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  1. …..I know.

    Interesting, but then not so interesting; predictable, inconsequential, insignificant really.

  2. That’s sound like Barry Soetero, he can be black or he can be white depends of the situation. He doesn’t even have a birth certificate. Can you imagine what would happen to you if you didn’t have a birth certificate? You are created an American by that document. Barry is a chameleon. A shapeshifter.

  3. As George has noted, the speed and multiplicity of forms the Deicides/Marxists continue to ‘invent’ to perpetually demonize and disenfranchise Whites (i.e., Christian Europeans) boggles the mind.

    A few years ago, I tried to come up with a bit of ‘repartee’ to make people think. It was doomed as soon as I saw that the Jews and their minions would NEVER let ‘Whites’ (i.e., Christian Europeans) off the ‘hook’, NO MATTER WHAT.

    But, here it is:
    Racism comes in ALL COLORS.
    White is the Absence of Color.
    Talk amongst yourselves.

    Eh, coming up with mindless slogans and empty verbiage must take a demonically-inhabited soul, like those of the Christ-killers. Just ask Tim Wise…..

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