Review: The Walking Dead: Season Two

The Walking Dead finishes an impressive season


Spoiler Alert: If you are not caught up on The Walking Dead, don’t read this post or the comments.

The Walking Dead on AMC is the only television series that I find interesting enough to follow.

I’m guessing the people who browse this website have similar tastes and that a lot of readers caught the season finale which aired tonight.

If you haven’t heard of The Walking Dead by now, you have been living under a rock for the past two years. The show is about a group of survivors in Georgia who are living in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Here’s a brief recap of the major events of Season Two:

(1) The Atlanta survivors wrestled with the reality of the post-apocalyptic world on Hershel Greene’s farm outside Fairburn on I-85 and over the course of the season began to mentally and physically adapt to the new world.

(2) The Dale Horvath character who is the old liberal who drives the RV was gutted by a zombie after unsuccessfully pleading with the survivors not to “reject their humanity” by killing a dangerous prisoner. Dale didn’t want to live in the “survival of the fittest world” and quickly met his fate.

(3) Rick and Shane spent the entire season fighting over how the Atlanta survivors should live in the post-apocalyptic world and over Rick’s wife Lori who was shacked up with Shane in season one. Rick is ultimately forced to kill Shane in an alpha male showdown over Lori and over Rick’s leadership of the group.

(4) Rick ultimately comes to realize that Shane was right. After killing Shane, Rick’s leadership is questioned by the survivors and he finally snaps and screams at them in the season finale that “this isn’t a democracy anymore.”

(5) The Atlanta survivors are forced to come to grips with the fact that human survivors are often predators who represent a threat to their own survival. They save Randall from the zombie horde, imprison him in the barn, bungle their attempt to set him loose, and finally kill him in the end.

(6) Hershel’s character evolves over the course of season two. He realizes what he was a fool he was for keeping dangerous walkers in the barn. He wrestles with his Christianity and ultimately chooses the survival of his family over strangers like Randall.

(7) Andrea, the civil rights attorney who wanted to commit suicide with Jenner at the CDC, is transformed under the influence of Shane into a hardcore survivor. She comes to agree with Shane that the old world is dead and only halfheartedly supports Dale in the vote over Randall.

(8) Hershel’s farm is overwhelmed by hundreds of zombies in the season finale. The group is scattered in the chaos but reunites (minus Andrea, who is saved from a walker by the samurai sword wielding negress Michonne from the comic book) on the interstate. The prison is briefly shown at the end which is where season three will take place when it debuts in October.

Season Three will introduce The Governor from the comic book as the arch villain who is the psychopath leader of the survivor town of Woodbury, GA. Merle Dixon is also confirmed to return in some kind of role. There will be hell to pay when Merle gets his remaining hand on T-Dog after what happened on the roof in Atlanta.

The only thing that sucked about The Walking Dead this season was the Asian nerd Glenn hooking up with Hershel’s daughter Maggie. That’s reportedly in the comic book though. Otherwise, it was interesting to watch the liberal world collapse and give way to the zero sum world of the zombie apocalypse.

I think the liberal world will collapse one day, not from a zombie apocalypse, but because it is financially unsustainable due to global aging and changing racial demographics. There will be people like Dale who won’t survive The Day The EBT Card Stops Working. Their humanist principles will end up getting them killed.

It is people like Merle and Daryl Dixon who will thrive in the zero sum world of the future. There will have to be leaders like Rick Grimes who are capable of making the tough decisions. It won’t be a liberal democracy. I think that is why The Walking Dead has proven to be so popular.

There was a sigh of relief when the Dale character was knocked off by the zombie this season. He was annoying the audience with his sanctimonious preaching. No one really agreed with Dale anymore.

In my view, Dale represented the liberal bullshitters on television like Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell, the class of people who were dominant before the apocalypse. His death offered a cathartic release for the survivors. It allowed the group to move forward and adapt to their new environment.

We’re tired of the Dales of America. Men are tired of this world. Women are tired of it too. The Walking Dead captures the zeitgeist perfectly.

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  1. On second thought, Rick probably won’t lose a hand. That’s the sort of thing easy to do in comics, but a real PITA and expense on TV. Plus, it’s a lot easier to do things one-handed between panels than it is to act them out for the camera. Half the time I’m looking at one-handed Rick in the comic and wondering how the hell he’s supposed to have pulled off what he did between panels.

    Season 4 Spoiler: after Rick goes through the Season 3 meat-grinder (don’t expect many of the original characters to make it through with him; in the comic, only Michonne, Andrea, Sophia, Carl, Maggie and Glenn make it IIRC) and he’s in full barbarian mode, it’s Rick and the Barbarians meet Suburbia. Seriously. There’s an enclave of solar-powered SWPLs to disenchant. But it didn’t last long.

