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  1. When does Sharpton hop over there to protest the injustice?

    A. Next flight
    B. After Weighing The Facts (and prepping his brief)
    C. Never. There’s no fee involved. Besides some of the slaves might be white
    and the masters black.

  2. Not only have the existing African-descent people in America NOT been slaves, but most of the Africans are more recent imports to the country, and YET are propagandized to take on the “slave narrative.” The same with jews and the holycost—and now it is spoken about as “generational injury.”

    Psychiatry is used to try to help produce some pseudo-scientific rationale for the ongoingness of injury and pain. People who perpetuate such narratives for a living and insist that people live in narratives that have nothing to do with their real lives, should be questioned very deeply about what they’re doing, whenever one meets them.

    It’s like the Military “Hero narrative.” There is the “Hero Identity Narrative” or the “Slave Reparitions Narrative” or the… well, that’s about it in the u.s., lol. That is the “right” and the “left” and the two avenues to redistributing whatever remains.

  3. oh— meant to say they were recently imported from Africa, after the slavery deal, and have absolutely NO family who could have been slaves. If they are bitching about colonialism— then a) complain to the Chinese who colonize them, or the Arabs, who colonized them, or somebody else. b) complain about colonization happening NOW. B/c they don’t do either of these things— it’s clear it’s just a narrative for getting u.s. money, period.

  4. It’s amazing that blacks will go on and on about something that happened generations ago but they couldn’t care less about current slavery. It just shows the hypocracy. If they could they’d get a slave themselves. Disgusting people, can’t stand them. They are ingrates who bite the hand that feeds them as they take our money month after month, year after year, generation after generation. It’s time people got wise to them and stuck them all on a leaky boat back to the shithole country they venerate with necklaces and tee shirts. “The man” gonna look mighty kind and civilized to them one they’re over there.

  5. Blacks are embarrasing to our “elite”, imagine the PR campaign and how much energy it must consume from our DWLs?

    If any DWLs are reading and if you think I’m wrong then please inform us how I’m wrong without using the word “racist.” It cannot be done, and it never is done by our “elite”, ever.

  6. Many blacks have white slaves in the USA today.

    They call themselves “pimps” and their white slaves today are treated far more brutally today than the black slaves were ever treated 140 years ago. Plus they dont pay a penny for them.

    Often times the pimp van pulls up to a young white girl walking on a sidewalk and she is abducted driven hundreds of miles away, drugged,brutally raped, and beaten, terrorized and broken then put out “on the track” to make her slave master thousands of dollars a day.

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