Virginia Flaggers vs. VMFA

We're going to prove we are not racists!


Brooks D. Simpson has brought up the Virginia Flaggers in the context of my debate with Connie Chastain.

I know very little about this group. They occasionally surface on the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group” to discuss their activities.

The latest news is that they have been protesting the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond for their removal of the Confederate flag from the Pelham Chapel. The United Daughters of the Confederacy called the police of them and this caused a lot of outrage on Facebook.

“This to me is a real test of what that movement’s all about, and whether they are willing to stand up and reject racism, or whether they sit around meekly and let Chastain fight on alone. Let’s see the Virginia Flaggers protest Occidental Dissent. Let’s see a real fight for southern honor.

We shall see. Given their energetic responses elsewhere, it would say volumes about them if such Confederate heritage groups such as the Virginia Flaggers, who proudly point to their African American supporters, fail to protest such vile racism. Can’t wait to see the video about that confrontation.”

Do you know what I think?

I think they are Baby Boomers who are perfectly willing to “reject racism.” That’s my impression of them from the photos and videos they are posting on “180 Degrees True South” and “Southern Heritage Preservation Group.”

I also think this big public display of their embrace of BRA’s values, their embrace of anti-racism and social equality, has actually never worked as a tactic and is just another example of the mindset and values of a generation who alone in the history of our people have failed to preserve our culture.

There were six generations of White Southerners between the Confederates and the Baby Boomers. The only generation that failed to preserve our heritage was the Baby Boomers. The Jim Crow generations preserved our heritage and built monuments to the Confederacy from Virginia to Texas.

There are White Southerners who are always trying to “prove they are not racist” by slobbering over black conservatives like Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, Tim Scott, Allen West, and most recently Herman Cain. In the Southern heritage movement, this takes the form of paying black eccentrics like H.K. Edgerton a $20,000 speaking fee to sing Dixie at their events.

The mainstream media never stops calling them “racists” and “white supremacists.” They never stop attacking the Confederate flag or demonizing Southern heritage. On the contrary, these public display of weakness only succeed in legitimizing BRA’s values and emboldening the opposition.

The War Against The South is motivated by the hostility of Organized Blackness toward the Confederacy and the incompatibility of Southern heritage with the dominant liberal anti-racist values of the counterculture. The tide will turn in the culture war only when BRA’s values and Organized Blackness are totally and utterly rejected by White Southerners.

The idea that BRA is compatible with Southern heritage is nothing but a fantasy. Experience has shown otherwise.

Note: A quick survey of NewsOne, The Root, The Grio, and Ta-Nehisi Coates has revealed that Organized Blackness is singing the same tune it was before the VMFA protests.

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  1. When they got you using the term “anti-racist” they own you. All these hapless fat folk have been called “racist” their whole lives and what do the conservatives do to help them, nothing. Like the LOS basically a bunch of tough talking wordists that have accomplished one thing besides making a scratch living is they get overfed women folk called “racist” And then what do they do, they retreat farther into their reactionary make believe world and leave the poor fatties to take the abuse.

    And none of them have had the brains to actually ask what exactly is “anti-racism”, which is dumbfounding since when is the other side’s weaponry not scrutinized in a war?

    I actually feel sorry for the Chastain’s of the South, because all the tough talking “fact” reciting intellectuals have done nothing but get an otherwise decent person called “racist.”

    Hapless reactionairies, the paleocons even use the Left’s “there is no such thing as race” argument, and then are too stupid to ask the non-whites to do the same.

  2. It never occurs to these people to ask the most obvious question: why have we alone failed to preserve Southern heritage? Why did previous generations succeed? What changed?

    The answer, of course, is that the six generations that followed the War Between the States didn’t believe in BRA’s values. They rejected BRA and there was never any conflict between their own values and defense of the past.

    BRA is incompatible with Southern heritage.

  3. We live in a society that is based upon the exaltation and promotion of blacks above all other races. We live in a “black world” now.

    How could anyone think that Southern culture and Southern heritage could endure in such a society?