  2. Svigor wrote:

    “You should download the comic series. Much better than a Wiki. The Black stud (a staple of the Jewish imagination) was Mr. Articulate, Competent, Brave, Honorable, Eligible Bachelor; he’s just been left out and is nothing at all like T-Dog. Yes, Sophia’s mom is the one who threw herself at the him within five minutes of meeting him (really, it was a very Jewy moment).”

    Ewww! I like Carol. One of you fellows, up the thread, wrote something along the lines of Carol being hot, even though her short greying hair creates a “You don’t know how old I am” vibe. The actress that plays Carol has lovely features, and a very youthful face, and she’s petite and cute. She’s all over Darryl – and the glorious, stunning, smoldering, functional, uber-fit, dead-on-target never misses, shoot your arrows at ME baby Natural Man Darryl, he of the sexy eyes, sexy, sexy irresistable eyes (I need to stop, here…) vs the fat boring useless Negro? “Zounds

    Of course she’s all over Darryl.

    Now – I don’t know nuthin’ about no Mestizo rapist – but I like David Morrissey. I like character actors, He’s a great big handsome Welsh hunk. I have liked him for years. Alas – he’s married to the grand-daughter of the Jewish FRAUD Freud, and he’s compromised his bloodlines – his children are Mischlings – but that’s pretty par for the White remnants of the British Isles, these days. I’d still rather look at him than some ugly little Orc troll. I’m glad he’s going to be on the show next year, even if he is playing the Big Evil White Man. He’s a really good actor, and I’ll bet he gets loads of female fans, too. Big hunky mean White guys get LOTS of feminine admiriers. Denise is going to have a LOT of eye candy to look forward too, in the Autumn.


    And then, of course -it all leads up to Merle.


    I have an idea for a scene -or lots of scenes – The Governor (Morrissey) and Darryl and Merle all have lots of fights, and they run around a lot, and they get wet, and their clothes fall off….like every episode in the entire season.

    I’m gonna send that idea to the producers.

  3. One hand Rick would blow the production budget. They won’t do it. Do you watch the “Talking Dead”? The host is hilarious – last night, when referencing the final shot – the guests were all calling the structure “a prison”. I think his name is Chris – Chris piped in, “Or a Walmart!”.

    The Talking Dead always offers little glimpses of the actual shoot – and this is a cable TV show. The producers are vERY inventive in cutting production costs. If they want a One Hand Rick – they’ll cut the actor playing Rick’s hand off first, before they spend a FORTUNE, on every episode, on making his hand go away, on screen.

  4. Heh. I’d put down the comic for a while because I was kinda burned out on it. I started again with #84. On page 20, Ranger Rick finally gets a clue. He only had to lose his wife, daughter, hand, and (probably) his son to figure it out, but he finally started thinking like a White man. Only took him 7 years worth of comics, lol.

    Quote (after finally pulling up nuts and just hacking through a huge horde of zombies): I can’t believe it took me this long to realize this. After so long, being driven from one place to the next…I noticed, it was always people — that was the problem. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but the dead… they’re a manageable threat.

    I see the mistake I made, wanting to run… not being willing to stand and fight… it cost Jessie and Ron their lives. I have to live with that… but I’ve seen what we can do with numbers. I’ve seen how we can organize, plan… how if we do things right… if everyone does their part… we can survive anything. This place is ours, the fence, the houses — we can make this a home. We’ve been lazy up until now… but that all changes, today — this instant.

    I see now what we can do, with enough people, with a strategy… we can make this place much more safe… secure. We can set up roadblocks — surround this place with a maze for the dead, keeping them off the walls in significant numbers. We can rebuild the walls, stronger, taller… make our community better than it ever was.

    Our people need to be trained — better equipped to deal with anything that could happen — we’ll need to invest in training and preparedness. We’ll turn ourselves into an army that can protect us.


    Well, duh. The downside of idiot characters (necessary for all the high drama) is that competent viewers find them repugnant and start wishing they’d die. So anyone who has actually thought about PA or TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI is going to feel more contempt for Rick (or the writers) than the writers would like.

    I mean, how hard is this? The second you get some breathing room, you sit down and figure, okay, time to find somewhere to live. Raid a police station or nat’l guard armory or what have you for ASSAULT RIFLES. Hell, semi-auto would probably be best, as long as they’re a serious caliber and have high capacity magazines. Pick up a tow truck and reinforce it so you can run over herds when they get too built up, plus move vehicles or other obstructions. Then you go find a hospital, and reinforce the ground floor windows and doors. Hospitals have solid generator systems, living quarters with separate bathrooms, medical facilities, kitchens and cafeterias, storage, and their own parking. Why wall off a neighborhood when you can just go clear out a hospital? Once it’s secured, build a motor pool (armored cars). Then you hoard everything from the area, fence off (and patrol) a road out of the city, and set about clearing out zombies. It’s not like they’re formidable. A flamethrower would clear them right up. It really wouldn’t take that long. Once you’re well-established, you start with the projects: making colonies, growing food on the rooftops, building rope bridges between buildings in dense areas, clearing them out one at a time, et cetera.

