The Martyrdom of Trayvon Martin

Pennsylvania and Oklahoma

Whoops. It is the Black Undertow in Kill-adelphia … again.

We lost track of them after we went to Africa to celebrate Black History Month 2012 in February. Nothing has changed since then. The spring equinox was two days ago. The weather is starting to heat up and the highly anticipated Black Summer 2012 is only two months away.

Note: Oh wait. You still feel sorry about the unfairness of what happened to Trayvon Martin? Guess what happened to Nancy and Bob Strait in “Thug Town” just a few days ago?

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  1. It’s been in the low 80’s in Detroit all week. No flash-mob attacks yet, but I assume that’s because da youf be in skoo. Temperatures are expected to drop a bit in the coming week, to more seasonable levels.

    Given my immediate surroundings, it’s no exaggeration to say that I would be utterly surrounded, if the Great Chimpout was really to happen. But I’m prepared. Not nearly equipped to the extent I’d like, but prepared to the best that I able.

    While it’s true that this is Amerika, and really anything can happen, I’m not expecting one huge Chimpout in the imminent future. Rather, a series of “mini” chimpouts interspersed with typical summer niggery, correlating with increasing weather temps. Or at least I hope that’s how it goes.

    If ‘Big Iran Attack’ or ‘EBT Stops Working’ or some similar crisis happens, I don’t know how long I’d be able to hold my ground, single-handedly at least. Long-term would be questionable, but I do have exit strategies, if it comes to it.

  2. The coverage of and reaction to the Trayvon Martin shooting is a new low in absurdity for BRA. It’s like they’re shooting their last bullets in keeping the crumbling edifice alive. I think at this point the harder they try, the more apparent it is going to become that they have lost all legitimacy. Then comes open season. Hate to say it, but it’s coming. For them and for us.

  3. Landshark you are right, I believe it’s coming too. So much writing is on the wall. Just look at all the comments on the blogs but now even the mainstream publications are having to moderate and censor all over the place. People are sick to their stomachs and it will only get worse as a long, hot summer is on the horizon and the chimpouts await. The downtrodden, oppressed and ill-used negroes prepare to release all that justifiable black rage by razing, burning and tearing down more cities across America and Europe.

    Things have taken a completely different turn IMHO. Some of my friends who consider themselves “open-minded” and usually don’t like my ease with tossing around “racist” words are themselves unleashing the n-word, something I never thought I’d see. So even semi-libs are sort of picking up on the GROSS double standards as the ones we just saw on video. Elderly Mrs. Strait is DEAD at the hands of a feral black savage, one of the millions we have the pleasure of running from on a daily basis. And not a word, not a bleeding word just the sound of crickets from the Jewish media. All their employees must be briefed every morning that if they say one, just one, positive thing in defense of a White human they will be fired and blackballed. I’d love to meet one of these writers. Do they end up believing their own lies? Is there not one that has even a shred of honesty in their bone marrow? Anyway as the old woman lies dead and everyone anticipates riots about Trayvon (a good kid of course; and an honor student…) I see a lot of grim Whites who are really copping on to the reality and who are close to fed up. And you know, it isn’t a White thing to riot or violently protest but things are brittle. Whites all over the world are tired of paying huge amounts of their own money to host assholes they never wanted only to be paid back with violence, rapine and white hot hate. So what do we have to lose? If all “people of color” hate us we should certainly unite against them, why not? It’s really our only hope of survival.

  4. Gosh, it would just be a Shame if Millions of Niggers and Joos were to ALL have a terrible and unfortunate accident! What if one day in the middle of a midsummer Race Riot Millions of Fed-Up Angry Whites were to suddenly SNAP and go on their own Rampage? I understand that after the Vibrant Mulatto from Kenya stole the Election in 2008, that Millions of Guns have been snapped up by wary Whites in anticipation of African-Style Government!
    You know, I’m not sure the Military or the Police really like African-Style Government. They might just sit this whole thing out, while some Justice was served…

  5. The DWL hangover from multiculturalism will be severe. We all know that white Americans are just too comfortable and uninformed right now to make any waves. Once they begin seeing their children and grandchildren treated like second class citizens and a hated minority in their own country, they’ll wake up in droves. I just hope it’s not too late by then. The wake up may be ealier with the passing of the Baby Boomers (today’s seniors) and the realization that Jesus isn’t coming back in our generation. NOTE: I was always brought up to respect my elders, but this crop of locusts has absolutley devoured this country, and now it’s all about their social security. They don’t and never did give 2 f#$@s about anything or anybody but themselves (I speak as broud sweeping generational terms, of course). NOTE: I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about immigration and our children becoming hated minorities and my friend told me, no kidding, that it wouldn’t matter if Jesus came back. Can you believe this?