  4. If you can’t say “Dixie is a White Man’s Country,” then you have already lost. It used to be a White Man’s Country. That is precisely what is so objectionable about it to the modern liberal.

  5. That little Flaggers video encapsulates the true racial trajectory of White/Nigra history- Whites, caught up in a cause, get amused and distracted by some ridiculous Nigra, deploying “adorable” little Nigra Trix, and then wind up literally carrying It. The White Man’s Burden, embodied.


  6. The only question I would like these idiots to answer is: “Exactly how has you organization preserved Southern culture? What victories have you won?”

    The same could be asked of Republicans and evangelicals.

  7. The same spirit that possesses these idiots also possesses the Tea Partiers and Republican Party. They want so much to be accepted by those that hate them and their ancestors.

    I realized a little while ago that I am a modern day heretic. As the heretics of old were persecuted by the church over such crazy notionas as the Sun being the center of the Universe and the Earth being round, people like me are persecuted by the modern church (Church of Equality, Democracy and Freedom) for plain truths not allowed to be thought, let alone spoken.

  8. There are eccentrics and outliers in every community. It proves nothing. I’m sure that are diehard neo-Confederates in Vermont and Massachusetts. Morris Dees and Howell Raines are from Alabama.

  9. They are trying to preserve Southern heritage in a way that is mainstream and acceptable to BRA’s values. It doesn’t address the problem. BRA’s dominant culture is incompatible with the preservation of traditional Southern culture.

  10. I’m sure they mean well. I’m sure they are sincerely opposed to racism. I am also sure that sincere anti-racists are unable to defend Southern heritage because it will always ultimately be incompatible with their values.

  11. Zimmerman is being pounded on by the media.

    It’s interesting because he’s been called white (he’s Hispanic) and it’s being used to pry open a gated community. The blacks must always move in on whites. They can’t help it. Create an oasis and these rotten animals show up.

    Hope the jury nulifies the case the gov brings.

  12. Nice image. Hint for the clueless: the train ostensibly makes sense. “Cain,” “train,” they rhyme, and create a metaphor for movement, travel, etc.

    But the fact that the train is emerging from a tunnel makes no sense except as ham-handed sexual imagery. See Naked Gun 2-1/2 for more.

  13. When they got you using the term “anti-racist” they own you. All these hapless fat folk have been called “racist” their whole lives and what do the conservatives do to help them, nothing. Like the LOS basically a bunch of tough talking wordists that have accomplished one thing besides making a scratch living is they get overfed women folk called “racist” And then what do they do, they retreat farther into their reactionary make believe world and leave the poor fatties to take the abuse.

    Maybe. But I don’t think we should leave “racism” on the table. I think we should pick that weapon up and use it. Our enemies are manifestly racist. Far more racist than we are. I can go on for hours about the myriad manifestations of their racism against Whites.

    The great thing is that we destroy the weapon as we use it.

  14. As long as Whites/Southerners/Europeans jump like a scared horse at being called names, nothing will change. BRA is acceptable these clowns because they don’t actually live WITH the Orcs or have their daughters marry them, they just see them on T.V. and think they are just like us. BRA and the Kwa are incompatible with White civilization just as National Socialism was wholly incompatible with International Jewery/banking/culture.

  15. I wish it was just name-calling. It’s ruination of social status, ruination of career, institutional hostility, physical violence, government harassment, etc. We’re facing a lot more than name-calling.

  16. Svigor: We are the modern day heretics. We commit heresy against the modern liberal Church of Equality, Democracy and Freedom, that keeps 90% of our fellow citizens under it’s spell.
    The same Marxist scum that berated their previous generation’s lack of “freedom of expression” are now the tyrannical dictators of modern Orwellian universities.
    Hunter, I agree with you 100% about the Baby Boomer generation. They are a generation of locusts. I would go ahead and throw the so-called “greatest generation” in with them, however, because it was the “greatest generation” who after returing from WWII didn’t have the balls to stand up to the Bolseviks, domestic degenerates and their own Baby Boomer offspring.