    This is what I’d make a zombie apocalypse show about. All the politics and decisions and learning processes and teamwork that would go into carrying all of this out.

    Speaking of weapons, am I the only one who would look for a rapier? Right through the eyeball, minimum of force, maximum reach, one-handed, super light. Way better than trying to chop through a skull with a machete or katana. You could kill zombies all day with a rapier without getting tired.

  5. One of you fellows, up the thread, wrote something along the lines of Carol being hot, even though her short greying hair creates a “You don’t know how old I am” vibe. The actress that plays Carol has lovely features, and a very youthful face, and she’s petite and cute.

    Yeah, she’s very good-looking. Women who can pull off really short hair usually are. Susan Powter, anyone?

    I have an idea for a scene -or lots of scenes – The Governor (Morrissey) and Darryl and Merle all have lots of fights, and they run around a lot, and they get wet, and their clothes fall off….like every episode in the entire season.

    Yeah, loads of Willy the Groundskeeper sweaty ripping-off-shirt scenes for Denise. You listening, producers? LOL.

    As for Darryl, a friend had to point out to me that he’s one of the guys from Boondock Saints. She’s really into that movie. It didn’t do much for me. I could go my whole life without hearing another paddy accent.

    No, I never heard of the Talking Dead until you guys mentioned it here. I’ll have to DL that too. I have delusions of film/TV production, one day. I think about cost-cutting constantly.

    That’s one of the cool things about post-apocalyptic settings, you can operate on a very low budget. America’s full of wilderness and abandoned structures and junkyards. I would like to know exactly how much work they had to put into those shots of Atlanta, and exactly how they did them. I figure they composite together pieces of “time lapse” shots but what do I know?

    P.S., cutting a hand off wouldn’t cost a FORTUNE. I bet just one low-rent compositor could do it. But it definitely wouldn’t be worth the expense. It’d be money they could spend on something useful.

  6. Barb – re comic books – Sci Fi/Fantasy ain’t “Archie” anymore. Social themes and topics that are verboten in “polite discourse” or mainstream venues, are explored to the Nth degree. Hence the popularity of Sci fi/Fantasy, and comic books.

    I’m somewhat fascinated by the descriptions Svigor is providing, of the events and characterizations in the orignal comic book. Rather – I am fascinated by the revisions the changes the producers are making. Something’s afoot.

    They change a “Handsome, Idealized” Negro male – which would have been so easy to re-create, into a boring, non-essential dullard Negro. Really -the Show Negro is Scarlet O’Hara’s Big re-born.

    That’s interesting. He’s NOT getting any White meat ,thus far, either.

    They CREATE 2 “redneck” male characters – one of whom sports SS lightening bolts, on his hog, and who is SO wildly popular (the LAST caller on the Talking Dead show last night was a youngish female, pleading for info on the Return of Merle) that they are bringing him back from the presumed Dead, even though he called a Nigger “Nigger” on air.


    Finally – they exchange a miserable psychopathic rapist murderer Mestizo, for a great big handsome Welshman. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with any of morrissey’s work – but he’s a REALLY interesting casting choice, all on his own, as he adds subtle, surprising, and witty twists to his characerizations. Characters good or bad, He’s not a cliched actor. He’s charming, even when the characters he plays are stupid, or crazy, or evil. I’ll bet his Governor will be a truly memorable, and popular character, as Morrissey is one of those fellows that will make you adore him, and root for him, even while he’s commiting some atrocity or outrage. I’m not talking about his looks, believe it or not – I’m talking about his Persona. He’s probably there to serve as Rick’s nemesis – but he’ll give Rick a REAL run for his money. He’ll probably give the stand out performance of the season.

    You’ll see what I mean, in the Autumn.

  7. Yes. Norman Reedus played one of the brothers, in “The Boondock Saints”.

    Yes he did.

    He sure did.

    He was born in Florida.

    He did a great Irish accent though. Yup – I sure did like the way he moves around an accent. Or a “redneck” one. Uh-huh. It’s all about the accent….

    Tell your pal to start posting here, on this thread.

  8. Yes it would cost a fortune to do One hand rick, in every episode, considering what he’s supposed to do. Lest the audiences get distracted by a cheesy rubber stump.

    If oyu are interested in production, Svigor – do wath the Talking Dead. They cast production members as zombies, and they talk about all the little ins and outs of producing a labor/location intensive show like this. The barn burn down last night, and the final shot, of the zombies walking away, as the barn collapsed – it was created on the spur of the moment. Apparently a female PA (Production Assistant) noticed that one of the central beams was about to go – so they ordered the “zombie” actors to get in front of the building, super fast, and then “walk way from the barn, slowly” as the barn caves in, to get those last, spectacular shots. It was inspired – and dangeorus – and it worked. The insurance company will have called the Executive Producers, and had a Grand Mal Hissy Fit, over those shots, I’m certain. And it was GREAT!