  6. Regarding my comment about the Locust Generation (ie Baby Boomers), I must say that the present company is excluded, of course!

  7. While on the one hand, none of this would have happened if “Treyvon” had stayed out of a white neighborhood. On the other hand, this Zimmerman character did everything to make this happen. He seems to be one of those cop wanna be types who did everything to escalate the situation, avoiding the advice by the 911 operator to let the cops handle the situation. Of course the little black boy would have a hair trigger temper that would explode at perceived “racism” by some random guy following him and accusing him of committing a crime when he was probably just sauntering about in that aimless way most black youths do. He obviously didn’t think through that a lot of people in concealed and carry states are packing before he turned to confront the guy who was hassling him. Probably best to let a thorough investigation find all the facts, though the blacks will probably refuse to accept any finding other than Zimmerman guilty of lynching. Could be a racially polarizing event, especially if the blacks don’t get their way.

  8. Ironically all our internet “awakening” efforts pale in comparison to what the racist left is doing to whites in the awakening department. My guess is the Democratic party is composed of 2/3 racists under the guise of civil rights and equality voters and from here on out they must generate media driven hysteria to get these clowns up and out to support the crooks of the party. Thank god

    Now of course our side will greet these newly converted whites with joo conspiracy theory and crime stats and the eyes will glaze over and they will go back to Limbaugh and the Cain Train fiascos for their simple fix it all political rhetoric.

    But there is a small glimmer of hope if millions of whites simply take up a new political rhetoric phrase and that is “anti-white”, and from there all moral calulations will be made.

    Or we can give them 10,000 word essays on conspiracy theorizing, crime stats (really?) or quibbling the details with some Mommy Prof about “anti-racism.”

  9. This angers me greatly. In the Filth-adelphia incident, the couple, and the neighbor man who came to help them, and his girlfriend, are lucky they were not raped and murdered. In the Tulsa incident, may the person responsible get the dirty needle.

    I’m a Gex-Xer and I despise the Baby Boomers (as a collective generation, with many exceptions). I agree with the other poster(s) that the destruction of our country lies at their feet.

    I don’t know why even the Baby Boomers would think that open season on Whites is ok, but it has been entrenched for so long, it’s disgusting. About 20 years ago, a friend in college was taking a class, “The Psychology of Aggression” in college, and her Black professor said this, while discussing having aggressive feelings: “Sometimes I just feel like getting in my car and mowing down a few Whiteys..” Apparently, he was saying it was OK to have aggressive feelings, but not to act on them. I was like, WTF?? Why is it even OK to SAY this? He had tenure and could say whatever he wanted, but if a White professor said the opposite, WWIII would have started.

  10. RobRoy: Agree 100%. We need to keep it simple, concise and to the point. Newcomers need confirmation of what they already can sense and see around them every day. They need to know that they are NOT alone in noticing certain white (no pun intended) elephants. It took me over 10 years to come around and my awakening was’t as a result of reading some extended philosophy book, it was looking around and making my own judgement of what I saw. Sure enough, these simple observations lead to questions that the Marxists just can’t answer–the well indoctrinated daddy prof that popped up on this site last week is a great example.
    I do appreciate other sites that delve into deeper topics, but they are IMO academic at most and for those already onboard. One I do read often is Occidental Observer. I was over there a few weeks back and some obnoxious troll was posting and had at least 15 OD commenters chasing their tails in pointless, contradictory arguments. I used the old tried and true method of ridicule and turning the tables with short to-the-point combacks that can’t be refuted.

  11. Wayne: “I used the old tried and true method of ridicule and turning the tables with short to-the-point combacks that can’t be refuted.”

    Because ridicule is a weapon.

