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  1. Poor Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Jason Russell beat them to the punch line. How do you top reality in this instance?

  2. What a stupid asshole. I hated his Koney video and all the stupidity with the kits and the implication that he was the exception not the rule over there. People sent it to me on FB and e-mail and I tried to tell them that this is every tribe leader and ruler over there, they all act like this. So many examples on youtube of General Butt naked admitting casually slicing a small child “trustin’ out de heart” and feeding pieces of it to all his soldiers. Seriously.
    No time for these stupid liberals driven mad by their own lies. Like Denise said, deep inside they know they’re full of shite and that it’s unnatural to empathize with these fucks. You see his madness here. For all the world to see!

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