    Really – start watching The Talking Dead. It’s funny, and interesting, They have cast members, and the producers and writers, and “celebrity fans”. Some Mestizo Rock Star guy, of some Rock Star Band, who’s name I can’t recall ’cause I couldn’t care less, was on the show after Season 2. He was glowering at the one Producer – can’t recll the name, but he was on last night, and BITCHING him out, cause, and I’m paraphrasing, “There were harldy any Zombies on the show! It was al thsi stupid soap opera feelings stuff, Where were the Zombies???!!!!! The producer was trying to mollufy him, going, “I know, I know. i promise there will be loads of Zombies in the next episodes…….” The Rock Star Mestizo – Jane’s Addiction, I think – kept sulking and barking, and glowering. He look like he was gonna throw one of the tables at the Producer.


    FYI – Glenn’s a Korean cause the actor wot plays Glenn is a Korean. I do like the character. He’s the eager little Good Guy. I don’t hate him cause he’s a YellowMan. He’s OK. I think the glenn Maggie pairing is a screech, because they are so physically incongruous. Jack Ryan sez the actress wot plays Maggie is a Hebess – so I don’t care if it’s Hebe Yellow miscegenation.

    I’m certain my TV husband Merle will back me up, on this one.

  9. I’m somewhat fascinated by the descriptions Svigor is providing, of the events and characterizations in the orignal comic book. Rather – I am fascinated by the revisions the changes the producers are making. Something’s afoot.

    They change a “Handsome, Idealized” Negro male – which would have been so easy to re-create, into a boring, non-essential dullard Negro. Really -the Show Negro is Scarlet O’Hara’s Big re-born.

    That’s interesting. He’s NOT getting any White meat ,thus far, either.

    They didn’t “change” the character. If anything, they replaced him, with a different character. T-Dog (played by IronE Singleton – empasis in original, can’t make this stuff up) is Theodore Douglas. The Black Stud in the comic is named Tyreese. He’s your typical boring, two-dimensional Black Hero (former NFL player, stud, and all-around great guy whose only “flaw” is not knowing how great he is). T-Dog is boring too, but as in plain-old boring, not OMG we’re afraid to do anything other than lionize Blacks boring.

    If anything, Shane incorporated a lot of the elements of Tyreese’s character, what with being a rival for leadership, the guy Rick looked to first, etc. They got into a knock-down drag out fight, shortly before TSHTF and Tyreese bought the farm.

    It’s not hard to understand. TV is quite conservative. Just as producers don’t want to offend SWPL sensibilities by ever (ever, ever) portraying Blacks negatively, or realistically, they don’t want to chase away White eyeballs with the monumentally offensive (to everyone but Jews and Black men) Blacks on Blondes thing. White people don’t admit it’s offensive to them, but it is, to all but a small minority.

    Hell, even Jews know it’s offensive – ever seen a cute brunette coed riding a buck with a star of David around her neck? Didn’t think so.

    And T-Dog isn’t going to get any White meat, either. If they wanted to throw him White meat, they would’ve chosen a different actor. One look at “IronE” and it’s obvious he’s not there for any romantic parts. One shot of him kissing anyone, much less a White woman, and ratings would drop like a stone.

    They CREATE 2 “redneck” male characters – one of whom sports SS lightening bolts, on his hog, and who is SO wildly popular (the LAST caller on the Talking Dead show last night was a youngish female, pleading for info on the Return of Merle) that they are bringing him back from the presumed Dead, even though he called a Nigger “Nigger” on air.

    But I don’t disagree with you here. They’re playing with implicit Whiteness, whether they know it or not. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead? Uhm, yeah. There’s something going on there. Hell On Wheels screwed the pooch, but wanting to make a western at all is in the same vein.

    Finally – they exchange a miserable psychopathic rapist murderer Mestizo, for a great big handsome Welshman.

    Ehh, you lost me. The character isn’t going to be sexy. He’s going to be extremely creepy, unless they really change him. This is just the other side of the conservatism I was talking about – can’t have any NAM villainy.

    I think the glenn Maggie pairing is a screech, because they are so physically incongruous. Jack Ryan sez the actress wot plays Maggie is a Hebess – so I don’t care if it’s Hebe Yellow miscegenation.

    Doesn’t really count if she’s not sporting a star of David, or playing a Jewess. Especially not if she doesn’t look Jewish – and she doesn’t. Jews get a kick out of playing White roles and dragging them through the mud. But I agree, it isn’t offensive because the mass media hasn’t been waging a psyops campaign to put negroes in bed with White women for the last 50 years, and Yellow men are not credible threats to White men in the Testosterone/masculinity department; TV can make Black men seem intelligent by feeding them lines – they can’t make Yellow men seem more masculine.