    Reminds me a of a film called “Ridicule” that I love. Per Wikipedia:
    “a 1996 French film set in the 18th century at the decadent court of Versailles, where social status can rise and fall based on one’s ability to mete out witty insults and avoid ridicule oneself. The story critiques the social injustices of late 18th century France, in showing the corruption and callousness of the aristocrats.” It’s on Netflix.

    I need to learn how to do that consistently.

  12. “Regarding my comment about the Locust Generation (ie Baby Boomers), I must say that the present company is excluded, of course!”
    Each generation has played its part in this debacle, though there has been less and less each successive generation could do to fix things before they collapse.

    “On the other hand, this Zimmerman character did everything to make this happen.”
    Certainly, he is no more an exerciser of self-defense than had he jumped into a lion enclosure. But we don’t let lions roam our streets.

  13. Well I’m a baby boomer who is stocking up on guns and ammo to defend our race if need be. Not all of us are responsible for this crap and especially not those of us raised in the South. We were teenagers when all this liberal civil rights crap started in the early ’60s. The so-called “Greatest Generation” shares a great deal of the blame. LBJ, the Kennedys, the Warren Supreme Court, well they sure weren’t Baby Boomers.

  14. The thing that makes Baby Boomers stand out as a collective is this mass narcissistic psychosis they have. They were the first recent generation to overwhelmingly live their lives as if history begins and ends with them. Current generations are merely mimicking them, as they know nothing else. Cultural marxism has destroyed any knowledge that there was ever any other way.

  15. Wayne: Re the comment made by the person who doesn’t care if Jesus is coming back or who said it wouldn’t matter if Jesus came back. You asked “Can anyone believe this?” and I have to say adamantly yes, that I can believe it. Most of the baby boomers don’t care about Jesus. If they did they would have been morally disgusted at all the terrible things they did to destroy this country. I would not want to be them when He does return. There is nothing that can be done for them, nothing to turn them back. They are firmly in the grip of something that is alien and destructive.

    Every day I pass a memorial to three dead cops shot down in the ’70s by one black lady and a white couple. It says “Brinks Armored Car Robbery” Memorial. The black woman got away – out of the country. But the White couple only served a small sentence and it is purely disgusting that they totally got away with it and are laughing. Guess who was in the group of planners? Two people by the name of Ahrens and Dorn (Bernadine Dorn, can’t remember Ahrens first name) but they are part of our illustrious black terrorist president’s closest aides and cabinet people, ministers for this and that. But some libs will say that change is gonna come, and we shoud move with the times. I say that they change that has come to America isn’t a good one. It’s a deliberately constructed change for the destruction of Whites.

  16. Baby boomers are the lowest, most despicable creatures who ever lived.

    Look at what your forefathers bequeathed you, boomer filth. Now look at what you bequeathed in return.

    There aren’t enough barbed-wire nooses in the world for these pieces of shit.

  17. The vast majority of the 58,000 names engraved on the Viet Nam War memorial in Washington are baby boomers. Are they despicable filth too Oscar?

  18. @Hadenuf

    No, they are tragedies. But they’re deaths, while honorable (and ultimately unnecessary) does not change hell on earth for which the rest if their generation us responsible.

    BTW, I am being objective. I’m a 35 year old GenX’er who grew up in post-boomer, post-apocalyptic Detroit, but my father was a pilot in the Vietnam War and a veteran of two tours. A small few boomers lived admirable lives, but the majority of them greedily devoured all the abundance that their predecessors created, and left nothing but ruin for their children. I hate the bastards as much many others here do.

  19. This Trayvon situation is getting out of hand. Something within the beast awakens! Afghanistan? Nah. Libya? Nah. Iraq? Nah. Iran? Nah. Trayvon? HELLS YEAH. Obama is taking this one SERIOUSLY! The blacks – they’re finally going the throw off the yoke of oppression! This is their time! Yeeeeehaaaaaa.

  20. The real evil generation was those rich people in the late 19th Century who let Jews immigrate here in large numbers. I’ll agree that a lot of the boomers were asshole libs, but they were primarily from the Northeast and California..and JEWS!!! Southern boomers were just as conservative and patriotic as our forebears.