  17. The people calling Chastain and Zimmerman “racist” are not “anti-racist” they are anti-white and nothing more. Even giving them a scintilla of respect by actually thinking or saying “anti-racist” is to forfeit any chance of anything remotely like victory.

    “Racist” is reserved for whites and whites only, if the South had never existed the anti-whites would find something else, if the Third Reich had not existed the anti-whites would have found something else in which to include their venom within.

    Any of our side who uses the term “anti-racist” is only doing the anti-whites a favor.

  18. We live in a society that is based upon the exaltation and promotion of blacks above all other races. We live in a “black world” now.

    So blacks are exalted above jews?

  19. Yes.

    Blackness has the spotlight. Jewish influence is ubiquitous but they generally don’t like to draw attention to themselves. They fear it would cause anti-Semitism.

    The promotion of blacks was central to the Civil Rights Movement. It was the black experience in America that was used to delegitimize Jim Crow and create BRA.

  20. When you accept and internalize the demonology of your enemies, that’s when you’re utterly defeated. When your mind is colonized with the values of your enemies, the fight is over. The Soviet dissidents in the Gulags never accepted their enemies’ ideology, and that’s why they remained psychologically free and ultimately defeated communists.

    What is it that these people want to preserve? Symbols devoid of any meaning? What’s the point?

  21. “Rainbow” confederates just want to follow the “be nice” BRA dictum for whites. Like most of the mental captives of BRA they confuse their capitulation with actually standing for something, much like the Christian pastors who endorse the modernist heresies of liberalism such as “social justice” without thinking it compromises their Christian faith.

    In the final analysis, they ensure the destruction of what they claim to defend. Truly the epitome of postmodern hyperreality — the delusional denouement to western civilization, not unlike the stench emanating from a rotting corpse.

    Hunter, you truly have a gift for exposing these antiwhite hypocrites, who, like the reprobate Esau, exchange their birthright for a mess of pottage. Always fawning over the coloreds…

    Deo Vindice

  22. FB:

    “What is it that these people want to preserve? Symbols devoid of any meaning? What’s the point?”

    Their behavior is cargo cultish, as if waving a flag and putting on the trappings of the “confederacy” will by some magical transference reestablish traditional culture.

    This is typical of any Baby Boomer “movement”. They are always about making a statement. Never about standing for anything. Because if you take a stand, then people may have to be excluded. This is why the traditional right is the perpetual weak horse, no sense of exclusivity. People smell the desperation the fear and the self-loathing, and they run the other way.

  23. “It was the black experience in America that was used to delegitimize Jim Crow and create BRA.”

    Not only that, but the fabled “black experience” is part and parcel one of the most preposterous works of fiction ever penned. How they managed to pawn it off as reality is the greatest feat of modern propaganda.

  24. “A false conservatism seeks to preserve the forms of things past even if those forms no longer conserve the spiritual values of one’s ancestors but are in fact used to further the destruction of the older civilization’s spiritual reserves. There is no need to preserve our democratic process, our established churches, our universities, or our “free” press. What needs to be preserved are our ties to the past, our ties to a people who placed their kith and kin above all others.”

  25. “I realized a little while ago that I am a modern day heretic.”

    Wayne et al.

    WE are not the modern-day heretic.

    If (as Chesterton noted) we stand on the shoulders of the ‘righteous White Dead’
    (and we [sic] ‘racist’ unreconstructed types do!), then we partake of the only democracy that matters- the “Democracy of the Dead.”

    Twenty centuries of racial awareness, nineteen centuries of NOT trying to ameliorate the jungle bunnies’ ontological estate, nineteen centuries of ‘be ye separate, and touch not the unclean [races]’ means, that WE are the heirs of the Founding Fathers, the Lees, the Jacksons, the Washingtons, the Jeffersons.

    they are standing on their knees, worshiping the Mocha Idol of Satania- the “Magic Negro.”

    They are not only heretics, they are IDOLATORS.
    End of story.