  10. Jack Ryan – by the by – way up the thread – Shane the character is not a Jew, per se. Bernthal is though. Jews have bene i Atlanta forever. Atlanta was their Southern stronghold. Still is, i’d warrant.

    We are not supposed to know what a Jews looks like – but *we* do.

    FYI – I actually liked and agreed with Shane. I didn’t like his creepy fixation on Lori and Carl – but he was right about how to live, and survive.

    Dale was played by Jeffrey DeMunn. Wiki does not list his Hebish status. I may be….gasp! Clutch the pearls – wrong! My Jewdar is usually excellent. I can usually spot ’em by sound alone. DeMunn is involved in loads of Jewish events – but Wiki is usually dogged in proclaiming Kosher Kredentials. Oy vey! Could he be Goyim?

    Must check Jew or Not Jew.. but sometimes THEY are wrong.

    Anyway Dale Horvath is a classic depiction of Liberal Jewish Meddlers. I was shocked by his final, forshadowing “We must not lose our Humanity/I don’t want to love in this Survival of the Fittest Ugly world!” speech. (OK Dale. The Fates answered your prayer, right away. ). The worl has always been the survival of the fittest. The problem now is that we live in Looney Tunes Inverted world – and the fittest are the worstest.

    But any Civilization exists atop the most fragile of veneers, and Natue Red in Tooth and Claw is always just underneath, ready t opburst through at any moment.

    The Dales of the world are an indulgence when times are easy, but a serious liability when times get tough. What the dales FAIL to understand is that WE LOSE OUR HUMANITY WHEN WE ALLOW DANGEROUS EVIL THUGS TO RUN LOOSE, BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE THE STONES TO PULL THE PLUG onthe ammoral savages that destroy All Things Bright and Beautiful.

    Rick is still a big treacherous ,pussy, in my estimation. Svigor – was it you that wrote that Rick is the one that REALLY betrayed the righteous Merle – not the the Nig, as a Nig is a just a Nig – but a White man that would commit such a betrayal against another White man, i favor of cossetting a Nig – has issues.

    He didn’t kill Randolph because Carl “wanted to watch” – but Carl was RIGHT to want to watch evil, dangeorous, amoral men being put down. So was Shane. But Rick pussied out.

    I know his character is being turned into a Warlord – but I hope Merle makes him Pay Hell, first.

    Anyway – it’s still nice to see the Hebes “offed”. By White men.

  11. Ahhh… I think the Governor character will be changed – not into a “good” character – but into a REALLY attractive, compelling “bad” one. You’ll understand. Morrissey is a GREAT actor. I think he’s good-looking – but I’m not talkign about his looks. Anrew Lincoln – Rick – is an extremely handsome, aristocratic specimen. Really – his facial features are dazzling. He’s South African. But as a “Hero” – he leaves me cold. I think he’s a boring actor. Morrissey will make you love him and care about him – even as you loathe him, As much as I am raving about Norman Reedus, and the sublime Michael Rooker (Merle) – the Darryl character was created FOR Reedus, and Merle – Rooker’s wonderful – but how could ANy actor “miss” with that marvelous part? He plays Merle to the hilt – but it’s almost impossible to turn Merle into a bore.

    I’m talking about sheer TALENT. Morrissey is a gen-yoo-wine ARTEEST. You WATCH him, Svigor. I’m really going out on a limb – but I can venture an educated guess that Morrissey will give the BEST PERFORMANCE of the entire series. His performane wil be on a whole’nother level, than all of the other actors. I’ve seen him do all kinds of roles. I already stated that I really like character actors. I love Johnny Depp. Depp is a movie STAR. He’s 48. He’s sublimely good looking. All the females that I know love him do so because of his DAZZLING physical beauty. I like him because he’s a CHARACTER actor, disguised as a Leading Man. He always does weird and wonderful twists, in all his roles. (He’s starring as Barnabas Collins, in Tim Burton’s remake of “Dark Shadows” to be released this Summer -and it looks WOOONDERFUL. Can’t wait!). Morrissey is a not-as-well-known equivalent to Depp. He ALWAYS offers “something else”. It’s actually an inspired casting decision.

    If you are really interested in production, one day – then watch Morrissey’s PERFORMANCE. Not the character he plays. Not the events of the storyline. Watch how Morrissey plays the role. You’ll learn a LOT. Gosh – he’d have been a much better choice than Lincoln, as Rick.

    I regard Maggie/Glenn as Comic Relief. Lauren Cohan is not a genetic Hebe. But I still cannot be disturbed, as the pairing is so….so anti-chemistry.

  12. Must check Jew or Not Jew.. but sometimes THEY are wrong.

    DeMunn is one of those rare 50/50s on the Jewdar. He could easily go either way. He’s one of those guys who, if heathen, could play a Jew, no problem. And vice-versa. DeMunn doesn’t sound like a Jewish surname to me.

