from Black looters and they never apologized, neither should we.

  22. Thanks Chris I did see that video. The comments of the Whites (drinking beer) bragging about using guns to defend their neighborhood was edited to make the Whites look bad, but the truth came out.

    Thanks again.

  23. JackRyan @ 6.11 “We need some success stories”. Happy to oblige Mr Ryan. Report includes this quote from a New Orleans surgeon, “We saw a couple of other shotgun wounds, some handgun shootings and somebody who was shot with a high-velocity missile”.

  24. The Dutch will see the war come their way when a dyke fails and some Indonesian/Ghanan shit hole is flooded.

  25. RobRoySimmons,

    Get on Facebook. Go to the League of the South Facebook group. Search for the podcast thread. Connie Chastain made the mistake of engaging me this afternoon. Take a look.

  26. “Facing an influx of refugees, the residents of Algiers Point could have pulled together food, water and medical supplies for the flood victims. Instead, a group of white residents, convinced that crime would arrive with the human exodus, sought to seal off the area, blocking the roads in and out of the neighborhood by dragging lumber and downed trees into the streets. They stockpiled handguns, assault rifles, shotguns and at least one Uzi and began patrolling the streets in pickup trucks and SUVs. The newly formed militia, a loose band of about 15 to 30 residents, most of them men, all of them white, was looking for thieves, outlaws or, as one member put it, anyone who simply “didn’t belong.”

    I guess there can be an alternate ending to “Camp of the Saints”.

  27. Raspail (sp) got it wrong on one key level. He expected the French military to be well enough organized to shoot on its own people. Reality is that the soldiers would be spending most of their time in a crisis simply building logistics networks. See Katrina. That was the “shit hitting the fan” and guess what? The military took forever to get itself ready. Same thing will happen in any such crisis.

    There will be plenty of time for reasonably well prepared ( only a week of water and food plus accessible weapons) for people to maintain order, flush out a few crimbo’s and execute their target practice. just make sure you are in a white area and you are good to go.

  28. In a nation ending crisis situation the mercenaries all go home and stock up on powdered eggs like the rest of us would from our jobs. Look what happened to the vaunted soviet army in the USSR. They just went home.

  29. Jim,

    yep. I made no distinction between the private reality and public there. It’s all about logistics. gun battles are beside the point.

  30. Hunter,


    I went to the LOS Facebook group and didn’t see a pod cast with Chastain.

    Did they never post it or already remove it?

    If they don’t post it, I hope you recorded it.

  31. A Good king is necessarily of the same race as his people.

    Yet another of the Christian doctrines suppressed by the Judeo-Christian Heresy: Christians are mandated to choose their ruler from among their own kind. It’s in the OT somewhere, IIRC, but I can’t remember chapter and verse.

  32. God slams the Jews hard when they ask for a king. He told them things won’t go well and the king will get their men killed in wars, take their women for himself and take their crops in taxes.

    God wanted human judges and Himself as King

  33. What precedents do we have for the shit hitting the fan? It seems to me mass starvation, or the equivalent, is required. I don’t see that happening.

    You guys should read Global Guerrillas. We’re looking at a long, slow erosion of standards of living. A hollow state. Not the Mad Max fantasy.

  34. The shit hits the fan all the time. It just happens on a local level.

    What would you call what happened at the WI state fair in Milwaukee? Katrina was definitely the shit hitting the fan. No, it won’t be a hollywood apocalypse. It will just occur in ever increasing spurts as we trend downwards, as you said, during the slow erosion of standards of living.

  35. You really nailed her when refused to answer if she supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Voting Rights Act, anti-miscegenation laws, and segregation.

    She attributes black crime to not having fathers in the home.

    Maybe she should be asked why the black tendency to unusually high rates of violent behavior and general lack of achievement are world wide phenomenon not relegated to the United States.

    If Christian missions is enough to bridge the racial behavior gap why has it not done so on any significant scale anywhere in the world?

  36. The shit hits the fan all the time. It just happens on a local level.

    What would you call what happened at the WI state fair in Milwaukee? Katrina was definitely the shit hitting the fan. No, it won’t be a hollywood apocalypse. It will just occur in ever increasing spurts as we trend downwards, as you said, during the slow erosion of standards of living.

    quoted for truth. the shit does hit the fan, everyday in all kinds of ways at the personal and local level and why its a White man’s 1st duty is to be strong, trained and ready to care for his own.

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