Official: Santorum Wins Alabama and Mississippi Primaries


If Mittster wins Alabama and Mississippi, it is game over for Santorum and Gingrich. The polls show an extremely close race with Romney ahead in Mississippi and Gingrich ahead in Alabama.

Should I vote or sit out BRA’s elections? Is casting a vote for Mitt worth contributing to the defeat of Gingrich?

Note: Ron Paul lost my vote with his stupid comments on border security in Nevada.

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  1. The “freedom to choose” isn’t much of a freedom. What if I choose to sell my race out to make a quick buck? Libertarianism is a black hole, it is only useful for removing constraints. It is not a workable philosophy. That being said I still plan to vote for Ron Paul. Civil rights law is the number one obstacle to white self-determination. And he hasn’t walked back his opposition to that yet. (that I’m aware of)

  2. No skin off my ass. It doesn’t matter to me who the candidate is. My guy already came home to Texas where he is busy on the phone every morning luring businesses away from Yankee states. The rest of you can fight over scraps while the Christian Sharia candidate battles it out with the clueless business boy. Neither will be much of an improvement over our present Socialist Kenyan. If you don’t believe me, just hide and watch.

  3. I hate to harp on this, but Texas is in the exact same situation that California was in 30 years ago. Lots of cheap land, low taxes, republican governance,etc. And underneath that: a growing 3rd world presence that threatens it all.

    For now that can be avoided by not living in what are effectively sanctuary cities here, but that will not always be the case.

  4. Marx states:

    “Again, WOW, I already addressed this. He makes it an issues when the folks present it to him, HENCE only those border states. Its not like he is going to all 50 and espousing these ideals. He is merely attempting to pander for votes in borderline states. THEY all do this. As for the border fence, thats a fools dream. Hey study geography and see how the fence will FAIL over major water-ways, including its edge (in the ocean). The better route is to DMZ the area and add TROOPS to enforce and not support like Obama has done. Oh wait, Paul suggests bringing back troops to enforce such actions”

    Maxx – you’re making the terrible mistake of projecting your own common sense, race protecting views about immigration on to “your” candidate Ron Paul. Since Ron Paul is on your side on so many foreign policy questions, personal liberty questions, sound monetary positions you think he MUST also share your common sense views on immigration. The horrible reality is that Ron Paul and virtually the entire American Libertarian community/cult push virtual open borders immigration policies – from Mexico, Haiti, the Islamic world. Ron Paul has been terrible, insane on immigration for a long, long time. Did you see our video posted on Vdare of Ron Pauk’s ill fated Libertarian Party Presidential campaign for President in ’88? Ron Paul tried to reassure some enraged California caller to CSPAN that the invasion of millions of unskilled Mestizos was actually good for America and any problems associated with this immigration/invasion was caused by too much government regulation of the economy and any talk about troops on the border, walls, barriers to entry was irrational.

    So no, you’re completely misguided thinking Ron Paul wants to bring US troops home from abroad to station them on the border to stop the immigration invasion, fight Mexican cartels.

  5. I have to go with Chris in this regard. I used to believe abortion was then end-all-be-all, but not anymore. Just look over the last 60 years. What exactly has the so-called “right” and the so-called “evangelicals” gotten us? What victories have they won? Abortion=lost. Gay rights=lost. Immigration=lost. Sodomy=lost. The country has slide to the right, they’ve lost every aspect of the culture war besides maybe gun rights and war mongering. The only agenda these dweebs have left is bomb Iran, bitch about (but do nothing about) abortion, and wail on gay marriage. Did I miss anything?

  6. I’m pro-choice with regard to abortion. I don’t care one way or the other about same-sex marriage. Personally, I really do hope the U.S. attacks Iran and get’s in over it’s head and starts a cataclysmic chain of events that collapses this fucking system, and we can all go our separate ways.

    Those dumbfucks in AL and MS voted for Santorum because he’s the loudest anti-abortion mouth in the picture. And that’s all. They could have even voted for Mr. Down Home Newt, their own guy. But no, he didn’t pay enough lip service to stopping the baby-killing doctors. These people whine and whine about our loss of liberties and the urgency to do something about it, but when it comes time to put their money where their mouth is, they revert to type. Our country stands on the brink of literal destruction, but oh hell no, overturning Roe vs Wade is more important than anything.