    Actually, going by my Jewdar alone, I’d have to put him at more than even odds of being a Jew, but not much more. He could easily be predominantly Italian or something.

    And yes, it was Ranger Rick who condemned Merle to death – for beating up a negro who attacked first – by entrusting the key to said negro. Might as well have put a bullet in his head. No southern man would do that without malice aforethought.

    He didn’t kill Randolph because Carl “wanted to watch” – but Carl was RIGHT to want to watch evil, dangeorous, amoral men being put down. So was Shane. But Rick pussied out.

    That’s the sort of thing that’s tough to let go, but yes, ultimately I agree. If it needs doing, his son should’ve been made to watch, if anything.

    Yeah, I’d like to see Merle make Ranger Rick pay, but we both know he won’t. Merle will be served up for some kind of morality tale.

  13. Another potential SPOILER from the comic: keep your eyes open for any other boys Carl’s age coming into the picture. In the comic, there’s a pair of brothers his age. One of them goes off the deep end and kills his brother. Schizo, as in, “I was playing” killed him, didn’t realize what he’d done at any point. Carl puts a slug in his head, cold-blooded, lol. But it’s okay, they were blonde boys, dontchaknow.

  14. I’ll bet Merle is not offered up as “moral sacrifice”. He’s too popular. Merle was not in the original comic book, to my understanding. They srruck a deep nerve, with Merle. You didn’t hear the more of pleading…of longing… in that female fan’s voice last night. She was like a petinent, making an offering to her God. She was speaking to the High Priests – the Writer and Producer of the show. Chris, our Fun Filled Host with the Most (He’s the blond straight Surfer Dude you WANT at your parties, cause he’ll keep everything moving, and the party will be a blast!) actually seemed a tad….disturbered by the emotional urgency, and DE -VO-TION, in her voice – he reacted like he’s heard this sort of…thing…before….and he wants all the Merle fans at the party, too. of course – but he just doesn’t get why they like that scary Merle Dude so much….

    There was a pause, and the Head Writer Dude answered her….you can tel her whistle cought that dog’s war. He’s gto a SWEET gig. He had been marvelling at all the crazy fun stuff they are doing….and that girl – the sound, in her voice – it’s the sound of the Truly Faithful. The Faithful that will keep that Gig of his Sweet for a loooooooooonnnnnnng time. Them Hollyweird Writer and Producer – and I get the impression that the producer/writer team gets a lot of leeway, from the Money Men , due to the $ucess$$ of the show – that sort tends to be exquisitely attuned to the sound, in the woman’s voice. She is entranced with a beautiful vision. The vision they created. The one that was a side effect. A colorful and ancillary character. A bad man. a RACCISSSS. The one they had fun with, and then tossed away. “We’ll polish off that rotten rednecked racist!”.

    The one that every-one wants BACK.


    The cough cough “racist”. With the SS lightening bolts.

    Wow. That’s scary. Hey, Izzy – maybe it’s Knazzees this season. Hey – why not – we have been making money off the Nazis for decades. Why not do it again? The patsies in the audience – hey – the reaction’s a little strange heh heh they seem to ahhh….like…this rotten Goy racist Nazi….but what the Hell….I want a new Lexus…fuck it….

    Merle does return as “ghost” in Darryl’s mind – he will return as a Hero.

    Nah – he won’t be a figment of Darryl’s familial longing. The Fans of Merle – we want our God Reborn and Arisen in the flesh. We want Merle to be REAL.

    And Morrissey’s Governor will make Merle come off as Marcie guy, on that Chastain thread.

  15. God my typos are off the hook tonight. Too little sleep last night. This ought to have read:

    “There was a pause, and the Head Writer Dude answered her….you can tell her whistle caught that dog’s ear.”

  16. Could Waltzing Dead be little more than another successful cashing-in on the ever-popular notion of the Nightmare of the Living Dead? Like other saleable popular notions of “ghosts,” “exorcisms,” “magic” and “vampires,” “zombies” may be too unreal, impossible and far-fetched to actually DO this GOOD that some are hoping for. In Peripatetic philosophy, science and history show what exists, and the nature and benefit of ART is to communicate what CAN BE, and ought to be; and I think Tolkien’s stories of hobbits and elves are more believable and effective for good than the “notion” (a charitable term) that a virus infection results in rising, walking, flesh-eating corpses!

  17. ZOGling Whigger & Mamzer Zombie Apocacacrapse

    The Yawping Brain-Dead

    I’ve ALWAYS loved zombie pictures. Why? Because mindless walking dead zombies trying to claw other quasi-living kritters to death remind me of whiggers, wanting to die and wanting to take other whiggers, and especially Aryan White Men with them.