  26. Great posts, Jim. IMO, when they get you to begin hating your ancestors, or at least admitting your ancestors were morally wrong, then you have lost because this hate or disrespect becomes relevant in your life, and is utimately passed on to your descendants. That’s the guilt trip game and unfortunately, it seems to be working. How many young people our there are willing to give away that which their ancestors worked and fought for FOR THEM? Sad, but true.

  27. Fr. John: Like it or not, we are the minority, we are the ones on the outside looking in. Our views were at one time mainstream, but no longer. All you say is true, of course, but we are the ones who are villified, persecuted and marginalized for our views. Our very thoughts are an anathema to “mainstream” America and “respectable” conservatives. So yes, we ARE modern day heretics against the Church of Equality, Democracy and Multiculturalism.

  28. This reminds me of the intro to Alasdair MacInytre’s After Virtue which describes the impact of the Enlightenment upon moral philosophy:

    “He asks us to imagine a world where natural disasters have turned the public against the natural scientists, and those who practise them.

    “Widespread riots occur, laboratories are burnt down, physicists are lynched, books and insturments are destroyed. Finally a Know-Nothing political movement takes power and successfully abolishes science teaching in schools and uniersities, imprisoning and executing the remaining scientists.” After this, there’s a reaction, and people seek to revive science. “But all they possess are fragments:” They know about experiments, but nothing about the context in which those experiments had meaning. They have instruments, or fragments of them, but no idea of what they were for, or of how to use them.

    “Nonetheless all these fragments are reembodied in a set of practices which go under the revived names of physics, chemistry and biology. Adults aregue with each other about the respective merits of relativity theory, evolutionary biology ….. although they posses only a very partial knowledge of each. ….. Nobody, or almost nobody, realizes that whay they are doing is not natural science in any proper sense at all.” For the fragments of knowledge that survive cannot be put into any sensible context, and therefore they make no sense. The framework in which they have meaning has been lost, possibly forever.”

  29. I will not try to capture the comments of all that I disagree with, but for me I am a member of the baby boomer generation from WW-2, and I am white, I am Southern, I am Conservative, I am christian, and I am a racist, if standing up against the Liberal, Political correctness Morons who are destroying Southern Values, traditions, and heritage, and by the way, Southern people are American Citizens.

    We work, pay taxes, fight in Americas wars, and try to defend what is good and decent.
    I some times walk the sidewalks in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia, and have done the same in front of what used to be The Museum of The CONFEDERACY, now a slave museum.

    Our white people in America have no backbone, we know that the Blacks, whether we like it or not cause the overwhelming majority of our social problems, commit the majority of crimes, have the highest percentages of non wed mothers, no fathers, uneducated children, trashy, non disciplined lazy free loaders, in the vast majority of their race. They lie, cheat and steal as a way of life. More welfare money, prison cells, drug sales, robberies, rapes, homicides, stabbings and shootings are attributed to them. So, as a white man, telling this truth, likely makes me in society a racist, and if that term is correct, then I welcome it and so should every other person who tells the truth, white or black. No I do not hate blacks, don’t want them or anyone mistreated, same for Hispanics, and Arabs,Moslems, Monkeys, ect. But the time has past that my heritage needs to take a back seat for some damn zero, who has decided they do not like my ancestors military battle flag. A flag that was flown by men who had been attacked by an invading army, an army who violated civilized decency in war, an army that burned, robbed, raped, maimed and murdered Southern civilians as part of their strategy. The VMFA IS WRONG TO HAVE REMOVED THE CONFEDERATE FLAG FROM THE CONFEDERATE CHAPEL. So, why do those of you who speak, use some energy and time, and come over and walk the sidewalks in protest of this, and then do this at any other facility that does some similar rotten thing. We, You and I, need to stand up against what the Obama administration is doing, and to stand up to what Liberals are doing to our culture, our christian values, to oppose abortion, to oppose same sex marriage, to oppose homosexuality, to defend our ancestors, and to denounce the Northern Lincoln administration and the evil he brought against the South in 1861.

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