    Fuck ’em anymore. They don’t give a shit about anything but their own warped beliefs. And they have the nerve to say Yankees are the ones forcing their way all the time…

  7. “Hunter Wallace says:
    March 14, 2012 at 6:20 am
    The last word about Ron Paul as a presidential candidate is that he is an ideologue who fucked himself and that he has surrounded himself with advisers who are equally clueless.

    This was obvious a year ago when he was supporting the Wikileaks fag, supporting DADT repeal, and giving lip service to supporting gay marriage. He moved to the left on immigration. Then he ran in the Republican primary.

    He lost and we are sitting here acting like we are surprised. The result was never really in any doubt.”

    Hunter – you know I support Paul, however I must agree with this assessment. I STILL like him far better than all the other candidates. I think his policies would function, once in office, and off the panderng campaign trail, than any of the others.

    To those saying that they don’t mind bowing to Israel as long as Romney or whomever “gets tough on immmigration” – dudes – please allow me to sell you some talcum powder disguised as blow, or oregano as weed. Any of that would be less damaging than the glue you are sniffing. You will always lose when you deal with the Devil. Don’t you know that by now?

    Jewry hates the White Christian Goy more than they love AYTHING else, including money.

    I am fanatasizing about Ron and and that doll Shirley cleaning up the Defiled Huse Formerly Known as White. They are both so sparkly and normal – well – every-one would feel better after awhile.

  8. George L Rockwell wrote clearly, with 100 percent confidence in 1966 that Libertarianism, economic conservatism was a sure fire losing political program at the Presidential level, especially when presented by an Old White man candidate, who comes off as mean, wanting to cut poor people’s government services. (this was after the Goldwater debacle of 1964).

    Here it is 45 years later, and we still have a hard core 5 percent ( all White voters) insisting that they and only they have THE TRUTH and the public will soon all vote for the Libertarian/Constitutionalist 76 year old candidate who will end Social Security, end all environmental and child labor laws and let big business do whatever it wants, hiring and firing workers whenever, with “the market” determining wages. Working class and poor White workers (correctly feel) that businesses will not hire them at living/union wages, preferring to hire Mexicans and other third world sub minimum wage slaves.

    Folks – Libertarianism, presented by really old men candidates like Ron Paul is a sure fire loser in US Presidential campaigns. Please learn this lesson this year, so you don’t fall in to this cult of trying this every 4 years. Considering supporting candidates, causes that have some snow ball’s chance in hell of being successful.

  9. Is Paul mean and unlikeable? Seems an echo of the leader of our local Republican establishment, who said: “We’re not interested in candidates who are ‘constitutional’; there aren’t many who are into that; we’re looking for candidates who are LIKEABLE, who can get ELECTED.”

    So if someone is constitutionally-minded, they come across as mean and unlikeable, except to a hard-core 5% who are into that?

    I have NEVER thought that Paul could be elected, and I don’t like his Libertarian strain either, but he’s clearly the LEAST of the lesser evils among whom we get to choose, and the one to vote for to “send a message” in the primaries.

  10. Mosin Nagant

    Please read Rockwell on this subject.

    It’s the economic conservative program that sounds mean to the masses, even White masses.

    Liberals want to help people, provide lots of benefits that poor (White) people want like free quality health care, affordable college tuition for everyone, being for Civil Rights, wone’s rights, being against Racism and Hate. What kind of mean person wants to be against Civil Rights, for Racism and Hatred etc.

    The Libetarian economic conservative program appeals to rich people, high IQ college students, for most everyone else, it’s a huge turn off. We need to go with White populism like George Wallace, Reagan – get elected and then work to implement sound, unpopular economic conservative policies.