    Back when I was illegally confined to a NutHouse for demanding to be my own lawyer on some trumped-up bogus child molestation charges instead of trusting the pub[l]ic pretender to [mis]represent me, I freaked out this gliberal whigger social worker named Dell Groves by saying as much. This whigger was always trying to force me onto the Cognitive Behavior Rehabilitation Program (CBRP) at the Fulton State NutHouse away from the real nuts on the Psychic Rehabilitation Program (PRP) because CBRP was for auntie-social psychotic assholes. I scotched that attempt by promising litigation against the social workers that ran CBRP. Dell Groves was trying to farm me out to another nut program given that he got assigned me as one of his new ‘clients’ after me and this 6 ft 5 inch 300-lb psychotic named Martin Burke had a difference of opinion and epic battle even by Biggs standards. (Even though Martin Burke was three inches taller and 80 lbs heavier, like zombies having soft heads, Burke had real soft woman’s arms and shoulders, which I left a lot of fingerprint bruises trying to keep him from clawing my eyes out. So I’ve had experience in grappling with maniacs. I sort of blacked out and didn’t remember what happened after the first seconds of battle, but this feeble-minded Danish quasi-male nurse told me that he still had nighmares over seeing that particular incident. None of which matters because the NutHouse staph was jewsually nuttier in many ways than the typpycull NutHouse clientele.)

    This fat nigger psychiatrist Alicia Thompson (who illegally ordered my doping up) wrote up a report to the effect that I had ‘provoked’ this psychotic piece of perverted faggot shit. (Martin Burke was imprisoned for forcible sodomy who liked to rag on me and so me responding in like manner with ridicule for him and “Mrs. Burke” Thomas Tanner [Tanner had allegedly previously eaten portions of his former faggot lover that he had killed and so the pair of them didn’t appreciate me calling them ‘Marty Dahmer & Tommy Dahmer] was what sort of caused the psychotic incident.) Since Burke was sent to the NutHouse around the first of September, Burke almost always blows up in August of a year, but I didn’t know that at the time or I might have done thangs different. In my case, August 16th or 18th in 2006. When Burke went all nutzo on a Level-Two Staph/White-Coat named Greg Reynolds on Aug 2, 2007 for Reynolds telling that predator to drop the Camille act, Burke wasn’t going to go to Guhlmann Medium Security, Burke nearly killed Reynolds with five fractures of Reynolds’ head and a number of broken bones. I asked as I was on Ward B-6 at the time whether “Reynolds had ‘provoked’ that psychotic sack of shit Martin Burke.” They didn’t want to hear that shit. Itz not as nearly as funny when a deranged animal goes off on ZOGling keepers and guards as it is on ZOG prisoners. Anyway, I only got four or five bruises and a partially cracked rib or two which meant that I couldn’t sleep for over 20 minutes at a time before stiffening up for a couple of days, but I heard that Martin Burke was racked up as badly or worse. NutHouse ‘fun’ at itz be[a]st.

    Me and this gliberal whigger social worker, who would go along with the illegal doping and games of busting me down on levels for not wanting to hang around the niggers and jewboys and for making fun of these psychiatrists and ass-clowns while getting its ass whupped by nigger criminals, would argue with me incessantly while the relatively smarter niggers not even on the Social Learning Program would listen. (‘Social Learning’ meaning trying to teach really retarded and senile clients how to wipe theyz’ own asses — and, judging by the smell, failing). Due to my constant ridicule of the psychiatrists and ‘teaching staph’ Dell Groves was stuck with teaching me ‘competency edjewmacation’ given that the psychologist in charge trying to teach that stupid shit, Ducktard ‘Saddam Insane’ Hossein couldn’t stand me telling it that it didn’t belong in the jew Ass Oy Vey. Actually, its name was Muhammed Hossein, but this was in 2006 and 2007 and so that particular little factoid never ever stopped me having fun where I could find it in the NutHouse. (I also claimed that Saddam Insane Hossein, some sort of A-rab sand-nigger had actually gotten a degree in camel proctology from the jewnivershitty of Beirut and the Admin fuktards in charge of the NutHouse, Russ DeTremp and Marty Ann Martin thought it was in clinical psychology and gave the raghead a job it was way too stupid to perform. I’d also ask why our brave joops in desert-colored BDUs hadn’t skragged that dune-coon just yet sneaking into the ZOGland and I’d also accuse it of plotting to blow up the fifth floor of the Biggs NutHouse with a fertilizer bomb made up of itz own monkeyshit.) Anyway, I told Dell Groves that I loved zombie pictures because zombies were exactly like whiggers — worthless dead pieces of shit wanting to die but wanting plenty of company just like them in hell. Dell never thought for a second that I was insane, and admitted as much to me but that he sure wasn’t going to jeopardize his $60,000+ a year job writing as much in my chart.

    And this was years before American Movie Classics cum up with a new picture — The Walking Dead. I’ve been a fan on the cheap side, recording it on videocassette as you can’t record it on DVD, for all two episodes.