  21. Hunter, may I make a suggestion on the Trayvon Martin thing? To counter the narrative being pushed by the mainstream media, I think you should join with every race realist / HBD / traditionalist blog you can think of to carry out the following “Google Bomb”:

    Create a post that consists of nothing but the following:

    Title: “Trayvor Martin and Some Folks You’ve Never Heard of”

    Post: First, an image of Martin and Zimmerman followed by a link to the Examiner piece. Then, image after image after image of various recent white victims of black crime who the MSM have not given a sh*t about and, as a result, very few people have heard of. Each image would be followed by a link to a local news article about each respective crime. (Non-exhaustive list: the recent Tulsa horror, the Derrick King incident, the Edward Schaefer incident, the Knoxville horror, etc. etc.)

    Everyone should post it, cross-link it, Google it, etc. so that more and more people who search “Trayvor Martin” will learn about the violence being done to the white community and the SILENCE that has accompanied that violence.

    The attempt by the MSM and race hustlers like Obama and Jesse Jackson to turn the Trayvor Martin thing into a “teachable moment” and civil rights issue is a travesty and a scandal that must be opposed.

    I am going to cross-post this comment at other sites.

  22. #22 (313Chris): well said.

    hadenuf — exception, rule, etc etc.

    Baby boomers: off you go now to the old age homes, to be lovingly attended by your low-wage immigrant pets. That’ll be a hoot, right?

    Enjoy your bedsores. Long may they suppurate. Medical technology improves all the time, but immigrants alas do not. You’ll wallow in your sores for a long, long, long time, while the rest of us have to waste our days in a fool’s errand, trying to restore the nation you defiled. But hey, Woodstock and shit, right? Peace, man.

  23. Remnant is correct. It’s time to counter the hysteria with some real perspective. For every one Zimmerman there are dozens of cases of horrific and sadistic black on white crimes.

  24. Hadenuf: You have a great point. The so-call “Greatest Generation” has as much if not more culpability. They were the ones really in power during the counter revolution who signed into law the many acts that formed the noose around the neck of their white decendants, and didn’t stand up to the toxic filth of the Baby Boom generation, even after they were part and parcel to destroying half of Europe.

  25. GemJunior: Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I think you misunderstood my post. The person who made that remark is my age, not a Boomer. Also, she said that she does’t worry about the number of 3rd world immigrants because if Jeusus comes back, it won’t matter anyway. The conversation leading up to this was regarding a dufous churchgoer in my home county (which was 100% rural white) who went out and adopted 2 hispanic boys. Because, of course, there just aren’t enough Hispanics here, right? Damn, it makes me want to spit nails!

  26. “Enjoy your bedsores. Long may they suppurate.” “But hey, Woodstock and shit, right? Peace, man.”

    Hahahaha!! I am hereby stealing those, and the rest of it too! And I’m going to use them ruthlessly every time I hear some tea-party-eunuch-boomer cry about where this country is going. Many thanks.

  27. I’m a boomer (59) and they deserve their share of outrage, but let’s face it, each generation is worse than the last when it comes to being negrophilic and generally auto-genocidal. It seems to me though that the most heinously guilty here are the WWII gen. They had in place a healthily (relative to today, a PHENOMONALLY healthy) implicitly and explicitly racialist culture that was also stable, safe, and prospering dramatically. THEY were in the driver’s seat when all the groundwork (s.a. the ’65 Nat. and Imm. Act) for their and their progeny’s dispossession was laid. They were the one’s who swept LBJ into office in a landslide who as an utterly corrupt race-traitor embarked on a campaign of all-out transformation for the nation and accelerated our demise at light-speed. The boomers sat at their feet and in the degenerate pub. schools (piled on by the media both entertainment and informational) and were spoon fed 24/7 the lying psychopathic poison that set them on their own ruinous course. Believe me it is not easy to escape the matrix the WWII gen. bequeathed to us. You might not want to but at least acknowledge that they were “set-up” big-time. The Greatest Generation? Make that the Greatest Treasonous Generation. No disrespect intended to the WWII vets and especially those who lost their lives in that suicidal war. My own dad was a marine in that horrific enterprise. They themselves were youths then and naive no doubt about the legitimacy of that war. They were NOT however naive about the matters I have mentioned above. But they are certainly guilty.

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