  11. The rabid, egalitarian, Marxist left has won every battle of the culture war for the last 60 years. What’s worse, the Republican Party, after 10 years or so will concede that the left was correct and write it into history, and adjust their left-right demarkation line further to the left. Some shrills like Ann Coulter will even float the preposterous ideas that Conservatives were responsible for Marxist Trojan horses such as the Civil Rights Movement.
    I hate abortion, but it’s a State issue, not a federal one. I hate legalized sodomy (ie Gay “Marriage”), but it likewise is NOT a national issue. It seems that the Republicans don’t mind centralized power at all, they just want to control it.
    The Republican Party is nothing more than controlled opposition to the radical left. They even join the left in shouting down any genuine conservatives. The Republican Party denies it’s base (white people). The Republican Party needs to die. BTW, if I were a betting man I’d lay money on Obama winning. The Repubs won’t mind though, that means they’ll get to run West in ’16. Of course by that time the country will be so far to the left due to “demographics” it won’t matter anyway.

  12. Anon: I was in California 30 years ago and I am in Texas at this very moment. Believe me when I tell you that I see few similarities.

    It’s true that I could kidnap some semi-fag from Socal and drop him off in Austin and he wouldn’t even realize that he had gone anywhere, but the rest of the state is still populated by a large number of White MEN. That’s where the difference exists.

    California has never been a real place. It’s like a bus station. Everybody I ever met there was from someplace else and they felt no loyalty to the place they lived. They all went to California become part of the soft-headed, laissez-faire culture that has dominated most of the coastal cities since the troops came home from WW2.

    Lots of people you meet in Texas nowadays are from someplace else, but they didn’t come here because it’s a great place to be a fag or neo-hippy. Lots of places under the Lone Star are great places to get your ass whipped for being a fag or a neo-hippy.

    Come on down here and take a look around. Tour the border towns. Get to know some of the ranchers and Old Family Mexicans. Learn how they feel about turning the land that has been home to their families for hundreds of years over to people who would turn it into Mexico.

    Get out from in front of that computer and get out on the road and let some asphalt roll by under your ass and you won’t be as susceptible to the bullshit you read as you apparently are right now.

  13. “I’m pro-choice with regard to abortion. I don’t care one way or the other about same-sex marriage.” – Chris 666

    It’s amazing how the unregenerate will damn themselves out of their own mouths. We Israelites of God, don’t even need to call them to repentance, when they do stuff like this. It’s C. S. Lewis’ pencil point time, folks. Lock and Load. We’re gonna need a lot of ammo, to be rid of the Amalek, when their facades slip even a little.

  14. “appeals to rich people, high IQ college students, for most everyone else, it’s a huge turn off.” – Jsck Ryan.

    And that’s why I say Monarchy is the only valid, biblical, European form of government. Never, never, never let the ‘hoi polloi’ think they have a inkling of the kind of intelligence needed for ruling and reigning. From the Athenian city-state, to the French Revolution, the Mob will always, only descend to violence. OR will be led to do a superior devious race’s will, vis a vis the Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917.

    The only thing that saved the Colonies, was the Great Awakening, and the fact that they were Celtic/Anglos, who (before two centuries of potatoes ruined their genetics, due to high glycemic/insulin boosting diets, and forced poverty from the Brits) who all could claim they WERE the ‘High Kings and families’ of the Isles, before the Normans, and thrived and flourished in the New World, where they could grow both cattle, sheep, and vegetable crops on decent land in the New World, rather than be ruled by Snobby Norman French Bastards. But their severing from their own Culture and Religious roots, led to the fallacy of Universal Suffrage, along with Universal Salvation, and the Presbyterian Egalitarians, led the way with their siren song, of ‘Presbyter is but Priest writ large’ – without the grace of the Priesthood!

    But those days of literate White Yeomanry are long gone. It started with Lincoln’s genocidal war in 1860-65, suffered a precipitous decline in WWI, and we killed off even more of our best in WWII. It nose-dived in the 1960’s and now poor white trash think they are the equals to the Nigger- or vice versa.

    Misericordie, Domine. Fraser’s ‘The Wasp Question’ is correct. Monarchy, Orthodoxy, Narodnost. All three are necessary, or a civlization won’t survive.