    I suppose Great Minds think alike. This is the thread for those who comment of zombie pictures in general and The Walking Dead in particular.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  18. I mean if it were really an artistic work on human response to civilisational collapse, rather than salacious, pandering manipulation of public appetite for occult horror stories, then I think it would have shown a really POSSIBLE threat and cause of collapse.

  19. I think you theorizers should just drop a note to the producers asking them to include your version of what a real white man is. Or you could ask them if they are going to go PC with some race mixing BS.

    Like Denise said in another thread these DWLs at least find our freedom exciting. How could they not, since its official doctrine that negroes are the equal of whites without a single scintilla of proof, but you better believe or else. Think of the hell that must be a DWLs soul.

  20. It’s not necessary to study popular Television entertainment in depth to know it is unoriginal, guided by amoral, multicultural priniciples, ratings and advertisement income.

  21. Dearest Mosin – with all due love and respect – piss off.

    If you don’t like the the show – don’t watch. Meanwhile – PISS OFF.

  22. The writing on this show makes the people in it SO OBLIVIOUS to their tactical situation that I can’t watch it for 5 seconds without squirming in my seat or shouting at these twits to not do the same stupid suicidal idiocy over and over and over again!!!

    Watched it at work and one of the guys yelled out “cloverleaf mother#ckers!” and every one of us has said something like “just one grunt and _____”

    They portray the collapse happening real damn fast, like under a month. Like Svigor, I think it would be a resource rich environment, especially in rural and small town America. Canned food in peoples home, fire arms are much more common than the left wants folks to think, so is ammo, wall-marts, Gander Mountain and bass pro shops etc etc.

    I actually like the show. We watched both seasons, 3-4 episodes back to back over a couple of days. It started off pretty PC but kind of leveled off. Except for the girrrl power stuff. From what y’all have said, I’m damn glad the tv show isn’t like the comic
    Guys at work were surprised I wasn’t more critical of the sheriff’s wife for quickly shacking up with Shane. The way I see it is, she upheld her end of the “until death do us part”. Or though she did, and let’s face it, the best way she could ensure her and her child’s survival is bonding with a man who is good with a gun.

    I also think Carol is an interesting character her and Daryl both and it’s pure fiction gold when two folks with horrible life experiences find each other and “heal” each other

    I thought the non-Whites in the show acted very White. The older black man and young kid in the 1st episode of season 1 showed damn near zero TNB, and Glenn reminds me of a lot of the White surfer and skater kids I knew in Hawaii. Glenn’s got brass, and so did those kids doing crazy stuff on a skate board and surfing big waves, but kind of goofy and mild manner at the same time. T-dawg mostly acts like a middle class White guy. Does his work, doesn’t say much and isn’t fired up to make his mark on the world and he dogged out the kid for holding the pistol gangster style. My guess is, if things did fall apart that bad and that fast, the only non-Whites who would make it would be the ones who act White.

    I thought the mexicans forting up and taking care of their own was very race realist. Couldn’t show Whites doing that in a positive manner, but it would break down along race lines pretty much everywhere

    The liberals die, Dale died out right and the liberal civil rights chick got over being liberal. Or seems to have.

    Laughed my ass off when the damnyankees got shot in the bar.

    Hershel, seems like one of my neighbors. Good, God fearing White men who have got balls to spare when it comes to it. And I can see one of neighbors trying to keep their loved ones alive until a cure comes around. And I like the fact his medical experience is from veterinary school. I’d trust a vet to work on me.

    The character at the end, with a sword and two zombies chained up reminds me of The Hunter in Irish (I think myth) where it’s a man with a deer’s head and dogs on a chains looking for evil men. Maybe I’m just reaching for straws.

    I won’t be watching season three if everyone guess about the she-boon is correct, and it’s been interesting reading folks take on the show

  23. Masculine, yet stylish, Kevin could fit in with straight
    guys at a local sports pub or at the gay bar getting down on the dance floor.

    A Cancer man needs an obedient lady that he will provide for, not one that he will compete against.
    Seven issues after a sold-out premiere issue, “JLA” rose in higher commercial rankings on a unnoticable medium’s tier.

  24. First Two seasons of Walking Dead were mostly good.

    Season three has gone bad. Some safe town rules by a Conservative, Southern military type “the Governor” is really a “psycho” as all Conservative, male military types can never be trusted, it’s like some script from that feminist cable station “lifetime TV” where every straight white guy is really a serial killer stalker – white women are better off alone!

    I think there are now zero White male. white female relationships and there is this Black African warrior ess with a samurai sword.

    Nah, think I’m throwing in the towel again here. There are no decent White dramas anywhere.

    Instead, follow international tennis, boxing – good stories, mostly success and also celebrity couples, stuff women like to follow.

    American television is a toxic wasteland.

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