  15. @Fr. John

    Well I’ll be honest – most of that shit went right over my head. I have no idea what you’re babbling about. But I’ll reiterate: I support abortion rights and make no apology for it, nor should I. And I don’t pay any thought to what consenting queers and dykes do in their private lives. I would much rather have gays or lesbians living around me, than heterosexual niggers.

    I gotta admit, that 666 looks kinda cool next to my name. Maybe I’ll change it 🙂

    And you didn’t say anything about my new icon! It’s a painting of St. Christopher – the patron saint of pro-choice Yankees!

  16. There is no such thing as fiscal conservatism/social liberalism. It takes a socially conservative culture to maintain a fiscally conservative government. Borders are part of social conservatism. Over land and in behavior. There is a big difference between private behavior and infecting the public legal commons with such behavior.

    If the language we use to govern ourselves will erect no boundaries, those who govern us will recognize no boundaries. That’s the essence of diversity. No right, no wrong.

    All you pro-aborts are basically diversocrats. You walk among us but you are not us. You divide us.

  17. “Libertarian economic conservative program” is oxymoronic, though, isn’t it? Libertarianism is not conserving anything. The appeal of Paul is his other, dominant personality of constitutionalist opposition to the global banksters’ theft, global government and the “endless war.”

    Going with popular figures “like Reagan” (and what truly conservative policies were implemented through Reagan?) getting them elected first and THEN working for the implementation of unpopular conservative policies, is the approach advocated by our supposedly conservative local Republican leadership, who reluctantly endorsed (after receiving full payment of their “assessment” fees) and never really supported any of their truly conservative local candidates; consequently, only their “mainstream” candidates, locally popular figures who do not understand conservatism and care nothing for the implementing of conservative policies, were elected.

  18. Re: Jack, again: His foolish acceptance of the contradictory notion of “libertarian economic conservative policies” is our message on the downfall of Paul.

  19. Jack – I’ve stated in other posts that if the Races are close, in PA, I will vote Romney. (By the by – Sanitorium is not well like in PA). If not, I will vote Paul. I am not going to have a chance to vote for Paul on a National level – so I will cast my Vote of Conscience for Paul, on a State level.

    I’m not concerned with Romney losing PA.

  20. Re: monarchism: Are we not already under a sort of monarchial rule by a royal caste the less than 1%? Jeffersonian constitutional republican, mostly agrarian, democracy is I think superior to being ruled by “our superiors.”

  21. A king is a bit different in that he’s part if the ethne. Instead we now have a bunch of blacks on CNN discussing Romney v Santorum. This is a frigging joke and a travesty.

  22. @ Jack Ryan

    Liberals want to help people, provide lots of benefits that poor (White) people want like free quality health care, affordable college tuition for everyone, being for Civil Rights, wone’s rights, being against Racism and Hate.

    Working class Whites support universal healthcare and the like, but they don’t support things like anti-racism, feminism, or gay rights.

  23. @ Playing Roots Backwards

    Don’t get so cocky. If you wanna see the future that Rick Perry is leading Texas to, just go a few states over to places like Georgia or Florida.

  24. John, you’re right that a king may be a different case than a tyrant, if he is part of the ethny. This was more likely the case in the past with minor kings of smaller tribes and territories, but not so with imperial monarchs. What do you think?

  25. “Working class Whites support universal healthcare and the like, but they don’t support things like anti-racism, feminism, or gay rights.”

    Pro-white socialism was basically the democrat party from 1880 to 1960, and it was wildly popular up until it became anti-white socialism, at which point Americans discovered their hatred of all things socialist. In Europe the far right parties are just pro-white socialists so by being intellectually honest about who they are they may have more success in actually accomplishing their aims.

    “(and what truly conservative policies were implemented through Reagan?) ”

    He and volcker did get inflation under control by raising interest rates into the stratosphere(which had the effect of triggering a nasty recession), but it worked, was conservative, and was what he campaigned on. Of course had Reagan not stepped up, the crisis this country is on a collision course for would have hit then rather than a half century later as seems to be the case. Other than that though, not much that is stellarly conservative pops up.

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